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"Done Running" is the first episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. It is the seventeenth episode of the series overall. It was written by James Windeler, Jessica Krause, and Adam Esquenazi Douglas and directed by Chris Rebbert and Vahram Antonian.

It was released on August 14, 2018.


Around 2-3 years after the events of "From The Gallows", Clementine has already found AJ. The two are scavenging along the roads in a car. After exploring by an abandoned Railway Station Clementine accidentally trips a trap that alerts a large group of walkers outside. In a rush to flee, Clementine crashes the car, knocking both her and AJ unconscious.

She later awakens to find that AJ and her had been rescued by a group of teenagers living in a nearby Boarding School led by a young man named Marlon. The children seem to have a good set-up however it is apparent that they are running low on food and other supplies due to Marlon's caution to search further away from the school grounds. Things become worse when they discover some of their old associates have returned for them and dark secrets are brought to light about their past together...


Some time after the events of "From The Gallows", it is revealed that Clementine has found Alvin Jr. and that they are traveling together, supposedly for a while. Clementine and Alvin Jr. are low on supplies, and have not eaten or had fresh water for days. In the car, Alvin Jr. plays with his gun, to which Clementine tells him that it is getting on her nerves. When he complains about his hunger, she can gives him a magazine to practice his reading instead but it only reminds him of his hunger. She teases him with a Disco Broccoli doll but that doesn't work either so she gives him a bag of chips.

Later, the duo stop at a train station surrounded by rubble and derailed boxcars. Clementine hands Alvin Jr. a knife, and they both exit their car. Clementine takes a crowbar and canteen from the trunk. She alerts a walker, by either walking up to it, or by ringing a bell at the gate, and dispatches it with a knife. (Determinant) Clementine then pries open the door to the train station, and quizzes Alvin Jr. on what to do when entering a new place, reminding him of their rules.

Once they enter, they discover a walker couple tied to each other, sat on two chairs. AJ notices a locked security door, and Clementine peers through the ticket booth, seeing cans of food inside. She then looks at the walker couple and attempts to retrieve the keys to the door from them, but backs out, deeming it too risky. She notices a bottle of poison on the ground next to the walkers, along with a note saying to leave them alone. Alvin Jr. insists on killing the walkers to get the door keys, but Clementine wants to respect their wishes to let them be, and considers having AJ crawl into the ticket booth instead. Clementine then has to choose:

Kill the couple: Clementine unsheathes her knife, apologizes to the walkers, and stabs the male walker through the eye, killing it. She then stabs the female walker through the chin, but this fails to put it down. She stabs it through the chin again, this time killing it. Alvin Jr. praises her deed. She takes the keys from the male walker, apologizes once again, and unlocks the door.

Send Alvin Jr. inside: Alvin Jr. is reluctant to go inside, but Clementine quickly convinces him by telling him that they need to know if there's food inside, and to be brave. She then lifts him onto the counter, and he crawls through. While Alvin Jr. unlocks the door, the walkers stare at Clementine. Alvin Jr. unlocks the door, and Clementine enters.

Alvin Jr. finds bullets for his revolver, and Clementine reminds him of when and how to use the gun. They find and open a concealed trap door, finding a large stash of food inside. However, moments later, a grenade rolls out, the door having been jerry-rigged to trigger it on opening. Clementine slams the door shut and dives down with Alvin Jr. to avoid the blast. She then notices a large group of walkers approaching the station. They fight there way to and in the car, however, a walker prevents her from closing the door; unable to reach for her knife, she attempts to kill it with the car keys, but ends up getting them lodged in it's eye socket. As walkers begin to break through the car windows, Alvin Jr. assists her in fighting them off, while she releases the brakes. The car slams into a tree, pinning the walker with the car keys to it.

Clementine smashes the windshield by kicking it, retrieves the keys from the walker, and starts the engine. She reverses the car out of the tree, then switches into first gear. A walker attacks her while the car hurtles down a hill. Alvin Jr. attempts to shoot the walker, but the car crashes into a boulder, causing it to flip several times, resulting in Clementine losing consciousness. She temporarily regains consciousness, and sees a male figure killing nearby walkers with a bow and arrow. The man pulls Alvin Jr. out of the wreckage. She calls out for him to stop before losing consciousness once again.

