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The following is a transcript of Episode 1: Done Running of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 4.


Clementine: When the dead started walking... I was small, and alone. Until a man named Lee became my protector. Lee protected other people too. But he couldn't save everyone.

Clementine: You can never save everyone.

Clementine: The living were just as dangerous as the dead. A woman in our group named Lilly lost her dad. And then she just couldn't cope. She took the life that Lee saved.

Clementine: Lee left her on the side of the road.

Clementine: Lee showed her kindness...but she took advantage of it later.

Clementine: Lee taught me how to survive. He protected me as long as he could. But he got bit, because of me. And even in the end, he was still teaching.

Lee: And always keep moving, as much as you can.

Lee: Stay away from the cities. They're just not worth the risk.

Lee: Keep that hair short. Just not worth the risk.

Clementine: Lee wouldn't make it. He knew it was the end. He made one final request.

Clementine: He told me to leave him.

Clementine: He asked me to shoot him.

Clementine: And I did. I met another group after that. Broken people, running from their past. There was a woman who gave birth to a boy named...Alvin Junior. AJ. He made it. But the mom didn't. And I started to take care of him. But then Jane left AJ in the snow. We thought he was gone forever. That was the last straw for Kenny. And without Lee around...I had to make the call.

Clementine: I stopped Kenny. Finally gave him peace.

Clementine: I couldn't. And Kenny killed Jane.

Clementine: It turned out AJ was alive. Jane hid him to make a point. Knowing what they'd done...

Clementine: I still decided we were better together. For AJ's sake. But like everything else, it wouldn't last.

Clementine: I'd had enough. I took AJ and left them behind.

Clementine: AJ and I traveled to a new frontier. I thought we found something that worked. But I was wrong again. They took AJ from me. Said I was too young to take care of him.

Clementine: I fought back. But I wasn't strong enough.

Clementine: I thought maybe they were right. I said my goodbyes. I regretted it later.

Clementine: I searched for a long time. Just when I gave up hope...I found him. We're searching together now. For a place we can call home. I'm all AJ has. He's all I have, and I'll protect him with my life. Just like Lee did for me.


Clementine and AJ drive along the road. She adjust the rearview mirror to look at AJ, who is spinning the bullet chamber of a revolver.

Clementine: Whatcha doin' there, goofball?

AJ: Pretending we got bullets.

Clementine: Well, don't. It's getting on my nerves.

AJ: I don't like goofball. I'm too big for it.

Clementine: Would you prefer shitbird?

AJ: (laughs) No! That's mean! You're a shitbird.

Clementine: Huh, so I guess you're all grown up now.

AJ: Yup. Let me drive!

Clementine: I'm not letting you drive!

Clementine: Aww, I've always called you goofball.

AJ: It's time for you to stop. It's Alvin Junior.

Clementine: AJ still work?

AJ: AJ still works.

AJ: It's Alvin Junior.

AJ holds his stomach.

Clementine: What's wrong? AJ?

AJ: Hungry.

Clementine picks up a magazine sitting on the front passenger seat and passes it to AJ.

Clementine: Here, practice your reading.

AJ: But I don't wanna.

Clementine: It'll take your mind off your stomach.

AJ: Preee-heat...oven. P-l-ace cream, van-ni-lla bean--beans!--into a sauce pan and bring to a bo-ill.

Clementine: Uhh, on second thought, never mind. That's only gonna make you hungrier.

Clementine holds up a toy in front of AJ.

Clementine: "Hey, there, Alvin Junior. It's me, Disco Broccoli! Word on the street is that you wanna eat me. Is that true? Do you wanna eat me?"

AJ: C'mon, Clem. I can't eat a toy.

Clementine: "Aw, man. My feelings are hurt."

AJ: My stomach hurts.

Clementine: "Hmph, sassy."

Clementine picks up a bag of chips sitting on the front passenger seat and passes it to AJ.

Clementine: Here you go. About all we got.

AJ: What about you?

Clementine: Go for it. We'll find something else soon.

AJ: I believe you.

Train Station

AJ: We gonna do it?

Clementine: Think so.

AJ: Looks clear.

Clementine: We're doing it.

Clementine passes a knife to AJ. She goes to the back of the car and opens the boot.

Clementine holds up the toy; it has a hole in its head.

Clementine takes the crowbar.

You have: PRY BAR - In case something gets in our way.

Clementine takes the canteen.

Clementine: We need water, too.

You have: CANTEEN - Haven't had clean water in days.

Clementine puts on her backpack.

Clementine: Alright. Let's find some food.

Clementine: "Friendly? Ring the bell."

AJ: What does it mean?

Clementine: It means the people here shoot first.

Clem rings the bell.

AJ: What are you doing?

Clem puts her finger to her lips. A walker near the station gets up.

AJ: Monster trap?

Clementine: It's not a trap. You swing on it. For fun. You get in the tire, and someone pushes you so that you go really high.

AJ: I want to try. After we clear this place.

Clem pushes the swing.

Clementine: Hm. Interesting.

You have collected: Deer Skull - Possible hood ornament.

Clementine: Whoever used to grow things here is long gone.

Clem opens the barrel, then closes it.

Clem fills the canteen with water from the barrel. She takes a sip and spits it out.

Clementine and AJ approach the station and see a walker nearby.

Clementine: AJ, stay back.

Clementine runs away from the walker.

AJ: Clem! It's not safe yet! More monsters!

Clementine kills the walker.

Clementine: It's down. Still with me?

AJ: Still here. No bites.

Clementine: Next, we get in there.

Clementine tries to open the door, but it's locked. She uses the crowbar to pry it open.

Clementine: What do we do inside a new place?

AJ: We listen for monsters.

Clementine: After that?

AJ: Um.

Clementine: Come on. You remember. We... Inside a new place. We always...

Clementine: Find a way out.

AJ: Find a way out.

Clementine: Check the windows.

AJ: Check the windows.

Clementine: Find somewhere to hide.

AJ: Find somewhere to hide.

AJ: Uh. Check the windows?

Clementine: That's right.

AJ is always listening.

They open the door and enter the station. Inside, two walkers are tied to chairs.

Clementine: Huh.

AJ: Monsters. All tied up. They can't get us?

Clementine: No, they can't.

AJ: Hmm.

Your choices determine what he will become.

AJ: Front door is the only way out.

AJ: Windows are all boarded up.

AJ: No hiding with them around.

AJ finds a door.

AJ: This one's locked.

Clementine: Security door. Hmm, can't pry that open. I know you're hungry. I am, too. We'll find something. I promise.

Clem tries to open the door, but fails.

Clementine: Didn't see any food out there.

There's no water.

Clementine: It wouldn't be that easy, would it?

Clementine: They ate well. For their last meal.

AJ: Beans!

Clementine: Homemade. Might be more where this came from.

You have: JAR OF BEANS - Promising.

AJ: Map. Where's where we are?

Clementine: Not sure. Everything looks the same out there.

AJ: I wish we could find somewhere safe. Like, really safe.

Clementine: Yeah, kid. Me too.

AJ holds his stomach hungrily.

Clementine looks at the walker couple. She looks at the bottle of poison near them.

Clementine: Poison.

AJ: Did they give up?

Clementine: They...wanted to leave this world together. Holding hands in their own home.

AJ: Will we have a home?

Clementine: We'll see.

Clem reads the note near the walkers.

Clementine: "Please leave us alone. This is what we wanted."

Clementine tries to grab the key on one of the walkers.

Clementine: Bet this opens the locked door...

The walker reaches toward her, and she jumps back.

Clementine: That's not happening.

AJ: Do we get the key?

Clementine: Hmm, it's risky. Might be another way through that door. Let's look around.

AJ: Let's be smart.

Clementine: That's right.

Clementine looks at the window into the ticket booth.

Clementine: Too small to crawl through. Well, for me.

AJ: See anything?

Clementine: Looks like some cans. Could still be edible. One of us might be able to fit through there...

AJ: Is...that the only way in?

Clementine: Let's look around.

AJ: Let's be smart.

Clementine: That's right.

Clementine: The key or the window. Those are our options.

AJ: It's dark in there. We should kill the monsters. They're not people.

Clementine: Well, they used to be people. And as people, they asked to be left alone.

AJ: So, what's best?

Clementine: I'll get the key.

Clementine draws her knife.

Clementine: I'm sorry.

Clementine kills one of the walkers. After stabbing the other one, her knife gets stuck in its head.

Clementine: Come on.

Clem pulls out the knife and stabs the walker again, killing it.

AJ: Good job.

Clem takes the keys.

Clementine: Ugh... Sorry it had to go this way.

Clem unlocks the door.

Clementine: AJ, I need your help on this one.

AJ: In there?

Clementine: We need to know if there's food inside. And I need you to be brave.

AJ: Okay. I can be brave. Lift me up.

Clem lifts AJ up and he crawls through the window.

Clementine: Once you're through, unlock this door.

AJ: Got it.

AJ disappears into the room.

Clementine: AJ?

AJ opens the door.

AJ: You gotta see this, Clem.

Clementine: They had a good thing going here.

AJ: Can we stay here?

Clementine: We'll see.

AJ: No one's here. No one's ever anywhere. It's always just monsters.

Clementine: There aren't that many people left, kiddo.

AJ: That's sad. How many did there used to be?

Clementine: So many.

Clementine: I'm here, kiddo.

AJ: I know.

Clementine: You saying I'm not someone?

AJ: That's not what I mean.

Clementine: There's a lot of bad people, AJ. Be careful what you wish for.

AJ: There must be good ones, too. We're good.

AJ: I never get to meet anyone.

AJ finds some bullets and reloads his gun.

You have: BULLETS - AJ's a great shot.

AJ: Just a few.

Clementine: Remember what we said... You know this.

Clementine: Never hesitate.

AJ: Never hesitate.

Clementine: Always aim for the head.

AJ: Always aim for the head.

Clementine: Save the last bullet for yourself.

AJ: Save the last bullet for myself.

AJ: Save the last bullet for myself.

Clementine: That's right. Come on. Let's keep looking. There's gotta be something we can eat.

AJ: Hope so.


AJ: We didn't see a kid.

Clementine: No. No, we didn't. Might be why they...gave up.

Clementine: You good?

AJ: Uh-huh. Just hungry.

Clementine: Grumbly in your tumbly?

AJ: No. Just regular hungry.

Clementine: Not the worst place to sleep.

Clementine inspects a can under the window.

Clementine: Spoiled. Sorry, buddy. These are long gone.

AJ: Fuck.

Clementine: You said it, kiddo.

AJ: Shit fuck!

Clementine: Hey, watch the swears.

AJ: You said shitbird before!

Clementine: Do as I say, not as I do.

AJ: I meant "shoot".

AJ: I meant "shoot".

Clem tosses the can away. It rolls toward the mattress, revealing the corner of a hatch.

AJ: Look.

Clementine: Huh.

Clementine decides to move the mattress.

Clementine: Something under here...

Clem moves the mattress, revealing a hatch in the floor.

AJ: Floor door?

Clementine: Yeah. Must have wanted to hide something.

Clementine opens the hatch, finding lots of food.

AJ: That's a lot of stuff!

Clementine: Yeah. It is. We could eat for weeks with this much.

A grenade rolls out.

Clementine: It's rigged!

Clementine closes the hatch and grabs AJ just before the grenade explodes.

Clementine: Oh, god... AJ!

Clem hugs AJ. She looks out the window and sees walkers approaching.

AJ: Monsters!

Clem and AJ run outside.

AJ: Fuck.

AJ: Oh, shoot.

Clementine: Okay, we need to get back to the car. You know what to do. Stick to the sides and be my eyes while I clear a path.

AJ hides while Clementine kills the walkers. One of them bangs on the door AJ hides behind.

AJ: Over here!

AJ pushes the door down, trapping the walker. Clem can kill it or leave it be.

Clementine: Let's get to the car!

Clem throws her backpack and knife into the car and she and AJ get inside..


A walker reaches through the door. Clem reaches for her knife, but it's too far away. She jams the keys into the walker's eye, then kicks the door, which knocks it away. She closes the door. More walkers pound on the outside of the car. Clem releases the brake and shifts gears. A walker breaks through the back window, and AJ moves from the backseat to the passenger seat.

AJ: Clem!

AJ gives the knife to Clem. A walker breaks through his window and grabs him, and she kills it. A walker climbs into the backseat and grabs Clem; AJ stabs it, and Clem stabs it again, killing it. The car moves forward and hits a tree, pinning a walker against it.

AJ: Clem, look! The keys!

Clementine kicks out the windshield and takes the key out of the walker's eye. She starts the car and puts on her seatbelt.

Clementine: AJ, buckle up!

Clementine starts driving, but a walker crashes through her window; she tries to push it away, and AJ points his gun at it, but Clem loses control of the car; it crashes and flips over. Someone fires arrows at the walkers, then picks up an unconscious AJ.

Clementine: Wait. Who--

Clementine: No. Please--

Clementine: Help. Please--

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine passes out.


Clementine wakes up in a bunk bed with her wrist attached to the bedpost and her head bandaged.

Clementine: AJ!

Clem removes the duct tape from her wrist and gets up.

Clementine: What is this place?

It's locked.

Clementine: Shit.

Clementine: Where the hell am I?

There is a first aid kit, cotton swabs, hydrogen peroxide, and bandages on top of the dresser.

Clementine finds a scrapbook. It has photos of children next to the words "memories", "siblings: always there for each other", "family", and "B.F.F.s". She closes the book and puts it back in the drawer.

Clem opens the closet and examines the box inside on the top shelf. She tries to reach it, but can't. She pushes the chair over to the closet, stands on it, takes the box, and places it on the desk. She opens the box and takes out a pallet knife.

Clementine: This'll do.

You have: PALETTE KNIFE - Sharp enough.

Clementine uses the knife to open the door. She steps out into the hallway.

"FUCK YOU" is written on the glass.

It's locked.

It's also locked.

Clementine: Nothing over here.

As Clementine is about to turn the corner, someone enters the hallway. Clem hides behind the display case. A boy approaches the room; he realizes the door is open and draws a knife.

Clementine pins Tenn against the wall and puts her knife to his throat.

Clementine: Drop the knife. Now.

He will remember that.

Marlon: How about you do the same?

Clementine: Don't move. Stay where you are. Don't turn around.

He will remember that.

Tenn puts his hands up.

Clementine: Put down the knife.

Marlon: How about you do the same?

Clem leaves her hiding spot.

Clementine: I'm right here.

He will remember that.

Tenn puts his hands up.

Clementine: Put down the knife.

Marlon: How about you do the same?

He noticed that.

Tenn turns around and sees Clementine. She takes a step forward.

Marlon: Don't move.

A figure nearby draws his bow.

Marlon: We're not gonna hurt you. We've got your boy. He's safe.

Marlon: If you want to see him again, you'll drop that knife. Now. I'm not fucking around. Let him go, or I let go. And you'll see how good of a shot I am.

Marlon: I'll take you to see him. Just put down the knife.

Clem drops her knife.

Clementine: Your turn.

Marlon: Good. That's good.

Marlon lowers his weapon.

Marlon: See? All good here.

(If Clem disarmed Tenn.)

Clementine: I woke up in a locked room with duct tape around my wrists. Why the hell should I trust you?

Marlon lowers his weapon.

Marlon: There. Now drop the knife.

Clem drops her knife.

Marlon: Good. That's good.

(If Clem didn't disarm Tenn.)

Clementine: How do I know you're telling the truth? Prove it. Show him to me.

Marlon: Trust me, and I will.

Marlon lowers his weapon and Clem drops her knife.

Clementine: Let's make a deal. You lower yours. I'll lower mine.

Marlon: On the count of three. One. Two. Three.

Marlon lowers his weapon and Clem drops her knife.

Marlon: Good. That's good. See? All good here.

Marlon shoots Clementine with an arrow.


Marlon: So, you like to push your luck. Good to know. Tenn, take the knife. I've got you covered.

Tenn cautiously take Clem's knife. Marlon lowers his weapon.

Marlon puts his bow away.

Marlon: Look, if we wanted to hurt you, we would have by now. Considering the circumstances, I'll let this little standoff slide. But you only get one strike. Now, are you gonna behave so I can take you to see your boy? Because if you really want to fight... You're a little outnumbered.

Clementine: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't know where I was, or who you were. I just want to see the boy I was with.

Marlon: You could have just asked.

Clementine: AJ's okay? Take me to him. Now.

Marlon: Jesus. You don't bend, do you? Alright. Since you asked so nicely.

Clementine: Truce. Now, please, just take me to see him.

Marlon: Alright. Since you asked so nicely.

Marlon: I'll take your silence as a white flag. But I'm keeping my eye on you.

Marlon: See? We're not gonna hurt you. I'm Marlon. The little guy is Tennessee. "Tenn" for short. He's the one been taking care of you. He, uh, doesn't talk much.

