"I need to make my life count. It's all I could do. Really, it's all any of us could do. We are the endlings."

Elton is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak set to appear in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He is a student and a karate instructor at the Campus Colony, one of three cities part of the Survivor Network alliance.


Thoughtful, analytical, and intellectually curious, fifteen-year-old Elton is both an utter innocent and a wise old soul. An orphan of the apocalypse, Elton is Zen-like and completely at peace with the statistical probability that humankind is only a few years from extinction.[2]


Location Unknown

Elton was born to scientist parents, and because of his parents Elton tends to see the world with statistical probability and objectivity.


Elton survived the outbreak and apocalypse at only five years old, but his parents died during the outbreak - making him an orphan of the apocalypse. In time he came to join the Civic Republic Military at the Campus Colony. He later became a karate instructor with a black belt in training. However, due to his scientific upbringing - he believes the human race, statistically, has a few years left before they go extinct.

Season 1


Elton will appear in this episode.


World Beyond

Season 1


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