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This article is about the Comic Series character. You may be looking for his appearance in the Novel Series. For other pages with the same name, see: Eugene

"We're supposed to put on a fucking show, you asshole! We get out there--avoid the biters--rough each other up! It's a show! Sometimes we get hurt--sometimes we don't! It's always just a cracked rib--or some busted knuckles!! Never something permanent! You knocked out my fucking teeth, you asshole! I can't get those fixed! I can't replace them! I'm fucking toothless now!!"
—Eugene to Harold about knocking out his teeth.[src]

Eugene Cooney is a character and an antagonist first encountered in Issue 28 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is a resident and a cage fighter of Woodbury. He is extremely ill tempered with homicidal tendencies, making him one of Woodbury's best fighters.


Location Unknown

Not much is known about Eugene's life prior to or as the outbreak began. It is possible he was already a resident living at Woodbury.


Woodbury, Georgia

For further information about Eugene's whereabouts after the outbreak began:

Main Article: Eugene Cooney (Novel Series)

The Best Defense

Eugene is first seen fighting Harold in the Woodbury arena, where he gets his teeth knocked out when Harold hits him with a crowbar.

This Sorrowful Life

Enraged, Eugene later confronts Harold in Dr. Stevens' office, protesting that the fights are meant to be staged, but Harold knocked out his teeth. Though Harold tries to get him to calm down, Eugene ultimately stabs him in the neck.

Due to the death of Harold, the Governor finds himself a fighter short, so he makes a deal with Michonne (whom he's been brutally raping): if she fights Eugene, he will let her rest for a week. The Governor allows Michonne to use her sword, since the crowd won't like seeing a man beat up a woman, but tells her that she isn't allowed to kill Eugene. When the match starts, Michonne kicks Eugene in the groin and immediately decapitates him, horrifying the crowd and enraging the Governor.

Is unknown if his reanimated head was destroyed or kept by the Governor to add to his collection. One of his feet is given to Penny for food.


Killed By

In the arena fight, Michonne kicks Eugene in his groin and then decapitates him with her katana.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Eugene has killed:


Harold Abernathy

It is clear that Eugene and Harold were not friends, as proven when Eugene aggressively confronted Harold in Stevens' clinic after having his teeth knocked out by Harold. Their dialogue did not suggest any sort of friendship, and Eugene had no problem sticking a knife in Harold's throat as payback.


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  • Robert Kirkman answered the question whether naming characters the same name, Billy, Chris, Jim, Eugene, Eric, and Bruce was an oversight, "It's not oversight at all. It's completely unrealistic for a group of people to meet at random and never encounter the same names."[1]
  • Eugene's last name, Cooney, was mentioned in the novel, The Fall of the Governor.


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