Clementine: Clementine.

Marlon: Sorry about locking the door and tying you to the bed and all. You were in, uh, pretty rough shape when we found you. We had to take precautions. You know, just in case.

Clementine: No need to explain. Like you said, I was in pretty rough shape.

Marlon: Yeah, to say the least. Must've been tough out there. For the both of you. Anyway, didn't mean to scare you. Just being cautious. Sorry if it came across the wrong way.

Clementine: It wasn't exactly a welcoming thing to wake up to.

Marlon: Look, we didn't have time to keep a constant eye on you. Like I said, you were in rough shape. Last thing we wanted was to open that door and find a walker waiting for us. I guess I thought you might just be thankful for being alive.

Clementine: Save your sorries for someone who cares. All I care about is my boy.

Marlon: So it seems. Still, I apologize. Tying folks up isn't exactly something we enjoy around here.

Marlon: I can imagine what must've gone through your head. Waking up to a closed door, wrists tied.

Marlon: But you're safe now. So's your friend.

Marlon: I'm Marlon. That's Tennessee. But, uh, call him Tenn for short. He's the one been taking care of you. He, uh, doesn't talk much.

Clementine: Clementine.

Marlon: Come on. Let's go see your boy.

Clem, Tenn, and Marlon leave the building.


Tenn leaves. Clementine looks out at the courtyard.

Marlon: So you've been surviving out there a while, huh?

Clementine: Yeah, we've been on the road a long time.

Marlon: Take it you know how to handle yourself? Don't usually see people our age alone out in the wild. I can't imagine what that must've been like.

Clementine: Sure, I do what I can to get by.

Marlon: No matter what? Don't worry about it. We all do what we have to.

Clementine: You sound surprised. Like you think I can't handle myself.

Marlon: No, no, no, no. Not at all. Sorry, I didn't mean it to come off that way. Honestly, I think it's pretty cool.

Clementine: It's taken its toll. Been making a lot of mistakes lately. You saw the car.

Marlon: Don't be so hard on yourself. You lived, didn't you?

Marlon: I think it's pretty cool.

Clem and Marlon walk through the courtyard.

Marlon: It's good we found you when we did. It wasn't easy getting you two out of that wreck, and walkers were on the way.

Clementine: The car...was it totaled?

Marlon: Yeah.

Clementine: Fuck.

Marlon: Had to work fast. I don't know what would've happened if we hadn't seen the smoke...

Clementine: I appreciate it.

Marlon: All alone with the kid? Not a pleasant thought. I've seen some rough scenes. But that one would've been up there.

A boy stares at Clementine.

Clementine: Will you stop staring at me? Please?

Marlon: Don't mind him.

Clementine: Uh...hi there?

Clementine: Hey, you want to lose some more teeth? Keep staring.

Marlon: Was that really necessary?

Willy: Hi.

Marlon: Don't mind him.

Willy runs away.

Clementine: What's his problem?

Marlon: You're just new. We haven't seen anything like you in...ever.

Clementine: What is this place?

Marlon: You can probably tell it used to be a school. Now it's whatever we want it to be.

Clementine: And who's in charge?

Marlon: Well... I am. Probably sounds strange, kids run by a kid. But we do alright for ourselves. We've got good walls, good defenses. Good location, too. No one really comes out this way anymore. We've carved ourselves the perfect camp. Kids are safe here. We make sure of it.

Clementine: No way something like that could last. Not for long.

Marlon: And yet here we are. Saving you and your boy's life. We must be doing something right. It hasn't been perfect. There used to be a lot of us, but...you know how it goes.

Clementine: No adults...at all?

Marlon: Wasn't always like this, though. People leave. They die. There's less of us all around.

Clementine: Huh, only kids? That actually sounds kind of awesome.

Marlon: You think so? I like it, myself, but I'm probably a little biased. Wasn't always like this, though. There used to be a lot of us, but...you know how it goes.

Marlon: It's our little kingdom. I just do what I can to keep the peace. Wasn't always like this, though. There used to be a lot of us, but...you know how it goes.

Marlon: I got us a system in place that works well enough. Allow me to make it formal: welcome to Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth. You and your boy, it feels like you both fit that description. It's hard to survive too long these days without being a bit..."troubled".

Clementine: Anyone tell you you're pretty nosy, Marlon?

Marlon: Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but... Jury's still out on you. Your boy, now? He's definitely trouble.

Clementine: I was pretty good as a kid before everything changed. Made a lot of trouble since then.

Marlon: We all had to grow up fast. I'd say that goes double for your boy.

Clementine: You got me and AJ all wrong, Marlon. Couple of pure angels.

Marlon: Jury's still out on you. But an angel, your boy is decidedly not.

Marlon: Guess I'm right. Especially about your boy, I'd wager. He's definitely trouble.

Marlon: He's been a little terror since he arrived.

Clementine: Excuse me?

Marlon: Let's just say he hasn't been happy without you around. At all.

Willy: Yo! Marlon! We've got walkers on the fence!

Marlon: Shit. I need to take care of this. Knowing Willy, it's probably two grandma walkers and an angry squirrel. You got bigger fish. The kid's inside... I think he's with Louis.

Clementine: Louis?

Marlon: Oh, right. Just listen for the music, you'll find him. Get a move on, Willy! Where's your damn weapon?!

Admin Building

Clementine enters the building and hears piano music.

Clementine: Follow the music. Check.

Clementine: These look nice. Even if they are fake...

You have collected: Plastic Flowers - They're fake, but at least they'll last.

Clementine: "Master of Fine Ass. Master of Big Ass. Juris Doctorate...of Ass."

It's a vandalized painting of the former headmaster.

Clementine: Hmm, can't go this way. Where is that music coming from?

Clementine: Hm, no. Music sounds like it's coming from THIS floor.

Clementine enters a hallway. A girl leaves the room at the end of the hall.

Ruby: Gah! You little motherfucker!

Ruby approaches Clementine.

Ruby: Hey. HEY.

Clementine: Uh...

Ruby: 'Bout time you woke up. Your little boy just BIT me! (shows bite mark on hand) He's lucky I didn't take a boot to his head. Nearly took a chunk outta me. Gah, it hurts somethin' fierce.

Clementine: I don't believe you. AJ wouldn't do something like that.

Ruby: I'm telling you, he WOULD and he DID. And you've got the nerve to say you don't believe me? Screw you.

Clementine: God, I'm so sorry. He acts out sometimes. He's been through a lot.

Ruby: Yeah, well, ain't we all? Don't see any of us sinking our teeth into either of you. Boy needs to learn some respect.

Clementine: AJ's a good kid. You must have provoked him.

Ruby: Tappin' him on the shoulder ain't provoking. This is what I get for tryin' to be nice to the kid? Well, screw you both.

Ruby: Ain't you got nothin' to say for yourself? Now I see where you learned it from. Maybe you'll have something to say when it's YOUR arm gettin' bit.

Ruby walks away. Clementine enters the room and finds AJ standing near Louis, who is playing the piano.

AJ: Clem! (hugs Clem) You're okay. I was afraid you were...

Clementine: Don't worry about me. I'm not going anywhere. Not anytime soon.

Clementine: You seem to be doing pretty well yourself.

AJ: Were you worried?

Clementine: You have no idea, kiddo.

Clementine: I'm okay. And you know what you are?

AJ: What?

Clementine: Ticklish!

Clementine tickles AJ.

AJ: I'm glad you're awake now.

Clementine: But... AJ, listen to me. That girl out there says you bit her. Is that true?

Clementine: Answer me, AJ. Did you bite her?

AJ: I didn't mean to. She snuck up on me.

Clementine: Still. No more bites.

AJ: No more bites.

Clementine: I'm sure she didn't mean to scare you. I'm sorry, AJ.

AJ: She snuck up on me. I didn't want to hurt her.

Clementine: I know you didn't. But no more bites, okay?

AJ: No more bites.

Clementine: You can't be doing that, kiddo. These people helped us.

AJ: I didn't mean to. She snuck up on me.

Clementine: Still. No more bites.

AJ: No more bites.

AJ: She snuck up on me. I didn't want to hurt her.

Louis: You're not dead. That's good. Watched your kid for you.

AJ: My name is AJ.

Louis: Excuse me. I watched AJ for you.

Clementine: Thanks, I appreciate it.

Louis: No problem. Well, not NO problem. He was a bit of handful. But I got off light compared to what Ruby went through.

Clementine: Hope he didn't cause you any trouble.

Louis: He was a bit of handful. But I got off light compared to what Ruby went through.

Clementine: He's not my kid. And I'm not his mom.

Louis: Shit. That's not what I meant. Sorry. Please don't be mad. Wouldn't want to meet Ruby's fate.

Louis: He was a bit of handful. But I got off light compared to what Ruby went through.

Clementine: AJ doesn't like people coming up behind him.

AJ: Don't ever do it.

Louis: Loud and clear, little man. Thankfully, I was here to calm him down with my alluring music. I'm Louis.

Clementine: Clementine.

Louis: Oh, yeah! Totally forgot. Marlon left your bag here somewhere.

Clementine: Don't worry, I've got it.

Clementine picks up her backpack. She retrieves her knife and hat, and gives the gun to AJ.

Louis: Um...

AJ inspects the bullet chamber.

Louis: Double um... Does he...know what that is?

AJ: It's dirty.

Clementine: Clean it.

AJ: Maybe later. Back you go. (puts gun away)

Clementine: Where it belongs.

Louis: Dude. That can't be a good idea. That thing's bigger than him. Is it actually loaded?

AJ: Yes.

Louis: Oh, good.

Clementine: It's my gun, so it's my rules.

AJ: Our gun.

Clementine: Our gun.

Louis: Just when you think you've seen it all...

Clementine: I guarantee he's a better shot than you...

Louis: Hey...

Clementine: He's earned my trust with it.

Louis: He's a tot!

Clementine: Yeah, a tot who can shoot.

Louis: Just when you think you've seen it all...

Louis: You guys do your thing, I guess...

Louis continues playing the same song.

Clementine: You don't know any others?

Louis: Well, there is one... But you're armed.

Clementine looks expectantly at Louis. He shrugs and starts playing a new song.

Louis: (singing) Oh, my darling. Oh, my darling... Oh, my darling, Clementine... You are lost and gone forever...

Clementine: Stop. Now.

Clementine: Can you play something else?

Clementine: I love that song.

Clementine says nothing.

Louis: (singing) Dreadful sorry, Clementine...

Louis: (singing) Light she was and like a fairy. And her shoes were number nine. Herring boxes without topses. Sandals were for Clementine.

Clementine: What do you think, AJ?

AJ: I don't know. It's loud.

Clementine: It is.

AJ: Loud is bad.

Clementine: Not always.

Louis: Come press this key. C'mon. This one right here.

Clementine: Go ahead, AJ. Press it.

AJ presses a piano key.

Louis: Now press this one.

AJ presses another key.

Louis: And this one.

AJ presses another key.

Louis: You're a natural.

Clementine: You keep playing, Louis. We'll just listen.

AJ: Uh-huh.

Louis: Suit yourself.

Louis: Suit yourself.

Marlon enters the room.

Marlon: Hey! Have you seen Rosie?

Louis: Nope.

Marlon: Shit. We've got a bit of a situation out there. Um, I hate to ask, you just coming to and all, but we could really use a hand. You up for taking out a few deadheads?

Clementine nods.

Marlon: You too, Louis. Get your ass in gear.

Marlon runs off.

Louis: Fine.


Clem, Louis, AJ, Marlon, Willy, and Violet gather at the gate.

Marlon: Rosie! Where the hell is she? You give her her weapon back?

Clem draws her knife.

Marlon: Good. We're gonna need you to put it to use. We've got a hunting party out there trying to get back inside. Need our help to clear the way. Seems to be a few more than usual these last couple days.

Violet: It's almost like something drew their attention. Something like...I don't know...an explosion. Or a car crash.

Marlon: Vi...

Violet: What? Just saying. There's gotta be some explanation.

Clementine: I don't think we've met. I'm Clementine.

Violet: Yeah, I know. Your kid won't stop talking about you.

Clementine: Look, I didn't know any of that was gonna happen. Sorry if it caused you guys problems.

Clementine: Are you insinuating something?

Violet: Y'know, just speculating.

Clementine says nothing.

Louis: Ahem. "Hello, Clementine. I'm Violet. Nice to meet you."

Violet: What he said.

Willy: Alright, boys and girls. They're starting to fill in!

Violet: Come on.

Marlon: Be careful out there.

Marlon and Violet enter the forest.

Louis: Don't mind Violet. She, uh...grows on you. I promise.

Louis brandishes a chair leg filled with nails.

Louis: Oh, this? It's a chair leg. I call it "Chairles".

Louis joins the others. Clementine steps outside the gate and closes it behind her. AJ runs up to it.

AJ: Clem? Lemme help!

Clementine: I need you to watch my back. Call out from inside if you see anything. Cool?

AJ: Okay...

Clementine: See you on the other side.


Clem draws her weapon and enters the forest. The others have already started killing walkers.

AJ: Clem! Monster!

Clementine kills some walkers.

Louis: Whoa! Nice one, Clementine! Could use a little more finesse, though. Watch and learn. Hey! Over here! Follow me!

A nearby walker approaches Louis. He cuts a rope, and a rock falls on the walker, crushing it.

Louis: And that's how you school a walker. There's a whole bunch of traps laying around this area for these asshats. They're all marked, so keep a lookout!

Clementine kills walkers with her knife and with the traps. In the distance, a small group of people runs with torches.

Marlon: Looks like they made it back in one piece. C'mon, we'll meet 'em halfway.

The group kills more walkers.

Marlon: Yo! Over here!

The group runs across a nearby bridge and meets up with Aasim, Brody, and Mitch, who have captured some rabbits.

Violet: Nice timing. We're not gonna be able to hold them off much longer.

Brody: No kidding. Where'd all these walkers come from?

Marlon: We can talk when we're back inside the gates. Keep an eye out for stragglers.

Violet: You know, you're not half bad. Considering the circumstances and all...

Clementine: Thanks.

Violet: Let's finish these guys off. We don't need them attracting more walkers back to the school.

Clem, Vi, and Aasim kill a few more walkers. Aasim picks up the arrows on the ground.

Aasim: Piece of shit. I hate this cleanup bullshit.

A walker grabs Aasim.

Aasim: What the fu--? AHH!

Clementine stabs the walker, and it backhands her, then grabs her. A dog tackles the walker and crushes its head in her jaws.

Marlon: Good girl! (pets Rosie) Shh, shh. Hey, hey, it's alright, girl. It's alright. Hey, I see you and Rosie are making friends.

Clementine: Had a bad experience with a dog once.

Marlon: Well, Rosie here can help you get over it. She's as cuddly as they come. Except when she's mauling walkers, that is.

Aasim: That walker came out of nowhere.

Marlon: Alright, alright, fun's over. Let's get inside--I'm fuckin' starving.

Clementine: You're not the only one.

The group walks back through the forest.

Marlon: How'd it go out there?

Aasim: How do you think it went?

Brody: Be nice, Aasim.

Aasim: The safe zone's nearly dry--I could barely find enough for tonight. We're gonna have to scout out further if we want food for the winter.

Marlon: We'll talk about it later.

Aasim: Bullshit, we should talk about this right now--

Marlon walks past Aasim, bumping him with his shoulder.

Marlon: I said later, damn it.

Louis: Still standing, I see. I'd call that a B-plus performance there, Vi. You've done better.

Violet: Fuck off.

Violet gives Louis the middle finger, and he clutches his heart in mock offense.

Louis: B-minus, then. Now, Clem here? That was a solid A. A-plus even. Don't be jealous, Vi. Be better.

Clementine: Um, you kicked ass, Violet. A-plus.

Violet will remember that.

Violet: I know.

Louis: You're both delusional.

Clementine: You did a good job out there too, Louis.

Violet will remember that.

Louis: You're too kind. And accurate.

Violet: You're falling right into his trap, you know.

Louis: Trap schmap, she's just speaking the God's honest.

Violet: So am I.

Clementine: Yup, I'm pretty much a badass.

Violet will remember that.

Louis: And she's modest! Do the wonders never cease?

Violet: I wish your mouth would cease.

Louis: We kicked nineteen kinds of walker ass. And with style. Why not be proud?

Violet noticed that.

Louis: And she's modest! Do the wonders never cease?

Violet: I wish your mouth would cease.

Louis: We kicked nineteen kinds of walker ass. And with style. Why not be proud?

Marlon whistles, and Rosie runs toward him. The group enters the gates.


The group enters the courtyard. AJ runs up to Clem.

AJ: They're pretty good. With the monsters.

