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"Welcome to El Matadero, my fellow Americans. How can I be of assistance?"
—El Matarife's greetings to Nicholas Clark and Troy Otto.[src]

"El Matarife" (real name unknown) is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He operates a bar and works as a drug dealer in El Bazar.


Mexicali, Baja California

Not much is known about El Matarife's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he possibly lived in Mexicali, Baja California. Given his extensive knowledge on drugs and what parts of the zombie to cut up to get high, it's possible that he worked in the medical field in some capacity.


Season 3

"El Matadero"

El Matarife operates a drug den within El Bazar and offers a wide selection of drugs to his customers. When Nick and Troy arrive at the bar, they ask if he carries certain products, in which he reveals an assortment of drugs until Nick replies that he wants something to give them an "up". El Matarife then reveals a jar of brain stems which contains pure adrenaline and gives two for free to Nick and Troy.

"Things Bad Begun"

Nick delivers a shopping cart of heads to El Mararife who proceeds to dismember the zombified heads and inspect the glands to determine if they're fit for consumption. He reveals to Nick and Troy that the Proctors consume a lot of these glands as they prepare to go on missions, including the impending raid on the dam.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims El Matarife has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 3


  • His nickname translates to "The Slaughterer" (referring to cattle).

International Dubbers

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