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Elijah is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a member of the Wardens who joined Alexandria after their previous village was destroyed by the Reapers.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Elijah's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that his sister was born prior to the outbreak.


Location Unknown

Several years into the apocalypse, Elijah encountered Maggie Rhee while on an expedition shortly after her departure from her home. After forming an initial bond, Elijah joined Maggie and her son on their quest to build up other settlements around the country for the following years until their eventual return to Virginia. Elijah had a sister of an unknown age whom he was apparently very close with, who was killed by a hostile group. At some point during the outbreak, Elijah either made himself or had someone else make him a steel mask that he is rarely seen without.

Season 10

"A Certain Doom"

In the woods, Elijah comes to the rescue of Aaron and Alden as they fight off the remaining Whisperers.

Back at the tower, he arrives alongside Maggie and kills several Whisperers in an effort to save Gabriel. As one Whisperer comes up behind him unnoticed, Maggie kills the Whisperer with an arrow. Afterwards, Maggie clarifies the masked man is with her.

At the rendezvous, Elijah stands by and nods at Aaron as he arrives with the others and as Maggie reunites with her former companions.

"Home Sweet Home"

Elijah accompanies Cole when going to meet Daryl and Carol with Maggie, and is introduced to the two by the latter as her companions. Elijah joins the four when Carol shows Maggie the remains of Hilltop, and explains how Negan was both there when The Whisperers attacked and the reason Alpha died. As Carol leaves to head back to Alexandria, Kelly joins them, hoping to find her missing sister. Maggie, Cole, and Elijah begin to lead them to where the rest of their group is camped.

After walking for hours, the five find an abandoned storage yard filled with the undead, which they efficiently start to clear out. After Maggie and Daryl struggle to shut a steel shipment container with walkers in it, Elijah steps in and helps force it closed, crushing a walker's head between the doors in the process. The survivors set up camp in the secured yard for the night, deciding to continue the rest of the way to the rendezvous point in the morning.

At sunrise, Elijah kills a walker that has wandered into the storage yard, prompting Cole to point out that Kelly was supposed to be on guard duty. Realizing she has headed off in desperate search of Connie, they go after her.

Finding Kelly trying to scale an abandoned truck in the woods with signs of recent survivor activity on the roof of the vehicle, Maggie angrily chastises her for leaving her post and putting them in danger. Daryl explains she's looking for her sister, which elicits sympathy from both Maggie and Elijah, the latter of which had lost his sister recently. After scaling the truck and searching through the contents on top of it, Elijah is unable to find anything useful in determining if Connie was there or not.

As they near the house where the rest of Maggie's group is, a smoke plume rising from its location causes Maggie to panic and rush towards it. Finding the house burned along with two of their people, Jen and Billy, Maggie and Cole conclude it's the same group that attacked their village. With no sign of the others or Hershel, the group splits up to cover more ground, with Elijah going with Cole and Kelly.

Throughout the search, Elijah is visibly troubled at the idea of The Reapers having followed them. He's eventually comforted and reassured by Kelly, whom he shows his unmasked face to as a sign of trust.

Later, as Maggie and Daryl are struggling to fight against a highly tactical and well-adapted survivalist Reaper, Kelly manages to shoot the man with Daryl's dropped crossbow, incapacitating him as Cole and Elijah join up with her and surround him. As Maggie tries to get the man to tell them who he is and what his group wants, he merely responds with "Pope marked you" before pulling the pin on a grenade in his satchel. Maggie, Daryl, Kelly, Cole, and Elijah all duck down and away from the ensuing blast, with blows the man into a red mist.

Maggie later manages to find Hershel hiding in a tree, and the group heads back to Alexandria. They stop at the same storage yard from before for the night, Elijah gives Kelly an apple, and Maggie thanks her for being a friend to him when he needed it, having apparently talked to him at some point about her.

As they finally reach Alexandria, they find it in near ruins, with many of the walls destroyed and knocked down, buildings burnt, and crops trampled by The Whisperers during their initial assault on the safe zone. Elijah subsequently joins the community with his comrades, as Maggie glares at a watching Negan.

Season 11

"Acheron: Part I"

Elijah is part of a group consisting of Daryl, Gage, Maggie, Carol, Alden, Rosita, Lydia, Gabriel, Jerry, Roy, Kelly, and Magna who raid the abandoned Fort Connors military base for food supplies. He remains on watch on the roof as the women make their way into a hangar by rope to collect supplies. After the mission, Elijah returns to Alexandria with his fellow survivors. He is happy to see that fellow Wardens Frost, Agatha, and Duncan, are alive and well. Later during a meeting, Elijah listens as Maggie explains that Frost, Agatha, and Duncan were separated and believed to have been killed after Reapers attacked their village. Elijah and his fellow Wardens agree to accompany Maggie and a group of Alexandrians to Meridian to take out the Reapers and secure the food and water supplies to feed everyone in Alexandria.

Part of a group consisting of Maggie, Daryl, Alden, Cole, Frost, Gage, Negan, Agatha, Duncan, Roy, and Gabriel, the survivors utilize Negan's familiarity with the DC area to travel to Meridian. Due to the heavy rain storm, the survivors are forced to head into the subway tunnels to complete the journey. While in the tunnels, they come across hundreds of body bags, many containing walkers in them. At some point while dispatching the body bag walkers, Gage and Roy go missing, along with the group's ammo and supplies. Shortly after this realization, a large group of walkers appear, forcing the other survivors to move forward in the tunnel without being able to search for Gage or Roy. He is able to make it into a subway car before the walkers are able to catch up with his group.

"Acheron: Part II"

Elijah will appear in this episode.


After the Reapers attack his group, Elijah attempts to defend himself and avoid getting killed. When Maggie is lassoed by a Reaper, Elijah rushes in to free her only to be captured himself and hauled away.

"Out of the Ashes"

After somehow escaping the Reapers, Elijah reunites with Gabriel and they both find Maggie and Negan. Maggie tells Elijah that Cole, Duncan and Agatha are dead and Daryl and Frost are nowhere to be found. Gabriel suggests they wait for Daryl and Frost. Maggie smiles in agreement.

"On the Inside"

Elijah, Maggie, Negan and Gabriel hide from the Reapers, who are searching for them and they listen from the basement. Daryl finds them and manages to distract Carver long enough for Maggie's group to escape. Elijah and the group quietly sneaks out of the basement and escapes.

"Promises Broken"

Elijah will appear in this episode.

"For Blood"

Elijah will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Elijah has killed:

  • At least 3 unnamed Whisperers (2 Direct, 1 Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


Maggie Rhee

Despite having little on-screen interaction, Elijah seems to be very loyal to Maggie and has apparently been an ally to her for many years.


Despite having no dialogue shared between the two and almost no interaction seen between them, it can be assumed that Elijah and Cole are at the very least on decent terms, as they work together effectively and both are seemingly devoted to Maggie.


After Kelly comforted Elijah with the loss of his sister and his fears of the Reapers' return, it seems the two have become good friends.


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  • In "A Certain Doom", Elijah was portrayed by stuntman Joshua Lamboy.
  • The weapons that Elijah is seen carrying are two Japanese sickles called kama.
  • As of "On the Inside", Elijah is one of the three Wardens confirmed to be alive, the others being Maggie and Hershel Rhee.
    • He is also the only Warden introduced in Season 10 to still be alive.

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