Marlon: C'mon, y'all, food's nearly--

Marlon walks up behind AJ and puts his hand on his shoulder. AJ elbows him in the groin and he doubles over in pain.

Clementine: AJ!

AJ runs off.

Marlon: Shit... Kid packs a goddamn wallop, huh?

Clementine: Yeah, you can't really walk up behind him. He's got a...thing about that.

Marlon: A painful thing.

Clementine: Oh, come on, tough guy. Shake it off. He's a little kid.

Marlon: Yeah, a little kid with a mean hook.

Clementine: I'm so sorry about that. It happens sometimes.

Marlon: He's a jumpy little guy.

Clementine: You gonna be okay?

Clementine says nothing.

Marlon: Look, he can't go around punching people in the...you know...and expect them to eat at the same table.

Clementine: I'll talk to him.

Clementine walks over to AJ, who is staring out through the gate.

Clementine: Hey.

AJ: Hey.

Clementine: What are you looking at?

AJ: What's that bird doing? That's gross. He should stop.

A bird feasts on a walker corpse.

Clementine: So, we should talk about what just happened.

AJ: It was an accident.

Clementine: I know.

Clementine: The same thing we're doing: surviving.

AJ: But we don't eat monsters.

Clementine: Yeah, but if we could, we probably would.

AJ: I wouldn't.

Clementine: Whatever you say.

AJ: I wouldn't! Gross.

Clementine: That bird's a crow. In school they told us they're called scavengers. Can you say that?

AJ: Sca-va-gers.

Clementine: No, sca-VEN-gers.

AJ: Sca-VEN-gers. What's it mean?

Clementine: It means they don't hunt like us. They just eat stuff that's already dead.

AJ: Huh. Sca-VEN-gers are gross.

Clementine: Oh, yeah.

AJ: Gross.

AJ: I didn't mean to hit him. I didn't know that it was Marvin.

Clementine: Marlon.

AJ: Right.

Clementine: AJ, I'm sure they'll forgive you. But we should go talk to them.

AJ: But...but I don't think they like me. I can just tell. They don't.

Clementine: Well, let's try not hitting them, for a start. Or biting.

AJ: He snuck up on me!

Clementine: Hmm. If they don't, let's go show them how wrong they are.

AJ: I think I'll stay here. With the bird.

Clementine: They don't know you, AJ. I'll bet when they do, they'll like you just as much as I do.

AJ: I don't know... Marlon was really mad. And that girl I bit, she yelled at me. They're really scary.

AJ: I'm scared to talk to anyone.

Clementine: AJ, listen. We haven't eaten for days. The car is gone. All that's outside these walls are walkers. Do you really want to go back out there?

AJ: No!

Clementine: So we should apologize to Marlon.

AJ: Right now?

Clementine: Well, we can work up to it. Let's talk to the other kids first.

Clementine: Locked up tight. Wonder what's down there. Well, better make some friends before dinner.

Clementine: This might look nice in our room.

You have collected: Real Flowers - A little life.

Clementine: Blocked off. Kids must have not wanted anyone to get through there.

Clementine: They can see over the walls with that. Smart.

The flag has been replaced with a shirt.

Clementine: Not sure anyone would pledge to that.

Clementine: It would take an army to knock this down. Makes me feel safer.

Talk to Marlon and Brody (before speaking to others)

AJ: I'm not ready. Not yet.

Clementine: Okay. Let's talk to someone else.

Talk to Mitch and Willy

Clementine: Hey.

Mitch: Hey. You're new.

Clementine: I am.

Mitch: I'm carving a weapon.

Clementine: Uh...yeah, I can see that.

AJ: You're good at that.

Mitch: You like that, huh, little dude? Wanna see something cool?

AJ: I wanna see!

Mitch: (flips knife) Pretty rad, huh? That's how you fuck up some monsters.

AJ: Fuck up monsters, yeah!

Mitch and Willy laugh.

Mitch: That little dude said "fuck".

Mitch and Willy think AJ is hilarious.

AJ: Swear!

Mitch: Uh... I'm sorry?

Willy and Mitch laugh.

AJ made Mitch and Willy laugh.

Louis and Omar's conversation

Louis: Mm, yes, redolent of rosemary, lemongrass, and possum meat. Now if you can't find fresh possum in your neck of the woods, squirrel, skunk, or vole can work in a pinch. But there's nothing quite like possum. Every bite tells a story. We'll be right back with more Stew with Lou.

Omar: Please stop.

Louis: I...I can't. I really can't.

Talk to Louis and Omar

Clementine: Hey, guys.

Louis: Clem, AJ, this is Omar. Uh, excuse me...Chef Omar.

Omar: Hello. And, no, it's not ready yet.

Louis: Omar's a perfectionist. The slightest flavor out of place and he's grumpy for a week.

Omar: You can eat or you can eat right. All it'll cost you is a little patience.

Louis: I'll let you guys know when we're done.

Talk to Louis and Omar again

Omar: Ah, ah, ah! Not yet. You can't rush perfection.

Clementine: Come on, AJ, let's go make friends.

AJ: Okay...

Talk to Louis and Omar again

Omar: You know staring at it won't make it cook faster.

Louis: You lowering your standards might.

Omar: You actually helping might do that too.

Louis: Let's not get crazy here.

Talk to Louis and Omar again

Omar: Just 'cause the kid is adorable doesn't mean food is done.

Louis: I'll holler when it's ready, guys.

Talk to Ruby

AJ: There's that girl I bit.

Clementine: Yeah. Want to talk to her?

AJ: You mean, say I'm sorry?

Clementine: Yes.

AJ: She's scary. And always seems so mad.

Clementine: You can do it. You just gotta...

Clementine: You just gotta... Well, she was pretty mad, so you just gotta lay it on thick.

AJ: What's that mean?

Clementine: Be super duper sorry, and super duper nice.

AJ walks up to Ruby.

Ruby: Yes?

AJ: I, uh...I like your shoes.

Ruby: Thank you?

AJ: And your hair.

Ruby: Okay.

AJ: And...and you have a nice voice.

Ruby: Uh-huh...

AJ: And your hair is really...red.

Ruby: I know.

AJ: And--and red is my favorite color!

Ruby: Are you feeling okay?

AJ: And I'm super duper sorry that I bit you.

Ruby: I see. Well, you're forgiven. And thank you.

AJ: Was that thick enough?

Ruby: What?

Ruby forgave AJ.

Clementine: Tell her why you did it.

AJ: Because of my...thing?

Clementine: Yup, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Just be honest.

AJ walks up to Ruby.

Ruby: Yes?

AJ: I'm sorry I bit you. Sometimes when I get scared, I do that, but I don't mean to. I just--I just get scared, and I'm sorry, and I hope your finger is okay.

Ruby: Aw, sug, it's alright. We can all get a little crazy when we get scared. Thank you for your honesty and your apology.

Ruby accepted AJ's apology.

Clementine: You just gotta...start with a joke. Once she's laughing, apologize.

AJ: Uh...okay.

AJ walks up to Ruby.

Ruby: Yes?

AJ: Knock, knock. Who's there? Atch. Atch who? Bless you. I'm...I'm sorry I bit you.

Ruby: You're forgiven, you little weirdo.

Ruby forgave AJ.

AJ: I'll make something up.

AJ walks up to Ruby.

Ruby: Yes?

AJ: If you'd like, you can bite me back.

Ruby: We're good, sug.

Ruby forgave AJ.

AJ: I did it!

Clementine: You sure did.

Talk to Violet and Tenn

Clementine: Hey, guys.

Tenn backs away in fear.

Violet: Knock it off, Tenn. Heard you guys didn't have the best introduction.

Tenn: Wasn't my fault.

Violet: Tenn...

Clementine: I really am sorry. Really.

Tenn: I'm sorry too.

Clementine: I did what I had to to protect myself.

Tenn: I was trying to help...

Violet: She didn't know that, Tenn. I bet you'd have done the same thing.

Tenn: I guess so.

Clementine: You know, you really ought to be more careful.

Tenn: I was trying to help...

Violet: Shit happens. You both lived. Bygones and all that crap.

Tenn: I guess so...

AJ: What is this?

Violet: Our graveyard.

Clementine: You guys still do that?

Violet: Kinda sorta.

Clementine: So who's buried here?

Violet: Nobody, really. This is where we buried Tenn's sisters' belongings. Minnie and Sophie. Twins. Lost 'em both about a year ago.

Tenn puts flowers on the graves.

Violet: Paying respects.

AJ: Should we do that too? Maybe? I've never seen anyone do that.

Clementine: No, let them have some space.

AJ: Okay. I'm glad you're not in a graveyard.

Violet and Tenn appreciated the visit.

Clementine: Yeah, I think that'd be a very nice thing to do, AJ. C'mon.

Violet gives some flowers to AJ, and he sets them on the graves.

Tenn: Thank you.

Violet and Tenn are grateful that AJ paid his respects.

AJ: Okay. If you don't want to... I'm glad you're not in a graveyard.

Violet and Tenn appreciated the visit.

Talk to Aasim

Clementine: Hello?

AJ: Helloooooo?

Aasim: Oh, hey, it's you two. Clementine, right?

Clementine: Yup. Aasim, right?

AJ: What are you writing?

Aasim: What happened today. I chronicle everything.

Clementine: Hmm, like a diary?

Aasim: I try to think of it more like a history book. "Those who do not learn from the past" and all that.

Clementine: You seemed really mad at Marlon back there.

Aasim: He keeps pulling back the safe zone. We have fewer and fewer places to hunt. Which means we're gonna have fewer and fewer things to eat.

AJ: (reading Aasim's book) "The new girl helped the...hun...hunting party come back. She--"

Aasim: Hey! Zip it! That is not yours to read, kid. Give it back.

AJ: It was just sitting there.

Aasim: So?

AJ: So, it was just sitting there.

Clementine: Finish that sentence, AJ.

AJ: "...saved my life. I...f-worded up, and looked like a fool."

Aasim: Not cool. (takes book back) I just... I write mistakes down so they won't happen again.

Aasim didn't appreciate AJ invading his privacy.

Clementine: AJ, give it back to him.

AJ: Okay.

AJ gives the book back.

Aasim: Thank you. This thing is the only place I get any real privacy around here. Gotta preserve what I can, you know?

Aasim appreciated AJ respecting his privacy.

Aasim: Not cool. (takes book back) This thing is the only place I get any real privacy around here.

Aasim didn't appreciate AJ invading his privacy.

Aasim: I gotta finish this before dinner. Not to be, like, rude, but, you know...bye.

After speaking to the other children, AJ walks up to Clem.

AJ: Clem.

Clementine: Yeah?

AJ: I'm ready. To talk to Marlon.

Clementine: Okay.

Clem speaks to Marlon and Brody.

Brody: Clementine, right? I'm Brody. He's a sweet little fella. Figured there ain't a lot of room for sweetness still out there.

Clementine: Be careful. He bites.

Brody: Don't worry about Ruby. From what I hear, it was self-defense.

Clementine: Yeah, he is pretty sweet. Not everybody sees that.

Brody: I won't pay them no mind if you won't.

Clementine: I'm the lucky one. He's just naturally good.

Brody: Naturally good. That's rare stuff.

Clementine shrugs.

Brody: It's an impressive thing, not a shrug thing.

AJ: I'm really sorry I hit you. Can we please stay here and eat dinner and not go out into the forest and get killed by monsters?

Marlon: Don't sweat it, buddy. You can make it up to me by teaching me your technique. You are a regular heavyweight.

Louis: Hey, Clem! AJ! Stew's done!

Marlon: You guys earned your supper, after all.

Everyone gathers at the tables for dinner and receives a bowl of stew.

Louis: Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served.

Clementine: Thanks. Wow, can't remember the last time we had a hot meal. Mmm, this is really good.

AJ drinks his stew and gets it all over his face. Louis burps.

Ruby: Ugh, come on!

AJ burps and continues guzzling his dinner.

Clementine: Hey, slow it up, AJ. You're gonna choke.

AJ eats with a spoon.

Ruby: Just because everything else died, doesn't mean manners did. I'll say goodnight.

AJ: Goodnight!

Clementine burps, and AJ does as well. They both laugh.

That was a good one.

Ruby: Oh, good Lord.

Marlon: Enough!

Ruby: Thank you.

Marlon burps. Everyone laughs, and Ruby leaves the table.

Louis: Goodnight, Rubyyy!

Clementine: Where are your manners, AJ?

AJ continues drinking his food.

Ruby: Ugh, goodnight.

AJ: Goodnight!

AJ burps, and he and Clem laugh.

Ruby: Oh, good Lord.

Louis burps again.

Ruby: Ugh, come on!

Marlon: Enough!

Ruby: Thank you.

Marlon burps. Everyone laughs, and Ruby leaves the table.

Louis: Goodnight, Rubyyy!

Ruby walks away. AJ finishes his food.

AJ: Clem?

Clementine: I'm sorry, buddy. I'm sure they shared as much as they could.

Louis: AJ, heads up! (gives bowl to AJ) I'm full, kiddo. You can have the rest.

Clementine: You sure?

Louis: You bet.

AJ: I'm all done.

Clementine: Mm-hmm. Me too.

AJ: Now what?

Louis: I'll tell you what. (flips chair around) Time for something...very important.

Louis pulls out a deck of cards.

Brody: Oh, god, goodnight.

Brody walks away.

Louis: Violet! It's time!

Violet goes over to their table.

Marlon: What's the game tonight, Lou?

Louis: War. The oldest game around. A game played by man and beast alike. The only game there is.

Clementine: Sounds fun. How do we play?

Clementine: Get ready, losers. Because it's time for you all to lose.

Louis: Ohhhh, shit! I like that!

Marlon: Bold talk.

Clementine: Uh-uh, true talk.

Clementine: I don't know the game. The only card game I've played had less people.

Louis: Don't worry, you'll pick it up as we go.

Louis: The stone-cold stare of a bona fide card shark. I dig it.

Violet: It's easy. Everyone gets a stack of cards, everyone flips one over. Highest card wins.

Louis: And the winner gets to ask Clem a question. What? I want to get to know you. We all do.

Clementine: And what if I win?

Louis: Then you get to ask us one. It's only fair.

Clementine: Wait, what about AJ?

Marlon: What about him? Looks like he's made a friend.

AJ is at Tenn's table. Tenn is drawing a in sketchbook.

Marlon: C'mon, you can take your eyes off him for one card game. I'll bet you both could use a break from each other.

Clementine: Yeah, maybe. This is his first time around anyone his own age. Sometimes he acts more like an adult than a kid. It's nice to see him act like a little boy again.

Marlon: Louis? If you would?

Everyone flips over their cards.

Violet: Way to go, me. So about AJ... Where are AJ's parents? You two don't really look related, so... What happened there?

Clementine: His dad was killed by some asshole.

Violet: And his mom?

Clementine: Long story, sad story.

Clementine: Nowhere you need to know.

Louis: Damn.

Violet: Touchy subject, I guess.

Clementine: They're dead. They were nice people. For the most part.

Louis: It makes sense. He's a nice kid.

Clementine: For the most part.

Louis: Well?

Marlon: Drop it. Everyone has a right to their privacy.

Everyone flips over their cards.

Clementine: Hey, I win.

Louis: Hey, you do. So what do you want to know?

Clementine: Worst injury you ever saw?

Violet: I saw a walker get hit in the head so hard, both his eyeballs flew out. Pretty cool.

Louis: I saw someone have their intestines pulled all the way out. Like, ALL the way. It goes on for a while. We got a lot of guts.

Clementine: I saw this guy get his face beaten in with a crowbar. Badly. There wasn't even any skin left.

Louis: Ouch.

Clementine: He deserved it.

Clementine: Okay, uh... What's the grossest thing you've ever eaten?

Violet: It's pretty easy. Uh, horse eyeballs.

Marlon: Slugs.

Louis: Cantaloupe.

Violet: C'mon.

Louis: Dude, I fucking HATE cantaloupe.

Clementine: I ate a guy's leg once. I'm kidding.

Louis: Are you...?

Clementine: You guys meet anyone famous out there?

Violet: No.

Louis: Too bad. You'd figure a movie star or something would show up somewhere.

Violet: They had, like, millions of dollars. They're probably living in a bunker somewhere with butlers and water beds out the ass.

Louis: Yeah, maybe.

Clementine: I met a guy who used to be a baseball player. Like, for money.

Louis: That's cool, I used to love baseball. Was he good at it?

Clementine: Dunno, we never got to play. He was good with a bat, though.

Violet: Baseball sucks.

Louis: You suck.

Violet: Not as much as baseball.

Clementine: What's up with your haircut, Marlon?

Louis: Oh, boy...

Marlon: Uh, what do you mean?

Violet: She means it looks like a dead cat. Probably smells like one too.

Marlon: Uh, I look cool.

