"Enemy Of My Enemy" is the third and final episode of the second season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


Appletown Organic was once a bustling grocery store for families and health nuts alike. Today, only empty shelves and danger await in its abandoned aisles.


Despite failing to save the survivor, the Eckington Camp survivors find a note that has the location of Appletown, with the note being signed "Tanner", who has been helping people escape the Brigade. As the survivors head to Appletown, they discover the Brigade is already on their way to the location as well, but do to them not knowing the survivors are coming, they figure they can catch the Brigade by surprise.

Once the survivors arrive to Appletown, they begin to search for Tanner, however, first they have to fix a shutter that needs a source of power. The survivors find a car, which they find fuel and a battery for, they attach jumper cables to the fuse box and start the engine to the car, which activates the power to open the shutters. The survivors then explore the appletown store, which eventually leads to a garage that they need a key to open. They also find a control panel, but need to restore the power to use, however after it's turned on, the survivors turn on the panel to unlock any section of the store, this in turn will turn on a sale announcement which attracts walkers. The survivors use the key to open the garage and continue to look for Tanner. The survivors finally find a woman being held captive by Brigade soldiers. After killing the soldiers, the survivors free the woman, who claims she knows where Tanner is. The survivors must keep Tanner's friend safe while opening a gate that required a fusebox to be fixed. After it's fixed, the survivors escort Tanner's friend to safety. Once the survivors make it outside, they must then go to an extraction point, but the Tanner's friend gives them a mission to collect supplies for them in exchange for Tanner's location. Once they collect the supplies, they fire a flare to signal Caleb. Once Caleb arrives, the survivors gather the supplies in his truck and escape.



  • Several unnamed members of the Brigade


  • Last appearance of Aidan Hunt.
  • Last appearance of Maya Evans.
  • Last appearance of Grant Moore.
  • Last appearance of Anderson Banks.
  • Last appearance of Caleb Bernard.
  • Last appearance of Peggy Ann.
  • Last appearance of Reina.
  • Last appearance of Sarah Bridger.
  • This is the final episode of "Overkill's The Walking Dead" after the game's cancellation.
  • During a live stream from Overkill, it was revealed a new playable character will be introduced this episode.


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