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Esmerelda Ortiz is a character in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. She is the unborn daughter of Isaac and Amelia Ortiz and unborn sister of Elton.


Nothing is known about Esmerelda's life except that, she was conceived before the outbreak of the apocalypse. She was to become the daughter of Isaac and Amelia Ortiz and younger sister of Elton.


Season 1


In a flashback to the Night the Sky Fell, Hope Bennett accidentally kills both Esmerelda and her mother.

While traveling across a bridge, Elton recovers a Triceratops horn fossil and he explains that it was intended as a gift for his unborn sister who has been missing along with his mother for years.

"Madman Across the Water"



Killed By

After Amelia accidentally killing Kari, she dropped her gun on the floor out of shock. Hope picked it up and held Amelia at gunpoint, only to accidentally shoot her and killing Esmerelda after being startled by an explosion.


  • Along with Athena Mukherjee, Esmerelda is the only known character who died before her birth.
    • This also technically makes her one of the youngest characters to die across the entire The Walking Dead franchise.
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