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This article is about the Althea Tapes character. For other pages with the same name, see: Ed

Ed is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Althea Tapes. He is one of the many survivors encountered and interviewed by Althea.


Ed is a somewhat cynical and sarcastic individual. However, he generally is shown to be friendly, easy-going, and witty. Before the outbreak, he was a comedian but said that his jokes usually flopped. Throughout the interview, he makes many self-deprecating jokes about himself, mostly about his career doing stand-up. He states that he regrets doing it since it caused him to be away from his family. He reveals he had wanted to do stand-up not for his family, but so people could like him. Ed starts with a very pessimistic attitude, but overtime becomes more optimistic. After a walker attacks, Ed goes on to tell a story about how he almost died, in a very comedic fashion which Althea finds funny, showing he can be a good comedian and is better when improvises and thinking on the fly rather than saying rehearsed bits. Ed becomes thankful towards Althea after reminding him what it's like to make people laugh.


Taylor, Texas

Ed was originally from Taylor, Texas and lived with his parents and sister, with the latter eventually having a son that Ed never met.


At some point Ed, moved to Oregon to chase his dream doing stand up. At some point he went on tour in Daytona Beach, Florida where his jokes flopped.


Southern United States

Ed was in Daytona Beach, Florida when the outbreak happened. It took him a year to travel from Daytona to Texas to find his family.

The Althea Tapes


Ed is given noodles and agrees to tell his story to Althea if she gives him a ride to his friend Tyler. He eats ramen noodles and talks to Althea about his life. He reveals he was a comedian, but he never made it big. Althea tells him to tell some jokes which he is reluctant about. He tries to tell a joke, but it doesn't land. However, after a walker attacks, Ed tells a story about how he almost died, which Althea finds funny. Ed is thankful towards Althea.

Killed Victims

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The Althea Tapes

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