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"Eh, you're better off. U.S. Medical establishment had his head so far up its own ass, the degrees, the licenses, basically worthless. (...) Well, sure. I lost my license back in the '90s. Misunderstanding I had with a lady patient. Everyone was so uptight. I was like, "I thought this was California." Been in Baja ever since."
—Eddie to Alicia Clark.[src]

Eddie is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He works as a doctor in El Bazar.


California/Mexicali, Baja California

Not much is known about Eddie's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he is a licensed doctor who was originally from California. After a "misunderstanding" with a female patient of his, he was disgraced and lost his license. After that, he moved to Mexicali of Baja California where the restrictions are looser and continued to practice until the outbreak.


Season 3

"Things Bad Begun"

Eddie is a doctor residing at El Bazar who works for the Proctors. He performs surgery on Proctor John's back in order to help him regain his mobility while Alicia keeps Proctor John calm, due to the lack of painkillers and anesthesia. The surgery is a success and Proctor John is able to walk with the assistance of a cane.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Eddie has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 3


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