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"Back in Alexandria--we'd only lived there a little while, and before that we moved from place to place, always driven out by the dead--or worse. The walls were down, the place was overrun with roamers, we were going to flee--every bone in my body just wanted to run. But Rick, he led us in an attack--we grouped together, protected each other, and we fought back. That was the day we stopped running--when we set roots in Alexandria and fought to stay there. That was the day when I learned to control my fear--use it. It's still there--but it's a tool, it keeps me sharp. Those undead fucks are terrifying. But they're slow and, damn it, they're stupid. We can beat them. Together, like Rick taught me. You with me?"
—Eugene recounting the events of No Way Out to Stephanie.[src]

Eugene Porter is a main character first encountered in Issue 53 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is at first an awkward, sloppy and depressed[1], supposed government scientist who knows how the apocalypse started and how it can be cured. Eugene was traveling with Abraham and Rosita who protected him with their lives, until stumbling across Rick's group and revealing that his mission is a lie.

Despite putting everybody's lives at risk he slowly becomes a vitally functional and hardened survivor who also displays brutal loyalty towards his friends. Following the end of the war against the Saviors, Eugene became extremely valuable to the survivos, acting as the leader of the Herd-Duty Crew and Ammunitions Production under Rick's management. He also led a small crew of survivors from the Alexandria Safe-Zone to the Commonwealth.

Several years after Rick's death, Eugene listened to his friend's advice and continued to serve as an important and valuable figure to the communities, and eventually, the new world.


Eugene's greatest strength is his large intellect. On multiple different occasions Eugene has displayed great feats of intellect, such as being able to use factory equipment to craft bullets and heal wounds such as gunshots with relative ease. Eugene's intellect makes him a great asset to the group, with him often being kept away from the action in order to keep him safe, a notion Eugene does not always approve of. In recent times Eugene has used his intellect to help build Alexandria into a thriving beacon of hope in the harsh post-apocalyptic world, being able to design buildings such as mills for the community. Mercer also notices that Eugene is "Smart. Like, Build-a-new-car-if-given-the-time smart."

During the early months of the apocalypse, Eugene realized his intelligence would not be enough for him to be able to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Knowing he is not a great fighter or a very brave person, Eugene used his ability to tell convincing lies to others in order to survive the undead. Deciding to call himself a top government scientist with knowledge on how the zombie outbreak started, Eugene manipulated Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa into protecting him from threats with the false promise that Washington, D.C. was a safe area, thus ensuring his continued survival in the post-apocalyptic world with little effort needed on his part.

Once Eugene's lies eventually caught up to him, he decided to rethink his way of living in the post-apocalyptic world. When a herd breached the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Eugene showed increased bravery in the face of danger and stood his ground while fighting off numerous zombies alongside his fellow survivors.

During the war against the Saviors, Eugene became one of Alexandria's most important people by using his intellect to craft bullets for Rick Grimes and the other survivors to use against Negan and his Saviors. Even after he was captured by Negan and interrogated, Eugene refused to surrender any information to them despite his own life being threatened, wanting to prove himself useful and not wanting Abraham's death at the hands of the Saviors to mean nothing.

After the two-year timeskip, Eugene became a valuable asset to the communities and was determined to prove himself. Eugene contributed greatly to Alexandria's reconstruction, even helping design the windmill and Heath's prosthetic leg. During this time, Eugene and Rosita officially become a couple and are soon expecting a child, although Eugene quickly learns it isn't his. Despite this, he vows to raise it as his own. Unfortunately, Rosita is killed during the Whisperer War before she can give birth, leading Eugene to once again start producing bullets in order to satisfy his need for revenge against the Whisperers. At the same time, he repairs an old radio and ends up contacting another community; The Commonwealth. He meets the woman he spoke with on the radio, Stephanie, and eventually starts a relationship with her.

Following the conflict with The Commonwealth and the death of Rick Grimes, Eugene was working on the idea of restarting old trains to make long-distance travel between communities easier. 25 years later, he's still working on the same concept and by the end of the final issue, Eugene is seen re-uniting the east and west with a functioning train line for the first time since before the Trials. Throughout all of this, Eugene, according to Carl, talks a lot about his supposed declining health and seems to believe he doesn't have long to live.


