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I was thinking about the Sanctuary. (...) We... We could take everybody there. (...) Because we know it's defensible. The streets are intact. (...) Hey. You're not gonna lose me again. We are family. I mean, maybe... Maybe we can take that place and make it worthy of its name. It'll make Finch proud. (...) I love you.
―Dwight proposing that he and Sherry rebuild the Sanctuary and declare their love for one another.[src]

Dwight is a former antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Television Universe. He is a main character in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. He served as the tertiary antagonist for the second half of Season 6 and the first half of Season 7 in The Walking Dead.

He is a former high-ranking member of the Saviors. After his ex-wife Sherry released Daryl and fled the Sanctuary, Dwight becomes estranged with life as a Savior, and decides to ally with Rick to dethrone Negan. Following Negan's defeat and the end of the war, Dwight is exiled by Daryl Dixon due to his past actions but is encouraged to go find his wife, Sherry.

While on the search for Sherry, he finds himself in Texas and starts a new journey. A year after chasing Sherry's notes through the country, Dwight crosses paths with Morgan's Group and decides to join their mission of helping people as redemption for his past actions. When the group is forcefully divided and merged with the Pioneers, Dwight becomes a scout for Virginia along with Althea, until he eventually reunites with Sherry. Following Teddy's launching of the nuclear warheads, Dwight and Sherry take shelter with a family and become the ethical outlaws known as the Dark Horses.

After being taken to PADRE, Dwight and Sherry are forced to separate with Dwight becoming a combat instructor for the kids on the island. However, after reuniting to help their sick son Finch, Dwight and Sherry lose him and mutually decide to end their relationship, feeling that they cause each other too much pain. After coming to terms with his past and his son's death, Dwight rejoins the group to assist in the fight against Troy Otto and his group. Following Troy's death, Dwight and Sherry reconcile their relationship and return to the Sanctuary to build a thriving community and honor Finch's memory.


Dwight is shown to be a brave, highly intelligent and caring person who is a strong, determined survivor and a loving husband towards his wife, Sherry. Dwight is initially introduced as being completely disgusted living a life as a Savior and as a result attempted to get Sherry and sister-in-law Tina as far away as possible and is even willing to cause harm to his former group members in order to escape. While he appreciates the help that Daryl gives them in the forest, Dwight, following Tina's death, quickly betrays him and steals his possessions, showing that he has cowardly tendencies and can be a liar and manipulative.

Following being punished by Negan for fleeing the Sanctuary and causing Tina's death and being permanently mutilated and separated from Sherry, Dwight is shown to become fanatically loyal to the Saviors again and devolves into an antagonist. He is shown to have developed a personal vendetta against Daryl as he attempts to kill him with his own crossbow, though he kills Denise instead and shows little remorse, showing that he is capable of cold-blooded murder. He is shown to want to fulfill Negan's wishes of taking over Alexandria as he attempts to force Daryl and Rosita to take them to their base, though he is stopped by them. Following this he cruelly captures Glenn and Michonne and then Rosita and Daryl and personally delivers them to join the rest of their group in being punished by Negan. His desire to kill Daryl is very evident as he volunteers to kill him after he punches Negan in the face after killing Abraham though Negan does not allow him to. Following this Dwight is left in charge of torturing Daryl psychologically after he is taken as a prisoner and takes some pleasure in tormenting him and is visibly upset when he discovers that Daryl was released by Sherry. He even takes pleasure in taunting Rosita and Aaron when he and his fellow group members arrive at Alexandria to collect their tribute.

In spite of his cruel side, Dwight is gradually revealed to be loyal to the Saviors only for the purposes of protecting Sherry from harm and it is revealed that the only reason Negan allowed him to live was after Sherry offered herself up as one of Negan's wives. Dwight is secretly shown to despise Negan for taking his wife away from him and for his overall cruelty towards others. After Sherry vanishes, Dwight is deeply saddened and in order to protect her from being hunted down and killed by Negan, he is able to frame Emmett Carson, who is then brutally killed by Negan, showing the extreme measures that Dwight is willing to resort to to protect his wife from harm. With no more reason to be loyal to the Saviors, Dwight chooses to align himself with the Militia, claiming that he indeed hates Negan and that he wants him dead. Despite knowing that he could potentially die after Negan's defeat due to his actions towards Daryl and his killing of Denise, Dwight chooses to help free the communities from Negan's tyranny as he knows first hand of the cruelty that Negan and the Saviors are capable of.

During Season 8, Dwight his shown to be dedicated to his mission to defeat Negan and is able to help the Militia achieve a majority of their victories against the Saviors by passing them valuable information and in the process gets numerous members of his former group brutally slaughtered. He is shown to be careful, cautious and cunning as no member of the Saviors, except Eugene, are able to deduce that he is the Militia's spy. Dwight's loyalty to the Militia is clearly evident in "How It's Gotta Be" in which he takes measures to ensure that the survivors are able to escape from the Saviors posted outside and personally guns down numerous Saviors, though in the process exposes himself to Laura who is able to escape. Following this, Dwight even rejoins the Saviors after learning Laura has not been seen in order to divert them away from Tara and the rest of the fleeing Alexandrians and in the process earns Tara's respect and forgiveness for his killing of Denise. Following Negan's brief disappearance, Dwight chooses to align himself with Simon in taking over the Saviors, possibly showing that he has some slight hope that the Saviors can still function as a group without Negan. However this is shown to be a bad move as Simon is even worse than Negan and wants to completely exterminate the survivors at the Hilltop and Dwight is forced to go along in order to protect his cover. During the assault however, he saves Tara's life again by injuring her before Simon can with an untainted weapon, further proving his care for the Militia and what he is willing to do to earn her full forgiveness.

Upon Negan's return, Dwight continues his attempts to take him down as he takes information down in order to help the Militia finish Negan and the Saviors off permanently and even helps to get Simon exposed as a traitor in order to remove the Militia's second greatest threat only after Negan. However this victory is short lived as Laura is revealed to have exposed Dwight and Negan is revealed to have finally outsmarted him into delivering information via Gregory to the Militia to lead them into a trap.

After the defeat of the Saviors, Dwight is visibly pleased that Negan is defeated; however, when Daryl was apparently about to execute him, Dwight seems to realize how much he still wants to live and begs Daryl for his life while sincerely apologizing for everything he has done. Because of Dwight's genuine remorse for his actions towards Daryl, his murder of Denise and other actions, he is spared, though he is still exiled but encouraged by Daryl to go and find his missing wife.

One year after his exile, Dwight began to regress into some of his more extreme behaviors since Negan's defeat. His search for Sherry led him to Texas, where he encountered John Dorie and his girlfriend, June. Dwight's determination to find his wife was proven when he was willing to kill John to find Sherry's whereabouts. However, through their own experiences, John and June persuade Dwight to change his ways and not revert back to who he was when he was part of the Saviors. Dwight joins John and June, and reunites with Morgan Jones. Although initially skeptical of seeing Morgan again due to the past, Morgan assures Dwight that he understands how things ended for him and allows him to join his group and their mission to help people in the world. During this, Dwight is still determined to find Sherry, but after finding a letter from her that encourages him to stop looking for her, he accepts that Sherry is gone and finds solace with his new group. During John and June's wedding, Dwight gives John his and Sherry's wedding rings, promising that if he finds her, they will start over fresh.

Dwight's experience in Virginia with Daryl and Negan still resonates with him. In his hostile encounter with Rollie, he spares him and gives him another chance like Daryl gave him, despite the fact that Rollie captured and threatened to kill him. When the group encounters Virginia and The Pioneers, a network of survivors that shares similarities to Negan and the Saviors, Dwight refuses to submit to them when Morgan and the others insist on contacting her for help. Eventually, Virginia takes in Morgan's group and separating them amongst the Pioneers' various settlements. Dwight becomes a scout and investigator for the Pioneers, alongside Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki, who he develops a sibling bond with. His desire to help people is clear when he tries to help Althea reunite with her lover, but inadvertently finds himself reunited with Sherry.

After having reunited with his long lost wife, Dwight is overjoyed and the happiest he has been. However, Sherry's ruthless actions and desire for revenge against Virginia to prevent history from repeating itself blinds Dwight, who is willing to go to any lengths to never lose Sherry again. This causes him to briefly revert to his old ways as a Savior lieutenant, going as far as locking up Morgan and Althea to prevent them from interfering with their assassination attempt on Virginia. Dwight and Sherry's inability to move past what they went through at the Sanctuary causes a rift between the two of them. After Virginia's death at the hands of June, Dwight and Sherry eventually reconcile their marriage after the death of John, the man who helped Dwight find his wife again in the first place.

In the aftermath of Teddy Maddox's launch of nuclear missiles that decimates half of Texas, Dwight and Sherry become ethical outlaws called the Dark Horses and are protecting a family of survivors in a bunker safe from the fallout. Dwight develops a close bond with Briga Larson, which motivates him to want to start a family with Sherry, feeling like he is ready for fatherhood, although Sherry has her doubts that a family can last in the nuclear fallout. Following the Larson family's murder on Victor Strand's orders, Dwight and Sherry regroup with their fellow survivors to go to war with Strand and his tower, a place that parallels the Sanctuary. Before the war comes to a head, Dwight discovers that Sherry is pregnant, which motivates them both to win the war to provide a life worth living to their child. After Strand's defeat and the Tower's destruction, Dwight and Sherry flee Texas on the rafts, where the groups are captured by PADRE.

Seven years later, Dwight has become a well respected combat instructor for PADRE and goes under the code name, "Red Kite". He and Sherry's son, Finch is one of Dwight's combat students, although Finch has no idea Dwight and Sherry are his biological parents. Despite keeping this a secret, Dwight shares a strong bond with Finch and is a loving and devoted father to his son, something that Dwight eventually confesses to Finch. Dwight and Sherry plot to get Finch away from PADRE to live life as a family under their own rules. However, this plan goes awry when the co-leader of PADRE, Shrike, has Finch fatally bitten on the shoulder to motivate June to create a cure. Dwight is absolutely devastated by Finch being bitten, viciously threatening to kill Shrike for what she did. June is able to make a temporary cure for Finch's bite, which motivates Dwight and Sherry even more to rescue their son and flee PADRE. Dwight's desperation to save his son is proven when he is willing to hunt down Morgan under PADRE's orders to ensure Finch's freedom. However, Dwight and Sherry can't bring themselves to betray Morgan and successfully break Finch out of PADRE.

While on the run from Shrike's forces, Finch's infection returns and pushes Dwight to his breaking point. Overcome with anger and vengeance over Finch's imminent doom, Dwight prepares to go after Shrike, but June persuades him to be there for his son in his dying moments, something she couldn't do with her daughter. When June captures a fatally bitten Shrike, she contacts Dwight and Sherry, granting them permission to kill Shrike in anyway they wish. However, Finch pleads with his father to not let someone feel the pain he is in and Dwight chooses to honor his dying son's wish and instructs June to give Shrike a quick and painless death. Finch eventually dies from his infection, which demoralizes Dwight and Sherry. Losing their son was the last straw and causes Dwight to split with Sherry, telling her that everywhere they go, it all stays the same. They both end their relationship amicably and embrace standing over their son's grave.

Upon returning to his old house, Dwight sinks into a depression over Finch's death and splitting with Sherry, isolating himself away from everyone he cares about. He has no desire to live anymore, going as far as to scream for Daryl to come and kill him, since he returned against Daryl's threats. Sherry, June and Odessa Sanderson arrive at the house, requesting Dwight's help in the fight against Madison's nemesis, Troy Otto, who was presumed dead. Blaming himself for what happened to Finch, Dwight initially refuses. Despite his refusal to help, Dwight eventually comes around after Odessa's injury leads them back to the Sanctuary for medical attention. He comes to terms with his son's death and rejoins the group to help defeat Troy. When Troy's herd of walkers invades PADRE, Dwight takes the lead, instructing everyone what to do in order to deal with the walkers, even sacrificing Troy's second-in-command, Russell to buy them time.

After Madison's second apparent death and the Fall of PADRE, Dwight declares his love for Sherry and the two reconcile their marriage. They both return to the Sanctuary with the PADRE survivors to rebuild it into a community worthy of its name. While Sherry is initially hesitant, Dwight insists that it will make Finch proud. Now at peace with his past, having repaired his relationship with Sherry and making good on his promise to Daryl to make things right, Dwight has found inner peace as co-leader of the Sanctuary, officially a redeemed man.



Dwight experienced an average childhood where he grew up in a small town in Virginia[2]. During his youth, he was taught by his late grandfather in the art of woodcarving, which became a valued hobby of Dwight's and thus he would practice the skill in his spare time[3]. As a young adult, he later met and befriended a local female babysitter named Sherry. Originally, when the pair began dating, Dwight was noted for having problems with his memory, and thus would generally fail to remember the pleasant times they both shared as a couple, which caused great frustration on his part[4]. Due to his memory problems, he used post-it notes to remind him to do certain tasks.

Eventually, the pair soon fell in love and got married where the two lived together in a single-story house located somewhere in Virginia. Through their marriage, Dwight befriended his sister-in-law Tina who had diabetes and required insulin in order to treat her condition[5]. Over time, Dwight and Sherry gradually aspired to start a family of their own and thus would attempt to conceive a child together, however, their attempts ultimately proved futile[6].


Washington, D.C.[]

During the onset of the outbreak, Dwight was present alongside Sherry when the initial chaos and devastation occurred. The pair were forced to flee into a nearby forest which had become infested with a large herd of walkers. In an act of desperation, the pair utilized a large truck through opening the vehicle's valve in order to spread a trail of gas throughout the forest which they ignited to create a massive wildfire that engulfed the pursuing walkers.

After this event, Dwight and Sherry managed to reconnect with Tina who was located in Washington, D.C. at the time. At some point later, the trio somehow came into contact with a group of survivors known as The Saviors, whom they subsequently joined and settled into a compound known as the Sanctuary. Originally, the trio worked together to earn "points" in exchange for supplies. Over time, however, they grew to become fearful of the community leader, Negan Smith, due to his violent sociopathic actions and oppression.

Eventually, Tina fell behind on points and became unable to purchase the insulin which she so desperately required. She was offered the opportunity to marry Negan and become part of his harem, in exchange for no longer operating in a point capacity and therefore always having access to medication. However, acting on impulse, Dwight personally stole the medication whereupon he, Sherry and Tina fled from The Sanctuary. To their misfortune, they were begrudgingly forced to travel on foot with only a limited amount of supplies as well as a lone pistol for protection. At some point later the three managed to take temporary refuge in the forest which they had previously inhabited.

The Walking Dead[]

Season 6[]

"Always Accountable"

Daryl Dixon, Sasha Williams, and Abraham Ford are intercepted by a group of survivors apparently led by Wade. When Sasha and Abraham are split from Daryl, they deduce that they were looking for someone else. When Daryl wheels his motorcycle far ahead of the survivors following him into a burnt out forest to hide from them, he walks straight across the road in the other side of the forest. He collapses in fatigue due to his injuries he sustained falling off his motorcycle, when he gets up and decides to try and find the others. He walks past several charred corpses, some still undead and as he gets closer into the heart of the forest he hears noises. He hides his motorcycle and vest under a fallen tree branch and finds two women, Sherry and Tina, who proceed to tell Daryl "You found us" and "We earned what we took." As he hears a noise behind him Daryl turns around and Dwight knocks him out with a baseball bat.

As Daryl is tied up against a tree, Dwight (who refers himself as "D") is keeping an eye on him until the next morning when he forces Daryl to get up and move via gunpoint to help look for 'Patty'. Dwight proceeds to accuse Daryl of being one of them. He keeps Daryl at gunpoint and on the move and Dwight proceeds to tell Daryl it was him that burnt the forest down, to kill the nearby walkers, by driving a gas tank along the woods and setting it alight. They soon reach a fuel distribution plant overrun with walkers, when Dwight, Sherry and Tina look on in horror and claim that Patty is gone. All three of them are suddenly dampened and Tina says that she'll return to the camp and claims that the others will stop looking. As Tina faints, Daryl uses this as a distraction and grabs the duffel bag with his crossbow and runs into the woods with Dwight shooting at him.

He runs far enough into the forest to dive into a small crevice and untie his hands and proceed to try and reach Abraham and Sasha with his walkie-talkie. Just as he catches his breath, he hears a nearby walker approaching and struggles to get his crossbow out the duffel; he eventually succeeds and shoots the walker. As he does he looks down at the contents fallen out of the bag and notices a cooler filled with insulin. Tina is a diabetic. He returns to Dwight and the rest and demands Dwight's gun, which Dwight gives him, and returns the insulin. He is about to leave until Wade shows up with several others in cars and begins searching for Dwight, Sherry and Tina and what they took. Dwight shouts at Wade, telling him he isn't going back and that his people shouldn't be trusted.

Daryl feels guilty and returns to help them and returns Dwight's gun. Daryl distracts Cam who gets bitten on the arm by a hidden walker. Without any hesitation, Cam asks for it to be cut off there and then; Daryl knows these people are bad news. They then give up the search, with Wade telling Cam, "He only wants ass that's willing". Dwight is surprised at Daryl for helping them because he thought he was one of them. Soon, they stumble across a melted greenhouse. Dwight feels guilty because he burnt the forest down and they knew the people residing there.

Tina finds two corpses engulfed in hardened molten glass, who were friends of theirs. Tina proceeds to cry and grieve, until the corpses suddenly turn into walkers, breaking out and biting Tina to her death. Daryl kills the walkers and Dwight, Daryl or Sherry put Tina down before she can turn. As Dwight is burying Tina, Daryl asks him the three questions. When asked how many walkers he has killed, Dwight says a lot, couple of dozen at least. When asked how many people and why he responds with none and that when you kill in this world, there's no going back.

Satisfied, Daryl invites Dwight and Sherry to Alexandria to which they accept. All is well until Dwight holds Daryl at gunpoint again, apologizes and takes his bike and crossbow.

As they say they're sorry, Daryl mutters "You're gonna be" and the pair proceed to ride away on Daryl's motorcycle.

Dwight and Sherry decided to return to the Sanctuary as they felt it was their best chance for survival. Upon their return, Negan was infuriated that they had gotten Tina killed and about the maiming his men suffered while going after them. As punishment, Negan was about to kill Dwight, until Sherry offered to marry him if he spared Dwight. Negan agreed, but felt that it was not enough punishment, so he burned the left side Dwight's face with a clothing iron. After his maiming, Dwight spent a long amount of time in solitary confinement. At some point he was let out and became one of Negan's top guys and no longer had to work for point and was given private living quarters, but he was now separated from Sherry.

"Twice as Far"

A little over two months after his encounter with Daryl, Dwight reappears alongside Neil and several Saviors after having accidentally shot Denise Cloyd through the back of the head in an attempt to kill Daryl. Emerging from the brush, he presents to Daryl and Rosita Espinosa a bound Eugene Porter, whose life he offers to spare if they take him and his men back to Alexandria for their supplies. Dwight begins to taunt Daryl by explaining how he is still trying to become accustomed to handling his crossbow, reasoning that his poor handling is what caused him to miss his shot and strike Denise.

After more tense confrontation, Eugene speaks up and gives away the position of the nearby Abraham Ford, pointing towards a nearby stack of oil barrels. Dwight orders his men to scout the area, before he is suddenly attacked by Eugene with a powerful bite to the crotch, causing him to scream in pain and drop the crossbow. He and his men are then fired upon by Abraham, Rosita and Daryl, and a mass firefight between the two groups ensues, resulting in the deaths of Neil and several Saviors, the wounding of Eugene, and culminating in Dwight retreating with the remainder of his group.


A day after Denise's death, Daryl goes out to find and kill Dwight, blaming himself for Denise's demise. Glenn Rhee, Michonne Hawthorne, and Rosita go after him. After Rosita splits from the two of them, Glenn and Michonne are ambushed and captured by Dwight and a few Saviors. Some time later, Daryl and Rosita find them gagged next to a group of Saviors resting. Daryl tries to sneak up on the Saviors to save them, but Dwight and another Savior appear behind him and Rosita. Dwight greets Daryl and then shoots him as he turns around, assuring him that he will be fine.

"Last Day on Earth"

After Rick Grimes, his son Carl, Abraham, Sasha, Aaron, Maggie Rhee, and Eugene are ambushed and surrounded by a large group of Saviors, Dwight appears and brings out a captured Glenn, Michonne, Rosita, and an injured Daryl from a cargo truck. When Glenn tries to intervene to stop Negan from hurting Maggie, Dwight jumps up and subdues him before lining him up again. He is present when Negan beats one of the Survivors to death with his baseball bat, Lucille.

Season 7[]

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

Dwight briefly appears standing along with the rest of the Saviors. When Daryl struck Negan across the face, he asks if Negan wants him to kill Daryl, as he looms over him with his crossbow; however, Negan spares Daryl, and drags him back to the lineup. Later Negan asks Dwight to put Daryl in a van, which he does.

"The Cell"

At the start of the episode, Dwight watches TV, plays air hockey with Laura and carves wooden figurines. He is seen inspecting loaves of bread, and he takes one. As he makes his rounds, he searches through the belongings of a man, who tried to steal some supplies for his pregnant wife and son, where he finds pickles and mustard. Dwight grabs tomatoes from a vegetable garden and eggs from a chicken coop. Dwight, Gordon and the workers kneel as Negan passes by. He travels around the Saviors base collecting various other ingredients which he uses to make a sandwich. As he eats his sandwich, he watches distastefully as prisoners "earn points." He then makes another sandwich; unlike the care and variety of ingredients as shown previously, Dwight slaps some canned dog food between two pieces of bread which he takes to Daryl's cell. Dwight leads Daryl out of his cell and takes him to Emmett Carson's office, where Carson has just finished examining Sherry. She recognizes Daryl, but Dwight forbids her from talking to him. She tells Dwight that her pregnancy test is negative and he leaves.

Dwight takes Daryl outside and shows him the compound's fence-line. They watch as two workers secure a new walker outside, it's the red-headed man from the marketplace. Dwight says Daryl will be forced to work in the yard if he doesn't make the right choices. Back in his cell, Daryl tells Dwight that he will never kneel for Negan. "I said that, too.", says Dwight. He shuts the door. The sound of the lock is heard and the music resumes.

Over the course of the episode, Dwight appears to be trying to "break" Daryl into servitude; Negan later approaches Dwight, who has Daryl in custody, and encourages him to be pulled aside for a talk. Once Daryl is secured back in his cell, Negan discusses their efforts in trying to break him with Dwight. As a reward, Negan offers Dwight to sleep with one of his wives with Sherry being the first option. However, Dwight declines. Negan is slightly angered by Dwight's refusal but allows him to follow through on his choice. When news of an escaped worker comes over Dwight's radio, Dwight offers to go to which Negan accepts. After some time he leaves to search for a man who escaped from the Saviors' base. Whilst on the road, Dwight encounters several dismembered and mutilated walkers under an overpass. He has a close brush with death as walkers fall from the overpass above, and force him to dive to the ground amidst the walkers near him.