Clementine wakes up in a bed, with her forehead wrapped in bandages, and her left hand taped to the side of the bed. She breaks free from her restraint, but finds the door out to be locked. She takes a palette knife from a closet, pries open the door using the palette knife, and leaves the room. As she traverses down a hallway, she sees a door creak open, and she darts for cover behind a display cabinet. A boy checks the room she was in, and Clementine reveals herself to him, either peacefully, or by threatening him verbally or physically. A man aims at her with a compound bow, asking her to drop her knife, saying that they have Alvin Jr. After she reluctantly drops it, he explains that he was the one who rescued her and Alvin Jr. from their wrecked car, and that he locked the door and taped her hand in case she reanimated. He then introduces himself as Marlon and the boy as Tennessee. Clementine introduces herself, and Marlon leads her out of the building to see Alvin Jr.

Marlon asks her how long she has been out traveling, and tells her that the car was damaged beyond repair. While other children turn to look at the newcomer, he formally introduces himself to Clementine as the leader of the school. He then tells her to look for a Louis, and follow his music in order to find Alvin Jr. as he walks away to fend off what he assumes is a minor walker attack.

While Clementine walks down a hallway towards the source of the music, a girl, named Ruby, storms out of a room, claiming that Alvin Jr. bit her. Clementine can act defensive of him, or apologize on his behalf. The girl walks away, and Clementine enters the room. Alvin Jr. notices her, and they embrace. She then questions him on him biting the girl, and Louis informs her that he managed to calm him down by playing piano music. He introduces himself to Clementine, and she does the same. Louis then reveals that Marlon placed her belongings nearby, and she retrieves them. She takes her knife and hat, but when she gives Alvin Jr's revolver back to him, Louis questions his ability to use the gun, and Clementine's responsibility. She reassures him, and he goes back to playing the piano. She asks him if he knows any other songs; he replies that he does, and plays "Clementine". She can let Louis play, or make him stop. He then invites Alvin Jr. to press keys on the piano, which Clementine can object to.

Marlon returns, saying that the walker situation has escalated, and requests that Clementine and Louis help deal with them. After exiting the building, Marlon explains that a hunting party is returning to the school, and that a larger-than-normal group of walkers is stopping them from returning safely, to which another school member, named Violet, sarcastically states that the car crash attracted these walkers to the area. Clem can say that haven't meet, say she's sorry or ask her if she has a problem. Louis intervenes and introduces Clem to Violet. Willy tells them that walkers are getting closer.

Violet and Marlon leave as Louis tells Clementine not worry about Violet. Louis then shows her, his spiked chair leg, Chairles. As Louis and Clem leave AJ asks to come but Clem tells him to watch her back. After Clem kills two walkers, Louis informs her of traps that they set up in the woods. Clem can use these traps to kill a group of walkers. Marlon says that the hunting party is getting closer and tells Clem that they'll meet them halfway. Clem kills more walkers as she reaches the hunting party. Violet tells the hunting party on their timing, saying that they won't be able to hold walkers off for much longer. Brody agrees, asking where all the all walkers came from. Marlon tells them that they can talk inside and warns them of stragglers.

Violet tells Clementine that she's not half bad, considering the circumstances. Clem thanks her. Violet spots some stragglers and says that they should kill them before the draw more walkers to the school as she kills one. Clementine than kills a walker that has an arrow in its spine. Clem sees Aasim shooting a walker and he says that he's done with this shit as a walker comes up from behind him. It attacks Aasim as Clementine stabs it in the jaw. The walker turns and slaps Clem in the face, grabbing her, but Clem is saved by Rosie, an American Bully dog. Rosie grows at Clem, walking slowly to her but before she attacks, Marlon calls her down.

Clem tells Marlon that she had a bad experience with a dog once. Marlon tells her that Rosie can help her get over it. Aasim thanks Clem for the help and Marlon tells them to hurry inside, saying he's hungry, to Clem's agreement. Marlon asks Aasim how the hunting went, but Aasim snaps back at asking him what he thinks but is told to be nice by Brody. Aasim says that the safe-zone is nearly dry and that they need to expand or they'll starve. Marlon says that they will talk about it later but Aasim insists that they need to talk now but is pushed back by Marlon.

