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This secluded cabin is the home of Eastman. It serves as the main location for the Season 6 episode "Here's Not Here".


Rural Georgia

This small cabin was built by hand by Eastman in order to seek refuge from Crighton Dallas Wilton, a criminal who has previously killed Eastman's wife, daughter and son. Before the apocalypse began Eastman drew up a plan to capture Crighton and starve him to death inside a small cell in the cabin. The plan was successful and Crighton starved to death after 47 days. Near the cabin is a small graveyard where Eastman buried all the walkers/people he had killed, including that of Crighton himself.


After starving Crighton to death, Eastman went back into Atlanta to turn himself into the police, which is when he found out the apocalypse had begun. He returned to his family's home and cuts out a piece of drywall, some artwork drawn by one of his children. He return to the cabin on foot, and hung the drywall up in his cabin.

Season 6

"Here's Not Here"

One day while hunting, Morgan hears the sounds of a bleating goat, he follows a trail and discovers this secluded log cabin. Ignoring Eastman's warnings, Morgan attempts to kill him. Eastman knocks Morgan out with his staff and shuts him inside the cell in his cabin.

Over the next few days, Morgan chooses to stay inside the cell before Eastman announces the cell door is not locked and he "threw the key in the river a while back". After killing a few walkers outside the cabin, he finds Eastman's graveyard, and begins to dig graves for them. Back at the cabin, Eastman gives Morgan a staff, and begins to teach him Aikido.

After returning to Morgan's campground and collecting supplies, Morgan returns to the cabin to find Tabitha being devoured by a walker. Morgan takes Tabitha to the graveyard and buries her.

With Eastman infected and struggling, he reveals to Morgan that he did starve Crighton to death within the cell inside the cabin. He tells Morgan that he can stay in the cabin, and that the power, food and security the cabin provides is enough to last a lifetime.

After Eastman dies, Morgan leaves the cabin and passes through the graveyard, where Eastman is now buried, and finds the railway tracks. He finds a sign for Terminus.




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