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Elías Suarez is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is a farmer living in Baja California.


Baja California

Nothing is known about Elías' life prior to or as began, except that he had a wife, Angelica, and two kids, Benito and Sara. He and his family lived on a farm in Baja California. Elias was born on February 12th, 1961.


Season 2

As the outbreak wrecked havoc in Baja California, his wife and two children are killed. Their bodies are buried on the farm.

"Do Not Disturb"

As Chris chases chickens in the barn with Brandon, Derek, and James, Travis attempts to calm the young men down. Suddenly Elías bursts into the barn, armed with a rifle. He shouts in Spanish to everyone and points his gun at them. Travis frantically attempts to calm the farmer down, but Elías shoots James in the leg after he breaks a chicken's neck. As tensions get worse, Chris suddenly shoots Elías in the chest, sending him to the ground and choking on his blood until he dies.

"Date of Death"

Elías is shot in the head by Chris to prevent reanimation. He is then buried alongside his family by Travis. Travis later looks around in Elias' home to find out his name to carve it in the cross of his grave.


Killed By

After he shoots James in the leg, because he broke the neck of one of the chickens, Chris picks up the gun and shoots him in the chest, killing him.

Later, Chris shoots Elías in the head to prevent reanimation.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Elías has killed:


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 2


  • Elías is credited as Farmer in all of his appearances.
  • While Elías' age and occupation were revealed in the Story Sync for "Do Not Disturb", his name was incorrectly listed as Matias.
  • He is one out of the three characters in the Walking Dead Universe to have a confirmed birthday date.