As they all enter back into the Courtyard, AJ runs over to Clem, holding her hand. He tells her that he thinks they're good at killing walkers but Marlon, telling them that food is ready, touches him on the shoulder from behind causing AJ to elbow him in the balls in a knee-jerk reaction. Clem is shocked by AJ's reaction as he runs away, asking if he's alright. Marlon shakes it off, but tells Clem that AJ can't expect to eat at the same table as the rest of them, to which Clem tells him that she'll talk to AJ. Clem walks over to AJ, peering out of a gate. He explains that it was an accident and he didn't realize it was Marlon. Clem tells him that she believes that Marlon will forgive him but they need to talk to him. Despite hesitation from AJ they agree to talk to the other kids first making they're way up to finally talk to Marlon.

Clem is able to talk to anyone in the courtyard, in any order she wishes, with AJ following (determinant). She can persuade AJ to apologize to Ruby for biting her earlier which she accepts. They can interact with Aasim who is writing in a book, explaining how he believes it's important to keep a narrative on what happens within and outside the school. AJ snatches it off the desk, reading out of it. Aasim orders AJ to give it back to which Clem can either comply with or allow AJ to carry on reading it. Either way, AJ will eventually give him the book back. Next they can walk over to Louis who introduces them to Omar. He greets them but says food isn't ready quite yet.

After, they can interact with Mitch and Willy. Mitch carves a weapon with his knife which AJ finds cool, Mitch also shows AJ a knife trick, impressing him. Following this, the duo go over to find Violet and Tennessee by two graves. Tennessee looks worried but Violet tells him knock it off. Violet explains that the two graves hold Ten's sisters' belongings, Minerva and Sophie, who were both lost around a year ago. AJ asks if they should pay respects too, to which Clementine tells him they should, or it's not in their place to do so. AJ says he's ready to talk to Marlon now. The two walk over to Brody and Marlon, sitting on a step. Brody calls AJ sweet and then AJ apologizes to Marlon for hitting him and begs for them to be able to stay. Marlon accepts his apology and before they are able to talk more, Louis calls them over as the stew is done.

Clem sits on a table with AJ, Ruby and Marlon as Louis brings over her stew and sits down. Clem explains that they haven't had a hot meal in a long time and that it's delicious. AJ picks up his bowl and starts drinking from it as Ruby looks at him dismissively. Louis burps annoying Ruby as AJ burps even louder, stew around his face. Clementine can condemn his behavior or join along with him. Ruby gets up angrily saying goodnight. AJ looks sad once he finishes his stew but Louis gifts the rest of his to him.

Louis pulls out a pack of cards announcing that it is game time. Violet joins them, explaining to Clem the rules of the game, that they all get a stack of cards, everyone flips a card over, the highest number winning. Louis adds that the winner gets to ask Clem a question and that if she wins she can ask everyone else a question. Clem is hesitant about AJ but he's already enjoying himself with Ten as he joins his table. Violet wins the first round and asks where are AJ's parents to which Clem can refuse to answer or tell them that they're gone. In the next round Clem wins and can ask: about Marlon's haircut, the worst injury they've witnessed, if they've met anyone famous or the grossest thing they've eaten each getting a variety of responses from each person.

Louis, winning the next round, asks if Clem has ever had a boyfriend. She can either say she hasn't or tell them about a boy she once met. Marlon wins the next round and asks who used to take care of her. Clem can either be broad and say many people did or tell them about Lee, who looked after her a long time ago. Clem wins once more and is able to ask from the questions she had before. Next Violet asks who she thinks will die first to which Clem can choose from each one of them, shocking them individually. Lastly Louis asks if she's ever had to kill anyone she's loved. Clem can tell them that she hasn't, that she has but doesn't elaborate or admit that she had to kill Lee surprising them all. Clementine gets up and tells AJ they're going to sleep. They walk back to their room as Marlon apologizes for Louis' question.

