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This article is about the Clementine location. You may be looking for it's appearance in the Video Game.

Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth, determinantly renamed The Rotting Shithole, Texas Two, Castle Violet, or Happy Sunshine Land, is a building, later converted to a community of survivors, that appears in Clementine Lives.


Main article: Ericson's Boarding School (Video Game)


Main article: Ericson's Boarding School (Video Game)

"Clementine Lives"

Ericson's Boarding School will appear in this issue.



  • Clementine (Former Leader, Supply Runner, Huntress, Fisherwoman)


  • Numerous counts of people and zombies




  • A pamphlet from Ericson's Boarding School can be found in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.[1]
  • The name of the boarding school could possibly be a reference to Erik Ericson, a developmental psychologist known for researching the development and identities of adolescents.
  • It is one of the three locations from the comics to make an appearance in the Video Game, the others being the Greene Family Farm and the fishing cabin.
  • Some time between the events of Season 4 and Clementine Lives, they joined a network of survivors groups that call themselves The Coalition which includes itself and two other communities.