Houston, Texas

Before the outbreak, Eugene was a high-school science teacher. It is unknown whether or not he was aware of his diagnosis, but Eugene was born on the Autism spectrum, most likely Asperger's.

Like many survivors, he was unprepared for the harsh realities the zombie apocalypse brought, and believed he lacked the skills or experiences necessary to survive. As a teacher, he realized his skills were his intelligence, and he combined this with his self-belief in his ability to lie well. He utilized his advanced general knowledge to survive, and at some unknown point, he cut his hair and fashioned it into a mullet. When asked why he did so, he reasoned that it took attention off of his intelligence.


Here We Remain

Details of Eugene prior to meeting Rick Grimes's group are, like his two companions, mostly unknown. Eugene encountered Abraham around the same time as Rosita. He proceeded to press a lie that he was one of ten scientists employed by the United States government who worked on a project to weaponize the human genome when the "plague" hit the world, and that he knew the "classified" origins of the zombie apocalypse.

Eugene acknowledged Abraham's physical prowess and time in the Army, and successfully convinced him, while Abraham was in a state of despair over his family's death, to travel to Washington, D.C. He eventually convinced Rosita and other unknown members of their survivor group with Abraham at his backing. Eugene motivated his group to undertake the "mission" through stating that that there were surviving government and military personnel who needed his supposed knowledge of the origins of the epidemic, and who could also provide them all safe shelter.

Eugene used an old radio as a prop to maintain his facade, and emphasized he had upper-level contact with "heads of state" in D.C. until a generator on their signal boosters severed long-range radio frequency. He used his facade as a military scientist and the knowledge he carried as the reason to press the group to head to Washington, thus securing his safety in a larger group of survivors.

Abraham soon took up the role of his protector, and Eugene reassured any doubts Abraham had with displays of knowledge, such as fixing Abraham's headache with a rub to the side of his head and making a compass with needle and silk. Abraham went to great lengths to protect Eugene, and became so convinced that the mission to Washington, D.C. surpassed all else that he killed three other members of their group when they tried to run away with food and supplies on the way to Washington, D.C., as Abraham revealed to Rick.

Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita were the only survivors of their travelling group by the time they made it to the Greene Family Farm and came across Rick and his survivors. After being confronted, Eugene told the survivors that he knew what caused the plague, but, refused to disclose any information to anyone, including Abraham and Rosita, as it was classified for surviving government officials in Washington, D.C. His story prompted Rick's group to hostility and caused unease and doubt, but, Abraham ultimately convinced the majority of Rick's group of Eugene's credibility and their mission, causing the two groups to combine together and leave the farm in an effort to travel towards Washington, D.C. together.

What We Become

During the group's travels on the road to D.C., Eugene discovers a zombie that appears malnourished. Fascinated by such a discovery and wanting to maintain his facade as a government scientist to the group, Eugene begins to study it, drawing the conclusion that the zombie has not been able to digest enough food over a period of unknown time which leads to the discovery that zombies do indeed have to digest food like any other being to survive. However, before Eugene can properly begin to study the zombie, a large group of undead begin to swarm him and the group, forcing them to retreat.

After many more days of travelling, Eugene and the group set up a temporary camp near an abandoned gas station. After Abraham, Rick, and Carl Grimes travel to Cynthiana, Kentucky, in search of more supplies, Eugene and the rest of the group begin to settle down at the gas station. During this time Eugene is asked by Andrea why he keeps his hair styled as a mullet if he is so smart. Eugene explains to her that he only does it because it causes people to underestimate him and his intellect. He also discusses the low food situation, to which he agrees with Michonne's suggestion of rationing supplies.

After Abraham, Rick, and Carl arrive back from their trip, they immediately order everyone at the gas station to pack their belongings up as a herd is pursuing them. Dale tries to protest against this, but Eugene quickly tells Dale that a herd is not something they can just hide out from and they must get moving again towards Washington, D.C. to escape certain death.

Fear The Hunters

During their travel towards Washington, D.C., the group decide to make camp after the deaths of both Billy and Ben. Eugene is seen watching Abraham and Rosita having sex, where Abraham remarks that he is doing it 'again' implying that it is a regular occurrence. Later that night Dale is abducted from the group by an unknown group of captors. Eugene and the rest of the group begin a small scale search for Dale around the campsite and also encounter Gabriel Stokes. Eugene also maintains his facade as a government scientist by telling Abraham he is unable to get his radio to work due to the signal being too weak. While on the search for Dale, Eugene and Gabriel get into a debate about religion. Eugene calls religious beliefs absurd, but Gabriel counters this by saying as a man of science Eugene would have once believed the dead walking the Earth to be impossible.

