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The El Pelícano supermarket is a location that appears in Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead. It is a grocery store located in eastern Tijuana, Baja California, a few hours walk from the survivor community of La Colonia. Alejandro sends people to trade with them fairly often, mainly in order to exchange oxycodone from La Colonia's pharmacy for water from the supermarket.


The supermarket functioned like a normal grocery store, serving many residents of Tijuana before the outbreak ravaged the city.


After the outbreak ravaged the city of of Tijuana, Marco and his gang quickly took up residence at the supermarket, setting up barricades around the nearby streets and tents inside the supermarket to accommodate the gang members and their families. When Nick visits the El Pelícano for the first time, it is revealed that many of its residents are junkies and suffering withdrawal due to the lack of drugs. Nick is able to establish a trade agreement with the gang in return for much-needed water and medicine for La Colonia. Ultimately, Marco becomes greedy and angry when a scheduled trade falls through, prompting him to search for La Colonia, the source of the drugs, so he may take over the community and move in, given its "fortress-like" status.

At one point, Madison and Elena visit the supermarket to retrieve medicine for an injured Strand. It is during this visit that Madison discovers her son may be in Tijuana after overhearing Marco interrogate Francisco for La Colonia's location.

After merging with Ramiro's gang, Marco and the rest of Los Hermanos pack up their belongings and vacate the supermarket, leaving it abandoned. While the family members and several gang members relocate to an undisclosed location, the majority of the gang, along with Marco and Ramiro, set off to attack La Colonia, only to be killed when Alejandro unleashes a horde of the undead into the survivor community.

After fleeing the Rosarito Beach Hotel, Madison, Alicia, and Travis find the supermarket abandoned except for the bodies of Francisco and his family after they were interrogated and executed by Marco.





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