Eventually, Dwight finds the man he is looking for. He tackles him to the ground and the two set off back to the Saviors' base. However, during the journey, Gordon has a conversation with Dwight, whereupon the man tells Dwight that there's nothing left for him back at the base, and that he'd rather die than go back. Dwight threatens him saying if he doesn't come back, he'll kill everyone the man had ever spoken to and would dig up the man's wife whose corpse would be put on display. Resigned, Gordon goes with Dwight. After a few moments, Dwight changes his mind and shoots him, giving him what he wanted.

When Dwight gets back, he finds Sherry in a stairwell and they smoke cigarettes together. "Is he good to you?" Dwight asks. "Yeah," she says. "We did the right thing," he tells her, "it's a hell of a lot better than being dead." he forces a persistent Daryl to look at a photo of Glenn's corpse taken right after his brutal death, all the while Roy Orbison's "Crying" plays. Dwight hears him sobbing from the hallway and slightly smiles and walks away. Later on, Dwight takes Daryl to Negan, who once again gives Daryl a choice. Negan explains to Daryl how Dwight became one of his top men. Dwight, Sherry and her sister Tina used to work for points. When Tina fell behind on points, on account of her costly medication, he asked her to marry him. Dwight, Sherry and Tina stole the medicine and ran away.

They returned after Tina's death. Dwight asked for forgiveness and begged Negan not to kill Sherry. Sherry offered to marry Negan if he spared Dwight's life. He agreed, after burning Dwight's face with an iron. Dwight has been on board ever since. Negan tells Daryl he can be one of his top men and he can live in this apartment. "All you’ve got to do, is answer one, simple question: Who are you?" Negan asks Daryl the question, first Daryl is silent. He asks again. After a long silence, Daryl refuses to submit to Negan, Dwight takes Daryl back to his cell; where he expresses anger at Daryl, suggesting that he has some compassion for Daryl despite everything that's gone down.

At the end of the episode, Dwight is seen looking out at the fence, where Gordon's reanimated corpse snarls back at him, revealing to the audience that Dwight's kill shot was through the chest so that Dwight could bring him back anyway.


Dwight, along with Negan arrives with a large group of over 30 Saviors; Daryl is among them, looking injured and pale. Negan demands to be let in; Spencer opens the gate for them. Rick meets Negan at the gate and notes that he came earlier than planned. Negan strides into Alexandria and thrusts Lucille into Rick's hands, saying, "Hold this."

Dwight confiscates Rosita and Spencer Monroe's guns. He taunts Rosita by taking her hat and pouring her water out before ordering them to find Daryl's motorcycle and bring it back.

Dwight later retrieves the motorcycle from Spencer and returns Rosita's hat. He asks if she found anything else. "Just your dead friends", she replies. He rides up to Daryl and tells him he can have his bike back - all he has to do is say the word. Daryl remains silent, and Dwight rides off, smirking.

"Sing Me a Song"

Dwight first appears attacking Carl after he kills George and Chris. Daryl watches helplessly from the other side of the walker-encrusted fence. Negan tells Dwight to back off and offers to show Carl around the compound. Later, Dwight arrives with Daryl in tow, and witnesses the kiss between Negan and Sherry. Daryl carries a snack platter for Negan. Dwight is shown at a furnace on the factory floor, where Mark is tied to a chair. Negan reiterates the importance of rules then brands Mark's face with a hot iron as punishment for his infraction, which is how Dwight got his face burned.

Dwight and Sherry smoke cigarettes in a stairwell. She recalls that their deal with Negan was only supposed to affect them. Dwight points out that if you're still alive, it's always at someone else's expense.

Negan and Carl prepare to leave in the cargo truck. On their way out, Daryl warns Negan against hurting Carl. Negan tells Dwight to put Daryl back in his cell and drives off.

"Hostiles and Calamities"

At the Sanctuary, Dwight forces his way to the front of the crowd when a group of Saviors discovers Fat Joey's body in the bike lot where Daryl killed him, and he immediately notices a missing motorcycle. He panics and runs through the halls of the Sanctuary, until he arrives at Daryl's empty cell. It's moments after his escape. Dwight grabs his walkie from his apartment and spots Daryl's prison clothes on the floor. He finds the note that Daryl received from his liberator and studies it: "Go now."

Dwight sits in his room, examining the handwriting on the scrap of paper he found. Gary, David and other Saviors barge in and start to beat him up as Negan watches from the doorway.

Dwight sits in Daryl's dark cell, now his cell. Negan informs him that Sherry ran away and wonders if she helped Daryl escape. Dwight defends Sherry. Negan continues hypothesizing and questions whether Dwight changed his stripes and helped Daryl himself; he then orders Dwight to find Sherry and bring her back. In the infirmary, Emmett Carson stitches Dwight's wounds and remarks that Sherry was soft and probably helped Daryl escape.

In a flash-forward, Dwight looks at a photo of himself and Sherry in happier times. Back in the present, Dwight retrieves his backpack from his apartment. He grabs a carton of cigarettes from a hiding spot. Inside the carton is a cigarette stained with Sherry's lipstick. Dwight leaves the compound on a motorcycle.

Dwight rides his motorcycle through a dead suburb; he parks in front of an abandoned house and enters. He looks for Sherry in their old home, where they agreed to rendezvous if they ever got separated. He gazes at the photo of himself and Sherry in happier times. He finds a farewell note from Sherry, along with her wedding rings. She admits to freeing Daryl and apologizes for forcing Dwight into Negan's world. Dwight is shaken with emotion; he places the rings in his cigarette carton. In Dr Carson's office, Carson treats Dwight’s wounds. Dwight tells him he killed Sherry. "She ran away from me right into a mess of dead ones, so I made it quick," he says. Carson insists people were cowards before being part of the Saviors. "We don't get to have big hearts," Carson says. "Remember that."

Dwight clipped from her farewell letter and planted in Emmett Carson's desk. "Goodbye. -- Honey," it reads and frames him. Negan accuses Emmett of helping Daryl escape in order to impress Sherry. He shows Emmett a note from Sherry, that Dwight planted. Emmett accuses Dwight of lying, but he quickly folds and falsely confesses when Negan threatens him with the iron. He spares him the torture, but then he grabs Emmett and throws him face-first into the furnace, burning him alive. Negan puts his arm around Dwight, saying "Good thing we have a spare Dr. Carson."

Dwight joins Eugene on the upper stairway. Dwight asks him if he's on board; Eugene assures him that he is. After a name exchange, Eugene ends his introduction with, “We are Negan.” To this, Dwight reluctantly replies "...yeah."

"The Other Side"

Near the end of the episode, Dwight is seen outside of the Sanctuary with Daryl's crossbow, watching Rosita from afar.

"Something They Need"

Upon their return to Alexandria, Rosita leads Rick and the others to the jail cell where Dwight is waiting. Daryl tries to attack him, but is held back by Rick and Michonne. Rosita insists Dwight wants to help them. Rick asks if that's true, and Dwight says it is. Rick pulls his gun and orders Dwight to his knees.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Dwight is questioned for his reasoning to why the Alexandrians should trust him and he tells them that he wants Negan dead. Tara reminds Dwight that he killed Denise and he tells them that he wasn't aiming at Denise. This enrages Daryl who holds a knife near Dwight's eye, poised to kill them. Dwight tells Daryl that he served Negan for Sherry's sake and Sherry had saved Daryl, but Sherry is gone now. Daryl reluctantly releases Dwight, believing his story. Dwight offers to help them lay an ambush for the Saviors who are coming to attack Alexandria and then to help them take out the Sanctuary and spread out from there until all of the Saviors are gone.

While Dwight is released to implement his plan, he returns with Negan armed with a rifle when its revealed that the Scavengers betrayed Alexandria. Dwight keeps quiet during the confrontation that follows and doesn't take part in the first gun battle.

As Negan is about to hit Carl with Lucille, Shiva is released by Ezekiel and another commotion ensures as Dwight and the rest begin to open fire and find cover. Due to the overwhelming forces of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom, Simon hops back into the truck he drove in on, along with Negan and Dwight, and drives them away from the battle, making their retreat. At the end of the episode, Dwight joins Negan alongside Simon and Eugene in addressing the Saviors as they prepare for war.

While cleaning up from the battle, Daryl finds one of Dwight's wooden figures he'd hidden while escaping. Upon the figure, Dwight left the message "didn't know" as a way of telling Daryl and the Alexandrians that he didn't intentionally betray them and wasn't aware of The Scavengers turning on Rick.

Season 8[]


Dwight, now working as a mole for the Militia, communicates with Daryl by shooting crossbow arrows with information wrapped on them at each other. In preparation for the Militia's upcoming attack, Dwight supplies Daryl with the locations of the Saviors lookouts on the road to their compound. He also directs a large force of Saviors to investigate an explosion set up by the Militia, well-aware that its actually a trap for whoever goes to investigate.

As the attack begins, Dwight nonchalantly lights a cigarette and walks away as the guards on top of the compound are shot. Dwight joins Negan's other lieutenants to face the Militia when they arrive. Rick calls Dwight out as one of the lieutenants and calls on him as well as the others to make their choice about whether or not to support Negan before letting a massive herd of walkers into the compound. When the Militia opens fire on the Sanctuary, Dwight ducks inside for safety.

"The Big Scary U"

Dwight is present for the meeting with Negan and his other lieutenants (Simon, Regina, Eugene, and Gavin) at the Sanctuary. They discuss the joint rebellion of Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom. Dwight gets up to leave for a cigarette but Negan questions why he wouldn't want to hear Gregory. Dwight says it doesn't matter because he's just going to do what he's told and leaves, unaware that Dwight is helping Rick and the Militia. Just then, gunshots ring out, signaling the start of Rick's attack, the events of "Mercy" then take place.

Back in the meeting room, the Savior lieutenants discuss their course of action. Eugene calls Regina's plans inadequate and would cost workers their lives. Regina wants to sacrifice them as a distraction but Eugene insists they are valuable. Dwight takes Eugene's side. Gavin turns his attention to who the Savior mole has to be. Dwight turns the conversation to everyone needing to get out. Simon has a angry grin on his face and complaints Dwight about his idea he explains how when the find the guy they will kill the guy slowly in front of everyone.

Eugene enters Dwight's room with his jar of cucumbers. He expresses thanks for Dwight's support in the meeting. He tells Dwight they will get out of this "pickle" together. Eugene sits at a chess set and touches a piece but Dwight tells him to be careful and wait because they're still wet, he made them himself. Eugene leaves, thanking Dwight once gain.

Dwight and the lieutenants are in another meeting, Suddenly, Laura enters to notify them that the workers are coming up the stairs. They all exit into the corridor and find it full of workers making demands. Someone asks where Negan is; when another worker draws a gun, Regina shoots him and says she is Negan. The workers and lieutenants alike kneel when they hear whistling down the hall, as they recognize the sound as Negan.

The high-ranking Saviors reassemble again later, and Gary, Laura, and Arat inform the group that someone had taken guns from the armory to give to the workers. Eugene sees the paint from Dwight's chess pieces on the board and is getting nervous with the conversation and looks to Dwight, figuring out that Dwight is the one who gave the worker the guns. Dwight remains silent towards him.

"Time for After"

Dwight is confronted by Eugene in his room and makes it known that he is aware of his involvement in Rick's plan. He attempts to talk Dwight down from any further opposition in exchange for keeping his involvement a secret, but Dwight insists that, with all that is occurring, the Saviors are sure to face defeat. Eugene refuses to defy Negan and walks out, warning Dwight not to try anything else that would result in any harm to the Sanctuary's inhabitants.

Dwight later holds Eugene at gunpoint before he sends the iPod on a remote control glider. He orders Eugene to step away from the drone. Eugene relays his plan to Dwight, insisting that he'll be saving the lives of the Savior workers and soldiers, but Dwight argues that his actions will also lead to the deaths of Rick and his friends, people who Eugene now considers former travelling companions. He informs him that the plan will save the lives of both the Saviors and the Militia, and that taking out Negan is the number one priority and goal. Eugene remains firm that Negan will prevail, causing Dwight to threaten him further. Despite the gun to his head, Eugene proceeds to activate the drone and pilot it over the herd.

As Eugene flies the drone, Dwight turns his gun's aim towards it and fires several times, destroying it. He flees afterwords. Eugene looks down and sees Daryl's truck crashes the truck into the Sanctuary, breaching the walls and allowing the herd to pour in and the walkers begin making their way inside. Workers and soldiers are eaten by walkers as gunfire and chaos ensue. Eugene watches it unfold and sees Dwight doing little to stop it. Regina guns walkers down and they pile up at the steps.

Dwight and the other lieutenants report to Negan about the situation with the herd. Negan has high hopes that Eugene's plan will give them the upper hand. Eugene stares intently at Dwight, then informs Negan that he intends to repair the intercom system, covering for Dwight about being the traitor.

"How It's Gotta Be"

During the siege of Alexandria, Dwight leads the Saviors blocking the rear fence of Alexandria alongside Laura. In order to help the residents escape, Dwight purposefully uses cars instead of trucks to block the fence, claiming that it will be enough. As a result, the residents of Alexandria are able to flee in garbage trucks, smashing straight through the Savior blockade. Later, leading a Savior convoy, Dwight and Laura spot smoke grenades in the road. Recognizing the trap for what it is, Dwight deliberately leads the Savior convoy into it despite Laura's protestations. The Saviors come under attack by Alexandria residents including Daryl, Rosita, and Tara. As the gunfight rages, Dwight opens fire on several of his fellow Saviors, killing them, before he runs out of ammunition. Realizing Dwight's betrayal, Laura shoots him in the arm and demands that Dwight call off the Alexandrians, but he refuses. After realizing she is outnumbered, Laura runs off. Dwight briefly grabs an assault rifle, but is unable to hold it with his injured arm.

Finally, all the Saviors are killed and Dwight calls out to the Alexandrians that its over. Dwight is confronted by Daryl, Rosita and Tara who appear poised to kill him. Dwight tells the group how he helped them escape Alexandria and led the Saviors into their trap. As a result of Laura escaping, the Saviors will now know what he did and he can't go back. Daryl lowers his crossbow and asks if it was his actions that allowed the Saviors to get out, but Dwight tells him that it was Eugene. Dwight insists that he can still help as he knows how the Saviors work and how Negan thinks. "I want you to win, I want Negan to die. We can settle up after," Dwight insists. Daryl removes his old wing vest from Dwight, and Rosita aids him to his feet. Dwight joins the others in entering the sewers, but first watches as Alexandria is destroyed with Michonne, Tara and Rosita. Before entering the sewers, Dwight expresses his sincere regret to Michonne about the destruction of Alexandria.

After entering the sewers where the survivors of Alexandria are hiding, Rick finds Dwight amongst his people, resting against a wall. Though Rick appears surprised to see him, he continues on without a word.


As the Savior bombardment of Alexandria continues, a desperate Michonne demands that Dwight call the Saviors off, but he can't. As everyone argues about what to do, Dwight tells them to remain hidden in the sewers until the attack ends. Dwight explains that the Saviors lack the ammunition to fully destroy the town and will have to stop soon at which point they can head for the Hilltop. After the attack ends, Dwight departs for the Hilltop with the Alexandrians.

"Dead or Alive Or"

Now a reluctantly accepted member of the group, Dwight attempts to help the Alexandria survivors find a safe passage to the Hilltop. Based on his scouting for the Saviors, Dwight suggests pushing through a swamp that he knows the Saviors won't go near. Dwight's plan is accepted with reluctance. Dwight acknowledges that he knows the Militia will kill him after the war, he just wants to help them defeat Negan first and possibly find Sherry.

As a group clears the swamp of walkers, Tara, who has been pushing for Dwight to be killed in order to avenge Denise Cloyd, takes Dwight to clear the area of stray walkers. Though he knows that Tara is unlikely to ever forgive him, Dwight apologizes for killing Denise, leading to Tara attempting to murder Dwight. The standoff is diffused when the two spot a group of Saviors searching the area. With the Saviors getting too close to their hiding spot, Dwight emerges and lies about how he survived. To Dwight's surprise and relief, Laura hasn't been seen by the Saviors since the blockade ambush and its unknown if she's alive or dead. As such, the Saviors never learned that Dwight betrayed them. Dwight uses the opportunity to misdirect the Saviors away from the swamp and returns to the Sanctuary with them off-screen, enabling the Alexandria survivors to escape and apparently earning him the trust of Tara and Rosita who witnessed what he did, but Daryl remains distrustful against him.

Later, Dwight is amongst the Saviors at the Sanctuary listening to Negan's new plan. Dwight is visibly worried for the members of the Militia as he observes Negan's demonstration.

"The Key"

Dwight, alone in his room, pulls his wedding ring and a cigarette out of his pack before being visited by Negan. Dwight lies about how he survived, a story that Negan buys. Negan makes it clear to Dwight that he intends to count on him as one of his top guys which Dwight promises.

As the Saviors prepare to set out for the Hilltop, Dwight attempts to leave on his own on his motorcycle, presumably to warn the Militia that the Saviors are coming under the guise of scouting ahead. However, Simon stops Dwight and insists Dwight ride with him. As they drive to the Hilltop, Simon expresses discontent with Negan's leadership and asks for Dwight's opinion on the matter. Following Rick's attack on Negan, Dwight joins Simon in searching for Negan, finding only Negan's wrecked car. Simon suggests that they can abandon Negan in order to do things a better way with Simon's plan being to "move on" from the communities and go further out instead. In an act of agreement, Dwight sets Negan's car on fire.

Upon rejoining the other Saviors, Dwight backs Simon's lie about Negan's fate. However, Dwight is visibly horrified to learn that Simon intends to "move on" by wiping out the Hilltop rather than just leaving them alone as Dwight thought.

"Do Not Send Us Astray"

Dwight is seen when Simon mobilizes the Saviors for battle. Dwight warns that Negan might still be alive and will punish Simon if he kills everyone at Hilltop. Simon tells him it's not his problem, and he doesn't need his permission. Daryl rides up on his motorcycle and opens fire with his machine gun. Simon's convoy follows Daryl through the gate. Hilltoppers block the convoy with a bus and fire at the Saviors. The battle begins in earnest.

Simon spots Tara and orders Dwight to hunt her down. Simon and Dwight sneak up on and as Simon is about to kill her, Dwight suddenly shoots Tara in the arm with an arrow. Daryl witnesses this and thinks Dwight betrayed them again.

Hilltop goes silent and dark. Dwight, Simon and the Saviors prepare to enter the Barrington House. As they ready their attack, a row of headlights turn on and blind the Saviors as the house's windows light up with gunfire directed at the Saviors. Meanwhile, the Survivors charges in from the outside. Realizing they are outnumbered, Dwight, Simon and the Saviors all retreat to their vehicles and make their escape.


Dwight first appears smoking. He hears whistling and is shocked to see Negan. Negan asks Dwight to help move a dumpster away and has a pep talk of what went down at the Hilltop battle and then he asks Dwight about his loyalty to which he says he's on Negan's side.

He is present at the meeting with Negan, making plans to take over Hilltop and witness Negan embarrass Simon. Later, he is seen at the courtyard with Simon and other traitorous Saviors who plan to kill Negan so Simon can take over leadership. But is revealed he told Negan about Simon's plan off-screen causing the execution of all the traitorous Saviors and Simon's fight and eventual death to Negan, moment which Dwight takes advance of by sending Gregory to Hilltop with Negan's attack plans.

Then, he is seen talking with Negan about his promotion to be his right-hand man as they enter his room, just before Dwight enters, Negan tells Dwight he "already" helped in his fight against Rick. This briefly flustered Dwight, and to his shock and horror, he sees Laura sitting on his chair, and it is revealed Dwight's cover is now blown, Arat and other Saviors come out of hiding and corner him. Negan tells Dwight that the plans were fake and was counting on him delivering them to the Militia so he ambush them in a trap. He then says that he won't kill him as he has other plans for him.


Dwight, now a prisoner, is present at the planned ambush led by Negan. At the ambush sight, Negan boasts to Rick and the Militia that Dwight will have to live with the fact of seeing Rick being slaughtered. However, thanks to Eugene making faulty bullets for the Saviors, all their guns explode. Dwight, despite being tied up, attacks Negan, before Negan runs away.

After the war, Daryl drives Dwight into the woods. Believing Daryl is about to kill him, he cries and apologizes for Denise's murder as well as everything he's done to Daryl but is happy he got to see Negan taken down first. Daryl instead exiles Dwight and gives him the keys to the vehicle to find Sherry but threatens to kill him if he ever comes back.

Arriving back at their meeting spot, Dwight finds a note from Sherry, making him smile with newfound hope.

Season 10[]

"What We Become"

Dwight appears in Michonne's nightmare where she envisions herself as a Savior on the night they meet Negan.

Fear the Walking Dead[]

Season 5[]

"Humbug's Gulch"

Dwight ambushes John Dorie and June near a strange walker roadblock. He later attacks them again in Humbug's Gulch during a dust storm, shooting out the tires of their van and getting the drop on John, demanding to know where "she" is. June knocks Dwight out and as a herd approaches, drags him into the club where they note his severe facial burn. John finds numerous notes from Sherry and tells June that whoever Dwight is searching for, it's been for some time. John is left pleased that they've found someone who actually needs their help.

Dwight then wakes up and yells for John to put down Sherry's notes. John tells him they just want to help him, but he insists no one can help him. John asks about the walker blockades but doesn't get an answer. Later, John and June barricade the doors with furniture and decide to head to the roof and get out of the town on foot. Dwight offers them his car but they insist he will come with them. He finally reveals his name and tells them about his mission to find his wife. They shake hands as John introduces himself and June. Dwight laughs at their names and John finally unties him.

The walkers break into the bar as they escape out the second-floor window. However, Dwight jumps from the roof, forcing them to follow him. He reveals to John that he calls the dead "walkers" and they make an effort to get away. They start making their way to the car but Dwight goes the other way and makes a break for their van, frantically searching through the glove box.

Dwight scans at a car registration with Sherry's forever symbol on it and a message to go "West on 30". He radios John and June to explain how Sherry has been leaving him messages for him in her travels and how he thought he'd find the next one in the car, but it wasn't there. "I've been looking for Sherry for, I don't know, at least a year," he says. Dwight begs to know where they found the car and June ultimately tells him they found the van without anyone alive in it but offers hope that Sherry could be alive.