Violet: Whatever you say.

Marlon: I say I look cool.

Everyone flips over their cards.

Louis: Booyah.

Violet: C'mon, spit it out.

Louis: So, uh...ever, uh...ever have a boyfriend?

Violet: Oh, my god.

Louis: What? It happens. Perfectly valid question. You can ask me if I've ever had a girlfriend. I haven't, by the way.

Violet: Oh, I'm sure she's real surprised about that one.

Clementine: That stuff is for suckers. Just causes trouble.

Marlon: Amen.

Louis: Yeah, but the best kind of trouble, right?

Clementine: Never.

Louis: Not even once?

Clementine: Never.

Clementine: I...met a boy one time.

Louis: And?

Clementine: And we were...friends.

Violet: Just friends? Nothing else? Nothing at all?

Clementine: Ha! No! He was such a huge dork.

Louis: Oh, dude, you fucking LOVED him, huh?

Clementine: No!

Louis: This is adorable.

Clementine: Yeah, just that. Just friends.

Violet: Hm. Okay...

Clementine: I don't know what you'd call them... But I had some sort of feelings for him. Maybe not exactly love, but...something.

Violet: Hm. Okay...

Louis: That's a yes.

Violet: You don't know shit.

Louis: I know what I know.

Everyone flips over their cards.

Marlon: Ha, I win. So, Clem... You can't have been alone this entire time. Who used to take care of you? Family? Anyone?

Clementine: I had people.

Marlon: Everyone had people at some point. We had adults here. Now we don't.

Clementine: Well, I had people, and now I don't.

Marlon: Fair enough.

Clementine: I've always taken care of myself.

Marlon: Oh, yeah? There's never been anyone else?

Clementine: Nobody who stuck around for long.

Clementine: The first person who taught me about survival was Lee.

Marlon: What'd he teach you?

Clementine: Lots of stuff.

Marlon: Most important thing?

Clementine: How to say goodbye...

Clementine: How to shoot a gun.

Marlon: Useful stuff.

Clementine: Yeah. I taught AJ the same way, too.

Clementine: Why does it matter? He's gone now...

Marlon: Sensitive subject. Got it.

Marlon: Hm. Guess they meant a lot to you. I'm sorry.

Everyone flips over their cards.

Clementine: I win again.

Louis: You do indeed. Ask away.

Clementine: Worst injury you ever saw?

Violet: I saw a walker get hit in the head so hard, both his eyeballs flew out. Pretty cool.

Louis: I saw someone have their intestines pulled all the way out. Like, ALL the way. It goes on for a while. We got a lot of guts.

Clementine: I saw this guy get his face beaten in with a crowbar. Badly. There wasn't even any skin left.

Louis: Ouch.

Clementine: He deserved it.

Clementine: Okay, uh... What's the grossest thing you've ever eaten?

Violet: It's pretty easy. Uh, horse eyeballs.

Marlon: Slugs.

Louis: Cantaloupe.

Violet: C'mon.

Louis: Dude, I fucking HATE cantaloupe.

Clementine: I ate a guy's leg once. I'm kidding.

Louis: Are you...?

Clementine: You guys meet anyone famous out there?

Violet: No.

Louis: Too bad. You'd figure a movie star or something would show up somewhere.

Violet: They had, like, millions of dollars. They're probably living in a bunker somewhere with butlers and water beds out the ass.

Louis: Yeah, maybe.

Clementine: I met a guy who used to be a baseball player. Like, for money.

Louis: That's cool, I used to love baseball. Was he good at it?

Clementine: Dunno, we never got to play. He was good with a bat, though.

Violet: Baseball sucks.

Louis: You suck.

Violet: Not as much as baseball.

Clementine: What's up with your haircut, Marlon?

Louis: Oh, boy...

Marlon: Uh, what do you mean?

Violet: She means it looks like a dead cat. Probably smells like one too.

Marlon: Uh, I look cool.

Violet: Whatever you say.

Marlon: I say I look cool.

Everyone flips over their cards.

Violet: Victory, Violet. Here's something I love to ask when I'm in groups. Out of the four of us, who do you think is gonna die first?

Louis: That is fucked up.

Violet: Oh, I know.

Clementine: Louis. Definitely.

Violet: Definitely.

Marlon: Definitely.

Louis: Definitely. What? I'd have said the same.

Clementine: Hmm, maybe you, Marlon?

Marlon: Oh, really?

Clementine: That's what's happened to almost everyone I know who tried to keep a group alive.

Marlon: Almost everyone.

Clementine: I don't know, you? Probably?

Violet: Why probably?

Clementine: You asked a morbid question, there's your morbid answer.

Louis: Ohhh, shit.

Clementine: Any one of you, but certainly not me.

Violet: So sure.

Clementine: Made it this far.

Violet: So have we.

Violet: Chickening out, huh? Hmm, shame...

Everyone flips over their cards.

Louis: I am the greatest card player of all time.

Violet: Just ask your damn question.

Louis: Ever...actually, never mind.

Clementine: What? Ask it.

Louis: It's not a fun question.

Clementine: Ask.

Louis: Ever had to kill someone you loved?

Marlon: Louis.

Louis: Hey, she wanted me to ask.

Clementine: No.

Marlon: Really?

Clementine: Really.

They will remember that.

(If Clem shot Lee.)

Clementine: Lee. His name was Lee. It was the same day I found out my parents were dead.

They will remember that.

Louis: That...sounds like a rough day.

Clementine: Yeah. Worst day of my life.

(If Clem left Lee.)

Clementine: Well...almost, once. Lee. His name was Lee. He was dying. I let him become a walker instead.

They will remember that.

Louis: Oh. Got it.

Clementine: I know it's not the same, but...

(If Clem shot Kenny.)

Clementine: Yeah. My friend, Kenny.

Louis: What...happened? What, like, led up to it?

Clementine: His heart broke and never put itself back together. Believe me, I did him a favor.

They will remember that.

(If Clem didn't shoot Kenny.)

Clementine: Yes.

Louis: Go on.

Clementine: It was a yes or no question. I answered it.

They will remember that.

Marlon: Drop it, Louis.

They will remember that.

Clementine: I think I'm done playing for tonight.

Marlon: Yeah, that's probably for the best.

Louis: You wanted me to ask.

Clementine: Let's go, AJ.

AJ: Uh, goodnight!

Tenn: Night, AJ!

Clem and AJ start walking away. Marlon catches up to them.

Marlon: Long day, huh?

Clementine: Yup. Real long.

Marlon: I hope you know Louis didn't mean any harm there. He's just the world's biggest dumbass. He's my best friend, so I can legally call him that.

Marlon opens the door for Clem and AJ.

Marlon: You guys relax, get some sleep, feel human for a night. In the morning, come find me. We can talk about making this long-term.

AJ: We can stay?

Marlon: We can talk about it.


Clem and AJ go to their dorm room.

AJ: (points to door) Only way out?

Clementine: Yep.

AJ: Good.

AJ: That looks like a really safe window.

Clementine: It does.

AJ: Good.

AJ: We could hide in there. (points to closet) If a monster came.

Clementine: Don't think we'll have to.

AJ: Oh. Well, in case we do.

Clem sets the candle down on the desk and puts her hat on the dresser.

AJ: This box has so many colors.

Clementine: Well, must have been an artist living in here.

AJ: What's an artist?

Clementine: It's like...a person who colors a lot. Draws. Does pictures.

AJ: You mean like Tenn?

Clementine: Yeah, like Tenn.

AJ: Huh. I like to do pictures too.

AJ starts drawing. Violet enters the room.

Violet: Oh. Shit. I--I didn't know Marlon set you up in this room. I just wanted to grab something. From the closet. (checks closet) Where the hell is it? (sees box) Oh.

Clementine: What?

Violet: That's what I was looking for. It belonged to Sophie. Uh... Tenn's sister. He was asking for more art supplies and stuff, so I was going to...

Clementine: Oh! Sorry, we didn't know...

Violet: No, no, it's fine. Don't worry about it. Honestly, it's just been sitting here for the past year and no one's touched it. If AJ wants to play with it, it's...it's fine.

Clementine: It's alright. She says you can keep it.

Tenn will be disappointed.

AJ: Okay.

Clementine: You should probably give the box back. It doesn't belong to us.

Tenn will appreciate that.

Violet: Thanks, buddy. It's just that Tenn wanted it, since it was his sister's and all.

AJ: It's okay.

Violet: You can finish your drawing, though. I don't mind.

Violet: It's okay. Honestly. I can just come back and grab it later. He can use it for now. I'll let Tenn know.

Tenn will be disappointed.

AJ: Okay.

Violet: Huh! I see you're, um...settling in.

Clementine: Yeah. Is that okay?

Violet: Sure. I guess. I always liked this room. Sophie had, like, paintings and shit on the walls. Lots of color. And Minerva...she was really musical. Not like Louis, though...she had actual talent. (Clem laughs) She had the most amazing voice. Real bluesy. Marlon always joked that he would scavenge a guitar and the two of them would tour the country. That was a long time ago. After they...afterwards, Brody and Tenn took down all the paintings. And that was the end of it. I shouldn't have even brought it up. It's not a good memory. Guess I just lost my train of thought.

Clementine: Most of us that are still around... A lot of times we have more bad memories than good.

Violet: Ain't that the truth.

Clementine: Well, they sound like they were great friends.

Violet: Yeah, Sophie was a good friend. And Minnie... Uh... We were close. Me and her.

Clementine: Do you mind us being here? In their room?

Violet: Nah. It's...it's okay. Yeah. Yeah, I'm glad. I'm glad, actually. I'm glad it's getting some use. Instead of just sitting around, picking up dust.

Violet: I don't know why I brought them up. They're gone. It's no use reminiscing about shit that isn't gonna change.

Clementine: What exactly happened to them? Sophie and Minerva? (sits on bed)

Violet: They went scavenging with Marlon and Brody out past the safe zone. Didn't make it back. It happens. (sits on bed) Honestly, I just miss having someone around to talk to. There's just...so many dudes. This place can get a little too bro-town for my liking sometimes. And I'm not exactly, like...a people person. You know? I know I sometimes have a habit...have a habit of being a little bit too harsh.

Clementine: You come off alright. I thought you were pretty cool.

Violet: Oh. Um. Thanks. I guess. You were pretty cool too. Out there against those walkers.

Clementine: Yeah. Me too. First impressions aren't exactly my strong suit either.

Violet: Oh. Right.

Clementine: Yeah. You did kinda come off a little strong when we first met.

Violet: It's not like I'm trying to be BFFs or whatever. Sorry.

Violet: Yeah. So.

Violet will remember that.

AJ: Hey, Clem. I'm an artist now.

Clem goes over to look at the drawing.

Clementine: Not bad, kiddo.

Violet: I should be getting back.

Violet takes the box.

Violet: Thanks again for the box. You're pretty cool, AJ.

Violet: Enjoy the art supplies, little man.

Violet: See ya.

Clementine: Yeah. See ya.

Violet leaves.

Clementine: Okay, Alvin Junior. Time for bed.

AJ: Okay. Here. (shows drawing)

Clementine: For me?

AJ: For the wall. To make our home look nice.

Clementine: That's a good idea, AJ.

You have collected: AJ's Drawing - He tried really hard.

Clem hangs AJ's drawing on the wall.

Clementine: How about...here? Uh...AJ?

Clem finds AJ under the bed.

Clementine: Hey there. What are you doing?

AJ: This is where I'm gonna sleep.

Clementine: What? No, it's not.

AJ: It's safe under here. No one can get me.

Clementine: You're gonna get cold down there. The bed's a lot warmer.

Clementine: Well, it's safe out here, too! Did you see the size of this place? It's huge! And there are plenty of brick walls to keep us safe.

Clementine: C'mon, AJ. The bed is way better. Oh, man, this bed is soooo comfy.

AJ: You could sleep under the bed too. It's safer.

AJ: What about the door? What if someone comes in? What if they try to hurt us? What if they steal our stuff?

Clementine: Nobody's gonna come in. Trust me.

AJ: That girl just came in.

Clementine: I'll keep watch. I'll sleep with one eye open if I have to.

AJ: You can't sleep like that. I tried.

Clementine: That door is really sturdy. Trust me. I tried to get out earlier today--it wasn't easy.

AJ: I don't know...

AJ: If I'm under the bed, I can see the door.

AJ: If I stay here, no one can find me, and I can keep guard and watch over you. I can protect us.

Clementine: Hey, what's gotten into you?

AJ: Please, Clem? It's not so bad down here. I'll be okay. I promise.

Clementine: Okay, okay. You can sleep under the bed.

Clem gives AJ a pillow.

Clementine: Here. For your head. Let me know if you get cold.

AJ: I will.

Clementine: Okay.

Clementine: AJ. Listen to me. It's gonna be okay. Please just give the bed a chance. It's soft and warm. I think you'll really like it.

AJ climbs into the bed.

AJ: This bed is really soft.

Clementine: Told you so.

AJ: It's really, REALLY soft.

AJ will remember that.

Clementine gets into bed.

Clementine: Goodnight, AJ.

AJ: Clem?

Clementine: Yeah?

AJ: I'm glad we're not sleeping in the car anymore.

Clementine: Yeah. Me too.

Clementine falls asleep.

Admin Building

In the morning, Clem and AJ go up the stairs in the admin building.

AJ: He's gonna let us stay, right?

Clementine: I guess we're gonna find out. Let's find his office.

AJ: I know where it is. I'll show you.

They reach the top of the stairs.

AJ: Up here! C'mon, Clem. This way.

Clementine: Hey! AJ--wait up!

AJ and Clem enter Marlon's office, where Tenn is playing with toys.

AJ: Tenn's here.

Tenn: Hey, Clem. Thanks for the pencils. I missed having colors.

Clementine: Sure thing.

Tenn: Hi.

Clementine: Hey, Tennessee. What are you guys doing?

Tenn: I was looking for more pencils. But I wasn't able to find any.

AJ: Who are these guys?

Tenn: They're firefighters. That one's a policeman. She's gonna save the day.

AJ: But what are they?

Tenn: They...these were the people who protected us.

AJ: Where are they? I've never seen one before.

Clementine: They're still out there. Someday, maybe you'll meet one.

AJ: That would be cool.

Tenn: Super cool.

Clementine: They all died a long time ago trying to save everyone.

AJ: Oh. They were weak.

Tenn: What? No. They were brave. Strong.

Clementine: You already know what happened to them.

AJ: They weren't strong enough.

Tenn: No, that's not true! They were super strong!

Tenn: There are still some left, probably. A lot of them died when all this started.

AJ: Oh. They were weak.

Tenn: What? No. They were brave. Strong.

Tenn: Now give it to me and...

Tenn reaches for the toy, and AJ pulls it away.

AJ: No. He's mine now.

Tenn: Hey, give it back...

AJ: No.

Tenn: You don't even know what they are!

Clementine: Okay, okay. That's enough, you two.

Clem takes the toy.

AJ: It's not yours anymore. Clem, please?

Clem gives the toy to Tenn.

AJ: It's mine.

Clementine: No. It's not.

AJ: Ugh, fine.

Tenn: Thanks.

Tenn will remember that.

Clementine: Would it be alright if he played with it a little longer? Just until we go?

Tenn: I guess.

Clem gives the toy to AJ.

AJ: Good choice.

Tenn will remember that.

Clementine: Do you know where Marlon is?

Tenn: I don't know. He should be around. I can go find him.

Clementine: That'd be nice. Thanks, Tenn.

Tenn leaves the room.

AJ: Look!

Clementine: Hey, what did you find?

AJ: It's a picture. Of Marlon and Louis. They're so little.

Clementine: Wow. They've known each other a long time, huh?

The door creaks open slightly.

Clementine: Marlon?

Rosie opens the door and walks into the room. Clem gasps and takes a defensive stance, and Rosie growls.

Clementine: Stay back...

Rosie barks at Clem as she moves backward. Marlon enters the room.

Marlon: Whoa, what the hell's going--hey, hey, it's okay, girl. Shh.

Marlon pets Rosie and she calms down.

Marlon: You said dogs brought back bad memories. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were so scared of them. But I swear, Rosie's not as frightening as she seems. (whistles and holds up fist) Sit, girl. (Rosie sits) See? She's harmless. She just needs to get to know you, is all. Here. I'll show you. (offers hand) Do you trust me? (Rosie growls) Rosie, shh. Sorry. I promise, she's not gonna bite.

Clementine: I'm sorry, I can't.

Marlon will remember that.

Marlon: No problem. I'm not gonna pressure you. (whistles) Rosie, lie down.

Rosie lies down on the bed in the corner of the room.

Clementine: Okay. I guess.

Marlon will remember that.

Clem puts her hand in Marlon's, and he brings it close to Rosie's face.

