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"Jesus! All right, all right. That way... There's a nursery. But I'm not letting one of you savages take a kid!"
—Eddie to Clementine, before he attempted to kill her.[src]

Eddie is a main character who first appeared in "Wyatt's Story" in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: 400 Days and later returns in a flashback in Season Four. Eddie is Wyatt's friend whose reckless and rash actions get the best of him. After their separation, at some point Eddie becomes a guard at the McCarroll Ranch.


Location Unknown

Little is known about Eddie's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he had a girlfriend named Abigail, that he was friends with Wyatt and someone named T.J., and that he smoked weed. According to Wyatt, he ate paint when he was a kid, though that could have just been a joke.


Season One

"400 Days"

"Wyatt's Story"

On day 41 into the apocalypse, Eddie accidentally shots and killed the friend of a truck driver, Nate. He and Wyatt hastily leave the scene by driving away in a car, however, Nate follows closely behind in his truck. While being chased down the highway, Eddie gives Wyatt a gun and tells him to fight back. Wyatt, or Eddie (determinant), shoots at the truck until Nate spins off the road to not be seen. They turn off the main highway onto a back road in hopes to escape Nate. Wyatt and Eddie drive on until Eddie runs over Bennett, the police officer from Vince's story. Eddie asks if he thinks it was a human or if it was a walker. Eddie decides to have a game of rock-paper-scissors to see who goes out to check the body, which Wyatt can refuse or play. Depending on who wins, the losing party of the game will go out to check the body. If Eddie goes to check out the body, Nate will come back and attack Wyatt. After Wyatt defends himself from Nate, he drives away to escape and leaves Eddie behind. If Eddie wins, Wyatt goes to check the body. Eddie will get attacked by Nate, then drives off leaving Wyatt behind. In the post credits, depending on the in-game decision, Eddie will either be seen driving off in the car or seen dragging the police officer deeper into the forest to safety.

In-Game Decision

Eddie Wins, Wyatt Leaves Car (Alive): If Eddie wins the rock-paper-scissors game, Eddie will stay in the car and Wyatt will go to check on the police officer. When he finds him, he can choose to drag him back to the car or leave him. Either way, the police officer dies and Eddie is attacked by Nate. He drives off without Wyatt in order to escape.

Wyatt Wins/Refuse To Play, Eddie Leaves Car (Alive): If Eddie loses the rock-paper-scissors game or if Wyatt refuses to play, he will leave the car and throw the keys, which end up falling underneath a seat. As Wyatt regains the keys, he is attacked by Nate and forced to flee in the car, leaving Eddie behind. In a post-credits still, he is seen holding the victim and looking over in fear at the shadow of Nate and his truck in the fog.

The Final Season

At some point after being separated from Wyatt, he managed to reach McCarroll Ranch and became a resident there.

"Take Us Back"

Eddie appeared in the flashback about the McCarroll Ranch. After Clementine kills Lloyd (Determinant) and enters the compound, Eddie is witnessed running down a hallway along with two other survivors in order to escape some unseen attackers. As Eddie turns around to return fire with his assault rifle, he notices Clementine and shoots at her, believing her to be another raider. Clementine shoots Eddie in the shoulder, disarming him, upon which she questions him about the whereabouts of AJ. Eddie complies and points in the direction that he was running in. Still believing Clementine to be a raider, Eddie produces a knife from his belt and attempts to stab Clementine, who retaliates by shooting him on the underside of the chin, killing him.


Killed By

When Clementine arrives at the ranch, she comes across Eddie and a group of survivors fighting back against their attackers. Eddie spots Clementine, mistakenly believing her to be one of the raiders, and begins shooting at her. Clementine shoots Eddie in the arm and interrogates him for AJ's location. Eddie cooperates at first, but pulls out a knife and attempts to stab Clementine, forcing her to shoot him in the chin.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Eddie has killed:

  • Nate's friend (Accidental, Off-Screen)
  • Bennett (Accidental, Alive)
  • Himself (Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people



"I will punch your eyes."
—Eddie to Wyatt. (Determinant)[src]

Eddie is a close friend to Wyatt, as they had been friends before the outbreak and had remained together for survival. Prior to the forty-first day of the apocalypse, the two of them recovered Eddie’s car and drove it around together.