After Eugene and the group take sanctuary in Gabriel's church, they are continually stalked by Dale's captors. Eventually, after a few days of inactivity, the captors leave a now legless Dale outside of the church. In the process of bringing Dale back into the church, Glenn is shot in the leg by Dale's captors. Eugene uses his medical skills to successfully treat Glenn's leg using candle wax and also cleans up Dale, discovering that he has been bitten in the process.

After The Hunters are brutally killed at the hands of Abraham, Rick, Andrea, and Michonne, Eugene and the group leave Gabriel's church after a funeral service for Dale and resume their journey towards Washington, D.C..

Life Among Them

Just days away from Washington, D.C., Rick tries to use Eugene's radio himself. Seeing this act, Eugene gets into a struggle with Rick over the radio, not wanting his lie exposed. However, the radio is thrown to the floor in the struggle and it is revealed to the group that there are no batteries inside the radio. Eugene tries to lie himself out of the situation and tells the group that the radio's original batteries ran out a few weeks prior. Rick catches him on this lie and demands Eugene tell the group if the radio ever had any batteries in it. Eugene answers truthfully by telling the group he was lying about being a government scientist the whole time and is really just a high school science teacher. This revelation sends Abraham into a fury and he begins to attack Eugene, demanding he answer why he lied to the group the whole time. Eugene explains that he only lied because he had to for survival, stating he lacks any useful quality but his intellect and ability to tell believable lies. He then sorrowfully apologizes to Abraham and the rest of the group for his lies.

After coming into contact with two new survivors, Aaron and Eric, Eugene and the rest of the group are escorted to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. After arriving at the walled-off community, Eugene is interviewed by Alexandria's leader, Douglas Monroe, who, after seeing Eugene's capabilities, decides to make him Alexandria's community planner.

Too Far Gone

After arriving at Alexandria, Eugene begins to settle into his new life there, even moving into his own house. Despite his long months of survival out in the wilderness, Eugene isolates himself from the rest of the community and decides not to involve himself in any major community happenings or events.

No Way Out

As a large herd attacks and breaches the Alexandria Safe-Zone, dozens of undead pouring into the community, Eugene and Nicholas seek refugee in Gabriel's church, almost getting devoured as the priest is reluctant at first to open his doors in fear of his own life.

After seeing many of the residents of the Alexandria Safe-Zone join together to fend off the zombie herd, Eugene, Nicholas, and Gabriel all join the fight against their undead foe. Despite his earlier cowardice in the face of danger, Eugene refuses to give up fighting the herd and alongside the other residents of the Safe-Zone manages to fight the herd back and save the community from almost certain annihilation.

We Find Ourselves

Once the herd corpses were burnt and disposed of and a funeral held for those who died in the herd attack, Eugene joins a small community council headed by Rick to discuss Alexandria's future moving forward. After the meeting concludes, Eugene heads home. Not long after he arrives, Rosita comes to him for a place to stay. Eugene asks her why she is no longer with Abraham, to which she tells him that he has cheated on her for Holly. Eugene then asks Rosita why she would want to move in with him, confused at such a notion considering his previous lies to her. Rosita tells him that he is the only real friend she has left in the community, despite any lies he may have previously told her and Abraham.

During these events Eugene continued to get more involved in community matters, using his high intellect to provide Alexandria with new means of defense against the zombie menace, such as trenches surrounding the Safe-Zone walls to help prevent zombie build-ups from occurring.

A Larger World

Continuing to deepen his involvement in the affairs of Alexandria, Eugene accompanies Rosita, Aaron, Eric, Glenn, Maggie Greene, and Heath on a trip to gather new supplies for the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Something To Fear

After Rick and a few other members of the Safe-Zone journey to the Hilltop Colony under the guidance of Paul Monroe, Eugene is visited by Abraham at his house. Abraham asks him is Rosita is doing okay, but Eugene blows him off and informs him that she is much happier living with him than she was with Abraham. Knocked back for a few moments, Abraham takes the opportunity to leave, a little taken back by Eugene's words. Rosita soon confronts Eugene about this, telling him not to go around proclaiming the two are together. Eugene jokes by saying they are not together "officially" but is still angrily told off by Rosita.