Marlon: Get down on her level. Let her get your scent. It's okay. She's not gonna hurt you.

Rosie sniffs Clementine's hand and licks her.

Marlon: There you go. Now, whistle and tell her to lie down.

Clementine: (whistles) Lie down, Rosie.

Rosie lies down on the bed in the corner of the room.

AJ: That's so cool.

Marlon: See? Not so hard.

Clementine: Yeah. That was...pretty cool.

Marlon: And now Rosie will recognize you. She's really well-trained.

Marlon will remember that.

Marlon: Okay, okay. Not gonna push you. (whistles) Rosie, lie down.

Rosie lies down on the bed in the corner of the room.

Marlon: She was the headmaster's dog, back when this place was still functional. But when the world went to shit, he bailed. All the other adults did. Left us behind to fend for ourselves.

Clementine: Wow. What a dick.

Marlon: Understatement of the century. Now it's just us kids left. And I'd like it if you and AJ were a part of that. Both of you are plenty capable, and we need that. Here... This is the current state of our plan for gathering food.

Marlon shows Clementine a hand-drawn map depicting the school and the surrounding area.

Marlon: We are starting to run short. It's getting harder and harder to feed everyone in this school.

Clem looks at the greenhouse.

Clementine: The greenhouse...

Marlon: Ah, yeah. Uh, don't get too excited about that one. We used to maintain it real well. Had plenty of vegetables growing. But it became overgrown, upkeep was impossible. Yeah, we, uh, we keep away from that now.

Clem looks at the forest.

Clementine: I didn't realize how much forest surrounds this place.

Marlon: It's how we've kept ourselves from unwanted attention for so long. Well... For the most part, anyway.

Clem looks at the train station.

Clementine: That's the train station. There was a whole stash of food under the floorboards.

Marlon: Oh, where you crashed your car? Pretty sure that place is a lost cause. There was a hell of a lot of smoke coming from it when we found you two. Walkers flooded in there after all the noise you made.

Clem looks at the road.

Marlon: That's the only road that leads in and out of Ericson. If you go off it, you'll eventually end up in the valley. We used to have signs that led people to the school, but I took them down. Wanted this place to be hard to find.

Clem looks at the hunting area.

Clementine: What's the trap area?

Marlon: Hunting grounds, more or less. Louis built some traps out there to catch game. He and Aasim are set to go check them today.

Clem looks at the river.

Clementine: What's out here?

Marlon: Ah, that's where we fish. Got a shack for storage right here... (points to map) Right along the river. It's secure, mostly. Get the occasional walker or two come by. Vi and Brody should be heading out there in a bit.

After Clem looks at all the locations, Marlon points to the red lines on the map.

Marlon: One more thing...see these red lines?

Clementine: Yeah.

Marlon: So everything inside is the safe zone. It's been getting smaller over the years, and food's become more scarce.

Clementine: So why not go outside it?

Marlon: We can't. whenever someone goes outside the safe zone, bad shit happens. People die or disappear. I just... I could really use the help, Clementine. Taking care of these kids, it's not easy. I'm worried that if I don't figure something out, if...if I don't fix our food situation... I can't lose anyone else. We've already lost so much. Friends, siblings... I can't let another kid die. It could break us.

Clementine: Everybody dies. It's not really up to us anymore.

Marlon: I know. But we gotta do everything we can to prevent the inevitable. Or at the very least, delay it.

Clementine: I get it. I know how it feels to lose a friend.

Marlon: Yeah, well, multiply that by thirty and you'll know how I feel.

Clementine: What?

Marlon: Ah, shit. Sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come off like a dick.

Clementine: We're not gonna let that happen. I promise.

Marlon: Thanks, Clementine. I appreciate that. I really do.

Marlon: Sorry. I'm just... There's a lot of pressure.

Marlon: Everyone's counting on me to step up. Be the leader they need me to be. I really want to be that for them. You and AJ are two more mouths to feed. But maybe you can help me feed the rest.

Clementine: So what do you need from us?

Marlon: Louis and Aasim are heading to the hunting grounds, looking for rabbits. Well, Aasim will, anyway. Louis... I just hope he shows up, if I'm really being honest. Violet and Brody are going upriver to do some spearfishing. Hopefully those two get along long enough to get some work done. Both teams could use some extra hands.

Clementine: Let's go do some hunting.

AJ: Yeah.

Clementine: We're gonna go fishing.

AJ: Okay.

Marlon: Take this. I don't want you gettin' lost.

Marlon gives the map to Clementine.

Clementine: Thanks.

You have: SCHOOL MAP - Big Place.

Marlon: We need all hands on deck if we're going to find any more food. Just remember to stay in the safe zone. We need you to come back home in one piece.

AJ: So that means we can stay?

Marlon: What, did you think I was gonna throw you out?

AJ: Maybe.

Marlon: Well, as long as we got enough to eat, you're both welcome here. Go get 'em, AJ.

Marlon holds up his hand, and AJ high-fives him.

Clementine: Alright. Let's get going.

Marlon: See you around.


Aasim, Clementine, Louis, and AJ walk through the forest.

Aasim: Hunting grounds are usually clear of walkers. Sometimes they get caught in the snares and shit, though. You see a ribbon on a tree, traps are nearby. So watch where you step.

Louis: (scoffs) Please. I think I can handle myself. I'm basically a ninja. Skilled in the craft of martial arts.

Clementine: Thanks for the warning. Careful around those, okay?

AJ: Okay.

Louis: Psh. Y'all are no fun.

Clementine: Oh, you too? I thought I was the only one.

AJ: Me too.

Clem and AJ pose like ninjas.

Aasim: Oh, my god.

Clementine: Is he always like this?

Louis: Like this? You mean...awesome?

Aasim: Unfortunately.

Aasim: You done?

Louis: Psh. Y'all are no fun.

Aasim: We've got work to do. Not all of us have the privilege of being Marlon's lapdog.

Louis: Oh, ouch! Someone's a little jealous... In my defense, I totally get things done. I just prefer to think of survival as more of a...day-to-day task. So, you know--don't sweat the technique.

Clementine: You do what you do to survive. That's all that matters.

Louis: I knew you'd understand.

Aasim: Whatever, man.

Clementine: What about everyone else? We need to work together as a team.

Louis: I mean, sure, yeah, sometimes.

Clementine: No one can afford to be short-sighted. You have to have a backup plan if you want to survive.

Aasim: Damn right. You think you're clever, but you think way too small.

Louis: Hey, look. I don't need approval from anybody. I've kept myself alive this long doin' what I'm doin', so...

Aasim: You act like you're the only one with a strategy. I play the long game. You've gotta have plans B, C, and D.

Louis: And what if you don't make it that far?

Clementine: Shh, shut up a second.

A walker growls nearby, and the group draws their weapons. They find that a walker has been caught by one of the traps.

Louis: Ha! Hey, check this guy out. He's like a walker piñata!

Louis pokes the walker's head with Chairles.

Aasim: Cut it down, fix the snare, and let's go.

Louis: I will, I will! Eventually.

Aasim: If you want food for the kid, I could use a hand. Or you can mess around with this idiot and starve. It's up to you.

Louis: (mockingly) "Or you can starve." (in normal voice) So dramatic.

Clementine: Huh. This is cool. Edgy.

You have collected: Cat Skull - Kind of creepy, but AJ might like it.

Clementine: Broken. These guys should take better care of these.

Clementine: Hm. Empty.

Talk to Louis

Louis: Wanna take a swing? It won't bite... Well, that guy would, but the bat won't. You know what I mean? You get it.

Louis: Are you ready yet? Don't make me start without you.

Clementine: Alright. I'll take one swing.

Louis will remember that.

Clem takes Chairles.

Louis: Now that's what I'm talking about!

(If this is the first conversation.)

Clementine: Maybe in a bit.

Louis: Alright, suit yourself!

(If this is after the first conversation.)

Clementine: Give me a minute.

Louis: If you don't make up your mind soon, I'm gonna keep this handsome fella all to myself.

Louis: Hey, saw you talking to Aasim. Hope you haven't already signed away your soul to toil along with him, because...in case it's not already obvious, I'm way more fun.

Talk to Aasim

Aasim: Come to hunt? I hear something rustling around in here.

Aasim: You made up your mind yet? I've gotta get moving.

Clementine: Yeah, let me help you out.

Aasim will remember that.

Aasim: For a second there, I was worried you were gonna encourage him.

Aasim: Thanks for taking this shit seriously.

Aasim: I'll never understand that idiot.

(If this is the first conversation.)

Clementine: Let me get back to you on that.

Aasim: Fine.

(If this is after the first conversation.)

Clementine: No, I haven't.

Aasim: Damn it. Well, figure it out quick, I have to move.

Louis: Sorry about Aasim. He's not always so lame. But lucky for you, this is Team Fun.

AJ: Team Fun?

Louis: That's right! Team Fun. And your membership has just been accepted. Now, for our first order of business...a little batting practice.

Clem hits the walker in the head.

Louis: Woo! If the Olympics were still a thing, you'd get a silver, no question.

Clementine: A silver, huh?

Louis: Well, I mean, that could've been a lucky shot.

Clem hits the walker again.

Louis: Alright. Now you just went and earned yourself a gold. Damn. Alright. You gotta make this one count.

AJ: Come on, Clem!

Clem hits the walker again, killing it.

Louis: Home run! Alright, alright. Show's over.

Clem hands Chairles back to Louis.

Louis: See, don't you feel a little better now that you blew off some steam? You need to get that energy out every now and then. Have some fun!

Clementine: Yeah. I can't wait for our next round of batting practice.

Louis: Oh, yeah? Bring it on, Clem. I'm always down for a little adventure.

Clementine: Is that so?

Louis: Life's too short not to be.

Clementine: Yeah, actually. I think I needed that.

Louis: Well, I'm glad you got it. Life's too short to be a stress ball all the time.

Clementine: I don't know, it felt like I wasted time. I should've been helping.

Louis: Aw, come on. Life's too short to be a stress ball all the time.

Louis: Life's too short to be a stress ball all the time.

Louis: Aasim loves giving me crap about having a good time, always telling me I'm not thinking long-term. "We need to guarantee our future," all that horseshit. But I tell him right back, there's only one guarantee: this moment. That's the only thing you got, only thing any of us got. Might as well enjoy it. I'll untie our friend here and reset the snare if you go check on Aasim.

Aasim: You a good shot?

Clementine: Yeah.

Aasim: (gives bow to Clem) Good. I'll chase them out of the bush. You shoot. Last time I was out here it looked like one of the rabbits had some babies. I'm not sure how many are still around, so careful where you shoot. Aim for the parents.

Aasim scares some rabbits out of the bush.

Clem shoots a rabbit.

Aasim: You weren't lying. You're a damn good shot. Gonna need a few more like this if we're hoping to eat, though.

You have: RABBIT - Looks like a meal.

Clem doesn't hit any rabbits.

Aasim: Eh, don't worry about it. Better to save our arrows, anyway.

Aasim: I saw some others run this way.

They move forward, and Aasim scares a rabbit out of another bush.

Clem shoots a rabbit.

Aasim: You definitely nailed the thing.

Clem doesn't hit the rabbit.

Aasim: Shit. They're such a pain in the ass to hit.

AJ: Clem! Clem, c'mere!

Clem walks over to AJ.

AJ: Look, it got one.

The group gathers around a trap that caught a rabbit.

AJ: It's a baby.

Louis: Well, all meat is good meat.

Aasim: It's not enough. Release it, let it get bigger.

AJ: I'm hungry.

Aasim: So am I, but we'll be even hungrier tomorrow if we don't let him go.

Louis: Tomorrow doesn't exist, dingus. There's just today. And today, I'm hungry. We're hungry. Are you gonna do it? I can't watch.

Clem releases the rabbit.

AJ won't forget that.

AJ: Bye, bunny.

Louis: Really? What are we supposed to eat tonight, then? (sighs) I get it. I wouldn't want to kill a baby bunny, either.

Aasim: You'll thank me in a few months.

Louis: If we live that long.

Clem snaps the rabbit's neck.

AJ won't forget that.

Aasim: You know, there really isn't a lot of meat on that.

Clementine: People need the food. Today.

Aasim takes the rabbit out of the trap.

You have: BABY RABBIT - Might be enough for AJ.

Louis: Alright, well, the snares have all been reset and are ready to trap things. We good to go now or what?

Aasim: Thanks to Clem, we got more than I expected. Not enough for everyone, but enough to smile about.

Aasim: We're gonna be eating lean tonight.

Aasim: I guess this is it. Hopefully next time there are more targets. And maybe some sharper aiming.

Clementine: Yeah...sorry.

Aasim: I'll take this back. You two should meet up with Brody and Violet and see if they've managed to snag any fish. This isn't gonna be enough for the whole school.

AJ: I like fish.

Aasim: That's great. See ya.

Aasim leaves.

Louis: Follow me. The girls are probably near the shack.

AJ: Do you like fish?

Louis: I once ate a whole shark.

AJ: No, you didn't!

AJ, Louis, and Clem reach the shack.

Clementine: Where's Vi and Brody?

Louis: They should be here by now.

AJ: Clem, look.

They find a dead walker impaled with a spear.

AJ: Monster.

Louis: Vi wouldn't have just left this out in the open. Wait--isn't that one of our spears? (checks door) Clem. Lock's busted. We might not be alone.

Everyone draws their weapons.

Clementine: Stand back.

Clem kicks the door open.

AJ noticed that.

Clem slowly opens the door.

Clementine: It's clear.

AJ noticed that.

The group enters the shack.

Louis: Holy shit. This place is wrecked. All our supplies are gone! I'll take a look around outside. Hold tight.

Louis goes outside.

AJ: Are we in danger?

Clementine: Maybe.

Clem notices a fire burning. Next to it is a cigarette.

Clementine: Cigarette. Hand-rolled. Is this a Bible page?

You have: HAND ROLLED CIGARETTE - Someone's got a habit.

Brody and Vi enter the shack.

Violet: Clementine?

Brody: What the hell happened in here?

Clementine: Do any of the kids smoke?

Violet: Nope. Nothing to smoke.

Louis returns.

Louis: No sign of our thief.

Brody: Thief?

Violet: Oh, shit. We just walked a mile of river and the traps were all empty. No fish, none.

Violet, Brody, Clem, and AJ walk through the forest.

Brody: You know, I've been thinkin'... I wish we could all go on a road trip together.

Violet: Road trip? Why bother? It's not like there's anything worth seeing anymore.

Brody: Oh, c'mon. I'm sure there's plenty of stuff to see. Maybe Clem could show us around. You're able to get a car working and you know how to drive!

Violet: Barely.

Brody: C'mon, Vi! I've never driven in my life, but I'd love to learn.

Clementine: Yeah, I don't know. I think I'd rather stay off the road.

Brody: Aw, come on. There's so much to see!

Violet: Yeah. Like dead people, dead people, and more dead people.

Brody: Oh, ha, ha. You really know how to lift someone's spirits, Vi.

Violet: Just pointing out the truth.

Clementine: You sure you trust my driving? I promise I don't usually crash.

Brody: Oh, right, on second thought...

Violet: Yeah, I think Clem just totaled the last working car in the world. So much for your road trip.

Clementine: That sounds kind of nice. I love the open road. I wouldn't mind showing you around.

Violet: Just as long as you're not the one driving.

Brody: Well, I think it would be fun, anyway.

Violet: You seem to be the only one. Lay off, Brody.

AJ: Are we going to the car?

Clementine: No, bud, it's broken.

AJ: Good. I'm sick of the car.

The group reaches the fishing shack. Brody walks up to a rusty pickup truck.

Brody: I wish this old rust bucket was still working. We could just jump in and start driving. We could take turns sitting in the back--it'd be like driving one of those cars with the top that goes down!

Violet: We'd run out of gas eventually.

Brody: But still! It's fun to imagine, isn't it? Where would you go, Clem? If you could drive anywhere you wanted? If gas wasn't an issue.

Violet: Or a busted carburetor, or flat tires, or the transmission--

Brody: Buzzkill.

Clementine: You know, I think I'd drive through the heart of a city. Somewhere big like New York.

Brody: All the lights, and the beautiful buildings. I wouldn't even know where to start.

Violet: Oh. Yeah. The biggest city in the world. I'm sure that's nice and safe.

Clementine: I'd drive up one of those long roads that wind around the mountains. Follow it all the way to the top.

Brody: You could see over the whole world up there, I bet.

Violet: Yeah, get a nice view of the world while you die of frostbite. Sounds like the dream.

Brody: C'mon, Vi, would it kill you to live a little?

Clementine: I'd drive down to the coastline. Maybe park on the beach and go swimming.

Brody: That'd be an absolute dream. You could spend every day in the sun...

Violet: And die of skin cancer. Fun.

