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Another thing I'd tell your ass is that... is that I get it, alright? But you don't have to die, man. So don't fսcking die, okay?
―Esteban to Rick Grimes.[src]

Esteban Garcia is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. He is a resident of the Civic Republic of Philadelphia.


Esteban is shown to be a very friendly, lighthearted, and humorous individual. He and Rick are shown to get along, and he later tries to help him escape the CRM.


Location Unknown[]

Nothing is known about Esteban's life prior to or as the outbreak began.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[]

About a year before Rick Grimes arrived, Esteban was found by the Civic Republic Military, ranked as a "B," and became a consignee with the aim of joining the Civic Republic of Philadelphia. He befriended and worked alongside Rick despite Rick's reluctance to speak to anyone else.

Season 1[]


Rick Grimes sits on a bench overlooking the Civic Republic from across the water and is joined by his friend Esteban who had heard about Rick cutting off his own hand to escape. Esteban notes that for two years, Rick didn't talk to anybody, but Esteban kept talking to him until they developed a friendship. Esteban knows that for Rick, he sees the Hidden City as being like Alcatraz while the other consignees see it as a chance for a good life. It's a big day for Esteban as it's his last day on the outskirts as a consignee. As of the next day, he will be in the Civic Republic as the Deputy Manager of Water and Power of Ward 3. Esteban is excited that after his six long years, his consignment is finally over and he will be inside of the walls as a citizen. Rick jokes about getting Esteban a gift and Esteban is surprised to hear that Okafor is still trying to make Rick into a soldier, even after everything that's happened. Amazed, Esteban suggests that Rick should sign up just to get Okafor off of his back and then make his next move while he's out there scavenging. As Esteban starts to tell Rick about his journalist girlfriend, Rick becomes thoughtful as he ponders Esteban's suggestion.

A while later, Rick visits Esteban, who has been promoted to Water Manager of Ward 3, in a Civic Republic park where he is sitting with Hannah and a younger girl. Esteban asks where Rick's consignment jacket is and how he's even here if it's not a furlough day before realizing that Rick has joined the CRM. Rick shows Esteban the map that he was going over and asks his friend where the tunnel under the manhole goes. Esteban is reluctant to help him, but Rick is determined to get home or to die trying. Esteban pointedly "doesn't tell him" that the tunnel will take him due east to a junction about a mile out with a padlocked grate that can be opened with the code 4399. Esteban admits that he gets it, but Rick doesn't have to die so he urges Rick to survive.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Esteban has killed:




The following is a list of some of Esteban's most memorable quotes.

Season 1[]

"Look, Rick, you know you're my guy, man, but I can't tell you shit, alright? Even if I did tell you shit you know, the shit I would tell you would definitely not be that this tunnel would take you due east to a junction about a mile out, and if there happened to be a padlocked grate there, I 100% wouldn't tell you that the code to open it's 4-3-9-9."
- Esteban to Rick, "Years"

"Another thing I'd tell your ass is that... is that I get it, alright? But you don't have to die, man. So don't fսcking die, okay?"
- Esteban to Rick, "Years"


The Ones Who Live[]

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