Dwight explains that he doesn't deserve to find Sherry. "I'm never going to find her," he bemoans as he cocks his gun. He tells them that he has done terrible things that they can't even imagine, showing remorse for that and for trying to kill them just because he thought they'd hurt his wife. June tries talking him out of killing himself, saying Sherry is still out there and that he can't do this to her. Dwight lays down his gun and sobs, telling them he can't get back to them. John says to leave that up to them. They shoot at most of the walkers, leaving him a path to finally escape. As John runs out of bullets, Dwight kills one of the remaining walkers with his axe, but is pinned to the ground by its corpse. On the ground, John tells him to raise his axe, and John shoots it, causing the bullets to split and kill the last two walkers at once.

That night, Dwight carves a message into a wall reading "Still Looking". John approaches him and explains that the VIN from the car doesn't match the registration, meaning Sherry could still be out there and possibly left a note for Dwight in the car the registration actually belonged to.

Suddenly, Morgan, Alicia, and Luciana arrive at the town. Dwight walks up and calls out to Morgan. They are shocked to see each other and Morgan explains to the group that they come from the same place. Dwight explains his mission and tries apologizing for what happened with the Saviors, but Morgan assures him they can talk later. "We're trying to start over," he explains. Alicia asks Dwight about the walker barricades, so Dwight takes them to one.

At a roadblock, Dwight and the group are about to take it down when Max radios Alicia and says they're headed to the truck stop. On the way, they find a van stalled on the road. Inside, they find a bloody Dylan crying in the backseat. Alicia tries calming him and asks where Max and Annie are, but he won't answer.

"The Little Prince"

Dwight and the group arrive at the truck stop with several parts of their plane. He then listens as Morgan makes a plea to the kids for them to stay together and to help them re-assemble the plane so they can leave the area together. "We can because we've done the impossible before," he says. Luciana reveals they will fly across the mountains together. Dylan steps up and agrees.

A while later, Dwight and John get ready to go out and keep searching for Sherry. He then listens as John tells June they will be back soon and kisses her. June also tells Dwight that he keep John out of trouble.

On the road, Dwight is getting frustrated with the search for Sherry. John is optimistic having found June. He asks how they got split up. "We got split up before we got split up," Dwight says. John shows Dwight the Scrabble pieces which June used to tell him she loved him. Dwight tells John that he hopes the apocalypse never ruins his optimism, but John says the apocalypse actually made him better.

Dwight and John then search in a bar where a man is dead. Dwight explains that Sherry gave up her ring and everything to save him. "The only reason I'm still alive is because of her," he says. Dwight explains that the person that sent him away empathized with him loving his wife enough not to kill him. He says he needs some of John's luck. Suddenly, John finds a restaurant receipt with the word "honey" on it. John grabs a pencil and traces the paper, revealing a message from Sherry. "I've been looking on the wrong road this whole time," Dwight says in awe.

After arriving at a large house, Dwight finds the car identified on the registration he found from Sherry. He scouts the house while John stays behind and searches the car for a note from Sherry. Dwight then exits the house excitedly telling John he found supplies inside so Sherry must have been there and claims he's optimistic. He asks John if he found something in the car and John lies, saying he didn't. Dwight says it doesn't matter since he feels he's getting closer to finding Sherry, while also thanking him for giving him hope.

"Still Standing"

Dwight and John are searching on the road when June contacts John on the radio and warns the reactor will soon meltdown and he needs to rush. Dwight however insists on staying behind on his own to continue looking for Sherry, still unknown to the letter she left behind. John decides to keep lying and goes with him.

A while later, John's unable to hot-wire a car as he and Dwight continue their search. John finally decides to tell Dwight about the letter he found. Dwight starts reading Sherry's letter and gets out of the truck as John apologizes.

At night, Dwight admits to John he understands why he lied to him and says he doesn't want to give up despite Sherry's request. Dwight then promises to return him the favor for helping him and promises to get him back to June.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

Dwight and John desperately search for a car in an abandoned parking space. John then manages to hot ire a car and they leave. A while later, the car stalls out which Dwight suggests is due to the gas going bad. He then listens as June radios John and he confesses his love for her, telling her she's his reason to live and he wants her to have a reason to live, too.

Dwight is then left confused as John spots another message from Sherry on a tree and realizes that Sherry might've left Dwight more than her messages and asks him how far he thinks Sherry's car is.

Sometime later, Dwight and John drive their way past the walkers in Sherry's van as the group makes a run for the plane. Everyone makes it on the plane safely as a wall of smoke from the reactor fills the runway. Strand and Al steer through it and make it into the open air. He then watches happily as John proposes to June and she accepts. That night, the plane roars toward the dark runway as Wendell fixes the lights at the last second, allowing the plane to finally land.

Dwight is introduced by Alicia to Daniel, who jokingly says he needs a haircut. Suddenly, a woman contacts Morgan on the radio, asking if that was his plane flying overhead. She's seen his boxes and wants his help. The communication cuts out as Logan interrupts the signal and says they need to chat. He pulls up in an old truck as everyone focuses their guns on him.

Logan tells Dwight and the group the gasoline is going bad and that Clayton wrote down an oil rig location. He says if they hand over his journal he'll help them find it. They're skeptical, but he makes the case they won't be able to help anyone without it and suggests they should find it first before his former crew.

"Channel 4"

Sometime later, Dwight and the group formed a convoy to travel throughout Texas to help others and invite them to join their community, while establishing additional outposts to recruit the survivors reaching out to them over the radio.

In an interview by Althea, Dwight explains that being with the group is having a second chance for him to make it right for his past actions by helping people and confesses he still hopes to find Sherry. He is also revealed to be the lookout for the caravan alongside Daniel, whom he has formed a close bond and spends time playing chess. Daniel then tells Dwight he wants to cut his hair, claiming it will make him look more presentable.

At night, Dwight and the rest of the group reunite in their camp to dine together. Al then asks the group what each want, with Dwight wanting to end each day making someone else's better. The tape concludes with everyone pleading with future survivors to help others.

"210 Words Per Minute"

Dwight, Morgan, and Grace go on a mission to find a man named Charles, who has been bitten, inside a mall and to put him down. At the entrance, Dwight cuts down a walker with his ax and leads Grace and Morgan inside. In an office, Grace and Morgan find an iPod. There is a note from Charles promising his favorite songs. They find a chair where he tied himself up until he turned and a herd of walkers on the ground level. Suddenly, Grace passes out and Morgan tells Dwight to find a first aid kit.

As Dwight gets the aid kit, he receives an updated from Daniel regarding Logan's crew. He enters and informs Morgan about it. Dwight is then instructed to return to the caravan to bring trucks so they can load up the supplies. Outside the mall, Dwight gives Morgan a package of water bottles to bring into the mall before he heads out. He reminds Morgan what it's like to be on the other side of taking people's stuff and asks how he thinks this will end for them. Morgan hopes Logan will recognize the good they're doing, but Dwight knows this morality won't be enough. Dwight ultimately radios to Daniel to tell him he is heading south.

On the road, Dwight gets held up at gunpoint while taking a leak. Rollie confirms he works with Logan before knocking him out. After a while, Dwight wakes up in the back of a truck at night. Rollie threatens him but Dwight reveals he knows how this works. He pistol whips him but Dwight recovers and tells the man he won't tell him where the oil fields are, reminding him he's been through much worse.

Dwight is visited by Rollie after several minutes but now with the letters from Sherry. Rollie believes those will get Dwight to talk and starts lighting one on fire. As Dwight lunges at him, Rollie pulls his gun at his face. Suddenly, a walker approaches and Dwight manages to throw him to the ground, take his gun, and knock him out. When Rollie wakes up, Dwight walks him to a clearing and tells him he was given a second chance and he's paying it forward by giving him one as well. He unties him and tells him to make a choice.

The next day, Dwight arrives with the rest of the group. He updates them on his run-in and suggests they should be more careful. Tess then mentions they could settle in at a ranch they passed on the road. They agree and the group begins loading the mall supplies into their trucks.

Dwight also has his hair and beard cut by Daniel. He then sees himself in the mirror and smiles happily at his new look, reminding himself of the man he used to be before he took the wrong path.

"Ner Tamid"

Dwight and the convoy set up camp in a field to rest for the night. The next day, he notices Charlie's missing and informs the group. Dwight then stays as lookout alongside Sarah as John and June go look for Charlie. They share a beer and discuss how they used to survive before the caravan. Suddenly, Dwight spots Logan's crew on the road and Sarah radios June to warn her about it.

They drive away from the camp as Rollie and the rest of the crew start chasing them. After a while, their truck runs out of gas as Logan's crew catch up. Before they can battle, the rest of the group arrives in Al's SWAT truck and Logan's crew decide to leave. Later, Dwight introduces himself to Jacob and talks with John about Logan's crew.

"Leave What You Don't"

Dwight and Sarah ambush Rollie on the road using a fridge as a trap. As Sarah jumps out with a gun, Dwight points a gun at the people in the truck and says that they can use the truck to get into the oil field, claiming it was a good thing that he let Rollie live. Sarah fires her gun close to Rollie's ear to signal that she's not messing around. She says she can't abide with the fact that she killed Clayton, but she can live knowing she killed Rollie unless he helps.

After a while, Dwight and Sarah arrive to Tank Town and get out with their guns drawn at Logan. John shoots the walker carousel from afar and radios Logan that he better not try anything. Logan calls John's bluff and says he knows they don't have the guts to kill him. He offers to let the kids go if Dwight and Sarah agree to work for him. Sarah asks for a car and he obliges, so she instructs Annie and the kids to return to the caravan.

At night, some walkers manage to fall off the cliff and crawl. As the fire and walker herd grows larger, Dwight seeks shelter inside one of the trucks with Luciana and Wendell. They then hear as the woman on the radio is told she has to kill herself but is rescued on time by Wes. Later, the rest of the group arrives to help kill the remaining walkers and control the fire.

The next morning, Dwight and the rest of the group reunite with Logan until Doris and the others hold them up at gunpoint. He tells everyone to put their guns down and explains how he wants to continue Clayton's message after all. Suddenly, Logan and his crew are viciously shot and killed from afar by Virginia and her group.

Dwight then listens as Virginia reveals she's been watching them and suggests they could all help each other. She can offer them things they want like helping Dwight find Sherry in exchange for keeping the oil fields running. They refuse so she orders her people to prepare to kill them. Luciana offers to stay to help them make gas if she lets the rest go and Virginia agrees. Dwight and the group are then forced to abandon the place.

"Channel 5"

Dwight and the rest of the caravan keep traveling in search of a permanent home. At night, the group camps as Dwight kills a walker from one of the original western towns and John suggests that could be the settlement they've been searching for. Suddenly, Charlie calls out for June to run over and help Grace, who has passed out. Later on, Morgan decides the group should leave in the morning.

The next day, the convoy stops their truck because they realize its too heavy to make it across a bridge. The wires start to snap so Morgan instructs everyone to cross the bridge without the cars. Suddenly, Virginia drives up and offers to help, explaining she's been following them and can't believe they used extra resources to help Grace. She turns to Dwight and tells him that one of her people broke bread with Sherry a couple of months ago and that he should trust her since he didn't reveal Sherry's name in their tape. Dwight points his gun at her but Morgan talks him down.

Virginia then orders her people to shoot their guns in the air so a nearby herd finds them. She reminds them to give her a holler and drives away. Dwight and everyone works hastily to move the resources across the bridge while Morgan, Strand, and Al handle the walkers. When more arrive, Morgan is forced to move everyone across. Tom trips while recording as the truck falls through the bridge. He laughs at his good fortune until the bridge under him collapses too. Later, Dwight and the others rest on the side of the road before Morgan tells the group they should continue and Janis says it's what Tom would have wanted. They ditch their trucks and make the journey on foot.

Sometime later, the group finds a billboard for the Gulch. Later on, they arrive at the gulch but see that it is completely overrun with walkers. The group debates their next move. When they are out of options, Morgan decides to call Virginia but Dwight decides to leave the group and travel on his own.

"End of the Line"

Dwight runs through a field before collapsing. He hallucinates Sherry's voice on the radio and chucks it into the dirt from frustration. He makes it back to the convoy's abandoned cars before hearing a group of horses ride up to him. He stands up to shoot and discovers the horses without riders. "You just saved my life," he tells them.

A while later, Dwight arrives back to the Gulch with the horses and explains if they're alive then there must be water nearby. The group argues over whether to stay or not and eventually decide to stay, where they'll deal with the walkers and Virginia. Dwight and a group break open the fence and use the horses to lead the massive herd to ambush Virginia and take their supplies while the rest moves into the gulch.

On the road, Dwight tells June about his Sherry hallucination and says if he's meant to see her again it'll come naturally. He then gets surrounded by walkers and is forced to jump off his horse as the walkers devour it. Dwight runs off but Morgan follows him and eventually catches up. The rest of the group leads the herd into the river while Dwight and Morgan hide in the bushes. The group then returns to the Gulch, where Al shows them the bodies of the people Virginia killed. She insists that they will die fighting Virginia, but Alicia wants to fight back. Morgan just wants to make sure everybody survives and reminds them despite their failures they still made a difference in the world, and they should keep living their lives.

Later, Dwight attends John and June's wedding in the chapel. As they exchange vows, Dwight offers up his and Sherry's rings for them to use. Suddenly, Virginia and her pioneers arrive in a SWAT truck-leading caravan to take the group into different settlements.

That night, the group gets separated and driven away. Dwight is placed with the other adults on a truck and taken away.

Season 6[]


Dwight and Al scout an abandoned building at Virginia's orders. Equipped with cameras, they record and investigate the remains of the building, as well as put down all walkers and count sleeping bags, assigned to find out what happened. When Al is attacked by an embalmed walker, Dwight narrowly saves her and the two drink beer outside. Hearing a woman's voice on Al's radio, Dwight takes it and questions who it is. He is told it is the "beer lady", who Al said she'd met before. After realizing she has been tracking her, Dwight insists they break protocol to make contact with the woman.

The two enter a nearby high rise office building, planning to make it to the roof. At the staircase, they find a cage of rats, and soon after are held at gunpoint by Nora, who brings them into a small community on a lower floor of the building. Dwight and Al observe several ill people, and as Dwight insists to Al that they stop and help, Al states that they are infected with the bubonic plague, and that they do not have the antibiotics to assist. The two move on to a floor further up, stopping to take shelter in a bathroom where Dwight realizes he is infected with the plague, possibly from being bitten days before. Al tries to convince Dwight to leave and find a pharmacy, yet he denies. Nora catches up, helping them clear a room of walkers. As they make it to the last door, Dwight, believing that Al would be leaving after making contact with the "beer lady", says his goodbyes.

While on his way down, Dwight is radioed by Al, being told that she is coming back down with antibiotics left by the woman's group. The two help hand out medicine to the ill. By morning, Dwight and Al make it back to the bottom of the tower. When a woman's voice speaks over Al's radio, Dwight quickly takes it, asking into the radio, "Honey, is that you?". After a brief hesitation, "Dwight?" is said on the other end.

Dwight rushes out of the building frantically, searching nearby alleyways and seeing a woman at the end. He runs over to who is revealed to be an emotional Sherry, who he embraces, with Al and Nora watching happily.


In a secluded building, Dwight prepares dinner for himself and Sherry. Seeing her reading her old notes to him, he says there was a connection between them despite how far apart they were. The two are interrupted when Hill radios in, telling Dwight to return with Al and the tapes. Dwight makes an excuse to check off-map areas, saying it would be worth their while. Dwight insists him and Sherry can leave, though she argues Virginia can find find them, and says she can't run away, before leaving the room to get a fork. Dwight, after hearing a noise in another room, takes his hatchet and investigates. When he checks behind a window's curtains, he is alarmed to see a masked man on the other side. Panicked, he rushes out of the room to find Sherry, but runs into three more masked men, before having his head bagged and being kidnapped.

Dwight is brought into the middle of a skatepark. When the bag is removed from his head, he looks around the seemingly empty park, before turning and attacking his captor. Managing to undo his binds and aim his own gun at the man, he demands to know where Sherry is, but turns to see he is surrounded by several masked people with guns. Sherry steps down to Dwight, assuring him it is okay. He questions why Sherry did not tell him about the group, to which she argues she didn't think he wanted to be a part of it. Sherry explains that the group is compiled of people who were rejected as members of Virginia's communities, or were hurt by them in some way. Ozzie demands to know from Dwight where Virginia is now, bringing up that Al is in their custody and threatening to kill her. They are interrupted by another member, who steps down into the park with them. He unmasks, revealing himself to be Rollie, whom Dwight quickly recognizes. Rollie explains to Sherry that Dwight saved his life twice.

Dwight is present when the rebels plan to blow up the Pioneer's MRAP. Their plan is stopped by Al, who says the vehicle is designed to withstand explosions, suggesting they steal it to use it against Virginia. Dwight, along with Al, Sherry, and other members of the rebels, ambush the MRAP on horses as it passes by. Riding up to the side of the vehicle after the group knocks out its communications, Dwight climbs onto the side of the van, nearly losing grip but making it onto the roof. He slips inside and holds the driver at gunpoint. When his gun is knocked out of his hand, along with his mask off his face, Dwight has a brief skirmish with the driver, kicking him out of the vehicle and slowing down the MRAP. Exiting the vehicle to meet back up with the rebels, Dwight states that the man saw his face. Dwight and Al are shocked to see Morgan ride up from behind on horseback, with the driver lassoed behind him.

When the group returns to the skatepark, Morgan, Dwight, and Al share what had happened since they were last together. The group later comes together for dinner. Dwight approaches the rebels' dog, who aggressively barks back at him.

In the morning, Dwight prepares to interrogate Reg. Entering the room he was kept in, Dwight turns off the looped music and removes the bag from his head. He demands to know where Virginia is, though continues to receive no answer. Dwight unmasks to look the man in the face, and is insulted on his burn, punching the man in retaliation. Growing progressively angrier, Dwight spills guts and blood on the man, and brings in the dog to threaten him with. The man continues to reject giving them any information. Dwight siccs the dog on Reg, but he is narrowly saved by Morgan, who flips his chair over and knocks him out. Morgan questions what Dwight is doing.

Outside, Dwight and Morgan argue over right and wrong. Dwight states that doing the right thing was what got them in their current situation, and argues that Morgan would do the same if Grace requested. Dwight returns to the group, who plan to lure Virginia and the Pioneers into a trap and kill them with the MRAP's turrets. Dwight radios Hill, telling him they found a new community of people and giving him the supposed location. Preparing to leave, Dwight is held at gunpoint by Ozzie at Sherry's request, telling him that he can't come, as she doesn't want him to become the person he once was. Forcing Dwight, Morgan, and Al into the same room Reg is being kept in, they are left there while the group leaves to the ambush location. Dwight admits to Morgan that he was wrong, and they should have waited for the right moment to attack. Dwight then starts cutting his binds.

Later that night, shortly before the scheduled attack, Dwight catches up to the rebels. He enters the MRAP, telling Sherry not to go through with the ambush, as it will ultimately cause more retaliation from the Pioneers. When Hill and the Pioneers arrive, Sherry emotionally backs down. Hill tells Dwight over the radio that they better have an explanation, and the Pioneers depart. After they leave, Sherry angrily hits Dwight, telling him, "you had to make it hard".

When the group returns to camp, Dwight enters Sherry's room, sitting beside her. He questions why Sherry is determined to take down Virginia, and then questions if it is because of Negan. Sherry tells Dwight that she could have done something to stop Negan, but chose not to, making her feel the need to take down Virginia for redemption. Sherry argues to Dwight that this was the person she is now, and demands Dwight to leave. Dwight walks out of her room. Walking through the skatepark, he approaches the dog's cage. Briefly sharing a bonding moment with it, Dwight opens the cage to release the dog.

Dwight approaches Morgan and Al. They suggest Dwight comes with them, telling him about the community Morgan is trying to build. Dwight accepts. The three grab two walkers that resemble them in appearance and put some of their clothing on them, also severely damaging one's face to cover for Dwight's burn. They leave the walkers chained to a truck. In the morning, the three arrive at a semi-truck on the side of the road, where Nora's group are holding up. Dwight and Al tell them about Morgan's place, offering them to come, to which they accept. Before departing, Dwight leaves an infinity symbol written in marker on the door.

"The Door"

Dwight brings Alicia and Charlie to Morgan's community. Morgan radios Dwight and Al and tells them to mobilize for battle against Virginia. He asks Dwight to request reinforcements from Sherry.

"Things Left to Do"

Dwight, Althea and Alicia greet Morgan and Virginia. Morgan explains that he agreed to let Virginia see Dakota in exchange for Daniel and Grace's freedom. Morgan brings Virginia outside and tells everyone that she would be executed in front of the three comminutes, but decided against it, as he declares that killing Virginia would make them no better than her, then retreats behind the dam with Virginia. Dwight meets up with Sherry, and asks her to join the community, but Sherry says she wouldn't find what she is looking for with his people. She leaves with her group in the SWAT truck. Dwight later sees June leaving the community after she kills Virginia.

"Handle With Care"

Dwight is seen helping residents of Valley Town work in harmony to rebuild the community. An explosion goes off in Valley Town. Dwight and the others race over and discover that someone set off some dynamite. Sherry calls it an inside job. A small group of walkers get through the dam and everyone has to improvise with chairs, tools and paint cans to fight them off. Dwight gets pushed down with a walker on top of him. Strand walks up and shoots the walker off of Dwight.

"The Holding"

Dwight is present at the meeting in Valley Town where Morgan reviews the maps stolen by Althea, Luciana, and Wes from the Holding, detailing the cult's future attack plans on settlements. When Dwight asks if they have any gasoline left, Rachel chimes in that they do not, but the horses are all fed and rested up, ready to be used if needed. After the meeting, Dwight checks in on Althea. Althea says Teddy's group wasn't out to hurt Nora's people, they wanted the CRM. She wants to find Isabella and warn her. Althea wants to go by herself. Dwight says if he doesn't hear from her in a couple of days, he will come looking for her.

"In Dreams"

In Grace's dream, a slightly older Dwight is seen with a longer beard pushing a wheelbarrow full of vegetables with his young son, John, following behind him. He greets Morgan and Grace as his wife Sherry and their infant daughter Tina approach to greet the newcomer. Sherry introduces her family and Grace to their settlement before proceeding to the vegetable gardens to plant seeds with the family.


Dwight finds June and assures her that Morgan didn't mean what he said. June wonders if John would still be alive if she'd left Virginia when he asked her to. Sherry joins them and searches the cars for fuel. June suggests they look for Ranger Hill to find out more about the group behind the spray-painted messages. Someone shoots at them. June looks for the sniper while Dwight and Sherry kill walkers.

Dwight tries to keep up with Sherry, as she rides her horse down the road at a furious pace, and worries they are working the horses too hard. He asks Sherry why she's out here. Sherry ignores him and just keeps riding. Dwight and Sherry race down the road. Dwight later finds Sherry on the ground, the horse dying near her. Sherry shoots the horse dead and finally reveals she is looking for fuel so that she can drive back to Virginia and kill Negan. Dwight agrees to help her find fuel if she helps him find June. Dwight and Sherry ride together and find June's jacket hanging off a tree.