Brody: We're all gonna die. I'll take skin cancer over turning into a walker any day.

Brody: I think I'd go just about anywhere at this point.

Violet: Going anywhere isn't much of an option. We can barely mange to keep ourselves alive in one place.

Brody: I've lived here my entire life. Heck, I'd say I know every inch of these woods. I'd kind of like to un-know it.

Violet: No use dreaming of what could be. We've got shit to do.

Brody: Yeah. I guess we should get to work on those fish. We got spears inside the shack. C'mon.

Violet: You go ahead. I'll stay out here.

Brody, Clem, and AJ go inside the shack.

Brody: Where are those spears? Hey...about Vi... I'm sorry she's being a little mean. It's my fault.

Clementine: What do you mean?

Brody: I was there when those walkers killed Sophie and Minnie. They were really close with Vi and...I think she blames me for what happened to them. I mean, how do you even apologize for something that fucked up? I don't know. Maybe I deserve it.

Clementine: Yeah, she seems pretty...intense.

Brody: She's always been a little bit like that. But after the twins died, she really closed up.

Clementine: You should talk to her about it. I'm sure she'll listen.

Brody: Yeah, right. I tried, I have. It just never seems like the right time.

Clementine: It wasn't your fault. These things happen.

Brody: Still, I was the one that had to break the news to her. And ever since I did, she's become distant.

Clementine says nothing.

Brody: We all used to be friends. Guess I just kinda miss that. But when you showed up... I don't know, I just haven't seen her warm up to someone in a long time.

They find the spears.

Brody: Do you... I mean, I'd hate to ask this of you. But do you think you could talk to her? See how she feels? About me? It's just been eating me up inside.

Clementine: I can try. But I can't make any promises that it'll help.

Brody: Thanks, Clementine.

Clementine: Look, I don't think I should get involved. Sounds like you two should just talk it out yourselves.

Brody: Oh. Right. Yeah, you're right. Sorry. It was stupid of me to ask.

Clementine: Sure thing, Brody. I can talk to her.

Brody: Really? That's great! Thanks, Clementine.

Brody: Oh. Sorry, forget I said anything. It was stupid of me to ask. Ugh...

Brody will remember that.

Brody: I'm gonna go check our fish traps downstream.

Brody picks up the spears and a bucket.

Violet: Hey! What the hell is taking you two so long?

Brody: See? I'll take this to Vi. There should be some extras lying around.

Clementine: Just some old gardening supplies.

Clementine: Hey, you. Whatcha looking at?

AJ: V plus M?

AJ looks at a carving on the wall that says "V + M" and has a heart around it.

Clementine: Violet and Minerva...?

AJ: What's that mean?

Clementine: Sometimes you can make art out of words.

AJ: They made their names art.

Clementine: Uh, it means they were really good friends.

AJ: Like me and you are really good friends?

Clementine: Not exactly.

Clementine: It means that they were a couple.

AJ: What?

Clementine: Violet was Minnie's girlfriend.

AJ: Oh. Love.

AJ: It looks nice. I like it.

AJ: Don't we need the spears?

Clementine: Right. I almost forgot.

Clementine: Can't fish without those spears.

Clementine: Huh. This is cool. Edgy.

You have collected: Cat Skull - Kind of creepy, but AJ might like it.

Clementine takes a spear.

You have: SPEAR - Good reach. Sharp.

AJ: Cool.

Clementine: Ready to get some fish?

AJ: Yeah.

Clementine: Okay. Let's go.

Clem and AJ head outside. Violet tries to spear a fish, but misses.

Violet: Shit.

Clementine: Can I join you?

Violet: Sure. Hey, check out these guys over here.

Clementine: They're swimming against the current.

Violet: Guess they don't realize it makes them easier targets.

AJ: I wanna try.

Violet: Take a spear. Go nuts.

AJ and Clem grab their spears.

Violet: Go ahead and try. They're not running.

Clem spears a fish.

Violet: Any luck?

Clementine: I got...something.

Violet: Good enough for me.

You have: FISH - Looks like a meal.

Clem puts the fish in the bucket.

Clem misses.

Violet: Hey, um, sorry if I was weird last night...about the whole room thing. Seeing someone else in there... Uh, it was harder than I expected. You'd think I'd be less sentimental by now.

Clementine: I understand. There are people I still miss, too. It never really gets easier.

Violet: Yeah. It really doesn't.

Clementine: I'm sorry, we weren't trying to upset you...

Violet: No, no. It's okay. Seriously. It's kind of nice having someone in there again.

Clementine: Don't sweat it. I'm glad we got to know each other.

Violet: Uh, yeah. I guess I am, too.

Violet: It's just weird not having them around anymore. That's all.

Clementine readies her spear.

Clem spears a fish and puts it in the bucket.

Clem misses.

Clementine: Damn it!

Brody: Heads-up, guys, the haul's not looking that great!

Violet: Uh, yeah, okay! God. Sometimes she just gets on my last nerve, you know?

Clementine: Yeah, I can tell.

Violet: I mean, it's--it's not like I hate her... I just... (mockingly) "I wish we could all go on a road trip together." (in normal voice) God, she's so...ugh. You know?

Clementine: She definitely thinks you hate her.

Clementine: Hmm, you act like you hate her.

Clementine: You can't like everybody.

Violet: It's just...

Violet angrily spears a fish.

Clem spears a fish and puts it in the bucket.

Clem misses.

Clementine: Shit!

Violet: Looks like they wisened up. Maybe Brody had better luck with the traps.

AJ: I got one! Clem, I got one!

AJ runs up to them, a fish on the end of his spear.

Violet: Good job.

Violet: Catch anything?

Clementine: No, nothing.

AJ: I did.

AJ runs up to them, a fish on the end of his spear.

Clementine: Whoa, nice job.

Violet: Well, shit.

AJ puts his fish in the bucket and runs off.

Violet: I don't know what the problem is between us. With Brody... I don't know why it's like this. Why is it so weird? I can never relax around her. It just keeps getting worse.

Clementine: Because you blame her for what happened with the twins.

Violet: Well, that's what I used to think. I just keep thinking that things might have ended differently if I was there. Maybe I could've protected Soph. And Minnie...

Clementine: Because you make it weird. Brody tries and you just make fun of her.

Violet: Ouch. I guess I better do some self-reflection.

Clementine: Maybe because she never said sorry. About Sophie and Minnie and not being able to save them.

Violet: She tell you that?

Clementine: More or less. She wants to talk about it, you know.

Violet: I just... I feel guilty about the whole thing.

Clementine: Why?

Violet: I was supposed to be out with the twins that day. I wanted to work in the greenhouse, so I asked Brody to cover for me. But then... I didn't even get to say goodbye. I...I wanted to talk to Brody, to tell her I didn't blame her for what happened. But every time I tried, I was reminded of who we lost. It was easier to just not talk about it.

Violet: I guess it's weird with you too.

Violet: We should get going.

Brody and the others meet up.

Brody: You guys catch any fish?

Clementine: We caught some, but not a lot.

Brody: I didn't get anything. We should catch up with Louis and Aasim. See if they had any better luck.

The group walks back across the bridge.

Violet: The Grand Canyon.

Brody: What?

Violet: That's where I'd go. If we took a road trip. Start driving until we hit the Grand Canyon.

Brody: Yeah. That would be cool.

Violet and AJ walk on ahead.

Brody: Thanks.

Violet: Hey, you slowpokes coming?

Brody: Yeah, we're right behind you.

Violet: Well? You gonna lead the way?

Brody: Oh, uh, yeah. Follow me, it's not too far from here.

Clementine: Okay.

The group arrives at the hunting area.

Clementine: Where are those guys?

Violet: Practicing making out with a toothless walker?

Brody: Gross.

Violet: I know. Poor walker.

Everyone laughs. They soon reach a sabotaged trap.

Violet: What the hell?

Clementine: What, this isn't normal?

Violet: Someone sabotaged this. This isn't good.

Brody: Aasim! Louis!

Violet: Spread out. See if we can find them.

AJ: Watch out for monsters.

Violet and Brody walk away. Clem looks at a trap.

Clementine: Hm. Empty.

Clem inspects blood near the trap.

Clementine: I guess Aasim and Louis checked this one already.

Clem examines a cigarette near the trap.

Clementine: Huh. Is this a Bible page?

You have: HAND ROLLED CIGARETTE - Someone's got a habit.

AJ: Clem! Found something.

Clementine follows AJ and finds a dead walker hanging from one of the traps, impaled with a sharpened stick.

AJ: Monster.

Clementine: Guys! Over here!

Violet and Brody walk over.

Violet: Well, we didn't kill this one. We wouldn't have left it hanging in our trap.

Brody: What the hell?

Clementine: Found this too. (shows cigarette) Do any of the kids smoke?

Violet: Nope. Nothing to smoke.

Louis and Aasim join the others.

Louis: Who is this unlucky fella?

Clementine: Where have you been?

Aasim: Checking nearby traps. The ones that were sprung were all empty. All the rest are broken.

Brody: Someone robbed us?

Louis: Oh, great. And now we're gonna starve.

Brody: Fuck, that's...fuck...fuck! It's just...fuck...it's okay, it's...breathe, Brody, c'mon...c'mon, c'mon, c'mon...

Violet: You're gonna be fine.

Brody: Fuck, fuck, c'mon, c'mon!

Violet: It's just a panic attack.

Brody: Fuck, fuck!

Clementine: Brody, you're being too loud, we might not be alone--

Brody: Just shut the fuck up, okay?!

Clementine: Excuse me?!

AJ: Loud is bad.

Clementine: Hey, easy. We'll still find enough food to get us through the--

Brody: That's not what I'm worried about!

Violet: Brody, just chill.

Clementine: Take a second, breathe in deep and hold it.

Brody: Just shut the fuck up, okay?!

Clementine: Excuse me?!

Brody: Just give me some space.

Brody: I have to tell Marlon about this.

Louis: Um, we still need food. You know, to live? We definitely don't have enough here.

Brody: You guys figure it out.

Brody leaves.

Aasim: I'll take this haul back to the school. Maybe we can ration out something.

Aasim leaves.

Louis: So what do we do? Eat rocks?

AJ: You can't eat rocks.

Louis: I'm aware.

AJ: Will Marlon kick us out if we don't find food?

Clementine: Well, let's not find out.

Louis: Where else could we look?

Clementine: Let me think...

Clem takes out the map and looks at the train station.

Clementine: The train station. It's not too far from here.

Violet: I don't know, that's pretty far outside our perimeter.

Clementine: There was food when AJ and I passed through. It's worth a look.

Violet: You sure there was food?

Clementine: Positive. Yeah, some of it was destroyed in the explosion, but there has to be something left. There was so much there.

Violet: Alright, fine. Lead the way.

Clementine: Or we could starve.

Violet: Fine. Let's go.

Train Station

Clem, Vi, Louis, and AJ sneak up to the train station, which is swarmed with walkers.

Clementine: There. That's where the food is. Lot more walkers than last time, though.

Louis: We're gonna die.

Violet: It's either die here or die from hunger. Take your pick. Clem, maybe you should scope things out. You know the place better.

Clementine: Let me get a closer look. Can't be too careful.

Clem climbs up to the train. If Clem killed the walker trapped under the door, she looks at a dead walker's body.

Clementine: We barely got out of here. It was close.

Violet: Sounds scary.

Clementine: There's a reason.

Clem looks at the walkers.

Clementine: We need to get in there somehow. Maybe there's another way in...

Clem looks at a train car.

Clementine: Could climb up there, but I don't know how that would get us inside.

Clem looks at the bell.

Clementine: I used that bell to attract a walker before. Could try it again.

Clementine: That bell...might be able to get the walkers' attention.

Violet: They do like to follow sound...

After Clem examines the area, she returns to the others.

Louis: You look like you've got an idea.

Clementine: The noise from that bell could draw a lot of walkers. If one of us climbs up there and starts ringing it...

Violet: Louis. I vote Louis.

Louis: Uh, hold on. I'd like to make an alternate suggestion.

Violet: Come on, Lou. You're loud, dramatic, a little annoying... You're basically a walking distraction.

Louis: I think you mean charming and theatrical. Entertaining is another word that comes to mind. Charismatic.

Violet: See what I mean?

Clementine: I think she pretty much summed it up.

Louis: Ouch. Alright. I see how it is.

Clementine: Just get up there. The quicker we get this over with, the better.

Louis: Decisive. I like that in a woman.

Violet: Just stop. Stop.

Clementine: Okay, Prince Charming. Let's see those talents in action.

Louis: I can't say no to a face like that.

Louis: Feel free to jump in and defend me anytime, Clem.

Violet: Just get up there.

Louis will remember that.

Violet: I'll go with you. Give you some cover.

Louis: Fine, I'll do it. But if I die, I'm making sure walker Louis eats both of you first. I'll distract them until I see you guys reach safe cover. Then I'll try to redirect the smelly patrol to give you guys a chance to spring inside the building.

Clementine: When we get into position, I'll signal you. Then you can do your thing.

Louis: Good luck.

Louis takes the bell and climbs onto the train car. He hits the bell and the chair leg against the train car to distract the walkers.

Louis' Comments

Louis: Hey, ugly! No, not you. Not you, either. Him! Fine. Make this confusing, why don't you?

Louis: Hey, look! Got your nose! Got your nose! I'm just fucking with you, you have no nose. Just a rotten hole in your face.

Louis: Alright, someone guess the song. Ready? Nobody? Listen again. Nothing? Really? One more time. No, it's not "ungghhh". It's "Jingle Bells". How about this one? Really? Nobody knows that one? You guys are killing me!

Louis: Bet you can't grab the chair leg. Bet you can't grab it! Whoop, whoop! Too slow! Ha, ha! You suck! Yes, you do. Your turn. Oh, man! WAY too slow! It's like your muscle tissue is deteriorating or something. What's that? It is? Oh, I'm so sorry.

Louis: I hate to break it to you, sir, but I think your eyeball just fell out of your head. Yeah, it rolled off in that general direction. Ma'am, if you could be careful. I believe you're standing on this gentleman's eyeball.

Louis: Any requests out there? No, nothing? You know, I'm going to need a little more liveliness out of you all. You get what you give, that's all I'm saying.

Clementine kills some of the walkers. She hides behind some barrels and signals to the others. Vi kills a walker as she and AJ run over to Clem.

Violet: So far, not dead.

Clementine: So far. I'll let Louis know we're ready.

Clem stands up and signals to Louis, and he climbs down the train car. Clem goes back to the hiding place.

Violet: What is he waiting for? C'mon, c'mon... Fucking Louis...

Clementine: Just...give him a second.

Violet: We may not have a second.

Walkers approach the group. Louis rings the bell and the walkers are drawn to the noise.

Violet: I'll watch the door for walkers.

Clementine: Okay. AJ and I will sneak in, grab the food, and get out.

Violet: Sounds good. Let's make it quick.

Clementine and AJ sneak up to the station. A walker on the ground grabs Clem's leg.

Clem kills the walker.

AJ kills the walker.

Clem and AJ enter the station and go to the back room. Clem finds some duffel bags.

Clementine: Yes, these will be perfect.

AJ finds a lamp.

AJ: Clem, look!

Clementine: Try it out. See if it works.

AJ sets the lamp down and turns it on.

Clementine: Gonna need your help on this one, kiddo. You still got your gun?

AJ: Just in case.

Clementine: Just in case.

AJ jumps into the hatch. He returns with a jar of food.

Clementine: Good job, AJ! Is there more?

AJ nods. Clem puts the food in the duffel bag.

Clementine: Keep it coming.

AJ brings more jars of food, and Clem puts them away.

You have: JAR OF FOOD - It's gonna be a feast.

Someone enters the room and points a gun at Clem.

Abel: Stand. Slowly.

Clem stands up and raises her hands.

Abel: Don't yell. Don't try anything. I won't hurt you. If I don't have to.

Clementine: Do not fuck with me.

Abel: I'm not here to fuck with you. I'm here to get some food. Same as you.

Clementine: Who are you?

Abel: The name's Abel. And I'm hungry as hell.

Clementine: What do you want?

Abel: I just want food. Same reason you're here.

Abel: That's good. Just stay cool.

Abel smokes a cigarette rolled with a Bible page, then puts it out.

Abel: You and your friends made a lot of noise out there. Wasn't hard to follow. You live close by? You knew about this place already. And organized some effort to get inside. So you probably also knew the stash was there.

Clementine: Just passing through. Decided to see what we could scavenge.

Abel: Uh-huh. And you just got extra lucky.

Clementine: You'll understand if I don't tell you anything.

Abel: It wasn't really a question. More like...confirmation.

Clementine: I've seen those cigarettes before. You messed up our traps, didn't you?

Abel: Guilty as charged. But it was an honest mistake. I can be a real butterfingers sometimes.

