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"We have energy, water, medicine, transport, the Council, the courts, the schools--culture, currency, an economy--agriculture, manufacturing.......law. We are the last light of the world. We are the last hope. And we, us....we enable this population--of over 200,000 souls, to live......to create the future."
—Elizabeth to Barca.[src]

Elizabeth Kublek is a main character and an antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. She is the lieutenant colonel of the Civic Republic Military, and the mother of Jennifer. She serves as the primary antagonist of Season 1.


Elizabeth is a powerful figure in the post-apocalyptic world, being part of a large organization, and exudes a high degree of charisma as a result. Elizabeth firmly believes in the Civic Republic's cause, and has gone to great lengths to ensure that its goals are carried out, even considering the high amount of risks involved.

Despite this however, Elizabeth has shown genuine regret and remorse for the brutal actions that she has taken on behalf of the Civic Republic, most notably the complete annihilation of the Campus Colony. Elizabeth justified those measures by stating that the brutality of their actions ensures that those under the Civic Republic's auspices can remain safe, as well as helping ensure humanity's survival, showing that she at least has a skewed moral compass.

Elizabeth cares deeply for her daughter, Jennifer Mallick, who she has placed great trust in as a spy for the Civic Republic within the Campus Colony, as well as ensuring that Hope Bennett survives her journey to the CRM Research Facility.


England, United Kingdom

Nothing is know about Elizabeth's life prior to or as the outbreak began. Judging by her accent, as well as the flag of the United Kingdom in her apartment, she grew up in England. She later moved to the United States, where she married Mr. Mallick and had a daughter with him, Jennifer. Her husband eventually divorced her and left his family.


New York

Nothing is known about Elizabeth as the outbreak began. At some point, Elizabeth reunited with her daughter, and eventually became the lieutenant colonel of a large organization known as the Civic Republic Military.

Season 1


A helicopter lands. Soldiers get out and lieutenant colonel Elizabeth Kublek gets out with them. She greets Felix. He welcomes her as the head of the security at the Campus Colony of Omaha. Huck simply says her name is Huck, hinting at a story behind it. Elizabeth says that there were some government officials lined up to come but they could only spare one helicopter for the trip. She tells Felix that she is honored to join them for Feast Day as she looks over to see Hope flipping her off, and Felix says she must be tired after her trip from "wherever she's from", suggesting they have no idea where CRM is based either. A group of empties approaches and Huck and Felix prepare to take them out but Elizabeth has her soldiers do it in one efficient shot. She says they fire disruption charges to distract the empties from the noise. They're good at this, she says smugly. She sees the sign Iris is holding, which now reads "The Civic Republic Us" and Iris explains that the Civic Republic represents everyone including the Portland, Omaha, and the Campus Colony. Elizabeth agrees that they're all in this together.

The next day, Elizabeth is touring the campus grounds, followed by two of her bodyguards. Hope sees her and implores to Iris to leave, but Elizabeth catches up to them. Elizabeth confirms that they are Hope and Iris Bennett, because she knows who they are and thanks them for sacrificing their time away from their father. Elizabeth implores that this first "science exchange" is critical for the Alliance, as well as the future of the planet. She notes that Iris is studying biochemistry and immunology like her father and offers praise for Hope's distillery, but Hope has had enough of the niceties and walks off.

When Hope and Iris are arguing outside, Elizabeth walks up to them and wants to know how the Civic Republic, one of their Alliance partners, is "bad". Iris says they don't tell anyone where they are from and no one can go in or out. Elizabeth reveals that she has a daughter who is a soldier in the CRM, so she rarely gets to see her, but it makes her "brave" knowing that her daughter is trying to help bring the world back to what it was. Elizabeth wants them to trust her, so she reveals that their father is in New York teaching at a CRM research facility. She gives them a coded map that reveals where he is without revealing exactly where the facility is in New York. She also states been drinking their booze and is tipsy, having been given Hope's alcohol as a "generous" gift from the Campus Colony. She praises them for being their father's daughters for being brave. After she leaves, the girls head to their father's office to drink some of his booze.