In their room, AJ sits down at the desk and begins to draw as Violet comes in asking if she can grab something. She is surprised when she sees a coloring box on the desk which she admits is what she's looking for. Violet says it's fine and that AJ can have it but Clem can choose to give it to her anyway which makes Violet thankful. She explains about how Sophie used to live in this room and how she would paint and that Minerva was very musical. Clem asks what exactly happened to them and Violet simply tells her that they were scavenging and didn't make it back. She admits she missing them and that she believes she's too harsh with others sometimes, Clem can say she is as well or say that she likes her, surprising Violet. If Clem kept the drawing box, AJ will have drawn a picture which Violet compliments as she leaves. The picture is of AJ protecting Clem which she hangs on the wall.

Clementine looks over at AJ who is lying underneath the bunk bed asking what he's doing. He tells her that he'd rather sleep underneath as it's safer but Clem tempts him by saying its cold on the floor and it's equally safe up there. AJ is persuaded though and continues to beg to sleep on the floor to which Clementine can allow or keep on telling him to sleep on the bed. Clem gets in her bed and as she falls to sleep, AJ tells her that he's glad they're not sleeping in the car anymore to which she agrees. In the morning, AJ and Clementine walk up the stairs towards Marlon's office, AJ asking if Marlon will let them stay. Clem tells him that they will find out and as they walk in they see Ten playing with his toys. Ten shows AJ his Policewoman figure explaining what they used to do, much to AJ's confusion. Ten asks for AJ to give it back but he refuses forcing Clem to step in either letting AJ carry on playing with it or giving it back to Ten. Clem asks where Marlon is and he offers to go find him.

AJ walks over to Marlon's desk as he picks up an old photo of Marlon and Louis. Clem comments on how they must have known each other for a long time but suddenly hears the door slightly creep open. She turns around and Rosie bursts through the door, growling at Clem and AJ. Clem begins to walk back as Rosie continuously barks at them but Marlon walks in, calming Rosie. Marlon tells her that he didn't realize she was so scared of dogs and that Rosie just needs to get to know them. Marlon offers to show her and asks if she trusts him. If Clem trusts him, Marlon reaches for Clem's hand and slowly pulls it towards Rosie explaining that she needs to get on her level first. He continues, saying that Rosie can now get her scent and Rosie stands up and licks Clem's hand. He then tells Clem to whistle and tell Rosie to lie down, to which she does. Marlon explains that Rosie used to be the headmaster's dog before the apocalypse began but after he deserted, he left Rosie for the kids to look after.

Marlon walks over to his desk and shows Clem a map of the school and the nearby area. Clem comments on the different parts of it and Marlon explains about the safe-zone which Clem and AJ should under no circumstances cross over as something always bad happens once somebody does. Marlon begins to ask Clem for help as he knows the food situation is becoming dire and that he needs her help desperately. Clem agrees to help and asks what she can do. Marlon explains that they can either help Brody and Violet with fishing or Aasim and Louis with hunting, giving Clementine the choice.

Fishing with Brody and Violet: Clem and AJ walk along with Brody and Violet towards the Fishing Cabin talking about aspirations. Brody wishes that they could all be able to go on a road trip together which Violet dismisses but Clem can either be happy or skeptical about the idea. There is some obvious friction between Brody and Violet. Once they enter the Cabin, Clem and AJ look around and eventually find spears to fish with and Brody is upset about her and Violet's relationship which is deteriorating. She believes that Violet blames her for Sophie and Minerva's death over a year ago. Brody asks Clem to speak to Violet and see if she can find out what is going on. Fishing, Violet explains how Brody frustrates her frequently but Clem realizes her feelings for Sophie and Minerva are uncontrolled and blames Brody for them being kidnapped. As Clem catches a few fish, she pushes for her to reconnect with Brody and talk to her about their issues. Violet admits to Brody that if they went on a road trip, she would want to drive to the Grand Canyon. Brody thanks Clem for speaking to Violet.

As the four walk to find Aasim and Louis they come across a sabotaged snare initiating Violet to organize the other to search the nearby area. Clementine finds a rolled-up bit of a Bible page and AJ discovers a walker who is upside down and killed. Aasim and Louis find the rest explaining how their traps have been broken causing Brody to have a panic attack. Violet calms her, and eventually goes back to the school with Aasim but Clementine, AJ, Louis and Violet realize they have very little food to send home. Clem searches the map Marlon gave her, pointing out that the train station, where Clementine and AJ crashed earlier in the episode, may still have food left if undamaged and not destroyed. Despite Violet and Louis being hesitant of the station, being outside the safe zone, they agree to search there considering the desperate situation of the food supply.