Abel: Doesn't matter. It wasn't really a question. More like...confirmation.

Abel picks up a duffel bag.

Abel: You look a little young to be out on your own. You got a group? I count you, plus the two outside. I'm thinking, maybe more? You got a camp in these here woods?

Clementine: We're a big group. Strong people. Well-armed.

Abel: Uh-huh. Right, right. And this big strong group sends the kids out to do the risky work? Interesting.

Clementine: You ask too many questions. I don't like it.

Abel: Fine. We can play it like that, if you want.

Clementine: Tell me about your group first.

Abel: (laughs) I miss the days when we weren't all so goddamn cagey. It's just me and my ugly face out here. Lonely, ugly, and hungry.

Abel: (laughs) Well. Sometimes no answer's good as anything.

Abel sets down the duffel bag and unzips it.

Abel: Now...I'm going to fill this pack real slow.

Clementine: We worked hard to get this stuff.

Abel reaches for one of the jars, and AJ appears.

Abel: Well, hey there, squirt. Playing hide and seek, are we?

AJ points his gun at Abel.

Abel: Now, that's impolite.

AJ: DON'T steal from us.

Abel: I'm not stealing. This isn't yours.

AJ: I can kill you, you know.

Abel: Come on, kid. I'm faster than you. Listen up, squirt, you're gonna quit pointing that gun at me, and let me go my merry, you understand? I'm just going to take a little bit, and then I'm leaving. Like it never happened. You wouldn't let a hungry man starve, now, would you? Kid...I don't want to do this.

Clementine: AJ...lower the gun.

AJ: Clem, he's stealing our food!

Clementine: Alvin Junior! Now!

AJ won't forget that.

Abel: Wise woman.

Abel fills up the duffel bag. Violet runs into the room.

Violet: Clem, we're running out of time. We need to get out of he--

Abel: (points gun at Vi) Don't panic. I was just leaving. Thanks for dinner.

Abel walks away.

Violet: Who in the fuck was that?!

Clementine: AJ, get down!

Clementine pushes Abel against the window. Walkers grab him.

AJ won't forget that.

Abel: FUCK! FUCK! You piece of shit!

Abel is dragged outside by the walkers.

Abel: No! Damn it!

Violet runs into the room.

Violet: What the fuck?!

Clementine: AJ, shoot!

Abel shoots AJ and Clem.


Abel shoots AJ and Clem.


Clementine: Just take a bag and fill it up!

AJ brings out the last jars of food, and Vi and Clem put them in the duffel bag. They all run out of the station.

Clementine: Run! Now!

Louis starts to run as well. Vi kills a walker. Another one approaches Clem and AJ.

Clem kills the walker. Louis kills another one.

Vi kills the walker.

The group runs into the woods.

Louis: What happened in there?

Violet: Just move!

Clementine: I'll tell you on the way.


The group returns to the school.

Brody: You are not listening to me. Marlon, listen to me--I'm telling you, the place was ransacked!

Marlon: It's fine. We'll deal with it.

Mitch opens the gate. Vi, Clem, Louis, and AJ enter the courtyard.

Ruby: Took y'all a while.

Louis: "How poor are they that have not patience!"

The group sets down the duffel bags and unzips them to reveal the jars of food.

Willy: Aasim! Mitch! Check it out! Food!

Mitch: That's, like, a lot of food.

Louis: Observant as ever, Mitch.

Aasim: I can't believe this. Look at it.

Willy: You're our savior, Clem.

Mitch: Like, seriously. It's a lot.

Clementine: Louis and Violet helped, too.

Aasim: Neither of them ever brought back this much before.

Louis: Neither have you...

Clementine: I owed you. You all saved me first.

Aasim: (chuckles) Call us even, then.

Clementine: Yeah, tell me something I don't know.

Aasim: I'll allow this hubris because I am starving.

Louis: "Thank you too, Louis."

Louis: Hey, I helped, too...

Brody: Where did you find all this?

Louis: The old train station. Clem knew where it was.

Brody: Train station...that's outside the safe zone.

Violet: We'd have even more...

Violet: But we ran into the creep that fucked up our fish traps.

Violet: But we ran into the creep that fucked up our rabbit traps.

Brody: Creep? What creep?

Louis: Clem saw him smoking those nasty-ass Bible cigarettes.

Clementine: He had weird different-colored eyes.

Brody: Did he follow you?

Clementine: Nope, I shoved him into a pack of walkers. They took a chunk out of him.

AJ: It was awesome.

Clementine: Look, I don't know if he got out of there, but if he did, he won't make it for long.

Brody: You attacked him?! What the fuck?! If he survived, you know he's coming back for revenge.

Clementine: No. I let him have some food, and then we lost track of him in a swarm of walkers.

Brody: You just let him take our food? What the fuck?! Now he knows we're out here, and he'll come back for more!

Brody: What the hell were you thinking? This is fucked. How could you be so stupid?!

Clementine: Wanna try stepping back, Brody? I'd recommend it.

Brody: I'd recommend you getting your head out of your ass before we'll all dead!

(If Clem attacked Abel.)

Clementine: He's walker food, relax.

Brody: What if there are others? What if they come looking for him? You don't know what people are capable of out there!

Clementine: Think again.

(If Clem surrendered food.)

Clementine: It was just one guy trying to eat. We all know what that's like.

Brody: You don't know if he was lying. You don't know what people are capable of out there!

Clementine: Think again.

Clementine: If I hadn't done what I did, he would have shot us. I made the right call.

Brody: Bullshit! What if there are others?! You don't know what people are capable of out there!

Clementine: Think again.

Brody: Hello?

Louis: We have food. What else matters?

Brody: Everything else matters!

Your relationship with Brody has changed.

Brody: I just can't...I won't...just not again...fuck!

Marlon: What the hell's going on here?

Brody: She took them outside the safe zone... They SAW someone! You know what that means!

Marlon: ENOUGH! It just means there's a hungry guy out there looking for food. It's happened before. You are overreacting.

Brody: You can't be serious!

Marlon grabs Brody's arm.

Marlon: Come on, let's go somewhere and talk about this.

Brody shoves Marlon to the ground.

Brody: If ANYTHING happens...I'm holding YOU responsible! (points to Clem)

Brody walks away, and Marlon gets up.

Marlon: Clem, I know I asked you for help... And you did. You did. But...shit. God. Nothing's easy.

Clementine: It was risky, but it was worth it. Like you said... We can't lose another kid.

Marlon: Yeah. Yeah, I did say that.

Clementine: No one died. You don't have to worry.

Marlon: I always do, though. Can't help it.

Clementine: Sorry I went outside the safe zone. I didn't see any other option.

Marlon: Yeah, I know. It's just hard keeping this together.

Marlon: Not one single damn day.

Marlon: Well...at least we're eating tonight. And for the next few, I'd wager. Um, I'll go talk to Brody. Thanks for the haul, Clem. You guys should go enjoy it. You've earned it.

Marlon walks away and Clem joins the others at the table.

Louis: Don't sweat it, Clem.

Violet: Ever since we lost Sophie and Minnie, Brody's been freaked out by anything that happens past the safe zone. She'll be alright eventually.

Aasim: Still, we should make sure this is a one-time thing. We can take Rosie out in the morning, see if she catches a scent. You know, just in case.

Aasim leaves.

Violet: I'm gonna go clean up.

Louis: I think I'll go, too. See you later.

Violet and Louis leave.

Tenn: Don't worry about them. They're just sad.

Clementine: Sad? Why?

Tenn: My sisters died around this time last year. I think it's starting to get to people.

Clementine: Doesn't it get to you?

Tenn: Not really. Dying's not scary. I mean, it's sad, but...not scary.

Clementine: Are you kidding me? Dying is the scariest thing there is.

AJ: When you die, you turn into a monster.

Tenn: Maybe. All I know is that if Minnie were here...she'd tell them to "quit the theatrics".

Clementine: You've been in here too long. When you see more death, you'll be a lot more afraid of it.

Tenn: Or maybe a lot less.

Clementine: Being a walker is a lot worse than being dead.

Tenn: How do you know? Maybe being a walker is really nice.

Clementine: I doubt it.

Tenn: Me too, but it's not like you can go ask one.

Clementine says nothing.

Tenn: I try not to focus on them being gone. I like picturing where they'd be now, instead. (shows drawing) Sophie was awesome at making stuff. She'd build a place big enough for all of us to live, and paint it, too, and Minnie'd be playing whatever new song she wrote... I guess death doesn't scare me because I know I have something waiting on the other side. Someplace safe, and happy. All of us together.

Clementine: Looks like a nice place to wind up.

Tenn: Yeah, I think so, too. A lot better than some smelly old school.

Clementine: I don't think there's anything after we die. Just...darkness.

Tenn: There might be. You don't know. Nobody knows. But if there is, I think it'd be like this.

Clementine: Bad people don't wind up there.

Tenn: I don't know, they might let in a few. And Minnie and Sophie always liked the bad guys in stories.

Tenn: I wish I had more colors...

Clementine: Who are those guys?

Tenn: The walkers who killed them.

Clementine: You want them there too?

Tenn: There weren't always walkers. Wherever this place is, everyone gets to be a person again. Sometimes I draw the walkers the way they probably looked...sometimes I draw Minnie and Sophie the way they probably left them... But sometimes I draw this, too.

AJ: Can I be there?

Tenn: Sure. (draws AJ) You wanna be there, too? I promise I'll draw you well. You just gotta hold still.

Clementine: Sure. Why not?

Tenn will remember that.

Tenn: (draws Clem) Oh, almost forgot. (draws smile on Clem's face) Here you go.

Tenn gives the drawing to Clem.

Clementine: It's yours.

Tenn: It's ours.

You have collected: Tenn's Drawing - Tenn's got some real talent.

Clementine: No thanks.

Tenn: Oh...okay.

Tenn will remember that.

AJ: Is it okay if I stay in the picture...? If you don't mind? Is it?

Clementine: I'm sorry, AJ, but, no. Scratch him out. Now.

Tenn: Okay...

Tenn scribbles over AJ.

Tenn: I don't like that scribble.

Tenn tears out the page and crumples it up.

AJ: No!

Tenn: Don't worry, I'll draw you something later. Something different.

Clementine: Yeah, sure, that's fine.

Tenn: Here you go.

Tenn gives the drawing to Clem.

Clementine: Really?

Tenn: You can add yourself later...if you want.

You have collected: Tenn's Drawing - Tenn's got some real talent.

AJ: That means no... Erase me.

Tenn: Uh...can't really erase it, so...

Tenn scribbles over AJ.

Tenn: I don't like that scribble.

Tenn tears out the page and crumples it up.

AJ: No!

Tenn: Don't worry, I'll draw you something later. Something different.

AJ: Draw her!

Tenn: Okay.

Tenn: (draws Clem) Oh, almost forgot. (draws smile on Clem's face) Here you go.

Tenn gives the drawing to Clem.

Clementine: It's yours.

Tenn: It's ours.

You have collected: Tenn's Drawing - Tenn's got some real talent.

Clementine: It's getting late.

Tenn: Yeah, you guys should get some sleep.

Clementine: Aren't you coming?

Tenn: Not yet. I want to finish this first.

AJ: Goodnight.

Tenn: See you tomorrow.

Clem and AJ walk away.


Clem and AJ walk down the hallway to their room.

AJ: Stand back.

AJ kicks the door open.

AJ slowly opens the door.

AJ: It's clear.

AJ opens the door.

They enter the room.

Clementine: Time for bed, little guy.

AJ: Can I stay up?

Clementine: Nope.

AJ: Two more minutes?

Clementine: Tell you what. You lay down, and then we'll see.

Clem takes off her hat. AJ gets in bed.

Clementine: You got in bed! By yourself!

AJ: I like it here.

AJ: We got to go hunting!

AJ: And Louis let us hit the walker like a pin...a pin...

Clementine: Piñata.

AJ: Yeah. And that was scary. But it was fun!

AJ: And there was so many rabbits to shoot! (mimics holding a bow) WHOOOSH! SPLAT! (Clem laughs)

AJ: I got to kill fish! Violet looked like she was having a good time.

Clem sits next to AJ.

AJ: It's nice. Not driving everywhere, or running away. But the ranch was nice, too. Before the blood.

Clementine: This isn't the ranch.

AJ: Do you like it? I like it, now that I'm used to it. There's games, and the walls make it feel safe.

Clementine: I do. I really do. It's good to feel safe somewhere.

Clementine: It's good, for now. But places change. So do people. It might not stay good. Don't worry. We're not leaving.

Clementine: I like it, but I'm not sure if I trust everyone. It's hard to trust people, sometimes.

AJ: Do you trust me?

Clementine: Always.

AJ: It's okay, Clem. It's okay.

AJ: Clem...

Clementine: Yeah?

AJ: You let that mean man go at the station. Let him take food from us. It wasn't right. I didn't like it. Don't be mad at me for saying that, though.

Clementine: No, say what you want to say, AJ.

AJ: If we let people take from us, it makes us soft.

Clementine: Him getting away with a little food kept things from getting violent. You have to know when to fight, AJ, and this wasn't the time.

AJ: It's still not right to let someone take from us. Makes us soft.

Clementine: You don't get to make that call, kiddo. When we're out there, I'm the one that does what?

AJ: You make sure we're always safe.

Clementine: And you're the one that does what?

AJ: Listens to you. Still. It made us seem soft.

AJ: It made us seem soft.

Clementine: So you're so tough, huh? (tickles AJ) Who's Mr. Softy now?

AJ: Stop!

Clementine: That's what I thought.

Clem gets up.

Clementine: There, you got to stay up two minutes more. Time for sleep.

AJ: I'll lay down when you blow out the light.

Clementine: Alright. Give me a minute.

(Clementine can only place items if she collected them.)

Clementine: I'm so used to lugging this everywhere. Never knowing when we'd find any supplies... I feel a lot lighter.

Clementine: So cute.

AJ: I'm not sleepy.

Clementine: Liar.

Clem puts the skull on a shelf.

AJ: That one's cooler than the other.

Clementine: You think so?

AJ: It's scarier. It makes it cooler.

AJ: That's cool.

Clementine: I know, right?

AJ: Like, really cool.

Clem puts the flowers on the dresser.

AJ: Those don't look like the other ones.

Clementine: 'Cause these are real flowers.

AJ: The kind that need water?

Clementine: Bingo.

AJ: Make sure to give them some!

Clementine: There.

AJ: You have to water flowers.

Clementine: I know.

AJ: Don't forget.

Clementine: I won't.

AJ: Good. I don't want them to die.

Clem puts the flowers on the shelf above the desk.

AJ: Those look different than the other ones.

Clementine: They are different. They're fake. They don't need water.

Clementine: There.

AJ: You have to water flowers.

Clementine: Not these. They're fake.

AJ: So they never die?

Clementine: Never.

AJ: Lucky flowers. But they're not as pretty.

Clem puts the drawing on the wall next to AJ's.

Clementine: There.

AJ: That's a good drawing...he's a good artist.

Clementine: Your picture is good, too.

AJ: Oh, I know.

AJ: It's a good drawing.

Clementine: If you say so...

AJ: It'd be better if you were on it.

Clem stands on a chair to hang the skull above the door.

AJ: I like the other one more.

Clementine: Why's that?

AJ: It's scarier! That makes it cooler.

AJ: That's cool.

Clementine: I know, right?

AJ: Like, really cool.

Clem decides to blow out the candle.

Clem decides to go to sleep.

Clem decides not to go to sleep.

After deciding to go to sleep, Clementine goes over to AJ.

Clementine: Goodnight. Sleep tight. Don't let a walker bite. And if they try?

AJ: I never let 'em bite.

Clementine: Come on, play it right. One time?

AJ: (mimics shooting a gun) Bang!

Clementine: Good work. And thanks.

AJ lies down and falls asleep. Clem blows out the candle. Clem and AJ wake up when they hear people arguing.

Marlon and Brody's conversation

Marlon: Why can't you just do what I ask you to do?

Brody: Because we caused all this, and now we have to deal with it!

Marlon: I am dealing with it!

Brody: By tradin' more of us away? That's not fixin' the problem, that's runnin' away from it!

Brody: Let me go!

Marlon: Hey, calm down.

Brody: Don't tell me to calm down!

Brody: You can't do this! You can't just--ahh!

AJ: What's that?

Clementine: Shhh.

Clem puts her hat on, lights the candle, and picks it up.

Clementine: What the hell?

AJ: There's voices in the pipes.

Clementine: I think someone's in trouble.

AJ: Is it us?

Clementine: No, no, no. Not right now, but we should help them.

AJ: If it's a monster, we should kill it.

Clementine: I don't think it is. You got your gun?

AJ: Uh-huh.

Clementine: I'll be right back. Stay safe.

