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Dr. Lafleur (first name unknown) is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. He is the head researcher for Power of the Living.


Not much is known about Dr. Lafleur, but he seems to play an important role for Power of the Living. Dr. Lafleur is the head researcher and scientist and does many experiments on the undead. He is apparently very smart, being able to create Cohort Variants, an extremely fast and intelligent sort of walker. However, not all of his experiments work out correctly, with one of the walker's head exploding, and a walker attacking another walker.



Nothing is known about Dr. Lafleur's life prior to or as the outbreak began. It is however alleged that he was a member of La Biomedicine DDMI, captured by the Power of the Living, and was spared in exchange for the creation of cohort variants to act as a weapon for the paramilitary group.


Season 1[]

"L'âme Perdue"[]

At Le Havre, Dr. Lafleur reports that their research is largely destroyed, but some of the test subjects may still be of use to them as five chained up walkers are led onto the dock. Whoever did this made a real mess of things for them, and Genet is angered that after three years to get this ship seaworthy, things have been messed up because of one American.

"Paris Sera Toujours Paris"[]

In Dr. Lafleur's lab, he starts a timer and the group watches as the test subject - who is a cohort variant with pure black eyes - rips its chains out of the concrete walls that they are anchored to, charges the glass, and suddenly has blood explode out of its head and chest before collapsing. Once the walker stops growling, Dr. Lafleur reports to Genet that it took 18 seconds, and she orders Dr. Lafleur to continue his experiments.

"Deux Amours"[]

In a flashback, Dr. Lafleur refuses to explain why he needs the walkers and Jones states that all they to know is that they will receive one pint of ethanol per head. Juno is angry as they were offered a quart for each walker, but Dr. Lafleur promises a quart for each fresh walker that they bring in which satisfies Juno. As everyone collects their supplies, T.J. tries to find anyone willing to team up with him, but no one's interested.

"Coming Home"[]

Genet is furious at Daryl's victory while a pleased Laurent tells Isabelle that he was right that Daryl could it. Dr. Lafleur reassures Genet that that's not the best that he has, just the first. Men enter and remove the corpse and the axe, placing the flag back where it belongs before a shackled Quinn is led in. The two men are shackled together at the wrist with a chain of a few feet between them and a new axe and a weapon for Quinn are brought in. The two men initially believe that they are being pitted in a battle to the death against each other before the lights go out for a moment and, when they come back on, spotlights illuminate four chained walkers around the fighting pit and Laurent begins desperately praying for Daryl's safety. Genet orders Dr. Lafleur to give the Power of the Living crowd a show and, on his signal, all four walkers are darted with his mutation solution. However, while three successfully mutate into hybrid variants, the head of the fourth explodes, just like one of the doctor's previous experiments.

Daryl orders Quinn to follow his lead as one of the hybrids breaks free only, much to the shock of everyone, another hybrid to rush in and rip apart its head. Dr. Lafleur nervously reassures an increasingly angry Genet that there are still two left. The final hybrid breaks free and charges, but Daryl and Quinn use their chain to clothesline it to the ground and do the exact same thing to the second hybrid as it breaks away from the one that it had killed and attacks as well. Daryl chops off the leg of one of the hybrids, but their attempts to take out the other one are deflected by the metal headband that it's still wearing. Daryl's efforts to finish off the downed hybrid are interrupted by Quinn's fight with the one that's still standing and the chain that's connecting the two men and giving them a limited reach from each other. The hybrid tackles Daryl to the ground and he uses his chain in its mouth to hold it at bay as Quinn tries unsuccessfully to strike its brain with his weapon. The other hybrid drags Quinn away, inadvertently pulling both Daryl and the hybrid that he was fighting along by the chain. Knocking the hybrid off of him, Quinn manages to bash its head in which is unprotected, unlike the other hybrid. As the surviving hybrid attempts to kill Quinn, Daryl wraps the chain around its neck and, working together, the two men use the chain to decapitate it, winning the fight.

Season 2[]

Dr. Lafleur will appear in this season.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Dr. Lafleur has killed:

  • T.J. (Indirectly Caused, Alive)
  • At least 1 unnamed test subject (Caused, Zombified)
  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


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