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Elias Vazquez is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.



Nothing is known about Elias' life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was a Democrat and a junior senator from Oklahoma. One of his aides who worked in PR on his campaigns was Will.


Season 7

"The Beacon"

Elias Vazquez was mentioned by Will. He says that they were living at the Franklin Hotel when the Doomsday Cult came and killed everyone but Will as he was hiding elsewhere in the hotel.


In a flashback, a captured Alicia Clark is brought into the main room of the Franklin Hotel bunker where a zombified Vazquez is tied to a tree. Alicia threatens to gouge her captor's eyes out if he asks her what she sees when Alicia looks at Vazquez. However, the cultist intends on feeding Alicia to Vazquez as they need fresh compost for the garden. As Alicia struggles against the cultist's hold, Arno stops him, recognizing Alicia and having been told to expect her by Teddy. Alicia punches the cultist in the face and shoves him into Vazquez who bites the man in the side of his throat, killing him. Grabbing the man's gun, Alicia escapes deeper into the bunker.

In the present, Alicia orders Dwight to have her men bring up the Senator. Alicia tells Morgan that she needs his help and points to Vazquez as one of her men leads him up on a leash. Alicia explains to Morgan that Dwight and Sherry had found him a few days before, confusing Morgan as to him importance. Dwight admits that Alicia won't tell them why Vazquez is so important either, but Vazquez is the reason that all of the walkers in the area have been stripped naked by the Stalkers: Arno didn't want Alicia to find Vazquez.

In a flashback, Will explains to Alicia that he has been in the bunker ever since Vazquez's security detail brought them in. When the hospitals started getting overcrowded, Vazquez and his people had gone to the bunker in order to rendezvous with other government officials who had never made it there. Alicia realizes that they have been underground for years ever since the start of the outbreak and Will states that it was their protocol to ensure continuity of government. However, everyone else is dead because the cult had found the entrance to the bunker and said that they were starving. Although they weren't supposed to let anyone else in, they hadn't seen any other living people in years and they didn't want to watch them die through the door so the Senator opened it. However, the cultists had then proceeded to kill everyone except for Will who was doing maintenance on the bunker's air filters at the time.

In the present, one of Alicia's men pours white paint over Vazquez so that he will be easier to see amongst the other walkers. Alicia reveals that she needs Morgan's help to find a place called PADRE and Morgan remembers two other survivors who were also looking for it. Alicia explains that PADRE is somewhere safe from all of this with the plans and resources to rebuild. While Alicia doesn't know where it is, Vazquez does, surprising Morgan. Alicia dodges Morgan's questions about why she's so sure that Vazquez knows where to go and she asks Morgan to just trust her.

After sending her people to the sub, Alicia guts a walker and smears two rain ponchos in its guts so that Vazquez won't follow them. Morgan recognizes what Alicia's doing and he warns her that he's seen people get sick from a lot less. With the sound of gunfire nearby, Morgan and Alicia don the ponchos and Alicia cuts Vazquez free from where he has been tied to a tree. Completely ignoring the two, Vazquez sets out, followed by Morgan and Alicia.

In a flashback, Arno takes Alicia to Vazquez's quarters which are to be her new rooms. Arno returns Alicia's Sharpened Barrel Shroud to her while Alicia notices the Senator's file on PADRE and a picture of him on the wall. Alicia and Arno's conversation is interrupted by a radio call that Will has been captured and Arno orders his men to return Will to the earth.

In the main room, two cultists try to feed a struggling Will to Vazquez until Alicia throws her barrel shroud and impales the walker in the shoulder with it, pinning him to the tree. Taking charge of the cult, Alicia ends the practice, and she orders Will released which the cultists do after Arno backs up Alicia's orders. Left alone, Will asks if the zombies can remember anything and Alicia realizes that it really is the first time that Will has seen a zombie up close. Tearfully, Will explains that the zombie is Senator Vazquez and Alicia sympathetically tells him that the walkers don't remember anything, and they are just walking corpses and things become dangerous when you forget that. Alicia asks Will about the binder in Vazquez's quarters on PADRE and he explains that it's where they were supposed to go once it was safe to leave the bunker. Vazquez had said that it is stocked full of everything they need to start over. However, only Vazquez knew where it is and he got a message to his family to there when it became clear that they couldn't reach the bunker. When Vazquez had attempted to make contact using a radio in his room, he could never get a clear signal and as such, they don't know if anyone had ever actually made it to PADRE.

In the present, Morgan and Alicia continue to follow Vazquez through the Texas landscape. However, they come under attack by Strand's Rangers and Vazquez wanders into a small herd that is drawn to the location by the gunfire. Unwilling to allow the Rangers to kill Vazquez, Alicia attempts to rush out and grab him while Morgan tries to restrain her. Vazquez loses half of his left arm to the gunfire before Morgan and Alicia drag him to safety, Vazquez getting him by several more bullets as they flee. Alicia throws Vazquez off of a cliff into a body of water and jumps in after him alongside Morgan despite Strand's attempts to stop them.

Later, Morgan and Alicia sit on the shore with Vazquez tied up nearby. Morgan argues with Alicia about her search for PADRE and how Alicia keeps risking her life to save Vazquez who has clearly been dead for a long time already. Alicia insists that there is still an echo of the person that the walkers once were inside of them, but Morgan knows that there's not, having made the same mistake with his wife, leading to the death of Morgan's son. Having had enough of Alicia's lack of answers, Morgan grabs his battle axe and threatens to put down Vazquez rather than continue to risk his life to follow him. However, their argument is interrupted by the arrival of Strand's Rangers.

