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"I told you so, idiot."
—Emily to Hero Player.[src]

Emily is an original character from The Walking Dead Social Game.


Rural Georgia

Before the outbreak, Emily chose to live in isolation in her cabin at the pond, to meditate and study martial arts.


"Outside Woodbury"

Emily is found in a junkyard, armed with axes, having been killing zombies. After the hero and Don meet her, she leaves the junkyard and heads to a camp near the pond. When spoken to again, she reveals that she has many safe spots in the area, and offers to take the hero to another refuge. After provisions are collected and a herd is put down, Emily can be found at the school where she reveals that she had been living alone by the pond until some men set up camp near her. She brings the hero there, where they find it abandoned and Trucker tied up. After rescuing him and killing zombies, they return to the schoolyard base camp.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Emily has killed:


Social Game


  • Chapter 4 Mission 5: Emily's Pond.


  • Emily has nicknames for some people at the camp.
    • Puddydog Don (Don), Crazy Eyes Lady (Megan) and The Squeaky One (Nora).
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