Sometime before the journey to the Hilltop Colony, Eugene told Rick that he might have found a solution to the rising depletion of the Safe Zone's available ammunition, as he researched a nearby gun-store with the supplies to recycle spent bullet casings. Eugene later took the initiative to tell Abraham of his plan. He convinced Abraham to make the trip with him the morning of Rick's arrival.

However, Eugene was unaware of the the Saviors' planned retaliation attack for the deaths of three of their group by the hands of Michonne and Andrea, as Rick wished to wait until morning to tell them of the new threat. While the two conversed, the topic eventually led to Rosita and Eugene admits that although he's tried to enter in a relationship with her several times, he doesn't believe Rosita will ever look at him like the way she did to Abraham. He is consoled by Abraham, saying that he just needs to be less weird and tells Eugene that he simply wishes for Rosita to be happy like he is with Holly and "if it's with you, great." Abraham is then abruptly and suddenly killed from a crossbow through the back of his head. Eugene grabs Abraham's assault rifle, but, is threatened by Abraham's killer, Dwight, who dismisses him as "bait". Eugene was later tied him up and taken hostage when the Saviors attempted to enter the Safe-Zone. When Rick refused and before gunfire erupted, Eugene bit Dwight's crotch and significantly wounded him long enough for the Safe-Zone defenders to kill at least a dozen of the Savior's group. When they retreated, Eugene was rescued by Rick and Andrea, though he expressed remorse when he saw Abraham's body.

When Eugene returned and news of Abraham's death reached her, Rosita broke down in grief and confided in Eugene about her past, revealing her practice of pleasuring men in the group they were once a part of in order to survive. She stated that when Abraham came, though she expected him to be like the other men, he wasn't and she soon fell in love with him. She also told Eugene that she believed, even though he ended up having lied the entire time, that Abraham would have protected him regardless, like he protected her. The two comforted each other in their shared mourning for their friend, and Eugene was later seen at the funeral with Rosita, comforting her in their grief.

After Rick leads a caravan out of the Alexandria Safe Zone to return to the Hilltop Colony, Eugene is shown mourning at Abraham's graveside, at a loss for words over his friend's death.

After Rick and the group return to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Eugene approaches Rick and reveals to him what he Abraham were doing outside the Safe-Zone before the first Savior attack. Eugene also tells Rick that he is reasonably comfortable in being able to make bullets and offers to attempt to construct bullets for the group to fight off the Saviors. Rick tells Eugene his idea is admirable, but, it is not what he has planned for dealing with the Saviors and tells the community they will be trading with the Saviors. Despite Rick telling him otherwise, Eugene is still seen scouting several buildings within the area with both Rosita and Holly, trying to locate a building nearby that had the equipment needed to create ammunition.

What Comes After

During his relentless search for a place to manufacture ammo in, Eugene, on a trip with Rosita and Holly, discovers an abandoned factory that houses all the equipment needed for successfully crafting bullets. Eugene begins to devise plans for how he will operate the bullet making process, earning him praise from Rosita for his success.

March To War

As he continues to manufacture bullets for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, Eugene is asked by Rick if he will be ready to deliver as many bullets as possible in the upcoming war against the Saviors. Eugene tells Rick he is not entirely comfortable on the idea of his bullets being used to kill actual human beings, but Rick tells him that they are human beings who have enslaved and will kill the group. Eugene tells Rick he is taking this into consideration and will decide on whether or not to start mass bullet production as soon as possible, eventually deciding that he will help in the war effort.

All Out War - Part One

After forming an alliance with the Kingdom, Rick goes to Eugene and asks about the ammo production. Curious, Eugene inquires as to why and Rick tells him about the plan to attack The Saviors with the help of several other communities. Despite initially wanting his bullets to "kill the monsters who killed Abraham and Glenn", Eugene is seen to have had second thoughts and claims that he wasn't aware that the bullets he made would be used to kill people. Eugene later changes his stance, recognizing that in order for them to be safe they have to kill those who threaten them. Close to the beginning of the war, Eugene informs Rick that they have several more cases of ammunition that were made ahead of schedule; Rick thanks him and his team on the hard work they've done in helping to curb the war in their favor. Eugene is working with his group inside their ammunition foundry when Negan's forces attack Alexandria.