Hunting with Aasim and Louis: Clem and AJ walk towards the hunting area along with Louis and Aasim. Aasim warns Clem and AJ about the traps lying around as they could be dangerous. Although Louis jokes about being a ninja which Clem can join in with. Louis defends himself when called Marlon's lapdog by Aasim and tells them that he just sees survival as a more of a day to day task which Clem can either agree or disagree with. Eventually, they make it towards some traps when Clem is alerted to the sound of a walker, growling nearby. She alerts the others as she looks to locate it. They walk over to the walker as it has hangs, upside down, from a tree as it has been caught in one of the traps previously been set up. Whilst Louis wants to have fun with the walker first, Aasim wishes to kill the walker and continue hunting as quickly as possible.

Help Louis: Clem is offered a swing at the walker with his bat which she either accepts or declines. Her first swing surprised Louis to the power she is capable of although only giving Clem a sliver medal for it. She swings two more times, being awarded a gold medal on the next by Louis and killing the walker on the third. Louis tells Clem to find Aasim as he re-ties the trap.

Help Aasim: Aasim wants help with hunting which Clem can join in with or help out else where. Aasim passes his bow to Clementine as he attempts to scare a rustling animal out of a bush. A rabbit runs out as Clem shoots at it, killing the rabbit.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's choices.

AJ alerts Clem to another snare, which has caught a baby rabbit but hasn't killed it. Clementine can choose to snap its neck and have a bit more food for the group now, or let it go and let the baby rabbit grow for more potential food further down the line. Either way, Aasim tells Clem and AJ to go with Louis to see if Brody and Violet have caught any fish whilst he takes the rabbit(s) back to the boarding school.

The three walk through the forest to the Fishing Cabin when AJ spots a dead walker with a fishing spear through its face. Louis is suspicious as, according to him, this isn't usual behavior for the group to do. They check the inside of the Fishing Cabin which only heightens suspicion when the place has been trashed. Brody and Violet walk into the Cabin and Brody, realizing they have been robbed, begins to have a panic attack. She eventually calms but realizes she needs to go back to the school to tell Marlon. Yet Clem, AJ, Louis and Violet realize they have very little food to send home. Clem searches the map Marlon gave her, pointing out that the train station, where Clem and AJ crashed earlier in the episode, may still have food left if undamaged and not destroyed. Despite Violet and Louis being hesitant of the station, being outside the safe zone, they agree to search there considering the desperate situation of the food supply.


  • Deer Skull: This can be found around the corner of the train station, past the tire swing and the bench. It can be seen on a barrel of oil.
  • Fake Flowers: When following the music in order to find Louis and Alvin Jr., these can be found behind and on the right side of the main staircase on a desk.
  • Real Flowers: These can be found in the main courtyard of the school. Walk past Mitch and Willy to pass through the archway, turn left, and go down the hall. At the end of the hallway the real flowers can be found sitting on a bench on the right.
  • Cat Skull: This can be found in two different places, depending on if Clementine goes hunting with Louis and Aasim or goes fishing with Brody and Violet. If Clementine goes fishing with Brody and Violet, the skull can be found on top of the fire place in the shed. If Clementine goes hunting with Louis and Aasim, in the scene where you have to decide whether to help Louis or Aasim the skull can be found going backwards, on the ground .
  • Alvin Jr.'s drawing: This is automatically obtained after Alvin Jr. draws it.
  • Tenn's drawing: This is automatically obtained after Tenn draws it. It is determinant whether Clementine and Alvin Jr. are included in it.

In-Game Questions and Answers

  • Grossest thing eaten?
    • Marlon: Slugs.
    • Violet: Horse eyeballs.
    • Louis: Cantaloupe.
    • Clementine: A man's leg. (Determinant)
  • Worst injury witnessed?
    • Marlon: Abstained.
    • Violet: A walker with smashed head, eyes flew out.
    • Louis: A person with pulled intestines.
    • Clementine: Carver's corpse. (Determinant)
  • Met anyone famous?
    • Marlon: Abstained.
    • Violet: No.
    • Louis: Abstained.
    • Clementine: A baseball player.
  • Marlon's Haircut?
    • Marlon: Confused and insulted.
    • Violet: Like a dead cat.
    • Louis: Slightly shocked.
    • Clementine: Agrees with Violet.

