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"What’s going on? Who is it? Is it rovers? Is it a stranger?"
—Donna asking Lilly who's approaching camp.[src]

Donna Bingham (née unknown) is a character first encountered in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. She is the wife of Chad Bingham and the mother of Sarah, Mary, Lydia, and Ruthie. She is described as "the mousy woman in the canvas jacket", she "looks as though a stiff wind might blow her over".


Valdosta, Georgia

Nothing is known about Donna's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she's from Valdosta and at some point got married to Chad Bingham where they had four daughters. Eventually her and Chad's marriage became unhappy but it's unknown if this is one-sided.


Tent City


The Road to Woodbury

Five days after arriving in tent city, Donna washes clothes in a galvanized tin drum behind her family’s large camping tent while Lilly Caul babysits her four children. The settlers hear an engine in the distance and worry about it being a possible gangs of raiders. Lilly rounds up the four children and herds them all into the Bingham family tent as Donna shuffles around the corner. She asks Lilly what's going on and if there's rovers or a stranger about. Lilly tells her not to worry and stay inside the tent with her daughters until they know who it is.

On November 2nd, Donna joins many of the other able bodied survivors in tent city on a run to gather firewood for the settlement. She leaves Lilly in charge of looking after her girls in the circus tent. While she's away, tent city is attacked by over two dozen walkers and sixteen survivors are killed, including Donna's daughter, Sarah. The next day a funeral is held which Donna and the seventy-two settlers of tent city (excluding Lilly and Chad) attend.

It is unknown what happened to her and her family after tent city was destroyed by walkers and engulfed by flames. Lilly's group speculate that it is very unlikely there were any survivors.


Novel Series

The Road to Woodbury

Red Day Rising