All Out War - Part Two

After the initial bombardment, one of the workers named John decides to go outside and urinate. Eugene tells him to stay inside (in case a herd arrives soon), but, the former refuses and Eugene eventually relents. His fears are confirmed when several zombies overpower John and kill him. Eugene moves to close the door, but, there are too many zombies, and they are forced to flee. As they make it outside the foundry, Eugene hears someone bark out an order to kill the zombies. It is revealed to be Negan who was leading the Saviors back to Sanctuary. Negan is confused as to why Eugene and the others are outside the walls and captures them.

Eugene is taken away from the others, and Negan arrives, flanked by Dwight and Carson. He informs Eugene that he knows what he was doing and demands that he make ammunition for the Saviors. Eugene refuses and says that Rick has a vision for the future and offhandedly insults Negan. Negan issues an ultimatum: either Eugene complies or he will do one of two things: iron Eugene's face or castrate him as well as killing several of the captured Alexandrians. Eugene firmly refuses to betray Rick and defiantly says that he will never comply, "no matter how many genitals you sever." Negan then leaves Eugene to think over his options.

A few hours later, Dwight visits Eugene in his cell. Dwight informs him that he is here to get him out, saying he thinks he can do so. However, Eugene does not believe Dwight wants to save him or his friends, saying he didn't save Holly, so why would he bother saving him and his friends from capture. Dwight tells Eugene that there was no chance to do so and Eugene retorts back by saying that Dwight is only playing both sides until there is a clear winner and if he was to get free, he would kill Dwight from behind just like he did to Abraham. Dwight shrugs this off, telling Eugene that he is not a good man, or that he regrets anything he has done, rather that he just wanted to get the chance to reassure Eugene before he scares himself to death and tells him that if he ever got the chance, he would kill Negan on the spot. However, their conversation is overheard by another Savior named Carson. Dwight tries to bluff his way out, but, Carson tells him he heard the whole conversion. However, much to Eugene and Dwight's surprise, Carson tells them he wants to help take Negan down to get a chance to see his brother at the Hilltop, Harlan Carson, again.

A few hours after Negan, Dwight, and the majority of the Saviors forces leave to attack Hilltop, Eugene is seen still sitting in his prison cell at the Sanctuary. However, a few seconds later, Carson unlocks Eugene's cell door and rescues him. They quickly head towards the room where his ammo team is being held captive and Carson and Eugene free them too. Much to their surprises, two Saviors, Mark and his girlfriend Amber, sneak up behind them. However, instead of trying to kill Eugene, Carson, and the others, they decide to accompany them on leaving the Sanctuary, Eugene and the rest managing to commandeer a van and escape.

After managing to get away from the Sanctuary's confines, Eugene, Carson, and the other escapees manage to drive back to Alexandria. However, when they get there, they find the area completely pitch black and need to switch the headlights on in order to see. When they do so, they find a large group of zombies heading towards the van and a Savior sniper on a nearby roof, who spots them instantly. Carson tries to drive away, but, the van gets stuck in between a large group of zombies. Everyone starts to panic as the zombies start to close-in around the van and the Savior sniper, Donnie, opens fire on the van. Eugene tells everyone to stop panicking and if everyone does exactly what he says, they will get out of the situation alive.

Eugene props a small hammer up against the van's steering wheel and triggers the horn, causing the undead to swarm around the front of the van and simultaneously causing Donnie to lose his target. This allows Eugene, Carson, and the rest of the group to escape the van and climb up to Donnie's position. Eugene catches him off-guard and manages to knock Donnie off the building's ledge and to the floor below, killing him instantly. Eugene then confesses to Carson that he has never killed a man before and he feels terrible in doing so. However, Carson reassures him and tells Eugene that Donnie was an animal and would have killed them if they didn't kill him first. Eugene relaxes after hearing this and proclaims that they will rest on the rooftop until sunrise, heading to Hilltop afterwards.