In-Game Decisions

  • How did you enter the ticket booth?
    • 56% of players killed the walker couple in the train station.
    • 44% of players chose to let AJ go through the window in the train station.
  • Who did you decide to go with?
    • 53% of players went fishing with Violet and Brody.
    • 47% of players went hunting with Louis and Aasim.
  • Where did AJ sleep?
    • 74% of players convinced AJ to sleep on the bed.
    • 26% of players let AJ sleep under the bed.
  • Did you attack Abel?
    • 71% of players attacked Abel rather than giving him food.
    • 29% of players surrendered food to Abel.
  • Who did you turn to for help?
    • 61% of players turned to Violet for help against Marlon.
    • 39% of players turned to Louis for help against Marlon.

Ending Stats

Relationship Statuses

  • Violet
    • 61% of players left her feeling Guilty (Appealed to Violet)
    • 39% of players left her feeling Horrified (Appealed to Louis)
  • Louis
    • 61% of players left him feeling Heartbroken (Appealed to Violet)
    • 39% of players left him feeling Lost (Appealed to Louis)
  • Tenn
    • 70% of players left him feeling Bitter (Said Marlon is a coward)
    • 30% of players left him feeling Resentful (Said Marlon should’ve sacrificed himself)
    • 29% of players left him feeling Helpless (Said Marlon made a mistake)
    • 6% of players left him feeling Powerless (Stayed quiet)
  • Alvin Jr.
    • 59% of players left him feeling Hardened (Told him to always aim for the head)
    • 26% of players left him feeling Ruthless (Told him to save the last bullet for himself or stayed quiet)
    • 15% of players left him feeling Pragmatic (Told him to never hesitate)
  • Brody
    • She is Dead by Marlon's hand
  • Marlon
    • He is Dead by AJ's hand

Relationship Details


  • First Sentence
    • She was pleased after you complimented her fighting skills.
    • She was annoyed when you didn’t rebuff Louis’ flirtations.
    • She felt sorry that you had to deal with Louis’ flirtations.
  • Second Sentence
    • Violet was flattered after you comforted her in the dorm rooms.
    • Violet was irritated after your discussion in the dorm rooms.
    • Violet felt awkward when you didn’t talk to her in the dorm rooms.


  • First Sentence (determinant)
    • He was delighted when you chose to play with the hanging walker with him.
    • He felt lonely when you chose to hunt rabbits with Aasim.
  • Second Sentence
    • When you told him about killing a loved one, he sympathized with your pain.
    • He felt ashamed for asking if you ever had to kill someone you loved.


  • First Sentence
    • Tenn was understanding of your hesitancy when you first met him.
    • Tenn was frightened when you attacked him in the dorm.
  • Second Sentence
    • When you allowed him to draw you, he generously gifted you his drawing.
    • He felt rejected when you refused to let him draw you.


  • First Sentence
    • AJ felt comforted when you convinced him to sleep on the bed.
    • AJ was resolved to sleep under the bed after the first night at the school.
  • Second Sentence
    • He was satisfied when you attacked Abel at the train station.
    • He was disappointed that you let Abel get away at the train station.


  • First Sentence (determinant)
    • Brody felt grateful when you resolved the conflict between her and Violet.
    • Brody felt helpless when the conflict between her and Violet wasn’t resolved.
  • Second Sentence
    • She was pissed off when you pushed back about the encounter with Abel.
    • She was appalled when you downplayed the encounter with Abel.
    • She was frustrated when you didn’t answer her questions.


  • First Sentence
    • Marlon was relieved to be forgiven for his actions toward the twins and Brody.
    • Marlon was shamed when you told him he was pathetic.
    • Marlon was enraged when you fought him in the courtyard.
  • Second Sentence
    • He felt proud when you trusted him with Rosie.
    • He was patient even when you refused to engage with him and Rosie.

