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"Who are you looking for? (...) Is Mr. Jones dead or alive? (...) You will soon."
—Emile accepting Virginia's mission to hunt down Morgan Jones.[src]

Emile LaRoux is an antagonist and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is the twin brother of Josiah LaRoux and served as the primary antagonist of the episode "The End Is the Beginning".


Emile is shown to be a ruthless and brutal man. He is a bounty hunter who kills people in exchange for supplies. When he encounters Walter, Emile puts up the facade of a friendly individual, when in actuality it is a ruse to lower his guard so he can kill him. He does show an honorable side, willing to make a deal to leave Morgan's friends alone. He also genuinely cares for his dog, Rufus. He promises to give Morgan a quick and painless death. However, Isaac saves Morgan's life. After Emile and Morgan fight, Emile is subdued. He believes that Morgan won't kill him since he didn't kill him in a previous encounter. This is immediately proven wrong when Morgan decapitates Emile, killing him the same way Emile killed his previous victims.

Despite his death, more is revealed about Emile by his twin brother Josiah. It's revealed that Emile wasn't always the cold killer he would become and was once a good person. They were very close and looked out for each other. Josiah mentions one time before the outbreak when they were park rangers, Josiah got lost in a forest fire and Emile refused to give up looking for him despite everyone insisting he was dead. Emile's death fueled Josiah to get revenge on Morgan before they eventually make amends. After being told by Josiah that Emile wasn't always the ruthless killer that had hunted him down, Morgan accepts it, knowing that the current world has changed everyone.


Location Unknown

Before the outbreak, Emile worked as a park ranger for fifteen years with his identical twin brother Josiah. Together, the two ran search and rescue with the help of Rufus. On one occasion, Josiah got lost in the midst of a forest fire while rescuing some lost hikers. Emile refused to give up on his brother even when everyone else insisted that Josiah was dead and Emile kept getting trapped in the smoke searching for him. Eventually, Rufus found Josiah thanks to Rufus and Emile insisted that he could feel that his brother was still alive, something that Josiah never believed.



At some point in the apocalypse, Emile became a bounty hunter and would occasionally collect bounties for a plethora of clients in the Texas area in exchange for supplies.

Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

At some point Emile accepts a job from two men to hunt down Walter and retrieve a key from him that opens the door to a beached submarine.

Emile prepares dinner at his camp. Hearing rustling in some nearby bushes, he calls out the unknown person, who stumbles out asking for help, stating that he has been being tracked for days. The person introduces himself as Walter, and Emile offers him food, to which he accepts. Soon after, a dog catches up to Walter, unbeknownst to him that it belongs to Emile. Before realizing, Emile decapitates Walter and puts his head in a box with his name labeled on it, along with taking his key. Emile receives a call from Virginia, being asked to take up the job of hunting down Morgan Jones.

Emile arrives outside the building Morgan and Isaac are holed up in. Isaac steps outside, where he is asked about Morgan's whereabouts and shows him a sketch for reference. Isaac denies it continuously, until Rufus tracks the scent into the building. Emile begins to break down doors and cabinets in search of Morgan, though to no avail.

Some time after Isaac and Morgan escape and take refuge in the water tower, the tower suddenly gives in at the hands of Emile, who uses a chain and his truck to break the foundations. Exiting his truck and approaching Morgan, he is shot in the arm by him, giving the two time to leave in Emile's truck, leaving him alive.

Eventually, Emile catches up to the two once again in a valley. Morgan kneels and awaits the inevitable, though Emile is stopped by Isaac before he can decapitate Morgan. The three fight, with Emile getting the upper hand by putting pressure on Morgan's open wound, yet is outplayed and fatally wounded when Morgan stabs him in the chest with his staff. Emile taunts Morgan before ultimately being decapitated with his own axe.

The following morning, Morgan finds Emile's body and reanimated head, taking his clothing and axe with him. As Virginia arrives on the road to supposedly receive Morgan's head, she instead finds Emile's reanimated head in the box intended for Morgan.

"Things Left to Do"

As Morgan prepares to execute Virginia, he has a flashback of killing Emile.

"In Dreams"

Chasing down Morgan in search of the key, Riley comments that the Doomsday Cult had hired Emile to recover the key and that when he didn't return, they had sent two friends after him who had also failed to return. Riley correctly deduces that Morgan was responsible for this and Morgan promises not to do the same thing to Riley and his henchmen if they leave without further trouble. However, they refuse to comply.

Season 7

"Six Hours"

When his twin brother Josiah returns to his campsite after failing to kill Morgan Jones, he observes the box Emile intended to deliver Morgan's head in, still containing Emile's reanimated head. Josiah gently holds it close to him, greeting him as 'brother' and admitting that he may have lost to Morgan that day, but there was always tomorrow.

"Breathe With Me"

Sarah discovers the box containing Emile's reanimated head in Josiah's vehicle. Josiah confronts Sarah at gunpoint, explaining that Morgan's head was meant to be in the box and she realizes that Emile was the psycho who had tried to kill Morgan. Josiah offers Sarah a deal: help him draw Morgan into a trap so that Josiah can get his revenge and Josiah will help Sarah to find her missing brother. Sarah ultimately accepts the deal. During their time together, Josiah tells Sarah about Emile and she realizes that Josiah isn't a heartless killer and believes that he won't be able to kill Morgan when the time comes.

When a herd surrounds Josiah's crashed vehicle, he and Sarah emerge to fight them off with Josiah carrying the box with Emile's head under one arm. Morgan joins the fight and is shocked to see Josiah, mistaking him for Emile. After overpowering Morgan, Josiah removes his mask and brings Emile's head next to Morgan, intending to allow his brother to kill Morgan. However, Morgan manages to flip Josiah off of him and Emile's head lands next to his brother. Before Emile can bite Josiah, Rufus intervenes and is bitten by his former master in the process. Sarah then smashes Emile's head in half with Josiah's shovel, finally putting him down.

In the aftermath, Josiah is forced to mercy kill Rufus and he makes amends with Morgan. Josiah tells Morgan that he's sorry Emile that came after him like he did and that Emile wasn't always the cold-hearted killer that Morgan had met. Morgan accepts this, knowing that the world has changed everyone.


Killed By

As Emile tries to kill him, Morgan manages to block the blow with his staff and knocks Emile off of his feet. Morgan impales Emile in the chest with his staff and takes his axe with Emile taunting that Morgan won't be able to bring himself to kill him. However, Morgan decapitates Emile with his own axe.

After Emile bites Rufus, Sarah smashes his reanimated head in half with Josiah's shovel, putting Emile down.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Emile has killed:


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  • This character was originally named Josiah LaRoux before his first name was changed to Emile.[1]
    • This name was eventually used for his twin brother.
    • The surname LaRoux derives from the Old French word "rous," meaning "red," or "red-haired, suggesting Josiah and Emile trace their ancestry to French colonies.
  • He is the first living character directly killed by Morgan Jones on Fear the Walking Dead.
  • Despite being alive in only one episode, Emile is mentioned often during Season 6 and Season 7.
    • Emile is mentioned by the Cigarette Man in "The Key" when asking Morgan about his whereabouts upon noticing his axe.
    • Emile is mentioned by Dakota in "Damage From the Inside" when she questions Morgan as to why he is wearing Emile's clothing.
  • Emile spent the longest amount of time of a character zombified that was eventually put down, with 19 episodes between his initial death and his undead death.
  • Emile is the second antagonist in the franchise to infect someone while both zombified and decapitated, the other being Dee.
    • Coincidentally, both of their victims were named Rufus.

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