A New Beginning

Eugene was working on the Alexandria Herd Patrol. He devised a plan with a horn that drove the roamers away so others teammates could continue their mission. Eugene comes to tell Rick how his plan worked and that none of the people were in any serious trouble. Rick says that's great but tells Eugene that he isn't to go on Herd Patrol again. Eugene says that he's not sure if people will be able map the herd's next path, and that it's essential to show someone how to do it on the field. Rick says that Eugene is too valuable to the community and that they can not risk losing him. Eugene understands and asks how the mill is doing. Rick says that it's running smoothly and that its first loaf of bread has been finished. Rick says that Eugene's design is working great and asks if Eugene would like to do an inspection with him tomorrow. Eugene says sure but states it wasn't his design and that he just read a book. Rick tells him not to diminish what he's done for the community by preserving their technological achievements and shortening the road back a great deal. Rick leaves Eugene to go back to his house and bids him farewell until the day after.

The next day, Rick and Eugene are walking towards the mill when Rick asks if his relationship with Rosita is okay. Eugene says that he thinks it is. Rick questions what he meant and Eugene says that he's not sure if Rosita really wants to be with him and that he may make his fear of her leaving him a reality. Rick says that maybe he shouldn't do that. Olivia is inside the mill, getting ready to take a new batch of bread out of the furnace soon. Rick says that he never realized how much he missed the smell of fresh bread. Eugene tells Rick that things are going well enough to start gearing towards gearing up production and when Alexandria has a surplus, they can start trading with other communities. Rick tells Eugene and Olivia that he doesn't think they realize how valuable the mill is to the community. He says that if things keep progressing they way they are now, bread could be more valuable than bullets soon. Olivia says that she's felt that way for a while and is glad that the world is catching up to her. Eugene tells Rick that they should be getting over to the factory.

Eugene later has lunch with Andrea, discussing his relationship with Rosita with her. Eugene informs Andrea that Rosita has not being feeling very well as of late and does not know what is wrong with her, but Andrea just tells him to talk with Rosita about the situation, before the two head their separate ways back home.

Whispers Into Screams

Eugene talks with Rosita about their situation, and she reveals she's pregnant with another man's child. Eugene asks her not to tell the father and promises to care for the child. They hug and Eugene appears concerned.

Life And Death

Eugene appears with Rosita when she informs everyone in Alexandria about her pregnancy.

Eugene is next seen shopping for maternity clothes with Rosita. Rosita tells Eugene that she is going to need all the motivation to lose the baby weight after she has her child. Eugene tells her that he would accept her in whatever shape or size she comes in. Rosita begins to cry and says that she is horrible. Rosita and Eugene apologize and hug. As Rosita leaves crying, Eugene buys a broken CB radio from a seller for a beer.

No Turning Back

Eugene is working on his CB radio when Maggie, Paul, and Harlan knock on the door. Maggie seems relieved and said that she thought Eugene and Rosita were missing as well. Eugene tells them that he hasn't seen Rosita in a while and he thought she was still at the fair. Eugene then storms out of his house screaming her name.

After finding out what happened to Rosita, Eugene can be seen mourning.

He is later seen talking with Andrea when Rick walks in. Eugene is still very upset about Rosita's death and tells them that the baby was not his. He later goes on to explain that Alpha's people need to die and that Rick and his people are overlooking one major advantage they have over Alpha, they have her daughter.

Call To Arms

Eugene is seen working on the radio trying still to get his mind off Rosita. To his surprise, someone responds back to him, shocking him. The two lay down some ground rules, agreeing to slowly build trust between each other. Eugene tells her that he came from Texas, to which she replies that he is narrowing down his location. He says that he isn't giving too much away. Their conversation is cut short when Eugene hears a gun shot and runs outside to investigate. He witnesses Paul with a gun in his hand and Marco bleeding on the ground. While Jesus tackles Paul, Eugene takes his firearm away. Eugene and Jesus proceed to take Marco to the infirmary.

Later, Eugene informs the radio survivor of the Whisperers, and recent developments since their attack. The survivor is surprised to learn that Eugene's group allows its members to freely carry guns, and Eugene explains that the group's usual restrictions on guns have been taken away in order to train soldiers to combat the Whisperers. However, upon learning that Eugene's wife was one of the victims, she apologizes and tries to appease Eugene by revealing her name to him: Stephanie.

The Whisperer War

Eugene is on the radio with Stephanie. They both wish for eventual peace in their hectic world. He reveals that they are situated outside of Washington, D.C., near the East Coast. She says he shouldn't have said that because she can't say where she is from. Eugene says that he doesn't care because he trusts her. After a brief pause, she reveals that her community is in Ohio, and remarks that she hopes he isn't evil.

