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We're not- we're not taking anything. She's gone. It's messed up, but we're protected by stone. No one can hear us, no stink of the sannambulos. It's like a little fortress. Gotta reframe how you're thinking about it.
―Eric comforting Idalia about living in Alma's house.[src]

Eric is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Tales of the Walking Dead. He is the deuteragonist of the episode "La Doña" before becoming an antagonist leading to the death of himself and his girlfriend's murder.


Eric is a hot-headed, stubborn, sarcastic, and pragmatic individual. Initially, although he sometimes lets his temper get the better of him, he does seem to be a caring boyfriend with the best of intentions. However, his morals are shown to be questionable and he slowly reveals his more selfish side.

Eric and Idalia start the episode on their own, desperate, cold, and hungry, until Idalia suggests they go to a house in the woods belonging to a woman named Alma. Eric's rash actions are immediately shown when Alma forces Eric and Idalia to leave in the morning. An angry Eric, believing that she is sentencing them to death, starts getting aggressive causing Alma to force them to leave right then and there. This causes Eric to become outraged and he slams on the table and gets up, startling the old woman, which causes her death when she chokes on her food. However, while Idalia feels guilt for her death and is uncomfortable living in a home that isn't even theirs, Eric shows little remorse for his actions, at one point even making a joke about it. He believes that since Alma is dead, the house belongs to them now, having no problems using things that were initially hers, such as her bed. Though he tries to put an optimistic spin on the house being their's to comfort a conflicted Idalia.

At first, while Idalia starts to experience hallucinations, Eric initially is unaffected and believes it's all just in her head. However, eventually he also starts hallucinating. He does show a caring side, with not just his girlfriend, but also a bird he encounters in the house, which he names Paco. However, when he starts hallucinating, Paco starts haunting him. Eventually it leads to Eric brutally killing Paco by strangling him to death. Throughout the hallucinations, the actions of Eric and Idalia prior to the episode's events are shown. It is revealed that before, they got to Alma's house, Eric and Idalia had brutally murdered a group of people, including Maria. At one point, Eric starts hallucinating Maria and begins believing she is alive. Eric seems to show some guilt for their murders and tries to help her.

Eventually Eric's hallucinations cause him to go insane, to the point where he thinks he can't trust Idalia anymore. Idalia has hallucination of all the victims they have killed. She begins to believe they deserve what's happening to them, but Eric only believes that they were just trying to survive. Eric and Idalia turn on each other and eventually kill each other in a hallucinatory episode.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Eric's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Season 1[]

"La Doña"[]

Idalia and Eric murder a group of people, including Maria before moving on. Desperate, cold, and hungry, they find a house in the woods, belonging to an old woman named Alma. After Alma is accidentally killed by Eric when he frightened her during dinner, Idalia and Eric began to suffer from delusions and hallucinations in the house, believing they are seeing Alma's ghost and the zombified corpses of Maria and the other people they murdered. In a hallucinatory episode, both Eric and Idalia stab each other to death in the basement of Alma's home.


Killed By

Suffering from a collective delusion during a hallucinatory episode, Eric is stabbed to death by Idalia. Due to his brain not having been destroyed, it is likely that he reanimated.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Eric has killed:




Tales of the Walking Dead[]

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