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This article is about the Comic Series character. You may be looking for the article about his appearance in the Comic Series, his TV Series or Road to Survival counterparts, or the other doctor mentioned in issue 2 of the Comic Series.

Dr. Stevens (first name unknown) is a main character first encountered in The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor. He is the town doctor and a resident living in Woodbury.


Brookhaven, Georgia

Dr. Stevens owned a private doctors practice in Brookhaven in Atlanta, Georgia. It's speculated around Woodbury that he was divorced before the outbreak.


Woodbury, Georgia

At some point, Stevens arrived in Woodbury and saw all the sickness and malnourished survivors sustaining injuries living throughout the town so he set up and offered his services for free at the Meriwether County Medical Center.

Rise of the Governor

After arriving in Woodbury, Brian Blake begins to explore the town and hears the name 'Stevens' and that he is a doctor and gentleman who offered his services to the town several weeks ago after seeing all the malnourished and injured survivors living there. Brian goes to visit him and Stevens takes a look at Brian's wounds he sustained from Philip. He tells him he will be fine and will heal up. Brian offers to pay Stevens but he declined as his services are free. Stevens tells Brian he should get out of the town as fast as he can because of 'Chaos Theory'. Every day they're burning more and more deceased survivors behind the racetrack and due to the town's nature it's eventually destined to fall.

After the town discovers the bodies of Philip, Nick and Bridges' daughter in the woods, Stevens and his assistant, Alice, attend the town meeting in the courthouse. Stevens asks Gene Gavin what it is exactly he wants with everybody to which Gavin yells that he wants their obedience. After Brian kills Gavin, Stevens quickly checks the corpse of Detroit with many other residents and finds no pulse.

The Road to Woodbury

When Josh's group arrive in Woodbury, Bob Stookey finds himself under the racetrack being given a tour of the infirmary by Stevens and Alice. Bob tells him about his army medic days in Afghanistan. Stevens asks if Bob drinks to which Bob shamefully confirms he's an alcoholic. Stevens tells him to keep drinking, because it's better to be drunk if he's going to live in this town. Bob later introduces Lilly Caul to him and Alice, they attempt to move the body of Josh Hamilton but she screams at them to leave her alone. Stevens later returns alone and consults with Lilly about Josh's death. They take a walk around the town and talk about the Governor and various dictators throughout history. On Christmas, Stevens, Alice, Lilly and Martínez celebrate together where Stevens reveals his horrendous singing voice.

One night, Lilly comes to him, Alice, and Martínez with a plan to end the Governor's reign and assassinate him. Stevens agrees that it is best for the town and joins the others. The plot involves kidnapping him during the big new years arena fight, where the Governor would be loaded into a van and brought out into the woods to be fed to walkers. Stevens and Alice provide a stun gun to the group while Martínez gathers four of his most trusted men to help with the plan. The Governor, Bruce and Gabe are kidnapped but escape from their bonds in the middle of the drive into the woods. Both groups have a Mexican standoff in the back of the van, only to be interrupted by a herd of zombies which attacks them. Both groups decide they need to work together to escape. Back at Woodbury, the Governor holds Lilly and Martínez in a concession room and then calls for Stevens and Alice because of the stun gun. Philip makes a deal with the group to not question him or get involved with his leadership and he'll keep the town safe and not kill them. However the group is forced to chop up dead bodies as punishment and an act of fair dominance, reminding them he could have killed them easily.

The Fall of the Governor - Part One

Stevens patches up Christina Haben's wounds after the helicopter crash. He tells her all about Woodbury and how much of a monster the Governor is. This leads to Philip strangling Christina to death when she refuses to stay in the town and calls him out for being a bully. Philip then visits Stevens in his apartment and threatens that the only reason he's not dead is because there's no other doctors in the town.

After the Governor cuts off Rick Grimes' right hand, Stevens bandages his stump and puts him into surgical gowns. He tells Lilly and Austin that he believes Philip attacked the man unprovoked and that the new strangers likely aren't a threat which Lilly isn't fully convinced of causing them to fall out.

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The Fall of the Governor - Part Two

After the strangers' escape and Stevens' death, Lilly and Austin find him zombified outside the chain-link fence. Lilly thinks he had second thoughts about leaving while Austin thinks the prison survivors murdered him. Either way, with great sadness, Lilly puts him down. She and Austin spend all day digging a grave and give the best man in Woodbury a proper burial. Later the Governor lies about the circumstances surrounding Stevens' death to the town to further rally them against the prison group.


Killed By

As Stevens climbs over one of Woodbury's walls, a biter emerges out the abandoned doorway of McCallum's Feed and Seed behind him and bites Stevens on the neck.

While investigating outside the fence, Lilly finds a zombified Stevens and puts him down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Dr. Stevens has killed:



  • Stevens is one of the only characters who is known by their last name.