Afterwards he goes to the bulletfactory to help them producing bullets for the war. Soon thereafter, Eugene decides to return to Alexandria with a loaded cart of bullets, he's advised not to risk his life during the night and wait until the morning by a resident but is resolute and leaves anyway, stating the importance of the ammunition. Upon arrival at Alexandria, Eugene collapses and falls off his horse due to a combination of overworking, the journey and sleep deprivation.

Andrea is very impressed by the amount of bullets Eugene brought and after he awakes Rick reassures Eugene over a cup of tea that the people of Alexandria know that he contributes a lot to both their safety and comfort, despite Eugene's lack of self-esteem in that regard.

A Certain Doom

Eugene arrives at Alexandria with the bullets he was preparing to fight the Whisperer War with, instead opting to use them to fight off the walkers. He rides with Heath and Andrea, and they enact a plan to lure away many walkers, which includes drawing them into the sea. The plan works, but some of the herd still remains. Eugene, Andrea, Yumiko, and Magna continue to push forward but eventually are surrounded. Andrea saves Eugene and gives him time to escape. Eugene eventually returns to Alexandria. He is heartbroken to learn of Andrea's infection and blames himself.

Lines We Cross

Eugene contacts Stephanie about Alexandria's current state, but Rick arrives, having been told about the radio by Siddiq, and insists to talk to Stephanie instead. Eugene vouches for him, and they decide to send a team to Ohio, which Eugene insists must include him. They eventually make their way to Ohio.

During the journey, Eugene saves Siddiq from being bitten. Later that night, he breaks down in guilt and tells Eugene about his and Rosita's affair. Though he's angry at first, the two of them make peace, with Eugene not telling Siddiq that Rosita expressed disinterest in her lover, who was unknown at the time. The crew eventually meets Juanita on the road, and they cautiously allow her to join their group. They eventually make it and are surrounded by Commonwealth soldiers.

New World Order

The group is taken in and meets with Lance Hornsby, but Eugene demands to speak to Stephanie instead, becoming confrontational. Michonne diffuses the situation, and Lance takes in their information before traveling into Commonwealth territory, where Lance says they will meet with Stephanie.

On their way, Eugene notices the 'Wall of the Lost' and is the first one to spot Elodie's post regarding Michonne.

The Rotten Core

Eugene goes back to the Commonwealth with Rick. He plans on fixing a train so the communities could be better connected. He also starts a relationship with Stephanie.

Rest In Peace

Eugene and Stephanie continue to work on the train. Even when the guards looking out for them are called back to the Commonwealth, they stay behind and keep working. Later a herd comes their way, forcing them to hide inside the train. Eugene uses a fire extinguisher to successfully help him and Stephanie escape.

As they make their way back to the Commonwealth, the coup and attempt to overthrow Pamela has begun. They hurry on back and warn Mercer and Rick of the upcoming herd headed their way.

Years after Rick's death, Eugene continues working in the communities. He has accomplished a railroad with his team, and lost Stephanie along the way due to unknown circumstances. Eugene claims that his health is failing him and is uncertain if he will live another year to see the east and west united again (since the Trials began), although Carl tells Lydia Eugene has been talking like this for years.

Eventually, Eugene is seen achieving his goal of uniting the east and the west with the railroad as he looks on from a distance.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Eugene has killed:


Rosita Espinosa

"I'll raise the baby as if it were my own. I've been thinking about this all night. If you truly love me, I can do this. We can still be a family."
—Eugene expressing his care for Rosita.[src]

Eugene initially traveled with Abraham and Rosita under the guise of being an important scientist, when all along he was only seeking their protection and company. He would often spy on them having sex, to which Rosita was the first to acknowledge.

As time passed and the trio traveled along with Rick's group, Eugene would go onto remain relatively close to Abraham and Rosita. Even after being exposed as a liar, Eugene would go onto confide in Rosita. This was further evidenced after Abraham and Rosita's breakup when she offered to cook him dinner. It is speculated that because Eugene and Abraham were close, Rosita may be trying to make Abraham jealous. This is teased at when Eugene told Abraham that Rosita was happier with him; after Abraham leaves, Rosita confronts Eugene and denies that they are in a relationship. While on a scouting trip with Abraham, Eugene once again stands his ground regarding Rosita and Abraham tells him that if he can make her as happy as he is without her, then Eugene should go for it. Whether or not Eugene truly holds feelings for her or was bravely trying to make Abraham jealous as a friend to her, has yet to be revealed. In the events leading up to and during the funeral held for Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are shown to truly have developed a special bond that may go above any normal relationship. It can be considered that Eugene and Rosita are one in the same, as they both used their personality traits to survive, particularly on Abraham.