In a flashback, Alicia and Will follow a released Vazquez into the area containing the bunker's drainage pipes which drain somewhere outside. However, Vazquez turns back around to face them, sensing the live humans. Alicia goes to put down Vazquez, believing that they can find the exit on their own, but Will warns her that the tunnels branch and if they can't find how the rats are getting in and out, they're not going anywhere. Getting an idea, Alicia shoves Vazquez to the ground and orders Will to pin him down. After confirming that Will isn't squeamish, Alicia cuts Vazquez open and begins covering herself in his walker guts, warning Will not to get it into his eyes or mouth as he could get really sick and die. Will apologizes to his friend, believing that Vazquez would understand and telling him that this is the only way that they will find PADRE and the Senator's family and covers himself in walker guts as well. Alicia apologizes to Will for how insensitive she's being, having spent so much time in the outside world that she's begun to forget that the dead once used to be living people too.

With Alicia and Will's smells masked from him, Vazquez begins crawling through the drainage pipe followed by Alicia and Will. Vazquez begins moving faster than Alicia had anticipated, pulling ahead of her. Suddenly, an explosion rocks the tunnel, collapsing part of it between Alicia and Will and another part partially between Alicia and Vazquez.

In the present, Morgan, Alicia and Vazquez are held captive by the Rangers. When Strand arrives, he demands to know who Vazquez is and why Alicia saved him, but she refuses to tell him. When Alicia refuses to come with him, Strand orders his men to kill Morgan and then Vazquez, believing that Alicia will come with him if she has no other choice. The Rangers attempt to feed Morgan to Vazquez, but Alicia jumps in the way and is bitten in the left arm instead. After Alicia is bitten, the horrified Strand finally agrees to take his men and leave.

In a flashback, Alicia regains consciousness after the explosion, and she notices Vazquez continuing to crawl up the pipe on the other side of the blockage. Alarmed, Alicia yells out to Will who promises to get her out, but Alicia doesn't think that she has time as Vazquez is still in the pipe with her. Drawn by all of the noise that the two are making which breaks their camouflage, Vazquez turns around and begins crawling back towards Alicia. As Will works to get to Alicia, she desperately adds rocks to the barricade between her and Vazquez, seemingly successfully sealing him on the other side of the wall. Suddenly, Vazquez breaks through the barricade and Alicia bashes him over the head with a rock, but Vazquez bites her in the left arm. Alicia manages to kick Vazquez back through the barricade and the celling collapses further, sealing him out for good. Vazquez then makes his way through the rest of the pipe up to the surface while Alicia is forced to amputate her own arm.

In the present, sitting around a campfire at night, Alicia removes the sleeve on her left arm and reveals that it's actually now a prosthetic made out of her own arm bones with two small blades attached to it. Morgan starts to ask how it had happened and then guesses that it was Vazquez and that it might be why Alicia is following him. Not answering, Alicia convinces Morgan to join her in gutting a nearby dead walker and continuing to follow Vazquez to PADRE.

Morgan and Alicia follow Vazquez through the night until he gets drawn to a nearby beacon. Alicia is excited, thinking that Vazquez has finally led them to PADRE, but Morgan recognizes that he has instead been drawn to the lighthouse beacon on Strand's Tower. Vazquez wanders into Strand's walker moat and Morgan tells Alicia that Vazquez is now gone and that they won't be getting him back. Alicia reveals to Morgan that she apparently didn't amputate her arm in time after Vazquez bit her and that Alicia has been ill ever since with recurring fevers. Alicia believes that the infection is still inside of her and that it's only a matter of time until her body loses the fight and Alicia turns from Vazquez's bite.

"Follow Me"

In a dream, Alicia and a number of people follow a zombified Vazquez down a road. Turning to Alicia, Vazquez tells her in a distorted voice to "follow me. PADRE."

Alicia later explains to Paul that she has been having that dream since she was first bitten by Vazquez which had led Alicia to chase him with first the cult and then with Morgan. However, the pursuit of Vazquez had caused a number of cultists to die and reanimate, leading to the split in the group's members when Arno had blamed Alicia for their losses.

Later, Alicia has the dream again, but when she reaches Vazquez, he transforms into Alicia herself who gives Alicia the same message.

"The Raft"

Vazquez and the rest of the walker moat surrounding the Tower chase Morgan and baby Mo following their escape from the Tower.

While leading the herd together, Morgan and Alicia recall following Vazquez around together. Alicia points out that the Senator is probably in there somewhere and Morgan tells Alicia that if she wants to go find Vazquez, she can be his guest.

Later, Vazquez breaks off from the rest of the herd as they enter the bunker beneath the Franklin Hotel. Vazquez encounters Alicia near the exit to the drainage pipe that she had tried to follow him through along with Will, his body visibly deteriorated compared the last time that she saw him, but still covered in the paint that Alicia had splashed him in to make following Vazquez around easier. Rather than try to recapture the Senator, Alicia instantly slashes him across the head with the blades on her prosthetic arm, putting Vazquez down.


Elias Vazquez will appear in this episode.


Killed By

Vazquez was killed when the cult invaded the bunker underneath the Franklin Hotel.

Vazquez encounters Alicia near the exit to the drainage pipe that she had once tried to follow him through. Alicia slashes Vazquez across the head with her arm blades, putting him down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Elias has killed:


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  • While Jared Gibson was not credited for his role as Elias Vazquez in the episode, he was credited via AMC Press Center as Senator Walker.
  • Alicia's mural on the bunker wall in "The Beacon" appears to be a depiction of her dream of following the zombified Vazquez to PADRE as seen in "Follow Me".
  • The Stalkers stripping all of the walkers in the first half of Season 7 was intended to keep Alicia from finding Vazquez.
  • Despite losing half of his left arm in "PADRE", both of Vazquez's arms are completely intact when Alicia encounters him again in "The Raft".