Dwight and Sherry search the RV and find a note from June that she's heading to the cabin. They guess that Hill will have a truck that Sherry can drive to Virginia. Dwight and Sherry reminisce about their relationship, then hear June thumping in the bait shop nearby. They rescue June and they kill Hill before he can kill J.D. and they help J.D. up. Dwight, Sherry, June and J.D. stand by John's grave and they listen as June reads John's letter out loud.

Sherry tells Dwight that she's been using Negan as an excuse for breaking up, when in fact she's just afraid that she won't be able to change back to who she used to be. Dwight says that she doesn't have to be the same person as before. They hug and agree to start over. June gives her wedding rings back to Dwight and thanks him for letting her and John borrow them. Dwight and Sherry get on their horse.

"USS Pennsylvania"

Dwight joins the rest of Morgan's group in traveling to the beached sub near Galveston, Texas in order to stop the Doomsday Cult's plans to launch the USS Pennsylvania's compliment of nuclear missile. Dwight remains outside with many of Morgan's friends and watches in horror as the cult manages to get a nuclear missile with ten warheads off before Morgan and Strand can stop them.

"The Beginning"

After hearing Morgan's transmission, Dwight and Sherry desperately search for shelter on horseback. Finally, they come across a house. Sherry thinks they should search the house for some beer and pretzels, this being the one thing they promised they would do once they found each other. If it is indeed the end, Sherry says, then this is how she wants to go out, to which Dwight agrees. They find the house empty, but Dwight manages to find some beer. As they sip in on the porch, Sherry wonders why they didn't do this sooner. She tearfully laments how they could have had a life together after miraculously finding each other, but she couldn't get over the past, and instead wasted time being angry and trying to fight the bad guys, who always win anyway. All it did, Sherry realizes, was cost her time with Dwight.

Dwight comforts her, telling her she has nothing to be sorry for and that they can still have a life together, even if it's just for a couple of minutes. The pair are suddenly confronted by a couple of survivors who'd been hiding in the house, as Dwight and Sherry hold them at gunpoint. Dwight tries to deescalate the situation, assuring the couple that they thought the house was empty, with Sherry advising them to evacuate to a safe place. The man, Kevin, says that they have a place, but that "they" took it. He explains that they have a storm cellar which they were planning on hiding in after they saw the missile, when some "jackasses" showed up and forced them out. The woman, Kim, doesn't know who they were, just that they were ranting about how "the end is the beginning." Kevin bitterly says that they put a gun to his daughter's face, who then makes her presence known as well. Once they lower their guns, Kim asks Dwight and Sherry to leave them alone. Dwight, instead, volunteers to get the cellar back for them. When Kim asks how, Dwight asks if they have any rope.

Dwight and Sherry tie the cellar door to Dwight's horse. Dwight then slaps the horse so that it would gallop away. A few seconds later, the doors are pulled off their hinges. Two cult members emerge, guns blazing, but both are shot by Dwight and Sherry. While one is killed, the other tries to run away, only to be shot in the leg by Dwight. Once confronted, the cult member begs to be finished off, but Dwight denies him his wish, opting to instead do for him what he tried to do for the family in the house. Sherry sarcastically tells the cult member to enjoy the view, before shooting him in the other leg. As they walk away, Sherry is surprised by Dwight's conduct, as she hasn't seen that side of him in a long time. Dwight supposes they were both right about making sure the bad guys don't win, and says that maybe they should have been doing that the whole time. As another warhead detaches above, the pair scurry inside the storm shelter.

Season 7[]

"Till Death"

A man in a gas mask, Eli, pushes a cart through an abandoned town. Another man flags him down and selects some fruit from the cart. Two masked riders, the Dark Horses, show up on horseback and hold the men at gunpoint, demanding to know why they're stealing food from others. A fight ensues. A rider kills one of the men, but Eli escapes. The riders remove their masks: It's Dwight and Sherry.

Dwight and Sherry bring supplies back to the cellar where they've been living with the Larsons—Kevin, Kim, and their daughter, Briga. Kevin and Kim tell Dwight and Sherry that they need to move on and join up with a community, but Dwight and Sherry beg them to wait until they find Padre. Someone radios with a request for help from the Dark Horses.

Dwight and Sherry arrive at the caller's meeting spot and get ambushed by Howard and his rangers.

Strand hits golf balls off the roof of his tower. Howard brings Dwight and Sherry to him and removes their hoods. Strand bursts into laughter when he realizes the identity of the Dark Horses. He tells them he has a proposal.

Strand takes Dwight and Sherry on a tour of the tower and says that June, Wendell, and John Dorie Sr. are living there, but that he won't allow Morgan and Grace into the community. He offers them residence at the tower if they can find one of his former residents, Mickey, who went searching for her husband and is obsessed with a place she heard about on a radio transmission. They refuse his offer.

Howard brings Dwight and Sherry back to the outside world. After he leaves, Sherry proposes they find Mickey and search for Padre all together.

Mickey holes up in a bar and duct tapes phone books for armor. She hears people outside and tells them she's not going back to Strand. Dwight enters the bar and insists they just want to talk. Mickey twists his arm. Sherry shows up with a gun and explains they're just here to help Mickey find her husband.

Mickey tells Dwight and Sherry that she escaped Strand's tower by taping phone books to her body and pushing through the herd around the tower. She says the only reason Strand wants her back is so that no one else finds out how she escaped. Dwight suddenly recognizes Mickey as a professional wrestler who used to tour with her husband Cliff. Mickey explains that she and Cliff opened a training gym after their career ended and agreed to meet at the gym if they ever got split up after the fall. Dwight and Sherry offer to help her find Cliff and locate Padre together.

Dwight, Sherry, and Mickey arrive at the cellar and find Kim and Kevin shot in the head. Briga is a walker.

Sherry and Dwight bury the Larsons, and deduce that Eli murdered them. Dwight wonders if they should take Strand's offer.

Dwight tells Mickey that the tower might be the safest place for them, but Mickey refuses to go back. Sherry decides to accompany Mickey to the gym and tells Dwight she'll meet him at the bar after they find Cliff.

Sherry and Mickey begin their journey to the gym. Mickey says she understands Dwight's rationale for wanting to live at the tower. Sherry explains they already made a bargain once with a man like Strand, and it nearly destroyed them.

They arrive at the gym and find it surrounded by walkers. Sherry gets an idea.

Dwight finds his horse in the woods. Eli sneaks up on him and holds him at gunpoint. Dwight makes a sound, cuing his horse to kick Eli to the ground. Eli drops some polaroid photos of dead walkers. Dwight remembers seeing polaroids of dead walkers at Strand's tower and realizes that Strand hired Eli to kill the Larsons. Dwight leaves Eli to die as walkers devour him.

Sherry climbs into the boxing ring to gain some height. Mickey sees a walker and realizes it's Cliff. She walks toward him in tears, but Sherry stabs him in the head. Mickey climbs into the ring. The ring collapses, allowing walkers to climb up. Sherry grabs her walkie to call Strand for help, but Dwight shows up and tells them that Strand killed the Larsons. They slaughter all the walkers together.

Dwight gives Mickey a letter he found while cleaning Cliff's body. In the letter, Cliff urges Mickey not to give up. Dwight privately admits to Sherry that the reason he wanted to live at the tower was because he wants to start a family. They decide they don't need to wait for perfect circumstances to have a child. A voice comes over the radio, looking for the Dark Horses.

Dwight, Sherry, and Mickey gallop through the wasteland to answer the call. They arrive at the meeting point and find a masked man. More masked figures come out of hiding as the man invites them to help him find Padre.

"The Portrait"

Morgan walks through a barren landscape and is found by Dwight and Sherry. Dwight and Sherry bring Morgan to a camp and escort him to the leader: it's Alicia. They embrace. Alicia says she asked Dwight and Sherry to find him. They're interrupted by an alarm as walkers approach the camp. Morgan sees a giant tumor on a walker's belly and realizes that it's irradiated. He warns everyone to hold their fire, but it's too late. Alicia's group fires at the walkers. The walkers explode into balls of fire and fill the air with radiation. Morgan orders everyone to run.


Alicia tells Morgan that Dwight and Sherry found the special walker a few days ago. Dwight explains that Arno didn't want Alicia finding this walker.

Alicia tells Morgan she needs his help finding PADRE. She claims that the special walker knows how to get there. Sherry warns them that Strand's rangers are tracking them. Dwight and Sherry go to ward off the rangers.

"Follow Me"

Dwight will appear in this episode.


Dwight has found a weapons cache surrounded by at least a hundred walkers that Morgan, Sarah and Sherry go on a mission to help him retrieve.

Later, in the sub's Mess Hall, Dwight, Sarah and Morgan unpack the impressive arsenal of weapons that they've retrieved from the weapons cache that Dwight had found. Dwight is just glad that it worked out, but Morgan tells him that it more than worked out, these weapons could make all of the difference and Dwight calls it a start for sure. Morgan wants to do an inventory of the weapons while Dwight notes that they just need soldiers to carry them. Sherry enters with Luciana, Daniel and the Stalkers with the news that the Stalkers want to help them. Morgan asks about Wes, but Luciana informs him that Wes isn't coming and while she hopes that Wes is okay, Luciana thinks that he needs some time. Daniel is pleased that they've found the weapons and tells Morgan that now all they need to do is start planning how to overthrow Victor Strand.

"The Raft"

Sherry drags the USS Pennsylvania's emergency life raft onto a beach, inflates it and begins loading it up with supplies that she has gathered. Dwight contacts her, confused as to where Sherry has gone as she had left without waking him up. Sherry claims that Dwight had needed the sleep and that she's just on a supply run to a warehouse near the train depot that they had never explored. However, she didn't find anything there. Dwight reveals that they've gotten an SOS on the Dark Horses' old emergency channel from a woman who got herself turned around near the inlet. Sherry promises to meet him at the sub, but Dwight doesn't think that the woman can wait. Sherry argues that it could be another one of Strand's traps, but Dwight points out that if it breaks the way that Strand's been talking about, then they need every soldier that they can get. Dwight doesn't know if the woman can fight and he asks about his wife's strange behavior, but Sherry deflects, telling Dwight to wait for her as Sherry ties up the raft. However, Dwight doesn't think that he and the woman can wait for her.

Chased by three walkers, Maya Vazquez runs through the trees, frantically calling over the radio to Dwight that she's where he said that she should be. Maya trips and falls, but she grabs a rock as a weapon, and resumes running away. However, Maya gets surrounded as a small herd of half a dozen walkers encircles her from the trees. Dwight rides up on horseback and shoots five of the walkers, but he runs out of bullets with just one left, a radioactive walker that approaches Maya as Dwight warns her not to let it touch her. At the last second, Sherry arrives and shoots the walker, saving Maya's life and apologizing for being late, although Dwight says that she's just in time instead.

Sherry gives Maya a protective mask and checks her Geiger counter to see that they're clear of the radiation. Sherry tells Maya that while they're good here, she really should wear that while she's on the move and they're going to need to get her checked out. Maya is confused and Dwight explains that it's what he was talking to her about on the radio about the air quality and the radiation. Maya looks at the radioactive walker and Dwight realizes that she's not from the area which Maya confirms, explaining that she came here on a boat looking for her kid. Dwight comments that she landed in the wrong place while Sherry becomes interested in Maya's comment about the boat, asking what it's like out there and how far the fallout goes. However, Maya has no idea as she was on the boat for days. Maya last saw her son Marco a few months ago: one night he was in their tent when they went to sleep and in the morning, he was gone. Dwight asks if she's sure that it wasn't the dead, but Maya points out that they would've touched her if it was, not left her alone.

Maya asks if they're from the Tower, having heard the message inviting people to join it. Maya suggests that Marco may have been taken there, but Sherry tries to dissuade her from going to the Tower while Dwight explains that there's bad blood between them and the man in charge. Much to Sherry's surprise, Dwight tells Maya that their bad blood with the Tower shouldn't stop her from going, especially if Maya thinks that her kid's there. Dwight has Maya get her stuff, promising to point the desperate mother in the right direction. Sherry questions Dwight who thinks that Maya is better off with Strand even though they're about to go to war with him. Sherry realizes that Dwight thinks that they're going to lose, and he points out that they're outmanned and outgunned. While it's just them and they can take that kind of a risk, Maya has a kid, and she can't. Sherry gives Dwight a concerned look, but only tells her that she just wishes that it wasn't like this which Dwight agrees with.

Morgan suddenly radios in that he's coming in hot and he's going to need a handoff. Sherry responds, telling Morgan that they're on it and asking where he is. Morgan identifies his position as being on the coastal road a couple of miles north of the Pennsylvania and Sherry promises to be there in 10 minutes, before asking what he means by a handoff and if he needs them to take Mo. Morgan clarifies that some of the walkers from the Tower's moat broke off and started following him and Morgan needs the Dark Horses to dump them somewhere for him. Dwight finds that he only has a couple of magazines left and Sherry warns Morgan that they might not have enough ammo to take out the walkers. "You definitely do not, because there are a lot of them. It's all of them," reveals Morgan as he continues moving down the road, chased by Strand's entire moat, a massive herd of hundreds of walkers stretching as far as the eye can see behind him.

Riding down the road on horseback, Dwight contacts Luciana looking for a place to dump a lot of walkers. Dwight asks where the crater that the Stalkers had found is located, and Luciana tells him that it's five miles west of Manny's Salvage Yard. Luciana asks if they need a hand, but Dwight tells her that they've got it, and they will let Luciana know if anything changes. Dwight wonders if he had messed up back there with the Dark Horses' code by sending Maya to the Tower, which is the exact opposite of what Sherry had wanted him to do with Mickey. Sherry reminds Dwight that Mickey could hold her own out here and Dwight guesses that Sherry also thinks that they're going to lose this fight with Strand and his forces. Sherry isn't sure and she reminds Dwight of what they had talked about at the gym and everything that Dwight had said that he had wanted. Dwight remembers, but he points out that Sherry had said that she wanted it too, to let life happen and to have a family together. Sherry's worried that if they can't take the Tower, they won't be able to have any of that. After a moment, Dwight agrees that they'll take the Tower while Sherry points out that they're not going to be able to do anything if they don't get rid of the walkers that are chasing Morgan.

As the herd continues to follow Morgan, one walker falls and inadvertently has its head crushed under the foot of another walker behind it. Morgan tells baby Mo that he truly hopes that she doesn't remember any of this when she gets older before commenting that he'll just be happy if Mo lives long enough to be older. Dwight and Sherry arrive and Dwight notices that Morgan got his daughter back. Morgan sadly explains that John Dorie Sr. did and that John gave his life so that Mo could escape. Dwight and Sherry are visibly saddened by the news, and Morgan tells them that the rest of their friends are still stuck inside of the Tower. Looking at the herd as it closes in, Dwight questions how Morgan had picked up so many walkers, and he explains that some of them had started following him just after John had handed Mo off and Morgan then just didn't discourage the others from following him too. "Strand's felt safe in that Tower because of the walkers around it. But until tonight, when he can try and draw some more in with that light of his --" Morgan starts and Dwight finishes "we can get in." Sherry is impressed with Morgan's plan which Dwight believes will work since there's already walkers in the crater so what's a thousand more. Dwight orders Morgan to get Mo back to the sub where Daniel and Luciana will be ready.

Suddenly, the group is fired upon, and they take cover, recognizing the attackers as being three of Strand's Rangers. Morgan recognizes that Strand is desperate because he knew that the only reason that Morgan's Group didn't make a move on the Tower is because Strand had Mo. Seeing the herd approaching, Dwight comments that the Rangers are just going to get themselves killed, but Morgan is concerned that if the walkers get dispersed, it will be easier from Strand draw them back in tonight. As a result, they need to keep the herd together. Morgan asks for Dwight's gun, and he hands over Mo, explaining that the Dark Horses can get her further away than Morgan can and faster. Morgan instructs them to get Mo to the sub and lock the hatches as the one thing that they've gotta do is to keep her away from Strand. While Sherry argues that Mo should be with her dad, Morgan knows that Mo should be with whomever can keep her safe right now. Morgan runs across the road and hides behind a different vehicle, drawing the Rangers' attention and fire. Dwight suggests that this could be a good thing: if he and Sherry can do this with Mo, then they can do this with a kid of their own. The three ambushing Rangers are devoured by the walkers, before Morgan draws the herd back after him.

Riding past a dead horse, Dwight thinks that they've lost the Rangers. A masked figure stands in their way with a gun and Dwight demands that the man move out of the way, but he believes that the Dark Horses won't kill him as they've got a code. Sherry pulls her gun on the man, demanding to know what he knows about their code, and the man unmasks himself to reveal their former friend Wes. Sherry threatens to shoot nonetheless, but Wes warns them that the Rangers will be upon them if they do. Dwight questions if Wes really cares about protecting Strand, but Wes states that he cares about surviving and the Tower is the only way that he does it. Dwight offers that if Wes comes with them and help them to take down the Tower, they'll pretend like he never even left. Wes simply demands Mo, but Dwight tells him that he was just like Wes once, "trying to be someone's right-hand man, doing what you needed to do to protect your own. Look, I get it." Wes asks if Dwight thinks that he's doing this because he's on a power trip, before clarifying that he's doing this because Morgan's group had made Wes believe in something better to the point that he had killed his brother because of it, but it turns out that they don't even believe in what they preach. Wes regrets not going along with Derek when he found him since Derek was at least honest about what he was doing. Sherry gives Wes his last warning before shooting at the ground next to Wes' horse, causing the horse to buck him off and run away. Taking Wes' gun, Sherry tells him that "if you really thought building something better was bullshit, you would've shot us." Dwight tells Wes to think about what he said while Wes is sitting there waiting for his cavalry to come. The Dark Horses ride off, leaving an injured Wes behind.

At the Blue Diamond Car Wash, Sherry stands guard as Dwight looks after Mo. Sherry hasn't heard anything from Luciana and she believes that Strand's Rangers would've passed them by now if they were tracking the couple. Dwight refuses to move until they make contact with Luciana and hangs up a makeshift mobile made out of air fresheners for Mo, jokingly calling it an auto-mobile. Sherry is annoyed as she's trying to keep them alive, but Dwight is trying to show Mo a reason to stay alive. Dwight questions Sherry's strange behavior as she continues to try to deflect his questions. Sherry admits that it's hard for her to see Dwight like this with Mo, "laughing and smiling and making dad jokes." Sherry is afraid that they're not going to have that, that Dwight is right that they can't beat Strand, although she's not giving up. Luciana radios in and Sherry orders her to open the hatch and prepare to lock down the sub as they're on their way and chances are they're not alone. Luciana orders them not to come, revealing that the Pennsylvania's engineering compartment is starting to leak radiation, and everyone is abandoning ship while Sarah helps to coordinate the evacuation at the hatch behind her. Sherry suggests just waiting it out at the car wash, but Dwight knows that they can't as the Rangers are likely just listening in and as a result, they know which direction the Dark Horses are coming from, and they'll find them. Dwight decides to keep moving instead and Sherry agrees.

Dwight picks up Sherry's bag and she suddenly grows defensive, drawing his suspicions. Inside, Dwight finds a bunch of maps and navigation charts and he demands answers. Sherry finally admits that she was getting the emergency raft from the sub ready to launch. Dwight is angry that Sherry is just planning to leave after all of this, but she reveals that the raft isn't for her, it's for Dwight. Dwight is stunned, and Sherry points out that they both know what's coming and that they had both heard the offer that Strand had made. Sherry doesn't want Dwight to turn into the person that he doesn't want to be, and Dwight angrily tells his wife that they've been over this before and that it's not gonna happen. Dwight realizes that Sherry thinks that he's actually going to throw in with Strand, and she points out that it had happened before with Negan and the Saviors and Sherry just doesn't want it to happen again. Dwight tells Sherry that it's bullshit and she knows it.

Wes, backed up by two Rangers, interrupts Dwight and Sherry's argument, telling the couple that what's bullshit is them thinking that they could stay ahead of the Rangers. Wes warns them that, if they're thinking about running, half a dozen more Rangers are on their way. Wes demands that they hand Mo over and Dwight asks what they'll get in return, telling Sherry that if she really thinks that this is how they're gonna end up, they might as well get something out of it. Dwight asks if they can still take Wes up on Strand's deal if they hand Mo over, but Wes tells him that it's not his call to make, but he's sure that it will help their case. Dwight claims that he's not going to try and be a better person if Sherry doesn't even think that he can and he orders Sherry to pick the baby up. As Sherry goes to get Mo, Dwight approaches the Rangers non-threateningly and one comes up to disarm him. Dwight suddenly grabs the man and uses him as a human shield against the man's partner, resulting in the other Ranger accidentally shooting the man to death before Dwight kills him. Dwight orders Sherry to go as he struggles with Wes.

Sherry changes Mo's diaper amidst some piles of debris before Dwight joins them. Dwight tells his wife that Wes is still out there and Dwight just slowed him down. Checking her Geiger counter, Sherry tells Dwight that they're good here, but the radiation is too high for them to go any further. Dwight reminds Sherry that they still have half a dozen Rangers riding up behind them and he is pleased to learn that the baby has no idea what's going on. The couple begins to move on and Sherry apologizes for what she had said earlier, admitting that she doesn't think that Dwight would take Strand's deal for himself. Dwight wants to know if Sherry thinks that he would take it for her, but she just calls it complicated and notices a piece of rubble marked as belonging to the Franklin Hotel on the ground.

The two spot the bunker entrance nearby and Dwight asks if anyone knows where the bunker that Teddy had locked up Alicia in is. Alicia comes on the radio to answer the question herself, much to Dwight's surprise. Alicia tells Dwight that she's with Morgan and that the bunker is under the Franklin Hotel, wanting to know why he's asking. Dwight explains that they had just found it and Sherry decides to hide from the Rangers in the bunker. Dwight asks Alicia if there's another way out, and she reveals that there's the drainage works on the north end, but they're not stable. Dwight is worried that the Rangers might've heard the transmission and he feels that they should head through the crater instead to stay ahead of them, worried that they could get cornered if the Rangers come into the bunker. Sherry tells Dwight that the readings are way too high, but Dwight thinks that they'll be fine with their gas masks on, and Mo's baby carrier having been lined with lead. Sherry again refuses and Dwight angrily confronts her over Sherry refusing to do what they need to do in order to keep Mo safe. "I think I might be pregnant," Sherry finally reveals. Although stunned by the news that he's going to be a father, an emotional Dwight promises his wife that it's a good thing. Hearing the sound of horses nearby, Dwight and Sherry enter the bunker and close the door behind them.

