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This article is about the Typhoon character. You may be looking for her Road to Survival counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Elena

Elena Anderson is a main character and a former antagonist, as well as the deuteragonist of The Walking Dead: Typhoon. She's a foreigner from the United States who got stranded in China when the apocalypse hit while she was spending time with her new boyfriend, Chen Wenzhu. Falling the fall of most modern day functions, Elena joined the Bacon of Light as a windrunner, alongside Wenzhu and his best friend, Ming Haobo.


Texas, USA

When Elena lived in Texas[1], she and her family used to go boating nearly every weekend, barbecued, strolled around sandy beaches, and tubing on the Colorado River. She would play the drums in her church band and worked at Camp Longhorn in the summer. On Friday nights she would go to high school football games. Her father took her and her brother, Robbie, bowhunting for white-tailed deer and doves in Knaus Spring. She would have to snap the dove's necks for Robbie if he didn't get a kill shot.

Changsha, China

At some point Elena came to China where she met Zhu, who was looking for an English tutor.

A month before the outbreak her and Zhu were sitting in their favorite restaurant across from one another holding hands. Then in a moment of impulsive inspiration and love, Elena took out her plane ticket back to America and tore it up. Saying to Zhu "I'll rebook the flight. I can stay until the end of summer." Words that Elena would come to deeply regret after the outbreak traps her the entire world away from her family.




Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Elena has killed:


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Chen Wenzhu


Ming Haobo




Chen Ahui


Lu Shenyang

"Tell me what we need to know, or I will let this monster tear your flesh apart bite by bite. But I wont let it touch your face, because when we find your village—we'll find it with or without your help—I'm going to use their little Shenyang to keep them all in line or you'll turn them into jiāngshī as well. Do you understand?"
—Elena to Shenyang while torturing her.[src]

Lu Shenyang and Elena had a terrible relationship. While searching for Zhu in Fongyuan, Shenyang was captured by Elena's Wind Team. Elena initially tried being nice to Shenyang in order to peacefully get information out the girl. When this doesn't work, Elena tries a more desperate approach and slashes the girl's cheeks with her knife before muffling her screams and holding the tip of her knife inches away from Shenyang's eye. She then finds a jiāngshī and holds Shenyang's face inches away from it's snapping jaws. This causes Shenyang to agree to her demands and reveal the location of the Grove. Elena hates herself for this and uncontrollably cries when she's alone after the incident. Elena helps free Shenyang and the other villagers after realizing how big of a mistake she's made. Shenyang and all the villagers despise Elena and want her dead, except for Meili. After abandoning the Beacon and the death of Zhu, Elena joins the villagers in their new home at the Precipitous Pillars. Shenyang tells all the villagers numerous times about her torture in detail, causing all the villagers to despise her and refer to her as "yángguǐzi", meaning "foreign devil". Elena has no friends except for Meili and Ahui who are the only people who accept her.

Ying Hengyen