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"He and the woman attacked us. They killed Eric and Jim."
—Gabe to the Governor[src]

Eric is a character first encountered in The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor. He is a Woodbury soldier and described as "younger, dressed in the tattered hip-hop regalia of urban youth—baggy shorts, high-top Jordans, mesh shirts, tats." he looks "sheepish and a little scared".


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Eric's life prior to or as the outbreak began. He may have lived in or near Woodbury before the outbreak.


Woodbury, Georgia

At some point after the outbreak began, Eric started living in Woodbury. He likely became a guard on the wall.

The Fall of the Governor - Part Two

"Doomsday Clock"

Eric takes part in the prison assault. He survives the first attack and retreats along with the rest of the militia. The Governor orders Raymond Hilliard to pick a small group to scout the perimeter of the prison overnight and look for any weak spots in their compound as well as suspicious movement. Eric is picked for this team along with James Steagal, Daniel, Gloria Pyne and Gabriel Harris.

At precisely 6:17 P.M. eastern standard time, two residents of the prison slip into the trees unnoticed by the militia while Raymond's scouting party still discuss what weapons to bring along, how much ammo, and what supplies. Eric and Daniel pack AK-47's with high capacity magazines and stay behind the others' flanks, keeping an eye on them from behind. After Michonne and Tyreese counterattack the militia, Eric and Daniel blast rounds of their AKs to no avail. Gabe silently motions with hand gestures for Eric, the youngest of the two hip-hoppers, to go wide to the left, and Daniel to go to the right. With quick nods, the two young gunmen fan out slowly across the clearing, staying as silently as possible.

The group are distracted while Michonne and Tyreese throw pebbles from in hiding, causing them to get ambushed as Michonne leaps out the bushes with her katana. The skirmish lasts only a few seconds but by the end of it, Eric lies on the ground, dead, with his neck cut open by the katana blade.


Killed By

Eric's throat is cut open by Michonne after her and Tyreese ambush Ray's scouting party in the forest.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Eric has killed: 

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies



Eric and Daniel seemed to be good friends as the two share the same hip-hop regalia and stick together during the Prison assault. They also joke about Gloria's backside together. Daniel's reaction to Eric's death isn't shown but it's likely he was saddened.


Novel Series

The Fall of the Governor - Part Two

Doomsday Clock