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Donna is an original character who is first heard in Telltale Games's The Walking Dead: Michonne, in the episode "Give No Shelter".


Suburban Georgia

Not much is known about Donna's life before the outbreak, except that she was friends with Michonne and Dominic and took care of their two daughters, Colette and Elodie.


Suburban Georgia

The day that the outbreak began, Donna contacted Dominic by phone, and they agreed to meet up at her place, in the outskirts of Atlanta, as she thought it would be safer there.

Upon calling a second time to know about their whereabouts, she was told by Dominic that a neighbor was bitten, and that he was trying to disinfect his wound. Donna then heard screaming, whose she assumed was from him, followed by both girls' crying. Donna couldn't stand it, and it was implied that she hung the phone.

Michonne Mini-series

"Give No Shelter"

Donna called yet again, and after some seconds, was received by Michonne. Donna told her everything that she knew about the status of her daughters and ex-husband; she was explicitly concerned for their well-being. As Michonne thought about what the duo should do, Donna was approached by a pack of walkers, and pleaded them not to hurt her, to no avail. She was then devoured.


Michonne Mini-Series


  • Donna's is the joint sixth character along with Vanessa whose appearance is entirely determinant, the first being Andre Mitchell, followed by Randy, his family and Edith, and followed by a scavenger and a girl.
    • Donna's is the only appearance determinant character who only appear by voice only.
    • She the only appearance determinant character, who has a dead status.
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