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"They keep asking me if everything's gonna be okay and I-- I don't have the words."
—Doug Thompson to Travis Manawa.[src]

Douglas Thompson, commonly called Doug, is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is a resident of El Sereno community, alongside his wife Maria and their daughters.


El Sereno, Los Angeles, California

Douglas has been living in the suburban El Sereno community of Los Angeles with his wife Maria, a younger daughter and an elder daughter. They are neighbors with the Clark, Cruz, Tran, Ramirez, and Dawson families.


Season 1

"Not Fade Away"

After Lieutenant Moyers makes his announcement to the neighborhood, he brings Travis Manawa to the Thompson home, briefing him of the situation involving Doug's retreat to his room and refusal to be screened by medical personnel. After Travis speaks to his wife, he finds Doug in the master bathroom, upset and scared. Travis is able to calm Doug down to the point he lets in a doctor to screen him.

Later that night, Maria and her daughters show up frantic at the Clark household. She reveals that Doug had taken his car after curfew, which is against the rules, and driven off. Doug's car is found abandoned by the perimeter by Travis the following morning, and Lieutenant Moyers reveals that Doug was found by a patrol and taken into custody and brought to the medical facility after he refused to calm down.


It is revealed that Doug was brought to the holding pens at the National Guard's medical facility, where he shares the same cell as Nick Clark and Victor Strand. He's still emotionally damaged as Strand talks to him, subtly taunting him. When Strand asks him about his wife and mentions that she might find another man now that Doug is gone, he loses his mind and breaks down, prompting the soldiers take him away. It is unknown what happened to Doug and where he was taken.

"The Good Man"

Doug's ultimate fate remains unknown following the zombie invasion of the National Guard's base at the community college. According to the protocols for Operation Cobalt, the military had the authority to remove hostile civilians from quarantine and eliminate them, which was likely the case with Doug as he was removed from the holding pens after becoming agitated and aggressive.


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 1


  • Douglas is credited as Doug in all of his appearances.

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