The State of the School

  • Omar
    • Omar was glad you checked in on him before dinner.
    • You didn’t get to know Omar.
  • Ruby
    • Ruby approved of you teaching AJ manners at dinner.
    • Ruby was disgusted when you encouraged AJ’s bad manners.
    • Ruby was disgusted by AJ’s bad manners at dinner.
  • Mitch
    • Mitch was happy to show off his weaponry skills to you.
    • You didn’t get to know Mitch.
  • Aasim
    • Aasim appreciated that you helped him hunt rabbits.
    • Aasim was resentful when you chose to goof off with Louis.
    • Aasim was glad that you stopped AJ from reading his journal.
    • Aasim didn’t like AJ prying into his personal journal.
  • Rosie
    • You learned how to bond with Rosie with Marlon’s help.
    • You refused to learn how to bond with Rosie.
  • Willy
    • Willy was embarrassed after he met you for the first time.
    • Willy was fascinated by you when you met him for the first time.



  • Brody (Alive and Zombified)
  • Marlon
  • 2 unnamed survivors (Alive, Confirmed Fate; Zombified, Determinant)
  • 1 unnamed child (Confirmed Fate)


Season 1

No Time Left

  • During the card game, Clementine can mention Lee when talking about killing a loved one, and will specify whether she left him to die or killed him herself.

Season 2

In Harm's Way

  • During the card game, if Clementine watched Kenny killing Carver, she will mention it if she asks the group what the worst injury they have ever witnessed was.

No Going Back

  • During the card game, if Clementine killed Kenny, either to save Jane or afterwards, he can be mentioned when talking about killing a loved one.
  • Clementine will have a missing ring finger on her left hand if she went alone with AJ at the end of "No Going Back".
  • Clementine will have a scar on her right cheek if she stayed at Wellington at the end of "No Going Back".
  • Clementine will have a scar on her forehead if she went with Kenny at the end of "No Going Back".
  • Clementine will have "AJ" inked on her right hand if she stayed with Jane at Howe's Hardware at the end of "No Going Back".

Promotional Poster

TelltaleGames TWD Season4.jpg


  • First appearance of Tennessee.
  • First appearance of Violet.
  • First appearance of Willy.
  • First appearance of Ruby.
  • First appearance of Louis.
  • First appearance of Rosie.
  • First appearance of Aasim.
  • First appearance of Mitch.
  • First appearance of Omar.
  • First appearance of Abel.
  • First appearance of Minerva. (Photograph)
  • First (and last) appearance of Sophie. (Photograph)
  • First (and last) appearance of Marlon. (Alive)
  • First (and last) appearance of Brody.
  • This episode marks the return of Alvin Jr., who had been officially missing since the end of "No Going Back" despite multiple flashback appearances in the third season.
  • When searching through the house, Clementine can find a can of peaches with same logo from "A House Divided". AJ also finds a jar of "Banang", something from another game made by Telltale, "Sam and Max".
  • This is the first episode of the Video Game series without having any determinant human deaths.
  • The title of this episode refers to Clementine and AJ finding a place they want to protect after years of living in and migrating in their car.
  • Remaining silent when AJ swears at the train station results in AJ correcting himself, interpreting Clementine's silence as disapproval.
  • Failing to decide whether to let Abel take some food or attack him results in Abel shooting AJ and Clementine, resulting in their non-canon deaths. The player will then respawn and be allowed to try again.
  • Failing to decide whether to solicit Louis's aid or Violet's aid when trying to convince the students of Clementine's innocence results in Marlon sensing the lack of support for Clementine and deciding to execute her, resulting in Clementine's non-canon death. The player will then respawn and be allowed to try again.
  • This episode is the first of two to break away from The Walking Dead's three word naming convention, with the other being Broken Toys.


  • When originally released, if the player had chosen to stay in Wellington at the end of Season 2, Clementine would have had a scar on her forehead, the same scar for leaving Wellington with Kenny, instead of a scar on her right cheek as seen in Season 3. This was due to the fact the Story Builder for Season 4 didn't include any mention of Wellington. Players that were not using the Story Builder that had previously chosen the Wellington ending would have been defaulted to the Kenny ending. However, this was corrected in a patch released about a week after the release of Suffer The Children.
  • When asked at the card game if Clementine had ever been with other people, she can mention Lee by name and tell the trio about her experience with Lee. If later asked if she had ever killed someone she loved, she can say "Lee, his name was Lee" as if she hadn't already told the three of them about him.
    • Also during the card game, if Clementine choses to ask the group what the worst thing they have ever eaten was, and the save file had been imported from "Starved For Help" or beforehand, she will mention eating Mark's leg regardless of whether she actually did or not.
  • If the player chooses to save Doug in Story Builder, Lilly is shown shooting him in the cheek in cold blood, while in the original game Doug was shot in the back of the head and accidentally killed by Lilly.


