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"I wanted to kill it, I really did... but I know him. That's one of Gabe's friends, Drew. He was so sweet, he always had a smile on his face."
Kate telling Javier about Drew before.[src]

Drew is an original character who appears in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier.


Baltimore, Maryland

Little is known about Drew's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was one of Gabriel García's close friends.


A New Frontier

Sometime after the outbreak, Drew was bitten by a walker and eventually reanimated.

"Above The Law"

Drew is first seen attacking Javier García after reanimating. He climbs onto Javier's back, and after a short struggle Javier throws him off forcibly. He holds him to the ground, telling Kate García to kill him, after Kate refuses, Javier slams his head against the ground, and he dies.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Drew has killed:

  • Possibly a few unnamed people (Infected)


Killed By

Sometime after the outbreak began, Drew was bitten and later reanimated.

After a zombified Drew came out and attacked Javier, Javier killed him by repeatedly bashing his head against the ground.


Video Game

A New Frontier


  • Drew is the second of three reanimated children seen in the game (excluding dream and non-canon sequences), the first being Fivel and the third being Tennessee (Determinant).
  • It is possible that Drew's last name is Wallace, due to the house he stumbles out of is "the Wallace's house" as stated by Kate.