Inside, a frustrated Sherry tries to work a keypad without any success before Dwight stops her as the whole system is shorted. Instead, they duck into a nearby locker room where Dwight blocks the door with a bench. Sherry apologizes for not telling her husband sooner, and she thinks that she's been pregnant for a couple of weeks. Dwight plans to find her a test, but Sherry reveals that she has already taken one, but she hasn't looked at it yet. Handing over a crying Mo and retrieving her pregnancy test from bag, Sherry explains that that's why she didn't want Dwight going through her bag, "because I know you, D. If -- if this is positive, you're gonna wanna do what's best for her, even if that means going into Strand's Tower. You know, if we do that, if we go into that place, it will destroy all the parts of you that I love. You know all the -- the parts that are gonna make you a great father. And I just -- I can't let that happen to you again. You know, I want our child to know you. Not the person that Strand would turn you into." Dwight tells Sherry that he loves her for trying to protect her, but Dwight should be able to protect her too which means that Sherry doesn't get to do this alone, especially when they're in this together. The excited couple prepares to look at the pregnancy test, but they are forced to move upon hearing banging in the distance from the Rangers.

At the crater, Morgan and Alicia find it to be mostly empty rather than it being filled with walkers as Dwight and Sherry had said. Morgan notices walkers climbing out of the crater up a ramp that looks like it was created from the trailer of a semi-truck, and he realizes that someone let the walkers out. The two know that if they dump the herd in the crater, they're just gonna climb right back out again. Morgan radios Dwight and Sherry that the crater's a no-go and they need to find another place to dump the walkers. In the bunker's infirmary, Sherry finds Alicia's old Sharpened Barrel Shroud on her cot next the PADRE binder and Sherry takes the weapon for herself. The two realize that if Morgan and Alicia can't dump the herd, then they can't move on the Tower and begin moving out while Morgan and Alicia begin leading the herd away from the crater.

In the bunker's drainage pipe, Dwight works on clearing the blockage from the nuclear detonations while Sherry notices a nearby fire sprinkler. Sherry wonders how loud the fire alarm is in a place like this and the two speculate that it might be loud enough to be heard above ground. If Morgan and Alicia are heading back, then they'll be leading the herd right over the bunker. Striking a match, Sherry orders Dwight to get digging. In the infirmary, Wes and his Rangers search for Dwight and Sherry. One man reports that since their horses were right outside, they have to be in the bunker. The fire alarm suddenly goes off and Wes, realizing that Dwight and Sherry are responsible for it, angrily orders one of his men to find it and turn it off.

Outside, Morgan and Alicia hear an alarm going off and Alicia realizes that it's the bunker's fire alarm and that they're right on top of it. Seeing the entrance nearby, Alicia deduces that Dwight and Sherry must've tripped the alarms. Alicia decides to get the herd into the bunker, but Morgan is dubious as Dwight and Sherry are down there with Mo. Alicia is sure that the couple will get Mo out and she asks Morgan to trust her, telling him that she has a plan. Dwight, Sherry and Mo move through the unstable drainage pipe and Dwight realizes that the shaking is because the walkers are above them. Standing on top of the entrance structure, Morgan and Alicia draw the walkers in, but Morgan can't raise Dwight and Sherry because the signal won't reach the bunker. Alicia tells Morgan that they'll get the herd inside and then they'll go to where the pipe lets out and they continue making noise as the walkers enter the bunker, drawn by Morgan, Alicia and the fire alarm.

Inside, two Rangers desperately try to turn the alarm off before the herd falls upon them from both sides. Heavily outnumbered, both men are devoured by the walkers. Suddenly, part of the drainage pipe collapses in front of Dwight, Sherry and Mo. Desperately trying to flee, the other four Rangers are devoured by the herd, but Wes manages to put down a walker and escape, stopping to listen for a moment in visible emotional turmoil as his men die in the bunker.

Dwight tries and fails to move the debris blocking their path. Dwight apologizes to both Sherry and Mo, although Sherry reassures her husband that it's not his fault. Dwight sadly thinks that maybe him being a father wasn't meant to be and Sherry pulls out her pregnancy test, deciding that she wants to find out together with him as she should've done from the very beginning. Together, they open the test, which is positive, confirming that Sherry really is pregnant. The couple embrace in joy and Sherry is filled with a new determination to get out. Using the sharpened barrel shroud, Sherry begins breaking through the blockade.

Morgan and Alicia hear Mo crying in the distance and Dwight and Sherry emerge from the drainage pipe with Mo. As Morgan tends to his daughter, Dwight explains that the tunnel had collapsed, but Sherry had cleared it. Sherry tries to return the sharpened barrel shroud to a surprised Alicia, thanking her for the assist, but Alicia tells Sherry to keep the weapon. Alicia suggests that if they can get on the sub and use the transmitter, there might be a way they could reach whoever's left out there and make a real push for the Tower. However, Dwight reveals that the sub is leaking radiation and is a no-go. Dwight and Sherry recall that Maya had heard Strand's message all the way from the water which must've been 20 miles out. As a result, Strand must have an antenna that Alicia could use, a location that has power and is the highest point for miles around which is just another reason to take the Tower from him. However, Morgan has to do what Grace asked him to do and to get Mo as far away from here as possible. While Alicia thinks that there's no way out, Sherry knows one.

At the sub's emergency raft, Daniel finishes loading up supplies for Morgan and the baby and Morgan recalls that Grace said that the weather patterns might've been affected, and that the fallout could hug the coast for hundreds of miles. Sherry tells him that Maya came from someplace clean, but Morgan worries that he won't be able to find it so Sarah jokingly suggests that he "take her out, drive her around the block a few times," getting a laugh out of Morgan. Morgan is conflicted about leaving just as Alicia is about to face Strand, but an emotional Alicia, knowing that this is likely the last time that she'll see her friend, tells him that Morgan needs to do this for Mo, Grace and himself. While they're both doing something that they don't want to do, Alicia admits that Morgan is right and she's going to be okay and she can do this. Promising to see Morgan again and that she's got this, Alicia orders him to go.

Hugging Alicia goodbye, Morgan takes Mo from Dwight who suggests that Sherry could go with him too. Sherry tells her husband that Strand doesn't know about her pregnancy, and he can't use this against them, but they can use it against him because now they have something to fight for and Dwight agrees. Morgan shares a hug with Luciana and thanks her before Dwight gives him the auto-mobile that he'd created for Mo, much to the amusement of Daniel and Sarah who exchange a smile. After thanking Dwight, Morgan wishes Alicia good luck and Luciana, Alicia, Dwight, Sherry, Daniel and Sarah - Morgan's closest remaining friends - push the raft into the water and Morgan sets sail.

Turning to her gathered forces, Alicia announces that "we gotta move! The sun sets in a few hours! Follow me." Alicia and her forces move out, finally ready to take the Tower from Strand.

"Divine Providence"

In the Tower, Strand shaves his beard off as music plays in the background. The Lead Ranger brings the news that Alicia is here for him, which a pleased Strand calls divine providence. On the roof, an excited Strand tells Wes that today is one of those days where one must wipe the slate clean, and Wes warns him that Alicia didn't come alone. Through binoculars, Strand sees Morgan's Group - now including both Alicia's Group and the former Stalkers - surrounding the platform with Alicia, Daniel, Luciana, Sarah, Jacob Kessner, Dwight, Sherry and several others gathered on the platform itself.

Strand contacts Alicia, noting that although she brought company, Morgan isn't amongst them. Alicia reveals that Morgan is somewhere safe where Strand won't find him with Mo and Strand accuses Morgan of being a coward who ran for the hills. Strand tells Alicia that it's auspicious of her to show up like this as Strand was already going to call Alicia to talk. Strand invites Alicia in to have a drink with him and she asks if this is him waving the white flag. Strand simply states that they'll talk about that on the inside and he again invites Alicia in for a drink, just the two of them. With a look at her friends, Alicia accepts Strand's offer, and they hang up. Wes questions what Strand is doing, but Strand simply claims that he has it covered. Wes looks doubtful and reminds Strand that he drove Alicia away for a reason and Strand could lose everything that he built by letting her inside of the Tower. Strand promises Wes that he won't, and he orders Wes to retrieve a bottle of wine for them from cold storage. As Wes leaves, Strand orders one of his guards to be ready when the sun goes down.

Once Alicia is inside, Strand has the Tower's beacon turned on in order to lure the radioactive walkers from the crater in to kill everyone outside. After making a deal with Alicia, Strand agrees to relent and let everyone in, but Wes betrays them, forcing Strand, Alicia and Daniel to fight through Wes' forces to shut down the beacon, ultimately killing Wes himself.

Outside, Dwight puts down a walker that is drawn to the Tower by the beacon. Dwight is worried since Alicia should've been out by now and Luciana points out that they can't wait much longer with Sarah agreeing that as long as the beacon is on, walkers will be on them. Sherry notices that someone is coming as Daniel arrives with June, Grace and Wendell. An emotional Sarah reunites with her brother for the first time in months and Dwight and Jacob question what's going on inside of the Tower and how the four got past the Rangers. Daniel tells everyone that while he doesn't have time to explain, they all need to get back inside of the Tower immediately. Grace asks about Morgan, but Sherry reassures her that Morgan had followed Grace's request and took Mo somewhere safe, but they don't know where.

Daniel warns everyone that they need to hurry as the beacon light is drawing the dead from the crater to the Tower. In Spanish, Luciana asks if he's sure and Daniel confirms it, telling Luciana rather pointedly that he's not a liar. Dwight asks how far they are, but Daniel isn't sure, revealing that Alicia and Strand are turning the light off as they speak. "Vic and AC are on the same team? What the hell did we miss?" quips Sarah. Daniel begins leading everyone inside of the Tower and brushes off June's attempts to patch him up, wanting her to tend to Charlie first. Daniel explains to a confused Luciana in Spanish that Strand had tried to convince him that Charlie is Ofelia, continuing what Luciana had started. Luciana apologizes for her actions, and a confused Daniel asks why she did it. Luciana admits that she thought that it was the only way before three Rangers open fire from the roof, killing two members of the group and sending the rest ducking for cover behind the platform. The group desperately returns fire as Wendell notices the herd approaching and he realizes that the Rangers are trying to box them out, forcing them to move out of cover.

On the roof, Strand kills two of the Rangers from behind while Alicia kills the third, ending the gunfire from the roof. Strand and Alicia notice five Rangers below charging at their friends and Strand guesses that the Rangers guarding the tunnel must've circled around. Knowing that the others are sitting ducks and seeing that the walkers are almost here, Alicia orders Strand to turn off the light while she gives the others as much cover as she can. Alicia shoots the five Rangers, but Strand hesitates to turn off the light. Strand realizes that Alicia is never going to forgive him, that even if Strand turns it off and helps Alicia to save everyone, the damage has already been done.

Stating that they don't have time for this, Alicia charges Strand, but he throws her into a cable, severing it and damaging the light. Strand angrily states that it was never going to be enough to make Alicia love him, but Alicia tells him that it could've been, but Strand ruined it by killing Wes. An emotional Strand insists that he didn't have a choice, but Alicia angrily accuses him of always having a choice and making the wrong ones. Although Strand tells her that he had killed Wes to save her life, Alicia believes that Strand was only trying to save himself and he didn't care who he had to kill to do it. Alicia kicks Strand backwards and struggles with him, telling Strand that "the person you used to be -- the person you said you wanted to forget -- that was never you!" In the struggle, Alicia punctures a gas can with the blades on her prosthetic arm and breaks another cable in the process, sending the antenna falling and shattering the light. The herd arrives, devouring a few members of Morgan's group as the rest rush inside of the Tower and barricade the doors against the radioactive walkers, watching them through the glass in horror.

Alicia climbs the platform holding the light with her transmitter and she hooks it up to the antenna. A despondent Strand tells Alicia that it's too late and there's no way out of here, but she ignores him. Stating that there's one, Alicia begins her broadcast. "This is Alicia Clark. If you're listening to this, you're not alone. The place you've been looking for, the place you've heard about, PADRE, it's here -- the Tower. Coordinates 29 degrees, 20 minutes, 14.1 seconds north, 94 degrees, 59 minutes, 25.7 seconds west. We're gonna build the new home you've been looking for. We can help you. But first... we're gonna need a little help from you." Sparks from the broken light suddenly set the spilled fuel on fire and it quickly spreads. Strand warns Alicia that the fire is going to spread through the whole building, but Alicia passes out as the fire spreads across the roof and Strand calls out for her.


A massive number of gas mask covered and frantic survivors carrying supplies make their way through the Texas landscape. Barely conscious and extremely feverish, Alicia is carried on a stretcher by Dwight and June and experiences flashbacks of various walkers attacking before passing out again.

On a beach, Alicia notices a bird landing next to her stretcher and Jacob Kessner alerts everyone else that she's waking up. June warns Alicia not to stand up as she's low on fluids and febrile, but Alicia ignores her orders, so June sends Jacob to get saline and the epinephrine. Alicia notices the frantic survivors prepping the rafts, and June explains that Strand's Tower is burning and Alicia notices a large cloud of smoke rising in the distance. "The walkers from the Crater -- when they breach those walls, when they burn, everything's gonna be released into the air," meaning that Texas is going to be flooded with all of the radiation stored within the radioactive walkers, rendering Texas completely uninhabitable. The group doesn't know where they're going yet, and Morgan hasn't made landfall himself yet either. Knowing that it could be just as dangerous out there, Alicia gets up. June warns her that if they can't get it under control, the fever could kill Alicia, but Alicia reminds June that it's been like this for months. Strand isn't with them as he didn't want to come with the group and, as far as they know, he's still in the Tower. As Alicia looks around, Jacob brings over the packed med kit in which he has included adrenaline in case Alicia needs it.

Alicia notices the young girl that she had encountered before nearby and guesses that she heard the message that Alicia had sent out. However, when Alicia gets to where she had seen the little girl, she's gone. The little girl catches Alicia's attention again and tells Alicia that she needs to find her friend who is out there somewhere. The girl asks Alicia to help her find him as her friend knows how to get to PADRE. The girl runs off towards the Tower and, after a moment's hesitation, Alicia follows her.

Alicia awakens on a stretcher carried by Sarah, June, Luciana, Dwight and Daniel. Luciana explains that they wouldn't leave her behind and the four put down the stretcher at Alicia's request. Dwight explains that they had heard her SOS and Josiah LaRoux introduces himself, with Sarah explaining that Josiah is a friendly who got to Alicia before they did. "Good thing, too, or you'd be part of that herd." Alicia sees no sign of the little girl, mentioning that she can help them find PADRE, surprising Sarah that Alicia actually found her. Alicia tells them that the little girl had radioed them for help, but Luciana reveals that it was Alicia herself who had radioed them, and she points out that they don't even know if PADRE is real. Although Alicia believes that the little girl had helped kill the walkers, Dwight asks if she's sure about that and he points out the blood on Alicia's arm blades as proof that she had killed them herself.

Alicia insists that the little girl was there and that she had saved her twice while the blood is from before. June notices that Alicia is still burning up and Alicia admits that she had taken the adrenaline shot and that the little girl is real, but Josiah informs Alicia that she was alone when he found her. Alicia guesses that the little girl must've gone back to the Tower in order to send a message to find her friend that can help them find PADRE. Alicia insists upon going back to the Tower, but her friends are dubious, wanting to bring her back to the rafts. "I get it. I do. I would be doing the same thing if I were you, but... I'm not leaving without her." Dwight points out that they don't even know if the little girl is real, and Luciana asks why saving the little girl is so important to her. Alicia believes that it's not just how she's going to save her friends, but how she's going to save herself too.

June believes that going back to the rafts is Alicia's best shot, but Alicia reveals that the little girl got bit and she survived because her friend helped her. However, Luciana has seen someone tell the exact same lie before, and Alicia admits that she's been dreaming for months about dying and turning into a walker. Alicia doesn't want to die and turn into a walker, and she's convinced that the little girl can help her to live. June suggests that Alicia is just seeing the little girl because she wants to, but while Alicia knows how it sounds, she's convinced that the little girl is real. Daniel notes that when people doubted him, it didn't feel good, and Sarah points out that Daniel wasn't operating with all of his faculties, causing Daniel to joke that he might still be not. "Alicia helped me to see things more clearly. And I can't leave her to try to do this on her own. So, I'm coming with you," declares Daniel. Telling Daniel that she owes him one, Luciana agrees to help too, with June agreeing that Alicia will clear the tunnel faster with help and Dwight commenting that Sherry will kill him if he lets Alicia go alone. Commenting that she doesn't want to be the only asshole who said no, Sarah agrees to help, and she pulls Josiah in too.

Near the tunnel entrance, Alicia tries to raise the little girl on the radio while her friends work to clear the tunnel. Alicia doubts herself about the girl being real for a moment before the girl answers her. The girl reports that she's moving up the stairs and that she thinks that she can get to the roof from here. Alicia orders the girl to stay where she is as it's too dangerous to do this on her own, reporting that she's coming, and her friends are clearing the tunnel for her. Before the transmission breaks up, the girl tells Alicia that, once she's through the tunnel, the stairs are clear. Taking her single bullet, Alicia loads her gun in preparation for what's coming.

Luciana reports to her that they've cleared a path through the tunnel and, if the girl is in the Tower, they can get to her. Alicia tells Luciana that the girl is, Alicia talked to her, and she's going in after her. June and Sarah refuse to let Alicia go in alone, while Josiah reports that although they opened the tunnel up pretty good, they can't be sure that it'll be stable for long. Addressing her friends, Alicia orders them to get back to the rafts and prepare to leave, promising to radio them if she learns where PADRE is. Alicia tells Dwight that Sherry needs him, Sarah just found her brother, Daniel has to be there for Charlie, and Luciana has to show Arno's people the way while Alicia has to do this on her own. Reluctantly accepting this, Luciana promises to see Alicia and the girl at the shore and Alicia dons her gas mask and enters the tunnel.

As everyone gets the rafts ready for departure, a deeply concerned Luciana looks towards the burning Tower for Alicia. June orders everyone not to leave anything behind as they don't know how long they're going to be out there. Charlie looks around worriedly as Daniel comforts her and Josiah throws his stuff into a raft. June tells Luciana that they're ready and they can't miss the tide, reassuring Luciana that Alicia will catch up, but they can't be here when the radioactive walkers burn. Luciana reluctantly orders everyone into the rafts as they're shoving off, before a weak Alicia suddenly radios in, needing help. Alicia reveals that they're in the SWAT van, but they need help getting the rest of the way and Luciana promises to meet them there. Alicia admits that she found the little girl, but she found someone else too.

Alicia passes out again and she wakes up in a raft on the beach. June tells Alicia not to move, that the fever's still rising, and they have her on fluids and will try to make this raft as comfortable as they can. Grace reports that they need to move now as radiation readings are spiking and the walkers must've breached the fence. Alicia asks Grace if she's heard from Morgan. Grace reveals that the current took him in a different direction, but Morgan cleared the radiation. Alicia asks Grace to give Morgan a message for her, but Grace hands Alicia a radio and tells her that she can tell Morgan herself as Morgan had wanted to talk to Alicia too.

Alicia contacts Morgan, still floating on the ocean in his life raft and holding Mo and apologizes to him for not doing what she said with the Tower. However, Morgan tells Alicia that she got everybody onto the rafts which is what matters. Also, Morgan thinks that Alicia might be right: he's been hearing some chatter on the radio that Morgan thinks might be PADRE. Morgan thinks that PADRE is real and that they might actually have some place to go to. Concerned, Morgan asks Alicia how she's feeling. Alicia tells Morgan that, no matter what happens to her, he needs to know that he won't be doing this alone. Morgan states that he won't be doing this alone because Alicia's going to be alright, but he loses contact with Alicia. Grace promises Alicia that if Morgan didn't hear her response, she'll make sure that he knows.

As the raft that she's on is dragged by, Charlie calls for it to stop and approaches Alicia who apologizes that she wasn't able to stop this from happening to her while Charlie is sorry that she wasn't there for Alicia either. Alicia tells the dying girl that Daniel's going to look after her, and Charlie tells Alicia that it's okay because Charlie finally got to do something that she never thought that she would and they finally got to see a beach. Daniel calls Charlie back to the raft and tells Alicia that he wasn't there for Ofelia at the end, but he will be there for Charlie. Daniel tells Alicia that he will see her again and leaves before Sherry thanks Alicia for taking Sherry and Dwight in like she did as they might not have made it this far without Alicia. Luciana tells Alicia that, if she didn't have to look after everyone else, she would be in the raft with Alicia, but Alicia tells Luciana that it's too dangerous and she has to do this alone.

However, Strand joins Alicia telling her that she won't have to do it alone. Strand jokes that while the raft might not be The Abigail, they can rough it out together. Against Strand's protests, Alicia climbs out of the raft telling Strand that she doesn't know much longer she has left or how fast she'll turn. While Strand is willing to take that chance, Alicia isn't. It's now up to Strand to make sure that everything they've been through means something. An emotional Strand refuses to go, but Alicia insists that he has to while people may have heard her message and are heading to the Tower. "You did make it mean something. You saved all of them. You saved me. You did what I asked you to do back at Lawton," Strand tearfully tells Alicia. Alicia pushes Strand's raft into the water and tells her old friend that she didn't just save him so that Strand could do what Alicia couldn't, Alicia did it because she loves him too. Alicia watches as the rafts leave, sharing a final wave with Strand. Falling to her knees as the rafts move out of sight, Alicia grabs her gun, but she passes out again before she can use it.

Season 8[]

"Blue Jay"

June tranquilizes three people in a passing PADRE boat near her hideout. However, one falls overboard and drowns, forcing June to stab him in the head to keep him from reanimating after checking the man's pulse. As June goes to cut off the fingers of the other two, she notices that one's face is scarred and is shocked to discover that they're actually Dwight and Sherry. Armed with June's tranquilizer rifle, a young boy confronts her, and June apologizes as she didn't know that there were kids onboard. The boy explains that he hid under the tarp when June shot the adults and takes Sherry's radio to call the attack in, revealing his name to be Finch. Finch reports that June killed Whistler while Red Kite and Starling have only been knocked out. As Finch goes to report their location, June grabs the gun and the radio from him, but the gun goes off in the process, puncturing the rubber hull of the boat.

Finch sits down, holding his side in obvious pain, as Dwight and Sherry regain consciousness and recognize their old friend. Finch explains that June had shot them with the darts and was trying to steal the boat while Sherry is shocked that June is the one who has been cutting people's fingers off. Dwight takes June's kit from her and questions her actions while Finch is confused by the use of Dwight's real name and that June used to work for PADRE. However, June refuses to answer their questions. Stating that they don't have time for another boat, Dwight asks June for help, revealing that they think that Finch has appendicitis and he needs surgery. June tells Dwight and Sherry to take the boy to the clinic, but Sherry states that they were doing that when June ambushed them.