Clementine: You okay?

AJ: They sound mad.

Clementine: Don't worry. I'll find out what's going on.

AJ: I know.

Clementine: Not sleeping tonight.

Clementine leaves the room and walks through the hallway. The muffled voices continue.

Clementine: Just a little farther.

Marlon and Brody's conversation

Brody: Please...please!

Brody: If we just tell everyone what's goin' on, maybe we can--

Marlon: I said shut up!

Marlon: Shit, shit. Brody, are you okay?

Brody: Fuck you.

Brody: There's got to be some other way.

Marlon: There is no other way. Goddamn it, so few of us left... What else would you have me do?

Brody: Something! There's got to be something.

Marlon: No, no, no, there's nothing. Nothing, Brody!

Brody: That can't be true!

Marlon: You know, maybe...maybe it doesn't matter. It probably doesn't matter at all. It's just a couple of cigarettes. I mean... Just one fucking guy! And this is an insurance policy.

Brody: An insurance policy? These are fucking people, Marlon!

Marlon: I know that! Fuck, I know that.

Clem goes up to the basement door.

Clementine: Basement.

Clementine tries to open the door.

Clementine: This locks from both sides. Can't pick it. I have to find another way to the basement. (looks at map) A cellar door out in the yard.

Clem leaves the dormitory.


Clem enters the courtyard. The wind and rain puts out the candle, and Clem sets it down.

Clementine: According to the map, there should be another entrance to the basement around here.

She's sleeping.

Clementine: No, wrong way.

Clementine picks up a brick.

You have: BRICK - Heavy.

Clem examines the cellar door.

Marlon and Brody's conversation

Marlon: You are overreacting! I'm telling you!

Brody: What if I'm not?

Marlon: No, you are. So knock it the fuck off, Brody.

Brody: You knock it the fuck off! You are unbelievable! You fucking coward!

Marlon: Hey, HEY! We are in this together. You will not put this all on me!

Clementine smashes the padlock with the brick. She opens the doors and enters the basement.


Clementine sneaks through the basement.

Marlon: Damn it, Brody! We don't even know for sure it was them!

Marlon: She also said he got bit, which means he ain't gonna bother us.

Brody: And he got away! How do we know he didn't follow them?

Brody: You know he's not alone. Those bastards are back and it's only a matter of time before they find us. You know that!

Marlon: I don't know shit, and neither do you! Goddamn it, Brody, keep it together!

Brody: There you go again, getting so mad...

Marlon: Well, what do you want me to do? You're making me mad!

Brody: Oh, we have to tell the others. About what you did.

Marlon: Who's there? Show yourself.

Clementine walks out.

Brody: Clem...

Clementine: What are you doing down here? In the dark?

Marlon: Brody and I were just talkin', go get some sleep. You deserve some shut-eye. You had a busy day.

Clementine: You're not getting rid of me that easily. "Tell the others" what?

Marlon: Please, this is a private conversation, okay? It doesn't concern you.

Clementine: I was asleep. You guys woke me up.

Brody: So sorry about that, I didn't think anyone would hear us.

Clementine: You wanna tell me what's going on?

Marlon: It's really none of your business. Go back to the dorm.

Clementine: Didn't exactly sound like a polite conversation. What're you fighting about?

Marlon: It's really none of your business. Go back to the dorm.

Brody: She heard us, Marlon. We should just tell her.

Marlon: No, this is a private conversation.

Brody: The man you met at the station. We got history.

Marlon: Brody... Don't listen to her, Clem, she's acting crazy. She gets this way sometimes, you just gotta tune it out.

Clementine: Let her speak, asshole.

Marlon: Excuse me?

Clementine: I wanna hear what she has to say. How do you know that guy?

Clementine: You're the one acting crazy.

Marlon: Excuse me?

Clementine: I heard you shouting all the way from my room. Why's he trying to keep you quiet? What "history"?

Clementine: Don't be afraid, Brody. Say what you have to say. What "history"?

Brody: I ain't crazy, Clem. We know that guy.

Brody: Marlon let him take the twins. Him and his people.

Marlon: Damn it, Brody!

Clementine: Tenn's sisters? I thought they were killed by walkers.

Brody: That's the story we told everyone.

Marlon: Shut up.

Brody: 'Cause Marlon was so ashamed of what--

Marlon: I said SHUT UP.

Marlon hits Brody with the flashlight.

Brody: Uh...what'd you say?

Brody sinks to the floor, blood pouring out of her face.

Marlon: Oh, shit, Brody. I'm sorry!

Marlon sets down the flashlight and kneels next to her.

Clementine: Shit! What have you done?!

Marlon: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. You're gonna be okay, I promise. Goddamn it, help! Why did you say that, Brody? I...I told you not to say it. Please be okay.

Clementine: How? What can I do?

Clementine: You...you hit her too hard. She's not gonna make it.

Marlon: Shut up! Come on, Brody, we can fix this. Please, you're gonna be okay.

Clementine: Get away from her!

Marlon: Come on, Brody. Come on.

Clementine: I mean it, Marlon, step back!

Marlon: Okay...okay.

Marlon: Okay...okay.

Marlon: Just...just stay with her. There's a first aid kit down here somewhere, right?

Clementine: A first aid kit?

Marlon takes the flashlight and walks away to search the basement.

Clementine: Brody...it's me, Clem. Just--just stay still.

Clem holds Brody's hand.

Brody: Who? I...I can't see...

Clementine: Clementine, remember?

Clementine: We talked about driving through a city. Looking up at all those huge buildings.

Brody: Lights.

Clementine: We talked about going to the beach. Swimming, driving along the coast.

Brody: Sun.

Clementine: We talked about driving up into the mountains. Where you could see everything.

Brody: Clouds.

Brody: Clem, you're in danger. You and AJ both.

Clementine: What danger?

Brody: Marlon'll kill me if I tell. He's scared. And when he's scared, he gets angry.

Clementine: I'll deal with Marlon. I promise you that.

Brody: Yeah...yeah, you will. You're strong. And he's not.

Clementine: Don't worry about that now. Just...just try not to move.

Brody: You're a good person, Clem... I would've liked to get to know you better.

Clementine: Brody, if there's a threat to AJ, you have to tell me!

Brody: Everything is so faint--I can't feel my legs...

Clementine: Please, try and focus.

Brody: You're a good person, Clem... I would've liked to get to know you better.

Brody: If those raiders come back... Marlon said he'd let them take you.

Clementine: Take us?

Brody: To make them go away. Like he did...like he did with Tenn's sisters.

Marlon returns.

Clementine: Brody!

Brody dies.

Marlon: Oh, fuck, no. (drops flashlight) Oh, no. Oh, no. What the hell am I gonna do? She's gonna turn.

Marlon runs off.

Clementine: Marlon!

Clementine runs after Marlon; he gets out of the basement and closes the cellar doors, trapping Clem inside.

Clementine: Marlon, you son of a bitch, don't do this!

Marlon: I'm sorry... I can't...I can't let you talk to the others.

Marlon walks away and Clementine bangs on the doors.

Clementine: Goddamn it! MARLON! ANYONE! AJ! Huh. There's a gap. If I could find something really thin, I could force it in there, and lift up the latch.

Clementine walks back down the stairs into the basement.

Clementine: Can't find anything in this dark. Yes. Flashlight. That'll help.

Clementine: Wait, maybe...

Clem tries to open the door, but it's locked.

Clementine: From both sides. Marlon must have the key. Goddamn it.

Clementine grabs the flashlight and shines it around the room.

Clementine: Is that a...? Yes, this'll work.

Clem picks up the ruler.

You have: RULER - Thin enough.

Clementine walks back toward the door, when the flashlight turns off. She hits it a few times, and it turns on again. A zombified Brody walks toward Clem; she topples the shelf onto her, trapping the walker.

Clementine: That won't hold.

Clementine crawls under a another shelf and runs up to the cellar doors. She puts the ruler between the gap.

Clementine: Come on...

Thunder crackles outside, and Clem drops the ruler. She picks it up and uses it to lift the latch. As she opens the cellar doors, walker Brody grabs her.

Clementine: Shit!

Clem and Brody fall back down the stairs, and she drops the flashlight. Brody attacks Clem, and she struggles to hold her back. Clem grabs the flashlight and hits Brody, knocking her away. Clem repeatedly hits her with the flashlight until Brody dies, pulverizing her face and turning the light red with blood. Clementine leaves the basement.


The kids are gathered in the courtyard. AJ points a gun at Marlon.

AJ: Where's Clementine?!

Louis: AJ, put the gun down!

Marlon: Get this fucking psycho away from me!

AJ: Where is she?!

Marlon: She's...she's in the basement. Sh--she murdered Brody!

Willy: What?

Clementine tosses the flashlight to the ground and starts to approach the others.

Mitch: Is that blood on your face?

Ruby Why Brody?

Aasim: Did you see it happen?

Willy: Is she a walker now?

Clementine: Get the hell away from AJ, asshole!

Clementine: Hey, Marlon! You might want to get your story straight.

Clementine: That's bullshit, Marlon!

Clementine says nothing.

AJ: Clem!

Clementine: You killed Brody. You hit her so hard, her head split open.

Marlon: That's a lie! I saw you kill her!

Violet: What the hell is going on?

Marlon: Look at her hands! She's covered in Brody's blood!

Aasim: Jesus Christ, Clem.

Tenn: What did you do?

Marlon shoves AJ to the ground and grabs his gun. Louis helps AJ stand up.

Marlon: We saved their lives when anyone else would've kept walking! We fed them, we kept them warm! And this is how they thank us?! Guns being pulled and murder! Well, FUCK. THEM.

Willy: What the fuck?

Mitch: Marlon?

Omar: Jesus Christ.

Clementine: Go ahead. You already took one life today. What's another one for the pile. What's holding you back, Marlon? Cowardice? Guilt? Or both?

Marlon: Arrghhh!

Clementine: Screw you, Marlon!

Clem charges at Marlon, and he shoots her.


Clementine: You shoot me, and what do you offer up to your raider friends when they come knocking?

Aasim: What the hell is she talking about?

Clementine: He won't do it because he needs us alive.

Marlon: Shut up.

Marlon: This is for Brody.

Marlon shoots Clementine.


Clementine: Brody told me Marlon was gonna give me and AJ up to raiders in exchange for safety. The same way he gave up Sophie and Minnie!

Omar: Raiders?

Ruby: Oh, my god!

Marlon: Shut the fuck up, Clementine!

Aasim: Let her talk!

Clementine: Brody told me the truth, and that's when Marlon killed her.

Marlon: Aw, come the fuck on! They only met up with these "raiders" because Clem insisted they go out there. Quite the coincidence, isn't it? Shame I don't believe in those. Think about how scared we all were when the adults left. I pulled us out of that fear. I gave us all courage again. Who are y'all gonna believe, huh? Johnny-come-lately and her little fucking lunatic? Or me? Your friend?

Omar: She did help us get food.

Aasim: What good is food if a group of outsiders is gonna come along and take it? I'm just saying.

Willy: Man, this is fucked up.

Ruby: We don't know her, y'all. I hate to say it, but we don't.

Clementine: Louis, don't let him do this!

Louis: Oh, no. I am not involved.

Clementine: What?

Louis: I like you, Clem, but I... Not me. I'm sorry. You're, uh, on your own. Sorry.

Clementine: Then you better bury me deep. Because if I come back, I'll come for you first.

Clementine: You can do the right thing here, Louis. Just step the fuck up!

Clementine: You'd let him shoot me? Really? Just so you don't have to get involved? I thought you were more than that.

Marlon shoots Clem.

AJ: Noooo!


Louis: Shit. Marlon, come on, man. Drop the gun.

Marlon: Louis! She. Killed. Brody! We can't let her walk away.

Louis: Clem. I...I...I gotta trust Marlon. I just... I gotta. I always have.

Clementine: He didn't trust you with the truth! He lied to you about the twins. He doesn't deserve your trust.

Marlon: Shut the fuck up!

Clementine: Brody trusted him. And now she's dead. And he killed her!

Marlon: Take that back!

Clementine: AJ, run!

Marlon shoots Clem.



Marlon shoots Clem.

AJ: Noooo!


Louis steps between Marlon and Clementine and raises his hands.

Your relationship with Louis has changed.

Marlon: You don't know what you're doing, man.

Louis: C'mon, dude, just drop the gun. This is how adults do things. Not us.

Clementine: Violet, you have to believe me.

Marlon: You don't. You met her, like, two days ago!

Violet: I don't know you, Clem. Not really. I'm sorry.

Clementine: So you'll let Marlon shoot me? Seriously?

Clementine: This isn't like you. I know you're not weak.

Clementine: I guess you never will!

Marlon: You see, man? She can't even speak for herself because she knows she's full of shit.

Marlon shoots Clem.

AJ: Noooo!


Marlon: Don't let her get in your head. Hey, what would Minnie want you to do? She was my friend, too. So was Brody.

Violet: Clem, I... Shit.

Marlon: We'll all feel safer. Once I pull this trigger.

Clementine: If you were there that day those raiders came... He would have abandoned you, too.

Clementine: I know you know bullshit. You can smell it a mile away. And you're telling me you buy his story?

Clementine: AJ, run!

Marlon shoots Clem.



Marlon shoots Clem.

AJ: Noooo!


Violet steps between Marlon and Clementine and takes out her cleaver.

Your relationship with Violet has changed.

Marlon: Violet being difficult. Why am I not surprised?

Violet: Put down the gun. Now. We're gonna do this the right way.

Aasim: Stand down, Marlon. Be reasonable.

The group walks toward Marlon.

Marlon: You don't get it. You--you don't understand at all, do you? I'm trying to protect you! All of you! Every fucking one of you!

Clementine: How does pointing a loaded gun around protect anyone? Brody's dead. Sophie and Minerva are gone.

Clementine: Well, you are fucking failing. Brody's dead. Sophie and Minerva are gone.

Clementine: He's lying to you. He can't--or won't--protect you. Look at what happened to Brody. To Sophie, Minerva.

Tenn: What about my sisters? Did you protect them?

Clementine: You suck at protection.

Marlon: Shut your fucking mouth! I made the right call. I saved the lives of everyone in this fucking school! If they came back... I'd do it again!

Ruby: Excuse me?

Aasim: I didn't realize we were so fucking expendable.

Mitch: You're a dick.

Tenn: You told me they died.

Marlon: I had to save the rest of you, okay?

Tenn: You gave my sisters away. Why would you do something like that? I trusted you, Marlon! THEY trusted you!

Clementine: He was in a tight spot. He did the wrong thing, but he thought it was for the right reason. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't have to pay for it.

Clementine: A real leader would've sacrificed himself.

Clementine: Easy. Because he's a coward.

Tenn: We all trusted you.

Marlon: I know...I know...

Your relationship with Tenn has changed.

Marlon: I wanted to get them. Stage some kind of rescue. Honest, Tenn. I just couldn't. I was...I was too afraid.

Tenn: You killed Brody because she knew?

Marlon: Mm-hmm. I didn't mean to. I didn't want this. I wanted to save all of you. Sophie, Minerva. I didn't want to hurt them.

Clementine: We can still fix this, Marlon. It's going to be okay. We can make this right.

Marlon won't forget that.

Louis: We'll help you. We're all family here. The only one any of us has left.

Marlon drops the gun.

Clementine: You're pathetic.

Marlon won't forget that.

Marlon drops the gun.

Marlon: I know. Always was.

Louis: That isn't true.

Marlon: No, Louis, it is. You were just the only one who couldn't see it.

Clementine charges at Marlon and wrestles for the gun.

Marlon won't forget that.

Clem kicks Marlon in the stomach twice, and he drops to his knees.

Clem punches him, making him collapse, and takes the gun.

Marlon slowly lets go of the gun and collapses.

Clem throws the gun on the ground.

Marlon: I'm done! I'm done. I'm done.

Mitch: Whoa. She kicked his ass.

Clementine: Look, this isn't hopeless. We can fix this.

Marlon: You already beat me. You don't have to lie to me, too.

Clementine: You're getting thrown into the basement until we can figure out what to do with you.

Marlon: Fine... Okay, fine.

Clementine: Get out and don't come back. If you do, you're dead.

Marlon: You don't have to worry. I won't.

Clementine says nothing.

Marlon gets up.

Marlon: You win. I can't--

Tenn: I forgive you.

Marlon won't forget that.

Marlon drops the gun.

Marlon: I know I betrayed you. All of you. Just let me leave. You'll never have to see me again. Just let me become...a bad memory. Just give me that. Please.

Clementine: If you really think--

Clementine: Don't--

Clementine: Fine--

Violet: You don't--

Marlon is shot in the head by AJ.

AJ: What?

AJ: I aimed for the head.

AJ: I didn't hesitate.

AJ: I saved one for me.

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