On Monument Day, Elizabeth delivers a message for the CRM about solidarity about how they stand with Portland and Omaha, and how Dr. Leo Bennett will help lead a team to bring the world back. She praises his daughters and introduces Iris, who is almost catatonic. Iris starts her speech, but she falters. Hope looks on knowingly. Iris starts talking about her dreams and how Dr. K told her to talk about it. Felix looks on in wonder, Hope doesn't look surprised. Iris' speech focuses on "now" and the "truth" and she says that she doesn't trust CRM. Elizabeth assures her that she will trust her and her father will show that to her, too. Iris says someone told her she was brave (Elizabeth's prior words the night before), so she is going to keep working in the now to show them that they can rebuild the future.

Back at the Campus Colony, the CRM soldiers have massacred the Campus Colony, with soldiers going around putting down walkers, and piling up bodies. Elizabeth stabs a blue-painted empty in the head. Barca informs her that her soldiers have searched around the campus, as well as the surrounding areas, and that they can't find "her". Elizabeth says "Good."

"The Tyger and the Lamb"

Elizabeth is in her apartment when Barca knocks on her door. She invites him in where he explains that he is having second thoughts and is trouble coping with what they did in Campus Colony, referring to the massacre they carried out. Elizabeth proceeds to turn on every single appliance in her apartment and reminds Barca all of the accomplishments the Civic Republic managed to secure in the post-apocalyptic world. She then orders the upset Barca to sit down at the kitchen table and they proceed to eat soup in silence. When a knock is heard at the door, she instructs him to open it. Two of her bodyguards step into her apartment and take Barca into custody, where Elizabeth informs him that he is being relieved of his military duties and sent to the the CRM Health and Welfare Complex for help before being reinstated in a civilian role. After he is taken away, she returns to her kitchen table and drinks from a glass of wine before breaking down into tears.

"Shadow Puppets"

Dr. Belshaw is working in her lab when she receives a call from Elizabeth who asks whether Dr. Bennett or his security detail Will be a problem as his daughters continue their journey to the New York State research facility. Dr. Belshaw confirms that there will be no problem and thanks Elizabeth before hanging up.

"The Sky Is a Graveyard"

Elizabeth Kublek waits at a meetup spot for a contact. She talks to Frank Newton, where they discuss that the person they are meeting is late for arrival, yet Elizabeth reassures him that the course of action they have taken is the only way to get the asset to the facility. That person is revealed to be Jennifer Mallick. Elizabeth questions Jennifer about "the asset" and if "it" is alright. Elizabeth also stresses to Jennifer that she shouldn't be taking this long and reminds her how important this mission is before she gives her some food as well as her father's watch.

"The Deepest Cut"

Elizabeth debriefs Jennifer on the current situation; she gives her a sandwich to eat while they talk. They both discuss the specifics of getting "the asset" to the Civic Republic as soon possible. Elizabeth also further emphasizes the importance of the mission as "everyone is watching", and potential scrutiny could impact her if the mission takes too long. Jennifer tell her mom to remind them what she's done thus far to survive. Elizabeth further implores that it is vital to isolate "the asset" from the others as soon as possible, and that she will intervene if Jennifer cannot succeed in that task.

"In This Life"

Elizabeth will appear in this episode.

Season 2

Elizabeth will appear in this season.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Elizabeth has killed:


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  • She is one of four British characters across The Walking Dead franchise.
  • Elizabeth currently possess the largest kill count out of any character on World Beyond and the entire Walking Dead franchise, with a total of at least 9,676 victims.
    • However, Daniel Salazar currently possess the highest direct kill count in The Walking Dead franchise with a total of 112 living people killed directly.
    • Elizabeth currently possess the highest kill count of any antagonist encountered on World Beyond.

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