The two of them shared drugs recreationally and presumably did the same prior to the outbreak. Eddie and Wyatt found a dealer in Nate and one of his friends at some point on or before the forty-first day, but the two of them were chased by Nate after Eddie inadvertently killed Nate's friend. Wyatt was annoyed by Eddie's accidental killing of Nate's friend, but he worked with him to evade their pursuer. The two them had a series of small arguments regarding Eddie's actions before reflecting on their shared past. After Eddie accidentally hits Bennett with his car, the two of them are frightened by the possibility of having to go look for him. They argue over who must exit the car in the heavy fog, ultimately settling on it together with one of them leaving the car with their gun. Unfortunately, the Nate finds their car and attacks whoever had remained behind, forcing him to flee and abandon the other. If Eddie has remained behind in the car and left without Wyatt, he resents his friend for leaving him behind.

When Tavia discovers Wyatt and the others outside of Gil's Pitstop, she can tempt him to join her community by offering the chance of running into old friends. Consequently, Wyatt agrees to join her in the hopes of finding Eddie alive. (Determinant)


"The guy peed on her dad."
—Eddie finishing the story about Abigail to Wyatt. (Determinant)[src]

Although no interacting was shown, Eddie and Abigail were at one point in a relationship together, meaning they at least used to be close.


"What?!? FUCK, no. Did you see that one guy's eyes, man? He is fucking GORKED. I don't want that guy in my LIFE, Wyatt."
—Eddie to Wyatt about their mysterious pursuer.[src]

After Eddie accidentally kills one of his friends, Nate furiously tailgates him in his truck. Filled with hatred, Nate goes out of his way to try murder him and Wyatt by chasing them down.


"I'm not letting one of you savages take a kid!"
—Eddie trying to kill Clementine[src]

Eddie and Clementine's relationship was brief but it was incredibly hostile. When Eddie was fighting off raiders who attacked McCarroll Ranch, he believed Clementine was one of them. Due to this mistake in identity both survivors sought to kill each-other. With Clementine being the victor, Eddie died without knowing that Clementine wasn't one of the raiders, that they were both actually trying to protect AJ.


Video Game

Season One

The Final Season


  • If Eddie stayed in the car, it will later be seen abandoned at Gil's Pitstop during Shel's Story.
  • Eddie's appearance was based off of Chris Rebbert, the brother of Sean Ainsworth, one of the game designers from Telltale.[1]
    • It's notable that Eddie's friend, Wyatt, wears a "Chris Rebbert and the Hand Jobs" T-shirt, a fictional band created by Chris Rebbert.
    • Eddie was given his role in Season 4 due to the developers deciding it would be fitting for the character to receive closure in a sequence Chris Rebbert, his model, worked on and was very proud of.[2]
  • Eddie, Sarita, Buricko, Pete, Ava, Kate, Francine, and Minerva are the only characters from the Video Game whom have visible piercings.
    • Eddie's labret, which was present in his appearance in 400 Days, was removed in his later appearance, making him the only character to have a piercing removed in the Video Game.
  • Eddie and Leland are seen in the preview image for "Amid The Ruins", though neither character makes an appearance.
  • Eddie is the third 400 Days character Clementine encounters regardless of player's choices. The first one is Bonnie and second one is Tavia.
  • Eddie has the second longest time between an appearance after Lilly. If 400 Days is considered to be like Episode 6 of the game, not including the Michonne Miniseries, he has a gap of 14 episodes compared to Lilly's 15 episodes.
  • Eddie is the third returning character in Season 4, with the others being Lilly and Lee Everett.[1]
    • Eddie is also the only character from 400 Days to appear in Season 4.
      • Eddie's return in Season 4 makes him the third longest-living character in the video game series, the others being Clementine and Lilly.
      • For some odd reason he was supposed to return in season 2 with being a member of a cult as seen in the fourth episode promo pic.