  • The final walker that Clementine encounters before entering the train station grabs her ankle after she and AJ separate from Louis and Violet. If the player completes the button prompt at the precise moment the screen changes to Clementine's non-canon death, the screen immediately reverts back to Clementine killing the walker, but the audio cuts out and mutes. The audio does not return until the end of the scene.

Deleted Sequences

  • In the Pre-Game footage, when Marlon asks Clementine, "Take it you know how to handle yourself?" one of the original options of a reply was "My car would disagree", which has been changed to "It's taken its toll".
  • When Marlon says to Clementine "Don't listen to her, Clem. She's acting crazy. She gets this way sometimes, you just gotta tune it out," his original line was "Don't listen to her, Clem. She's acting crazy. I think it's that time of the month again, you know?"
  • Clementine could originally tackle Tenn outside her room, not near the cabinet.
  • James has unused animation for the card game, hinting that he was originally suppose to appear in this episode.


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For all obtainable achievements and trophies, see Achievements.
Achievement Reward
End of the Road
Complete Act One.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Fitting In
Complete Act Two.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Complete Chapter 3.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
Tickle Monster
Tickled AJ.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Nothing Wasted
Used ALL traps.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Social Butterfly
Talk to EVERYONE at dinner.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Lost Love
Found Heart Graffiti.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Speared ALL fish.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Where's the Candy?
Hit all Pinata Swings.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Rabbit Season
Shot ALL rabbits.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Good Girl
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
Found all Episode One collectibles.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
To Make It Look Nice
Placed all Episode One collectibles.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points

Achievement Guide

End Of The Road -

  • Complete Act 1.

Fitting In -

  • Complete Act 2.

Protector -

  • Complete Act 3.

Tickle Monster -

  • Chose the [Tickle AJ] dialogue option when first reuniting with him after waking up.

Nothing Wasted -

  • When clearing the walkers for the hunting party activate all three traps, two rock traps and one swinging log trap.

Social Butterfly -

  • Talk to all five other groups of kids before apologizing to Marlon. This means Ruby by the fire, Mitch and Willy on the log seats, Omar and Louis by the cooking pot, Aasim on the desk and Violet and Tenn in the graveyard.

Lost Love -

  • You must choose to go fishing with Violet and Brody, once you enter the cabin to find spears "Look" at the M+V Heart graffiti on the wall AJ is standing near.

Upstream -

  • When fishing with Violet catch every fish that comes up steam and do not miss one.

Where's The Candy? -

  • You must choose to go hunting with Louis and Aasim, once given the option to go kill rabbits with Aasim or play with the trapped walker choose the latter. When hitting the the walker with "Chairles" make sure you hit inside the aim marker all three times.

Rabbit Season -

  • You must choose to go hunting with Louis and Aasim, once given the option to go kill rabbits with Aasim or play with the trapped walker choose the former. When hunting make sure to hit inside the aim maker each time for each rabbit.

Good Girl -

  • When given the option by Marlon to get over Clementine's fear of dogs and pet Rosie choose to go along with what Marlon says and pet Rosie.

Scavenger -

  • See "Collectibles" Section of this page. Once you have acquired Tenn's Drawing, assuming you have collected all other previous Collectables you should get this Achievement.

Make It Look Nice -

  • Soon after the scene where you collect Tenn's Drawing Clem and AJ will return to their room, before blowing out the candle you must go around the room and place your items. The Deer Skull can be placed above the door, the Fake Flowers can be placed on the shelf above the desk, the Real Flowers can be placed on the wardrobe beneath the window, the Cat Skull can be placed on the shelves nearest to the door and both AJ's and Tenn's Drawings can be placed on the wall between the desk and the cupboard. Once the last item is placed you will be awarded the Achievement.


Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PC 78.67% 75/100
PlayStation 4 80.83% 77/100
Xbox One 60% 66/100
Nintendo Switch 85% 72.5/100