Over the radio, a man reports to Finch that they've sent a patrol out and Finch tells Dwight to tell PADRE where they are. As Sherry tends to the boy, Dwight refuses, telling him that June will do the surgery as she was a nurse. June refuses, ordering them to go to the clinic where someone can help them, but Sherry points out that the clinic is 20 miles away and Finch's appendix could burst by the time that they arrive on foot. However, June doesn't have what she needs in her kit to do an appendectomy. Dwight threatens to tell Padre who has been cutting off all of his Collectors' fingers if she doesn't, but June just wants to leave as it's not safe for her here. With Finch experiencing more pain, Sherry has him move away so that June and Dwight can talk to each other alone and Dwight hands the boy an oar with a sharpened handle, reminding Finch how he taught the boy to aim for the eyes if he encounters any walkers.

Left alone, June questions why the couple is forcing her to do this while they want to know why they have to force her to help them in the first place and what happened to her. Sherry offers June a deal: do the surgery and she and Dwight will get June a boat and she can go wherever she wants, and Dwight and Sherry will keep her secret. Looking at Finch, June finally puts the pieces together. "That's your kid, isn't it? The one you were pregnant with when they found us on the rafts." Their reaction confirms June's suspicion and Sherry admits that June's right, explaining that Padre doesn't know that Dwight's the father. Dwight now teaches all of the kids combat training while Sherry works in the nursery and Finch has no idea that they're his parents. Although Padre would never let her spend time with her own kid, Sherry got in the boat by lying and getting herself reassigned. Dwight and Sherry have been following Padre's rules and, as a result, they haven't spent time together in years. The couple wanted to make sure that their son will be alright before taking Finch back with no one ever knowing what they did. Sympathetic, June finally agrees to do the surgery, admitting that she knows a place. However, she will not answer their questions and they must hold up their end of the deal and get her a boat which they promise to do.

That night, June leads Dwight, Sherry and Finch to an abandoned lab in a train. All of the equipment is covered in dust, there are notes on radiation safety and a severed walker head is mounted on an extension device. Dwight and Sherry are skeptical of the lab's safety, but June simply puts down the head and states that it's safe now. June powers up the lab and preps Finch for surgery as his parents reassure Finch and joke with him. As Sherry retrieves supplies for June, she notices an open file documenting experiments upon bite victims that were performed on the train with at least 78 trials. The notes one particular patient talks about increased aggression, biting off his own tongue, seizures, loss of hair and teeth, paralysis and eventually death and turning into a walker while the pictures show the bite marks, hair loss and lesions forming on his back near the bite mark. Calling June and Dwight over, Sherry demands answers from her and although June reiterates her refusal to answer any questions, both Dwight and Sherry refuse to proceed without her giving them something.

Adrian enters the train and holds the three at gunpoint, mistaking their intentions with Finch and, believing Dwight and Sherry to be Collectors, demanding answers from them about Hannah. Dwight and Sherry offer to help Adrian and Dwight tells the desperate father that PADRE hasn't lost a kid yet and, as the person who trains them to protect themselves, Dwight might be able to tell him something if Adrian can tell Dwight what his daughter looks like. A man calls Adrian for his location and Dwight takes advantage of the distraction to disarm him. However, the gun goes off in the process, knocking out power to the train and drawing in a nearby herd. As Sherry tends to a worsening Finch, Dwight smashes Adrian's radio as Adrian warns him that there a lot of people in Adrian's group and they will do anything to keep PADRE from hurting anymore kids. Dwight angrily explains that they brought Finch here to save his life while June reveals that the control panel has been hit and she can't do the surgery without power. Dwight agrees to hit an emergency override located at the back of the train to restore power while Sherry covers Adrian.

June stops Dwight from passing through the train itself to get to the back, revealing that it's full of the undead. June finally reveals that she used to work there and that it was an off-the-books operation as Padre didn't want anyone to know about it. Shrike was performing experiments to try to find a way to stop the infection from the walker bites. Although it's supposedly impossible, Shrike thought that it could be done, and her idea was to use radiation which is slow, painful and worse than dying from the bites. Shrike tried to force June to administer treatment, but June refused so she ran. As Finch cries out in increasing agony, Sherry states that they have no choice but to get the back of the train and they can't go around with the herd outside. However, Dwight comes up with the idea of climbing over the roof of the train instead.

June holds Adrian at gunpoint as Dwight and Sherry go to hit the override and he apologizes for his actions. June reminds Adrian that she had warned him away, but Adrian is glad that he didn't listen as he wouldn't have seen the lab otherwise which has shown Adrian that June knows even more about PADRE than she let on before. June insists that she can't help Adrian, but Adrian thinks that she just won't and informs June that her attacks are barely even slowing PADRE down, let alone stopping them. Adrian urges June to do something by helping him find his daughter or by getting Finch out before Dwight and Sherry come back and take Finch back to PADRE. June again refuses and Adrian points out that she's afraid and reminds June that she had told him that PADRE uses the people that you care about against you, and you can't run away from that. Adrian is truly sorry for whatever PADRE did to her, but June if lets that stop her from getting close to people again, he wonders what June is living for. Dwight and Sherry succeed in restoring the power before she can answer him and June warns Dwight that, while Finch is still asleep, the medication won't last for much longer.

Dwight and Sherry begin making their way back across the train, but Sherry admits that having been reunited with her husband and son, she's having trouble returning to the way that things used to be. Dwight wants to make the most of the short time that they have left, but Sherry suggests that they do something different. Although Dwight and Sherry had agreed to play by Padre's rules when they were brought in because they thought that it was safer for their son, everything that they've seen now makes it feel more like the Sanctuary to her, which Dwight agrees with. Sherry wants to use June's knowledge of Padre's collecting routes and all of the places that he would look to leave. Once they find a place to go, Dwight and Sherry can find a way to let everyone inside know the truth about PADRE. Dwight is hesitant, but Sherry believes that they can be a family together, having seen Dwight's potential as a father during his earlier interactions with Finch. Dwight finally agrees and the couple kisses.

However, the train's roof gives way and Dwight and Sherry fall into a car full of walkers. Dwight uses his last bullets to shoot five of them as he and Sherry climb to safety on top of a shelf. Dwight reports their predicament to June and refuses her help as it's too dangerous with the number of walkers in the car. Dwight tells June that Finch needs her more and begs June to promise him that she will look after Finch if Dwight and Sherry don't survive. After looking at Finch, June decides to go and help instead against the objections of both Dwight and Adrian. June tells Adrian that Dwight and Sherry need to survive for Finch, but Adrian accuses her of only being afraid of being left to raise Finch. June warns Adrian not to follow her and moves deeper into the train.

June slowly passes through a car full of severed walker heads in jars and more walkers chained to the walls, the lab's test subjects. An emotional June apologizes to the walkers as makes her through the car. June struggles with the padlock on the door at the other end as the walkers become agitated and begin straining against their bonds. Six walkers break free and June shoots three of them before being knocked to the ground, losing her gun in the process. As June struggles to hold back the last three walkers, Adrian appears and puts them down with a knife, saving her life. Adrian wryly notes that it's a good thing that he didn't listen to her and that they're a lot alike. The only difference is that Adrian still has someone to live for while June needs to find hers. Adrian reminds June that there are more people like them and together, they can take down PADRE. However, June again refuses to help Adrian, but Adrian tells her that he's not doing this for himself, he's doing it for Hannah. Adrian is going to find her with or without June's help and when he does, Adrian wants Hannah to see that her father isn't the man PADRE says he is.

Having woken up, Finch insists upon coming with them over June's objections, having been taught how to handle walkers by Dwight. With Adrian's agreement, June reluctantly concedes. In the car where Dwight and Sherry are trapped, June shoots three of the walkers trying to reach the couple while Finch puts down a fourth with his oar, which Dwight praises, as June and Adrian finish off the last two. Finch is excited to tell Padre how he fought the walkers, but Dwight and Sherry explain that they're not going back to PADRE as they want what's best for him, which is not on the island, confusing the boy. Dwight finally reveals the truth that they're Finch's parents and Sherry promises that they will figure it out as a family. Finch doubles over in pain and June begins leading the family back to the operating room.

As the others begin to leave, Adrian notices a walker in the window to the next car and, in despair, recognizes it as his daughter Hannah. Adrian furiously attacks June, realizing that she knew all along and that that's why June wouldn't tell him. June finally admits the truth: she treated Hannah for asthma when she first came to PADRE, and she was just a scared kid who missed her dad. Hannah reminded June of her own daughter Rose and June wanted to take care of her and make her feel safe. June thought that she was until Hannah went on a scouting run off of the island and got bitten on her back where June couldn't amputate, but she had to do something to save her. To the shock of everyone, June reveals that the treatment wasn't Shrike's, it was June's. June explains that "I saw someone survive a bite longer than anyone I had ever seen, and she had been exposed to radiation, so I thought if it worked for her, it could work for Hannah. I gave her radiotherapy with equipment that we scavenged from a hospital. It stopped the infection. But the amount of radiation that it took... just made things worse for her and I wanted to end her suffering." However, Shrike wouldn't let June do it as she wanted to let Hannah turn so that Shrike could continue studying her and see how long it took for her to turn. Adrian accuses June of letting Shrike do it, but June tearfully explains that she didn't have a choice: Shrike held a gun on her and told June that as long as her finger was on the trigger, June had to keep the experiments going or other people would pay the price. This whole place happened because June tried to save someone that she cares about, and PADRE made sure that other people suffered as a result so June took Shrike's trigger finger to make sure that she couldn't do to anyone else what she did to June. June knew that PADRE couldn't do the experiments without her, meaning that as long as June stayed away from the lab and other people, no one else she cared about could get hurt.

Releasing June, Adrian tearfully tells her that Hannah is all that he had left, and he understands now why she wanted to be alone. As everyone watches, Adrian makes his way to the next car and holds his hand against the window for a moment before going inside. June tries to stop Adrian as Dwight and Sherry shield their son from the view. Adrian embraces Hannah and lays down on the ground, allowing Hannah and three other walkers to devour him.

In the operating room, June finishes stitching up Finch after successfully removing his appendix. June reports that Finch is stable, and he should be awake soon. Dwight promises to uphold his end of the deal and arrange for a boat for June, but when it arrives, he and Sherry want them all to get on it together. June reminds Dwight that they agreed that she would leave alone, but Sherry tells her that things have changed, and she and Dwight want to take their son away from this place when he wakes up with Dwight adding that they're going to try and be a family. Dwight and Sherry consider June to be family and they know what happened to her and they understand why June left and has been out here on her own, but they can't let her end up like Adrian: someone who doesn't have anybody to live for. Dwight wouldn't be here if it wasn't for June and John and he has a family because of that and Dwight wants June to be a part of it if she wants to be. June tearfully agrees, noting that Adrian had saved her so that she could find someone to live for. First though, June needs to go put Hannah and Adrian to rest as they have both suffered enough already.

However, armed PADRE guards and Shrike enter through both doors to the train, having presumably either led the herd outside away or eliminated it. Greeting June as Blue Jay, Shrike has one of her men knock June unconscious. June wakes up laying on a table and, showing June her missing left index finger, Shrike explains that they had figured that June was responsible when Collectors had started showing up on the island missing their trigger fingers as no one else could be that precise. After hearing that a transport got hit with a kid who needed surgery onboard, Shrike knew they'd come to the lab. Dwight demands to know what's going on and Shrike guesses that June told them what the lab used to be and how much promise it had. Sherry accuses Shrike of murdering people, but Shrike insists that they never killed anyone. Rather, this place was about saving lives and protecting PADRE's future. Shrike points out that Dwight was the one who lied to Padre about what he was doing that day, but Dwight argues that he brought Finch here to keep him safe from people like Shrike.

Shrike insists that "no one wants these children safe more than Padre. That is why this place is so important. What we were doing here could've protected these children from carrion. Can you imagine? But Blue Jay ran off before she could perfect the cure." June points out that whoever they tried it on died, but Shrike has faith that June will get it right this time. Shrike reveals that Padre has something big and expansive planned and he wants the children to be as safe as possible and June has to pick up where she left off. June refuses, but Shrike states that she just needs a little motivation. As one of the guards moves June, another one carries in Adrian's severed zombified head. As Dwight and Sherry angrily protest and plead, the guard attaches the head to the extension device and Shrike uses it to have Adrian bite the still unconscious Finch in the left shoulder. Dwight swears that he's going to kill Shrike, but she smugly states that she and June are the only ones who can save Finch's life. Shrike has a sobbing Sherry and Dwight, who is still spewing death threats at her, dragged away. Shrike instructs June to get to work, stating that she has a lot to catch up on and they have new patients on their way at this very moment. First, in order to make sure that June can never hurt PADRE ever again, Shrike cuts off her trigger finger.

"King County"

In King County, before Morgan, Grace and Mo can go inside of the house where Morgan lost his family, a flare shoots into the air and Grace reassures Morgan that she was careful. The three hide as Dwight and Sherry arrive on horses and Dwight calls out to Morgan that there's nowhere to go, surprising Mo that her father knows Red Kite. Morgan explains that he's the reason that Dwight is at PADRE, and he orders Grace and Mo to remain in hiding while he goes out to confront his old friends alone. The two explain that they're here to take Morgan back to PADRE, having intercepted the message to Grace. Although it was coded, Dwight and Sherry know Morgan well enough to figure it out and are firm that Morgan needs to go back with them. Morgan realizes that Padre has Finch and is using him as leverage which Sherry confirms, telling Morgan that if they bring him back, Padre will give them the freedom to go wherever they want. Morgan points out how unlikely Padre is to keep his word, but Dwight and Sherry know that something worse than what has already happened to Finch will happen to him if they don't bring Morgan back. "You sold us out seven years ago to rescue your kid, we're just returning the favor."

A walker appears nearby and heads for Grace and Mo. Morgan goes to stop it, but Dwight takes care of it instead with a hatchet and discovers the hiding Grace and Mo in the process. The couple is shocked to see them, and Mo admits that they technically came without Morgan's permission. Dwight and Sherry are conflicted about what to do with this turn of events as a woman calls in asking if they need assistance. Dwight suggests that Morgan takes off with Grace and Mo while he and Sherry find some walkers that look similar enough to them so that they can fake Morgan, Grace and Mo's deaths like Dwight and Al did when they ran from Virginia. However, Morgan knows that it might not work this time and it will only put Finch's life on the line if it doesn't work. Although Sherry isn't willing to take the chance either, Dwight points out that they can't tell Finch that they traded another kid for his freedom, causing her to relent. Dwight warns Morgan that they have two guards babysitting them and Dwight and Sherry rode ahead to sweep the town, so Morgan needs to make his decision right now before they catch up. Morgan is unwilling to leave without finishing what he came to King County to do first and he runs off with Grace and Mo as Dwight and Sherry move to block the entrance.

That night, Dwight interrupts Morgan and Grace's argument over the radio, telling Morgan that they know he's inside the house and instructing him to look out of the window. Morgan sends a spying Mo upstairs and looks outside where Dwight, Sherry and two others are on horseback and walkers attempt to get through the door. Dwight urges Morgan to be smart about this while Grace tells Morgan that whatever happened in this house with Duane, it doesn't have to happen with them. Morgan agrees to listen, and Dwight tells him that they're trying to make this easy on him, but Morgan's the one making it hard, and he doesn't need to make it any harder. Grace suggests that they can still make the deal, but Morgan recognizes that it's too late for that. Morgan tells an impatient Dwight that he can keep waiting as the walkers outside are bigger problem for him than they are Morgan's family. Seeing more walkers approaching, Sherry cuts in and offers their help with what Morgan needs to take care of, telling Morgan that Padre thinks that Morgan came out here for a reason, although he thinks that it's weapons or soldiers for an attack. Morgan explains that his son died in one of the houses close by and Morgan came back to bury him. Although sympathetic, Dwight and Sherry have their own son to think about and Dwight has Oriole and the other guard shoot off flares to draw in more walkers, warning Morgan that the house won't hold when it's surrounded by every walker within 10 miles.

Dwight eventually has more flares launched to hurry them up. Taking aim out of the window, Morgan hallucinates a walker as Jenny before seeing that it's actually a walker that's partially on fire heading for the house. Morgan realizes that the PADRE forces are trying to burn them out, but Oriole puts the walker down as a curtesy kill with a warning from Dwight that the next one they light on fire keeps walking. Morgan tries to reason with Dwight, but he is unmoved and gives Morgan five minutes to turn himself over before he sends another flaming walker up on the porch. Morgan regrets not taking the earlier deal and thus putting his family in danger, but Mo reassures her father that he made the right choice, and they just can't abandon Daniel and Madison.

Grace tells Morgan that they just have to get back to her truck while Mo believes that Morgan can stop the walkers before they can get to the house so they can make it to the truck. "You just have to Clear for us." Morgan warns his daughter that it's not that simple, but Mo tells him that this is his second chance while Grace suggests that this is what Morgan needs to show himself that things can be different. Morgan is reluctant as Dwight and Sherry are outside and Padre will hurt their son if Morgan and his family get past them, but Mo tells him that Padre won't if they can help Daniel take the island first. "She's right, Morgan. Rick -- he gave you this gun for a reason. Use it," agrees Grace. Morgan finally agrees to their plan.

Gathering in front of the door, Grace instructs Morgan, who straps a belt full of bullets to himself, to aim for the walkers in the center while Grace takes the ones to the side and Mo stays behind her. Morgan adds that if they can get through the scrum, walkers will follow them and make it hard for Dwight and Sherry to get close. Morgan will cover them and when he says, Grace and Mo need to take a hard right and not stop until they are at the truck. Grace reassures Morgan that he can do this and reiterates her apology for wasting so much time, a sentiment that Morgan returns. Much to the disgust of their daughter, Morgan and Grace kiss.

Rushing outside, Morgan shoots several walkers in their way while Grace uses Morgan's staff to hold back a few others and Mo takes out a walker with her sledgehammer. However, Morgan hesitates after once again hallucinating that a walker is Jenny and several walkers break through the porch railing in front of Mo. Struggling to hold back some more walkers, Grace orders her daughter to go back inside the house. Grace notices that the walker that Morgan is hesitating to shoot is on fire and calls out to him as Morgan struggles to break through his hallucination of Jenny. Grace saves Morgan from a walker coming at him from behind, putting it down with his staff, and the burning walker is shot by Oriole and the other guard. Dwight and Sherry demand answers as to why Morgan is really here, and Morgan reiterates that he's here for his son. Dwight orders Morgan to show them as it's the only way that Padre's ever going to believe him.

Morgan, Grace and the PADRE forces enter the house where Duane died, and Morgan tells them that they can take him back to Padre if they have to after Morgan shows them that he's telling the truth. Morgan asks for them to get Mo out of the house which is surrounded by walkers in return and Sherry promises to make sure that she's okay. A walker rattles a door, causing Morgan to hesitate and ask Dwight for his hatchet so that he can be the one to put his son down. After Morgan promises that he won't try anything, Dwight agrees and hands over his weapon. On Morgan's signal, Dwight opens the door and Morgan puts down the walker with the hatchet, but it's clearly not Duane. While there's no sign of his son, Morgan finds Jenny's corpse in the next room, a bullet hole in her forehead. Morgan tearfully covers up his wife's body and yells for his son, insisting that Duane has to be here. Dwight and Grace attempt to comfort Morgan with Grace guessing that Duane must've gotten out at some point. Morgan is devastated that he waited too long and as a result, Morgan lost his chance to put his son to rest and he put Grace and Mo in danger for nothing.

The guard orders Morgan on his feet, stating that Shrike wants answers and demanding to know why Morgan really came here. Grace insists that Morgan is telling the truth about having come to the house for his son, but she doesn't believe him and reports to Shrike that Morgan was lying and his kid isn't there. Shrike orders the guard to kill Morgan if he won't tell them why he's in King County, but despite Grace and Dwight's attempts to intercede, Morgan simply challenges Oriole to kill him, going so far as to press the barrel of the man's gun to his head. Exchanging a look, Dwight and Sherry suddenly turn on the PADRE guards, bashing them both over the head and killing them.

Morgan chides his friends for their actions, but Dwight and Sherry are unwilling to watch Morgan get killed in cold blood and he is not the only one trying to escape his past. Dwight compares what PADRE is making them do to living at the Sanctuary all over again. Morgan is worried that Finch will end up just like Duane and he isn't willing to have that on him. Shrike calls in for a report and Morgan warns Dwight that Padre is going to kill Finch. Dwight responds to a visibly frustrated Shrike and demands to talk to Finch so that he can know his son's okay. Shrike gives Finch the mic and Finch tells Dwight that he thinks the treatment worked. A confused Finch asks what's going on, but Dwight instructs his son to use the Chimney Sweep move that Dwight taught him in class. Acting fast, Finch knocks Shrike headfirst into a table using a stool, knocking her unconscious. Dwight tells Finch to board a morning supply boat that leaves in 20 minutes, promising that he and Sherry will meet Finch at the dock when he lands. After Dwight reassures Finch that he and Sherry believe in him, Finch runs off to make his escape. Before leaving to meet the boat, Dwight tells Morgan that, whatever happened here, Morgan has a chance to make things different with Mo.

At the dock the next morning, Dwight and Sherry observe the supply boat, but there's no sign of Finch getting off. Much to their surprise and relief, Finch sneaks up behind his parents who are happily reunited with their son. Hearing an engine, the three hide, fearful that the PADRE guards have found them. Instead, Morgan races up in Grace's truck and he shoots the two guards dead. Morgan reveals to Dwight and Sherry that Grace got bit and that he needs their help. The two confirm that June's treatment on Finch has been working and Morgan tells them that Grace's only chance is for them to get her to June. Dwight, Sherry, Mo, Finch, Morgan and Grace race off in the PADRE boat and Morgan urges Grace to hold on, promising that June can fix this. Grace is doubtful, but Morgan tells her that they have to live no matter what and Grace promises him that she will.

"More Time Than You Know"

Morgan, Mo, Dwight, Sherry and Finch attempt to rush Grace to June. Grace is burning up while Morgan attempts to raise June on the radio. Grace wakes up on the boat, confused, and Morgan explains that Grace had gotten bit and Grace remembers what happened in the rubble of the house. Morgan tries to reassure Grace that everything is going to be alright because June has a way of treating bites, but Grace doesn't believe it. Mo and Sherry use Finch as an example of how the cure works and Morgan explains that the treatment helps to stop the infection and it stops the fever. Morgan promises Grace that they're going to get to do the things that they said and spend time together as a family.

Suddenly, shots ring out as two PADRE guards in another boat catch up to them. Dwight pushes the engine as much as he can while Morgan finally manages to raise June on the radio. Morgan tells June that Grace has been bitten on the side and they can't amputate, asking if June thinks that what she did for Finch will work on Grace. June admits that it might work, which Morgan is willing to take, but they will need equipment that PADRE has to do it. Morgan asks where she treated Finch and June reveals that it was on a train car. The boat's engine begins to overheat, and June asks for Grace's temperature, but Morgan can only tell her that Grace is really hot.

