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El Bazar, which translates to "The Bazaar", is a location featured in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is a large, complex trading post set in an abandoned bullfighting arena in Mexicali, Baja California. The trading post is founded and controlled by a motorcycle gang called the Proctors.


Before the outbreak, the location that would become El Bazar served as a bullring in the capital city of Mexicali, Baja California. It featured a large matador statue at the front of the stadium.


Sometime after the initial outbreak, an American motorcycle gang called the Proctors occupied an abandoned bullfighting arena, and started a trading post there with their hoarded resources. The news attracted survivors, coming with their own resources for trade from miles around. Eventually, the trading post thrived, prospered and flourished, and it was named "El Bazar" by the survivors. The Proctors controlled the trading post with an iron fist, with heavily armed gangsters maintaining and enforcing orders. Firearms are usually not allowed inside the perimeter unless they're serving purposes of trading. The trading post functions on a barter system, which the trading goods of customers are traded away at the entrance, and are converted into points which can be traded for other goods or services inside the trading post.

As the trading post is founded by Americans and located in the borderlands between two nations, most administrators and vendors inside are bilingual (with degrees varying individual to individual) to serve both customers of either American or Mexican background. As the trading post is founded by criminals, some of the businesses that operated inside are considered as shady and clandestine with pre-apocalypse ethic standards, such as drugs and prostitution. The Proctors maintained a strict policy on debt within the trading post: no one is allowed to leave until their debt is paid, and those who cannot pay their debt will be chained at the front gate and forced to keep Infected away from the stadium.


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  • As Qaletaqa and Madison navigate the inside of El Bazar, the song "Negro y Azul" from AMC's Breaking Bad can be heard in the background.
  • A behind the scenes video reveals that at least 100 extras are used to represent the daytime population of El Bazar.
  • Although the Bazar is meant to be located in Mexicali. The bullring arena is located in Tijuana.