June tells Morgan that they must treat Grace fast, and Morgan asks for the last place that she saw the train car, but Shrike cuts in to tell Morgan that the train is no longer there. "Why do you think I put it on wheels in the first place? To keep people like you from messing with it." Morgan asks what Shrike wants and she claims that she wants to help save Grace's life. Morgan tells her to call off her men then, but Shrike wants Morgan to hear her out first. Shrike offers to tell Morgan where the train car is, have her people escort them there and even allow June to administer the treatment, explaining that she had paid a visit to King County and saw how many walkers that Morgan had killed single-handedly aside from the one who bit Grace. Morgan demands to know what Shrike wants and she tells him that there's a shipyard that is very important to their future. Standing next to a large machine gun looking at the shipyard, Shrike reveals that it has thousands of walkers inside that she needs cleared out. Shrike doesn't care if Morgan gets help from Dwight, Sherry, Madison or even Daniel's Resistance, she just wants the walkers dead. While Shrike was going to have the Prefects do it, she can risk Morgan instead of them. "That's how Grace gets a shot at living," she finishes.

After having passed out, Grace awakens again in the back of a PADRE truck. Morgan explains that they're on their way to the shipyard and Grace is then going to be taken to the train to meet June. Grace is shocked that Morgan surrendered to PADRE, asking how he knows that they will keep their word. Morgan reveals that they won't clear the shipyard until they're sure that Grace is safe with June, but Grace thinks that it's too dangerous despite Morgan's assurances that they've got it handled. Morgan radios Daniel who's people are armed and ready, but they need reassurances from Shrike that they're not walking into a trap. Shrike assures Daniel that the walkers are real and that she wants them dead, revealing that the contents of the shipping containers are valuable to her. Grace asks what they're going to help her do and Morgan tells her that they're going to help Shrike clear the shipyard, and they have the people and the weapons to do it with.

Morgan asks where the train is, but Shrike tells him that the job has to be done by hand, not with guns. The containers hold supplies that are needed to rebuild the world such as fertilizers and munitions. "One stray bullet and PADRE's entire legacy goes up in smoke," warns Shrike. Shrike didn't tell them before because she knew that Morgan had an army, but she didn't know that he had an armory too. Daniel backs out of the plan, telling Morgan that he's already told Shrike too much and it's too dangerous for Daniel to ask his soldiers to do this. Morgan begs Daniel not to back out on this now, but Daniel tells Morgan that he's not the one that Morgan should be angry with. Agreeing with Daniel, Grace takes the radio and reassures him that it's okay as Grace doesn't want anyone to die for her. Visibly saddened by the choice that he has to make, Daniel apologizes to his old friend as he genuinely wishes that they could help her.

Taking back the radio, Morgan is willing to do it without Daniel's help, but Grace tells Morgan that he doesn't know that he can do and he needs to be there for Mo while Dwight and Sherry need to be there for Finch. Morgan had to watch Jenny die from a bite and he isn't willing to do it again, but Grace tells Morgan that it's not up to them and it's not like she has much time left anyways. As her daughter begins to cry, Grace reveals that "before the bite, I was sick. It's cancer, Mo. I've been running away from it for a long time. It's finally catching up to me." Grace only has months left to live, maybe a year at most, which Mo points out is a lot more than a day.

The truck suddenly pulls over and Shrike tells Morgan that if he's not going to take the deal, then they need to make sure that Grace doesn't hurt Mo or Finch when she turns. Grace is dragged out of the truck and Shrike tells Mo that this is to protect her while Morgan begs Shrike that he will do whatever she wants. Grace begs the guards not to let her daughter watch while Mo begs them to stop. Morgan and Dwight share a look before attacking as Mo suddenly rushes in and shoves the guard's gun away as he shoots at Grace. Morgan strangles one man unconscious from behind while Dwight gets the other's gun and pistol-whips him unconscious as well. Dwight praises Mo's instincts and Mo credits Dwight's teaching of her. Mo promises that she's going to fight for every moment that she can have with Grace while Shrike calls in, ordering Kingfisher and Magpie to kill Morgan, Dwight and Sherry next. Grabbing a radio, Dwight informs Shrike that her men won't be able to comply with her orders, and Shrike warns him that while others have tried, no one has ever managed to steal a child from PADRE before. Before turning off the radio, Dwight tells Shrike that he thinks that Finch and Mo are going to be the first of many.

Morgan has Dwight get the map out of the truck cab in the hopes that it contains the location of the train car. However, Grace weakly warns him that even if they find its location, they won't make it there and neither will June. However, Morgan insists that it doesn't mean that they shouldn't try. Grace hands Morgan a set of coordinates that she wants to spend whatever time she has left with her family at, but she refuses to explain what they lead to, begging to just be taken there before Grace passes out again. Morgan knows that, with Grace's fever getting worse, they don't have much time. Dwight and Mo examine the map and find the tracks that train was on and guess that Shrike must've moved it further down the tracks. At Morgan's request, Dwight identifies Grace's coordinates as being a repeater station like the one that she serviced for PADRE, confusing Morgan as to why Grace would want to go there. Mo thinks that it's just because Grace is sick and confused, but Morgan doesn't think so as Grace had seemed pretty clear to him. However, Mo just got her parents back and she's not going to lose them again. Mo tells Morgan that this is no different than him and Grace sending Mo back to PADRE when they first met because it was what was best for her. Morgan finally concedes and agrees to take Grace to the train car, ordering Sherry to raise June and do everything that she can to meet them there. Shrike isn't going to make this easy, but Mo tells her father that they're fighting for someone they love and that's why they're going to win this. Having retrieved their weapons from the truck's cab, Mo returns Morgan's latest staff to him.

Grace awakens on a canoe as various status reports come in over the radio, including about Kingfisher and Magpie being found as well as a trail. Mo and Morgan explain that Dwight and Sherry are acting as a decoy for them and Grace manages to sit up and asks where they are. Morgan explains that he thought that they'd be hard to track in the swamp that they're passing through even if PADRE did figure out what they're doing. Grace realizes that they're not heading for her coordinates which are located inland, and she asks where they're taking her. Morgan points out that the coordinates were for one of PADRE's repeater stations which Grace knows and is distressed to learn that they're taking her to the train car instead. Morgan tells Grace that June is gonna try and meet them there and he insists that they can stop this and give them more time. Grace points out that there's no way that PADRE will be leaving the train unguarded, but Morgan is still intent on trying. Grace is worried that they will both only get killed trying and Morgan questions why Grace wants to go to the repeater station instead. However, Grace refuses to answer, stating that it no longer matters as the station is too far away now.

Hearing gunshots in the distance, Morgan realizes that Dwight and the others must be in trouble, and he has Mo raise Dwight for him. Dwight, Sherry and Finch flee from PADRE guards that are shooting at them into an abandoned house. Dwight reports that they're pinned down while Sherry tells her husband that they can't stay here for long as they're going to be flanked. Dwight warns Morgan that PADRE's forces know that they're following the wrong people and Morgan's group may have company soon. Addressing Shrike if she's listening, Morgan tells her that it's him that she wants, and Morgan asks that Shrike let Dwight and Sherry take their kid and go. Dwight doesn't believe that Shrike will call off her people after what they've done, and he sees that Shrike has sent Prefects rather than adults after them as Shrike knows that they won't kill them. Dwight decides to lay down suppressive fire, believing that if the Prefects do what he taught them to do, they'll fall back and regroup while Sherry takes Finch and runs. Dwight opens fire as Sherry reluctantly runs with Finch, Dwight's shots causing the Prefects to retreat as he had predicted.

In an underground area, Dwight joins his family and finds Finch out of breath. While Dwight at first thinks that it's because they've been running, Sherry tells her husband that Finch is running a fever. Sherry contacts June about Finch's condition and, when they check Finch's bite, they find it to be red and inflamed with the skin around it being hot. A worried June admits that the bite infection could be back, but she'd have to see it in order to be sure. Dwight demands to know what June means, but June needs to see Finch in person before she can make any kind of an assessment. Sherry points out that Grace's repeater station is close by, and Dwight agrees to send June the coordinates. Morgan orders June to go to Finch who needs her, and June promises to get to the train car as soon as she can and to talk Morgan through the procedure over the radio if she has to.

Dwight and Sherry carry Finch to Grace's repeater station, confused as to why Grace wanted to go there, but deciding that it doesn't matter as June's on her way. Dwight promises Finch, who calls Dwight "Dad" for the first time, that he'll feel better soon as he lays Finch down on the bed. Looking around at the well-decorated room, Sherry realizes that Grace must've been preparing for a life after PADRE, and Dwight promises that both Grace and Finch are going to get it. Sherry tends to their son as June knocks at the door and enters with Daniel, telling the couple that Madison and some of Daniel's people are standing guard outside.

Mo helps Grace into train car, laying her mother down on the operating table. Outside, the Prefects move Mo's car away and Hawk shoots flares into the air to draw in walkers. Mo blocks the door and Grace asks her daughter how she knew that the Prefects wouldn't hurt her, and Mo admits that while she didn't know, she had to take the chance. Mo contacts June for help and she confirms that Finch's infection is back. June didn't give Finch a high enough dose of radiation to kill it as she didn't want the radiation to kill him. However, June did come close to getting it and if Grace already has cancer, they don't have to worry about how much radiation she gets. As a result, the cure might work on Grace and buy her the time that she wants. June promises that they're working on a solution for Finch, but Mo can't let PADRE destroy her equipment.

Under June's directions, Mo performs the radiation treatment on her mother while June observes Sherry tending to a very ill Finch. June tells Mo that it could take awhile for the treatment to work, but they have to watch Grace's temperature. If it starts to fall, that's a good sign, but if it keeps going up, they'll deal with it. Dwight asks what that means for Finch and June explains that Grace had the infection for longer than Finch did when June treated him. If this dose of radiation works on Grace, then it might work on Finch too. Dwight is concerned by the might in June's statement while June has Mo power down the equipment and the generator so that Mo isn't exposed to anything that she doesn't have to be. Mo notices a herd gathering outside and realizes that they won't be able to get out themselves, but Grace reassures her that Morgan is on his way. Grace asks about the Prefects and Mo is sure that they're hanging around somewhere, Dwight having taught them not to leave themselves exposed unless they had to. Mo knows that the Prefects are likely going to try to stop Morgan from getting to them.

Grace proudly commends her daughter's bravery when the Prefects tried to stop her and Mo admits that losing her mother had seemed scarier. Grace recalls that when she was Mo's age, she couldn't even pick up the courage to pick up the telephone when Grace's parents left her at home with her sister. Mo is confused by what a telephone is, getting a chuckle out of her mother who forgets how different things are for her daughter. "That's what I was trying to do at the repeater station. Show you how things were. How they still could be." Grace grows increasingly weaker and Mo discovers that her temperature is only going up. Mo discovers that Grace has a temperature of 106 degrees which June sadly reports means that Grace didn't get the radiotherapy in time. Even though Mo got her mother to the train car as fast as she could, it's not her fault: even if Grace had gotten the treatment right after the bite, it might not have been enough as it hasn't worked on anyone else. Mo desperately suggests giving Grace more, but both Grace and June tell her not to, knowing that Grace won't survive either way and more radiation would just kill her outright. June admits that she can't help Mo anymore and she instructs the young girl to enjoy the time that she has left while Grace reassures Mo that it's alright and that she did everything that she could.

"All I See Is Red"

At the repeater station, Dwight loads a gun while Sherry tends to a worsening Finch. June reports that they're just trying to keep his temperature down and she asks where Dwight is going, and he tells June that he wants to make sure that Shrike doesn't come back out of the swamp. June points out that killing Shrike won't save Finch, but he's determined to stop Shrike from doing to other kids what she's done to his son. June offers to do it instead, sadly admitting that there's not much that she can do for Finch now. "I wasn't there at the end for my daughter, I should've been. He needs you. So does Sherry." Crying, Dwight hands June the gun and he goes to tend to his dying son with his wife.

Shrike awakens on the train car with June standing over her and a severed walker head in the extension device. June tells Shrike that no one's going to hear her, and that June had found out Shrike's location from Morgan and Madison and June brought her here. Shrike begs June to try the treatment on her with a higher dose of radiation, but June states that it's not up to her. June contacts Dwight and Sherry for what to do with Shrike and Finch, near death from his returned walker bite infection, tells his father "don't make her feel this. No one should feel this." Complying with his dying son's wishes, Dwight instructs June to make it quick and painless. Telling Shrike that it's more than she deserves, June draws a knife and puts down the walker head.

With Finch having succumbed to his infection and died, Dwight and Sherry bury their son. Although Finch was the name given to him by PADRE, Sherry declares that Finch had made it his own and no one can take that from him. Dwight tearfully decides that this has to be the end of their marriage, feeling that no matter where they go and what they do, it just stays the same. The two sadly acknowledge that it never stops, and it always just seems to get worse. Dwight guesses that, rather than being because of people like Negan or Shrike, they're just not meant to be together. Dwight thinks that he's going to go back home to start over and, while neither Dwight nor Sherry wants to hurt each other, it seems like all they do to each other when they're together. The two agree to put an end to their relationship and share one last embrace at their son's graveside.

"Iron Tiger"

In Charlie's flashbacks of Alicia, Nick, and Daniel, Dwight can be seen in the background behind Alicia as he gets onto a raft.


In the midst of a thunderstorm, Dwight returns to his long abandoned house, lighting a lantern and looking at an old picture of himself and Sherry from before the world ended. Dwight remembers Daryl Dixon telling him to "go out there, and you make it right" after the war between the Saviors and the Militia, leading to Dwight going to Texas in search of Sherry in the first place. Dropping the picture, Dwight settles on his couch and looks at his old hand carved chess pieces on the table, picking up his king and begins carving a piece of wood.

Hearing a noise outside, Dwight grabs his gun and goes to confront the intruder as an ill Jay enters the house. Held at gunpoint by Dwight, Jay explains that he had just thought that the house was empty and introduces himself, but Dwight brushes off Jay's questions and tries to kick him out. Jay pleads with Dwight for his help, explaining that he got robbed and will die if he doesn't get what was stolen back. Dwight doesn't believe that there's anything that valuable anymore, but Jay explains that he's diabetic and his insulin was stolen. Dwight is incredulous as there's no insulin left anymore, but Jay insists that he's telling the truth, stating that there was some in his group because they had someone capable of making it. However, a hostile group came through and killed Jay's friend and took everything. What Jay had in his stolen bag was what he had to make it through the week. Dwight accuses Jay of it being a setup, that someone was using Dwight's own past to get to him, shoving him to the ground and demanding answers, particularly what Jay will do when his week's supply runs out. While Jay doesn't know, he feels that even a week more of being alive is better than being dead. Jay has lost everyone, and he owes it to them to make things right for however much time he's got left. As Jay lays on the ground, he notices the old picture of Dwight and Sherry. After a moment's hesitation, Dwight finally agrees to help Jay.

Jay leads Dwight to the old factory where the group is set up which has walkers with metal melted onto their heads protecting the fence and the windows shot out. Shocked to recognize the group's base, Dwight recalls looking at similar fence walkers years before, including a zombified Gordon. Hiding from two passing men, Dwight asks if the guys who took Jay's medicine are in the factory which he confirms. Increasingly suspicious of a weakening Jay, Dwight demands to know who told the other man about him, explaining that the last time he tried to get somebody insulin, he ended up in there. A surprised Jay asks if he means the factory which Dwight confirms, telling Jay that they didn't it that though. Dwight has a flashback of standing outside of the factory with an imprisoned Daryl and he reveals that the factory is actually the Sanctuary, the long abandoned former base of Negan and the Saviors.

"My life has been shit ever since I set foot in there. So, I don't know if it's you, you know, or the universe that's playing some sick joke on me, but I'm not going in there -- not for you, not for anyone," Dwight states, preparing to leave. Jay stops Dwight, telling him that they're not that different. Jay's wife was everything to him, but these men killed her and Jay's son too. Dwight came back alone which causes Jay to think that he lost somebody too, maybe his wife and maybe more than her. However, if they don't help each other, what are they even doing here. Dwight finally agrees to help Jay, promising to meet the other man back at the house and asking what he's looking for.

Dwight sneaks through the fence and into the Sanctuary with one of the fence walkers breaking free of its chains while trying to get at him. Dwight sneaks through the Sanctuary, finding his old room and having flashbacks of his time living there as a part of the Saviors. In the old infirmary, Dwight searches through bags of stolen belongings, eventually finding Jay's bag with his insulin and an old picture of his family. As Dwight sneaks out, he stops by the lit furnace in the main room, seeing an infinity symbol on the side and Negan's old iron hanging from it. Staring into the flames, Dwight remembers Negan telling the Saviors that there is always a cost and rules matter. In a flashback, Negan brings the hot iron to Dwight's face to burn it while Negan's voice asks Dwight who he is.

Phil confronts Dwight at gunpoint, having caught him while Dwight was distracted. Dwight explains that the group had taken a man's medicine and Dwight is just here to get it back for him. Phil is amused to see that somebody did a number on Dwight's face and Dwight promises to just walk away and Phil won't ever see him again. However, Phil tells Dwight that he stole from them, and an example needs to be made, starting with the other side of Dwight's face. As Phil approaches Dwight, Dwight grabs him and throws Phil headfirst into the furnace, burning him to death. Watching Phil die, Dwight experiences a flashback to when Negan killed Dr. Emmett Carson in the exact same manner. Dwight is suddenly shot in the arm by Marty who has noticed the commotion. Dwight flees from the Sanctuary as Marty promises that they will find him.

Dwight returns to his house, calling for Jay that he got the medicine. However, a zombified Jay emerges from inside, having succumbed to his diabetes while Dwight was gone and reanimated. Saddened by his friend's death and his inability help him, Dwight stabs Jay in the head, putting him down. Experiencing a breakdown over all of his losses and seemingly hallucinating, Dwight yells to Daryl that he tried to make it right, but he couldn't, and Daryl should've just killed him when he had the chance. No longer wanting to live, Dwight pleads for Daryl to come and kill him. Sherry, June and Dove arrive and Sherry and June explain that they've come for Dwight because they need him, but Dwight passes out before they can explain.

Inside of the house, Dwight awakens to Sherry stitching up his wound and tells the three that they need to get out of here. Dwight dodges Sherry's questions about who shot him aside from telling her that it wasn't Jay, only telling his estranged wife that the people responsible will kill her if they see her here with him. As June guides Sherry through the stitching, Dwight asks why she's not doing this herself, but June puts her injured hand behind her back, claiming that it's better this way. Dwight insists that they need to go, but June refuses to leave without him. Sherry and June explain that there's a fight coming that they can't win without him. Troy has a score to settle with Madison and he plans on doing it by taking over PADRE. While it's Madison's fight, she's made it there's, gone MIA and left Strand in charge of the island, surprising Dwight that Strand is still alive.

Sherry and June explain to a confused Dwight that he had trained every kid on the island, meaning that they'll listen to Dwight because they trust him. However, Dwight doesn't think that he can say or do anything that they couldn't do better, and he questions Dove's presence. Dove simply tells Dwight that PADRE is the only home that she's ever known and without it, Dove's got nothing. However, Dwight insists that he can't help save the kids as he couldn't even save his own son. Even though June insists that it's not Dwight fault that Finch died, he feels that it doesn't matter whose fault it is because Dwight believes that someone always gets hurt every time that he tries to make something right. Dwight tells a surprised Sherry how the guy outside had needed insulin just like her sister Tina and Jay had died because Dwight couldn't get him his insulin in time. Dwight tells the group that the best thing that they can do for PADRE and the kids there is to just leave Dwight here alone.

Dwight asks Sherry why she even came here in the first place since Sherry could've just given June directions, and Sherry tells him that it was for their son. While Finch is gone, PADRE isn't, but Dwight asks why Sherry wants to fight for it since PADRE is the reason that Finch is dead. Sherry insists that "maybe something good can come from something bad" and that they have to try so that Finch's life can mean something. By helping these kids and helping make PADRE into something better, they can honor Finch. However, while Dwight promises to honor Finch in his own way, he can't go back there. Sherry angrily demands to know what Dwight thinks that Finch would say if he knew that his father had walked away from kids that needed protection, but Dwight sadly explains that it's not because he doesn't care about the kids that he won't go back, but rather because Dwight does, fearing that he'll cause more harm than good if he tries to help and leaves the room, followed by Sherry. Left alone with June, Dove appears to be upset by what she has witnessed.

The next morning, Dove is missing, and June tries to raise her on the radio. Dove drives up in the group's truck, visibly injured to June's concern. The group finds Dove slumped over the wheel, shot in the side of her abdomen. June determines that there's no exit wound, meaning that they need to get the bullet out right away. Dove explains that she was shot by some assholes who were trying to steal the truck because they were looking for someone who burned their friend and Dwight realizes that Dove was attacked by the same men that he had encountered the night before. However, June's medical kit won't be enough to treat Dove as she needs anesthetic and surgical tools to get the bullet out and get it all cleaned up before she goes into septic shock. June insists that she can't do it on her own and asks if there's anywhere in the area with medical supplies and equipment.

Marty interrupts the discussion, disarming himself and apologizing for shooting Dove, but after what Dwight did to Phil, it feels like some beautiful karma. Dove realizes that Dwight was the one who had burned their friend and Marty offers his group's help, pointing out that that they have some top-notch medical supplies back at their place which Dwight knows because he was there. Dwight reveals to a shocked Sherry that the group's base is the Sanctuary, and she joins him in facing off against Marty. Marty intends to give Phil - who is still right where Dwight left him - the satisfaction of finishing what he started and offers to ensure that Dove gets patched up if Dwight gives himself over to them.

After exchanging a look with Sherry, Dwight lowers his gun in apparent acceptance, giving Sherry the chance to draw her own gun and open fire on Marty and his men while he's distracted, giving Dwight and Sherry time to take cover behind the truck. Needing the medical supplies for Dove, Sherry decides that they're going to the Sanctuary now, but Dwight protests that if Marty finds them there, he'll kill them. Sherry points out that the Sanctuary is 20 miles away and Marty's group is on foot, meaning that they can be in and out before Marty's people even know that they're there. "This is happening all over again. Us, a kid who needs surgery. I mean, it never ends," states Dwight, but both June and Sherry feel that they don't have a choice and Dwight reluctantly concedes. Drawn by the gunfire, walkers emerge from the woods, distracting Marty's group and giving Dwight, Sherry, June and Dove the chance to escape in the truck.

At the Sanctuary - now extremely dilapidated and with vines growing on the walls near the roof - Sherry is briefly consumed by flashbacks of Negan from her time living there before Dwight snaps her out of it. As the group ducks behind the furnace, Dove's coughing draws the attention of a guard who was left behind. Dwight exchanges fire with the guard, but he quickly runs out of ammo. Taking Dwight's place, Sherry shoots and kills the guard. A severely burned and zombified Phil bangs on the inside of the furnace, distracting Dwight for a moment before June reminds him that they need to move.

In the infirmary, June collects the supplies that they need for the surgery while Dwight reports that the rest of the building is clear, but they need to hurry up as they probably only have an hour before Marty and his people get here. June starts giving Sherry instructions, but Sherry is distracted by an old positive pregnancy test sitting on the table and Dwight and Sherry have a flashback to when Sherry had informed Dwight of her negative pregnancy test following their return to the Sanctuary and Sherry becoming one of Negan's "wives". Snapping them out of it, June begins guiding Dwight and Sherry through the surgery, insisting that she can't do it herself. Dwight tells June that it's not the train car, but June tells him that it's more than that. Sherry gives Dove a local anesthetic around the wound and June tells Dwight to start the extraction once Dove is numb. However, Dove refuses to let Dwight do it, telling June that Dwight couldn't even save his own son and she's not letting him do the same thing to her.

Suddenly, the building begins rumbling and through the window, Dwight sees a large herd, made up of both the fence walkers and regular walkers, pouring in through a hole in the fence and banging on the metal walls of the unstable building. Dwight guesses that the walkers must've been drawn by the gunfire and reports that with the perimeter fence broken, they're pilling in. Distressed, June tells Dwight and Sherry that this isn't going to work as the bullet is too close to one of Dove's arteries, meaning that one mistake in removing it while the building is shaking could be do more damage taking it out than the bullet did going in. With the Sanctuary hanging on by only a thread, they need to clear the walkers away from the wall. Dwight decides to go, and he orders Sherry to stay with June while Dwight holds off the walkers for as long as he can.

In Dwight's old room, he removes a box that he'd hidden in a hole in the walls concealed by a cabinet years before containing more ammo which Dwight reloads his gun's clip with. Sherry furiously accuses Dwight of planning on going to fight the walkers alone because he intends for it to be a suicide mission. Dwight suggests that Dove might be right since everyone is in this situation because of him which Sherry calls defeatist bullshit, but Dwight thinks that it is what it is. Sherry insists that it doesn't have to be, but Dwight shows her the picture of Jay's family, explaining that Jay had lost more than just his insulin, and he had had a wife and a kid who was just about Finch's age. Dwight had tried to help him, but all it did was just land Dwight and Sherry right back here in this hellhole. Dwight doesn't think that it's a coincidence and it's also not a defeatist mentality.

Pointing at the infinity symbol on the wall, Dwight reminds Sherry that he drew it while they were still living at the Sanctuary, putting it all over the place where Negan couldn't find them. It symbolized Dwight and Sherry together forever and it kept him going, made Dwight feel like they could turn something bad into something good. However, Dwight is convinced that they can't with each other and he's tired of making people suffer for it. Sherry asks if Dwight is just going to kill himself, but Dwight clarifies that he's going to clear the walkers. Maybe if Dwight clears them, it'll save Dove and that'll honor Finch like Sherry had said that she wanted them to do. Furiously calling Dwight a selfish asshole, Sherry shoves him into a chair, grabs Dwight's full clip and uses a chair to block the door from the outside. Telling her husband that he doesn't get to give up like this, Sherry walks away, leaving Dwight locked in his room.

In his room, Dwight bangs on the door, calling for Sherry. In a fit of rage and frustration, Dwight knocks over his table, smashes his guitar and punches the wall over the infinity symbol repeatedly until his knuckles bleed. June opens the door and lets Dwight out, telling Dwight that Sherry needs him.

As walkers pile on top of the fence, trying to get to Sherry trapped beneath it, Sherry struggles to keep them off of her. Crying, Sherry has flashbacks of losing Finch to his bite and having to bury her son, seemingly on the verge of giving up completely. Suddenly Dwight, armed with a fire axe, takes out the walkers on top of the fence.

Returning to the infirmary, June finds Dove trying to remove the bullet herself using a scalpel and a broken mirror. Aiming the scalpel at June, Dove states that she's going to get the bullet out herself. Although June tells Dove that she needs help or she'll die, the crying girl is convinced that she's not going to get it from Dwight and Sherry or June. As Dove goes to cut into herself again, she passes out.

Outside, Dwight and Sherry fight the walkers, now coming at them from multiple directions, back-to-back, trying to keep them away from the building. Dwight furiously explains that June let him out and confronts Sherry about lying ever since she arrived. While Sherry had claimed that this is about honoring Finch and keeping Dwight alive to fight for PADRE, he knows that it's bullshit despite Sherry's denials. Dwight demands to know if Sherry had actually locked him up because she was planning on doing the exact same thing that Dwight was out here. Dwight knows that Sherry wants to die and that she doesn't actually believe in what she said about good coming from bad. Sherry wants to and so does Dwight, but Dwight believes that it can't happen. Dwight and Sherry both admit that if they can't make good come from bad, they don't know how to go on living. June radios in with the news that Dove had tried to take the bullet out herself because she didn't believe that any of them could. Having finally caught up with them, Marty shoots at the couple, having guessed that they'd go to the Sanctuary. Chased by Marty and his six men, Dwight and Sherry flee back inside of the Sanctuary.

No longer held back by Dwight and Sherry, the herd finally breaks through the Sanctuary's outer walls and Dwight and Sherry warn June that their friends are here and while Dwight has locked the door, it won't last long, and neither will the increasingly unstable building. Needing to get somewhere safer for the surgery, Dwight and Sherry carry Dove out while June gathers up medical supplies. As they leave, the concrete walls of the infirmary develop a large crack.

The group reaches the main room and take out a walker that approaches them, but realize that they're surrounded with nowhere to go as the Sanctuary continues to collapse and is overrun. Marty and his group break through the doors, but struggle with the walkers following them in through it, Marty losing his gun in the process. Marty's group falls victim to the herd and the falling celling with Dwight and Sherry just barely dodging a piece of falling debris themselves. June stabs a walker that gets too close to her and the still unconscious Dove while Marty grabs Dwight and shoves him up against the furnace which still contains a zombified Phil. Marty reminds Dwight of what he had said about giving his friend satisfaction and states that he thinks that he's going to enjoy this even more than Phil. Marty starts to unlatch the furnace door, but Dwight smashes him in the face with Negan's iron and releases Phil himself. Phil attacks Marty before he can recover, biting him in the face and starting to devour him. With the fire out, Dwight has everyone take cover inside of the furnace as the celling collapses on the herd.

Dwight uses his lighter to illuminate the furnace as a confused Dove wakes up. June explains that the building's collapsing, and Dove is convinced that this was never going to work, and they can't help her or anyone else. However, Dwight suggests that maybe they can help her. The furnace is stable, and it will protect them from whatever is happening outside, meaning that they can do the surgery in there. Although June still doesn't have the faith in herself to perform the surgery, Dwight has finally accepted that maybe Sherry was right all along. Maybe something good can come from something bad and maybe there's a reason that they all wound up in here and they just needed each other to see it. Inspired by Dwight's words, Sherry tells June that "what happened to you... what happened to all of us... it doesn't have to happen again. And maybe we -- Maybe we just needed to work through the bad to get to the good." June asks Dove if she trusts her, and Dove tells June to ask her again when she gets the bullet out which June agrees is fair enough and she begins to operate on Dove.

Later, the group emerges from the furnace to find that all of the walkers have been crushed by falling debris, leaving only a zombified Marty and Phil impaled on a fallen beam and pinned to the floor together. The Sanctuary - once the seemingly unbeatable fortress of Negan and the Saviors and a source of many bad memories for Dwight and Sherry - has at last been destroyed. June reports that Dove is still resting, but she's going to be okay. Dwight and Sherry spot a finch - the bird that their son was named after - perched on top of the furnace.

June drives the truck inside of the ruins with Dove in the passenger seat. Dove tells Dwight that she's doing better now and asks if he's coming with them, having abandoned her plans to run away from PADRE. Dwight states that he is, and he never should've left, suggesting that maybe they can turn PADRE into what it's supposed to be, the way that Finch wanted it which Sherry agrees with. Dwight gives June a wooden finger that he had carved for her to replace the finger that Shrike had cut off. Dwight recalls that before things went bad back at the train car, he'd asked June to be a part of his and Sherry's family. While Dwight had run away, he's here now and his offer to June still stands and he extends it to Dove as well. Dove thanks Dwight, calling him by his old PADRE code name of Red Kite, but Dwight tells her that since they're family, she should call him Dwight. Dove tells Dwight to call her by her real name of Odessa, finally shedding her past in favor of looking forward to the future. Dwight, Sherry, June and Odessa drive away with Dwight stopping to take one last look at the ruins of the Sanctuary before leaving it for good.

"Keeping Her Alive"

Amidst regular daily life on PADRE, Klaus, who is helping a younger boy with his math, notices the return of June, Dwight, Sherry and Odessa to the island. Panicking, Klaus warns Hildy and Marietta, who are guarding the door to the cell area, in German that the group is back and orders them to stall the others while he tells his father.

The two refuse to allow the group inside under Strand's orders before Strand rejoins them with Frank and Klaus. June demands to know where Tracy is, revealing that they'd had someone keep an eye on Strand while the group was gone, not trusting him alone due to Strand's past. Strand suggests discussing the situation in a more civilized manner and greets Dwight whom he hasn't seen in a long time. Strand instructs Frank in German to bring Klaus to their room, but Frank refuses to leave his husband so Hildy takes the boy instead.

Strand explains that he had brought Tracy to PADRE because he knew that Troy wouldn't dream of attacking the island while they had his daughter as leverage, but Dwight points out that it's also the perfect reason to attack. Strand points out that Troy doesn't know where they are, but Sherry is sure that, because they have his kid, Troy will find them. Strand sarcastically wonders how since Tracy hasn't been tagged for migratory purposes, but June angrily tells Strand that maybe he'd know how badly a parent would fight for their kid if Strand was doing more than just playing father to Klaus, forcing Strand to hold back an enraged Frank. Strand claims that June still doesn't know him after all of these years, but June states that she does and she had stood by at the Tower as Strand had made one bad decision after another, causing people to lose their lives because of his actions, including John Dorie Sr., and June won't make the same mistake again. Strand reminds June that many people lost their lives because of June when they first met and that they've all done things to build and survive and none of them are ones to throw stones. Tracy went missing while June was gone, Strand saw an opportunity, and someone had to make the call. June argues that none of them had asked him to do that while Odessa points out that there are plenty of Prefects who could've held down the fort in their absence, but Strand calls the Prefects and Odessa children. Strand insists that he's not the man that he used to be, and that June knows that because she's not the woman that she used to be either, calling June by her old alias of Naomi. Frank reveals to the group that Strand told him everything and introduces himself as Strand's husband.

June challenges Strand to prove that he's changed by returning Tracy to her father. While that might not be enough to satisfy Troy, giving him the man who kidnapped her too might. Dwight orders Strand to start walking, but he objects that it's not gonna work and they don't know Troy the way that he does. They've already lost the hotel and this island is the last chance that Strand has to do good on what he had promised to Alicia. Dwight admits that he wishes that he could believe that, while June challenges Strand to take this chance to prove that he really has changed. Strand reluctantly agrees and Sherry and Odessa go to get Tracy. Frank objects while Strand insists that he'll figure something out. Having seen what Troy did at the hotel, Frank knows that Troy is likely to kill him if Strand hands himself over, but Strand thinks that the others will kill him if he doesn't, and Strand doesn't want his husband to be caught in the crossfire. Strand asks Frank to wait for him, promising to come back to his family, and Frank reluctantly agrees.

On a boat heading for the mainland with Dwight, Sherry, Odessa, Strand and a blindfolded Tracy, June attempts to contact Troy, letting him know that they have his daughter who is safe and will be returned to him once they can agree to terms. Tracy questions if she really has to be blindfolded, but Strand tells her that they're not going to remove her blindfold so that she can see where they are as PADRE has lasted so long because it's impossible to find. Tracy tells Strand to stop trying to be her friend, reminding Strand that he's the one who had brought her in. Strand insists that no matter what Troy says, he's going to kill him and hurt Tracy. Tracy tells Strand that he doesn't know her dad who will do anything to protect her, but Strand says that he thinks that he knows Troy better than Tracy thinks he does, and that Troy is not the man that she thinks he is. June points out the hypocrisy of the idea that Strand can change but Troy can't. "He's a sociopath on a revenge tour. I have issues. There's a difference," states Strand. Strand wonders why he's the only one looking out for the girl, but Sherry implies that Strand is just looking out for himself. Strand again insists that this isn't about him, but about Tracy, and PADRE and about building the place that Alicia had wanted him to build, but no one believes Strand.

Troy finally responds, demanding to know who is calling him. June introduces herself as one of the people who had freed Madison and Strand from the hotel and allows Tracy to talk to her father who tells Troy that they're going to bring her back to him. June confirms this, but asks for Troy's assurance that he will not try to take PADRE. Troy points out that they took his daughter and asks why he would make a deal with them, but June clarifies that it was Strand who took Tracy, promising to bring both Tracy and Strand to him. Troy tells June that the one problem is that his people still need a place to live, but June tells him that Troy already has one with the hotel. June promises that they won't bother him there and reveals that Madison's no longer at PADRE anyways, meaning that whatever problem Troy had with her, he doesn't have with everyone else who is left there. Troy agrees to the deal as Strand tries to protest, instructing June to bring both Tracy and Strand to the hotel. Strand pleads with June not to do this, but Dwight tells him that it's too late. As they approach shore, a desperate Strand removes Tracy's blindfold and orders her to remember a lighthouse that they're passing. Strand informs his friends that they can't hand Tracy over now as she'll tell Troy where PADRE is. Tracy escapes over the side of the boat while Strand breaks free as well, cuts his bonds on the railing, yanks a wire out of the electrical panel and jumps overboard. Sherry orders Dwight to turn the boat around, but Strand's sabotage has disabled the power and the engines.

On shore, Tracy gets attacked by three walkers and falls. As the walkers close in on her, Strand takes them all out with a fallen tree branch. Strand promises that he's not going to hurt her, but Tracy thinks that it's only because she's not worth anything to him if she's dead. Strand notices Tracy wearing a St. Christopher's medallion, the same one that he had given to Alicia, and asks where she got it, but Tracy just asks why he's interested. Hearing the others calling for Tracy in the distance, Strand frantically tells the little girl that she doesn't want the others to find her because they're not going to take Tracy back to her father after what she just saw. Instead, Strand intends to take Tracy to the one person who can help both of them and Tracy finally agrees.

At Lowcountry Landing, Luciana and the Gearheads confront Troy, Russell and the rest of his people and Troy recognizes Luciana from the ranch as Nick's girlfriend, asking her in Spanish "shame about Nick, isn't it?" Luciana tells Troy that they don't want any trouble, but Troy states that it's too late for that as his daughter's already in some. Luciana is willing to let Troy use their roads to get to Tracy as long as none of her people get hurt. Troy asks if Luciana is going to help him even though Nick chose the ranch instead of her, but Luciana's people are more important to her than her pride. Troy warns Luciana to stand down if she really cares about her people as the Gearheads are outnumbered and outgunned and Troy orders his men to fan out and to take anything worth taking.

Luciana warns Troy not to as this won't end well from him. A large number of PADRE residents emerge from hiding and surround Troy's group, amongst them June, Dwight, Sherry, Odessa, Frank, Hildy and Marietta. Surprised but impressed, Troy realizes that he's fallen into a trap and Luciana admits that she had just needed him to get close, ordering Troy to stand down. Troy warns Luciana that he had trained every one of his men and that they will take out more of Luciana's people and the PADRE residents than they will of Troy's people if it comes down to a fight, but Dwight is happy to test out that theory while Frank quips that they want to make some room in their hotel again. Troy expresses concern about his daughter being in danger while they delay, and Luciana and June try to convince Troy to stand down and negotiate a ceasefire for his daughter's sake. Russell looks to Troy for directions, but he orders Russell not to act. Grabbing his radio, causing a moment of tension as everyone thinks that Troy is going for his gun instead, Troy contacts Strand and tells him that he's been held up, meaning that Strand is the only person that can help him. Strand promises to make sure that Tracy is okay, and Troy tells him where to find Madison, Daniel and Tracy.

Madison, Daniel, Strand, Ada, Della and Sara arrive at Lowcountry Landing which has been destroyed by a gunfight that has left most of both sides dead and more wounded. Tending to a wounded woman, Luciana explains to Daniel that they had Troy and his men surrounded, but it was like they didn't care whether they lived or died. Daniel reassures Luciana that Strand and Madison had no part in this and June runs over with a medical kit to tend to the woman as one of the PADRE fighters dispatches a member of Troy's group who reanimates. Strand finds Frank desperately tending to a dying Hildy who has been shot in the chest and is bleeding out fast. Frank begs his husband to get more dressings, but Hildy dies, and Strand sadly informs Frank that it's too late. Frank refuses to give up on Hildy, but he quickly reanimates, so Strand grabs Hildy's knife and stabs his friend in the head with it. The devastated Frank declares that they need to stop the man who did this to all of their friends and Strand promises his husband that they will.

Sherry dispatches another of Troy's men who had reanimated and tells Madison that Troy isn't here. Luciana explains that someone had stolen one of the Gearheads' trucks after the shooting broke out, and Madison knows that Troy is going to find his kid and PADRE. Luciana points out that Troy lost most of his men in the gunfight, wondering what it matters that Troy knows where to look, but Madison has realized that Troy isn't going to use his men to take it: Troy's going to do the exact same thing that he did at Broke Jaw Ranch 12 years before. "The dead. That's what they were for. They are his army," explains Daniel. Dwight doesn't know how many people they have left, and he and Sherry set out to do a headcount. Madison subsequently declares that she can help them by finishing what she had started at the dam and, watched by Strand, Daniel, Luciana, Frank, Ada, Della and Sara, Madison drives off alone in the SWAT van to confront Troy, unwilling to risk the lives of anyone else.

"Fighting Like You"

Dwight will appear in this episode.

"The Road Ahead"

In the forest, Tracy hides inside a log, trying to flee from PADRE's forces following the murder of her father at the hands of Madison. Dwight and Sherry, looking for her, kill some walkers nearby as Tracy becomes scared of being noticed. They find Russell, who was grievously wounded from his group's fight with the Gearheads. Daniel is suspicious of him and advises the others to stop looking for Tracy, branding them both enemies and commanding them to return to the island to protect it.

Russell's group releases a wave of grenades on PADRE's walls, creating an opening for the herd to get in. Scrambling to go back to help his family, Victor opens the door to the auto-shop and the group starts taking down walkers. At PADRE, Dove brings June the pistols that once belonged to John, while Dwight gives commands to the prefects. He throws Russell to the incoming herd to serve as a distraction.

Dwight and Sherry vow to remain together as a family and plan to turn the Sanctuary into a place worthy of the name alongside the rescued kids and their parents should they find them.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Dwight has killed:


For a more in-depth look at Dwight's relationships, read here; Dwight (TV Universe)/Relationships




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  • The casting call for this character used the name Kirk.
    • Dwight was described as "Mid 20s to 30s. Just a couple of years ago, he was a young, blue-collar everyman from a small town, who worked a job, was married, and followed the golden rule. He's avoided being cynical and bottom-line minded but the world seems to keep telling him to look out for number one and eliminate anyone in his way."
  • Dwight is credited as D in "Always Accountable".
    • This was most likely done to not spoil his identity to Comic readers.
  • Dwight is left-handed. However, he has also been seen shooting with his right hand, possibly meaning he is ambidextrous.
  • Dwight has proven to be a talented woodcarver, as benefiting from being taught his late grandfather, as demonstrated by his ability to craft and sculpt a wooden soldier, additionally, he owns a personal collection of hand-crafted wooden figurines located within his personal room within the Sanctuary.
  • Dwight bears several tattoos including a snake located on his right arm as well as a pair of shoes and a cactus visible on his left.
  • For the entirety of Season 7 and the first half of Season 8, Dwight has been in possession of Daryl's wing vest until Daryl finally took it back.
  • Dwight is the first known victim of the 'iron punishment' by Negan, with the second victim being Mark.
  • Dwight appears to be a vegetarian.
  • According to Sherry, Dwight appears to suffer from short-term memory loss.
  • Dwight is one of only 3 main characters to change sides, the others being Merle Dixon who switched sides from the Governor to the Rick's Group and the second being Eugene, who defected from the Survivors to the Saviors (and back to the Survivors in Wrath).
  • American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry auditioned for the role of Dwight. However, the role was handed to Austin Amelio eventually.
  • Dwight is one of the nine TV Universe characters to appear in Fear the Walking Dead, the others being Morgan Jones, Paul Rovia, Carol Peletier, Rick Grimes, Sherry, Jenny Jones, Duane Jones, and Negan Smith.
  • Dwight was originally supposed to appear in "Here's Negan" instead of Laura, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it wasn't possible for Austin Amelio to reprise the role as he was busy filming for Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Dwight is the second main character to later become an antagonist. The first being Shane Walsh, the third being Spencer Monroe, the fourth being Eugene Porter, the fifth being Anne, the sixth being Gregory, the seventh being Leah Shaw, the eighth being Lance Hornsby, and the ninth being Pamela Milton.
  • Dwight appears in the final flashbacks of the last episode "Rest in Peace".
  • Dwight is one of three main characters to end the TV Series with an unknown status, the others being Morgan Jones and Anne.
  • Dwight is one of three characters to move over to Fear the Walking Dead after leaving The Walking Dead alongside Morgan Jones and Sherry.
  • As of "More Time Than You Know", Dwight is one of the two named characters from Season 5 confirmed to still be alive, the other being his wife Sherry.
  • As of "The Raft", Dwight has more appearances in Fear the Walking Dead than he does in the original series.
  • A red kite is a medium-large bird with a wide spread. Red kites are highly monogamous and pair bond, mirroring Dwight's loyalty to Sherry.
  • Dwight is one of seven antagonists to survive in Fear the Walking Dead. The others being Tracy Otto, Isabelle, Victor Strand, Hawk, Odessa Sanderson, and Alex.

International Dubbers[]

Language Dubber Other Characters Voiced
Czech Filip Švarc
Roman Hájek (Fear)
Filip Švarc:
Mitch Dolgen
Bruce (6)
Victor Strand
French Alexis Victor N/A
German Christoph Banken N/A
Hungarian N/A N/A
Italian Simone Crisari Sam
Japanese Isamu Yusen N/A
Portuguese Dado Monteiro
Sean Andrew Stanley (Fear)
Spanish (Latin America) Martín Gopar
Erick Selim (Fear)
Martín Gopar:
Glenn Rhee (1-"Seed")
Terminus Butcher 2
Aiden Monroe
Spanish (Spain) Eduardo Del Hoyo N/A