After the two year time skip, they are shown to have started a relationship, but it is heavily strained, with Rosita barely talking to Eugene and him fearful that things would end. It turns out Rosita is pregnant with another man's child, but they attempt to make things right nonetheless. He mourns for her and her unborn child after Rosita's death.

Abraham Ford

"I want her to be happy without me. Like I am without her. I just want things to be... right. Do you understand? If she can be happy with you... great. And then... I just don't--"
—Abraham's last words to Eugene.[src]

Abraham and Rosita met up with Eugene under the guise of him being an important scientist, which turned out to be a lie and that he just wanted their protection and company. He would often spy on them having sex, to which Rosita was the first to acknowledge. As time passed and the trio traveled along with Rick's group, Eugene would go onto remain relatively close to Abraham and Rosita. Even after being exposed as a liar, Eugene would go onto confide in Rosita. This was further evidenced after Abraham and Rosita's breakup when she offered to cook him dinner. It is apparent that Eugene has feelings for Rosita, and as Abraham comes by to check on them, he would tell him that they were fine and she's doing a lot better with him than she was with him. He could be just messing with Abraham, but, it could be that he truly believes he is in a relationship with Rosita, even though she tells they aren't together. During the scout, they once again speak of this and in Abraham's dying words he tells Eugene that if he can make her happy then he should do it. Eugene Porter was in fact the last person to see and speak to Abraham before his death and has visited his graveside, possibly in an attempt to find closure for ridiculing him over cheating on Rosita.

Rick Grimes

"This isn't anyone's fault."
—Rick telling Eugene it isn't his fault for Andrea's death.[src]
During the introduction of Abraham's group to Rick and his, Eugene had been under his guise as an important scientist on his way to Washington, something Rick took seriously. However, when Rick took Eugene's radio to take a look at it himself, Eugene became defensive and during a brief struggle it was revealed that the radio had no power running to it. Rick, along with the others, would treat Eugene as a worthless tag along for some time. This revelation would go on to mark the slow, but, persistent transformation in Eugene's character from a worthless liar to a now intricate member of the group. Most notably, Eugene told Rick that he can produce ammunition for firearms if given the right tools, something that Rick entrusts him to keep secret from the others as continues with the venture. Later, when Eugene is captured by Negan, he shows outstanding loyalty towards Rick, telling Negan that he'll go through mutilation and torture and still not betray him as he believes Rick is making a better life for everyone, including Negan.

Two years after All Out War, the two continue to have a good relationship. Rick places a great amount of trust in Eugene's hands and the two have a mutual respect for each other. The two work together on the onset of the Whisperer War to take revenge for Rosita's death.

When Andrea is dying, Eugene apologises and blames himself for her death. Rick comforts him, making clear that he doesn't think it is his fault.

Gabriel Stokes

"I believe your beliefs are absurd."
—Eugene to Gabriel whilst discussing religion.[src]

Gabriel and Eugene seemed to have a stable friendship. While looking for Dale, the two debated with one another about the existence of God. Once the Alexandria Safe-Zone was overrun, Eugene and Nicholas begged Gabriel to let them inside the church to hide. Hesitating at first, but, not wanting to cause more deaths by locking people outside, like Gabriel had before the group met him, he let both Eugene and Nicholas inside.


"I get free... I'm going to take you out from behind. You'll never see it coming. You'll go out like Abraham did... Only I'm thinking there won't be as many people out there who give a damn."
—Eugene threatening Dwight.[src]

Dwight and Eugene share a poor relationship. Eugene bitterly hates Dwight for killing Abraham and shows this by savagely biting Dwight in the groin after his capture. He later expresses his desire to kill all the Saviors, including Dwight. After his capture in Issue 122, he shows no fear in the face of Dwight and continues to threaten him, and calls him out on simply playing both sides. After the two-year timeskip, it seems Eugene has accepted the fact that Dwight is part of the survivors, although the two haven't been seen interacting with each other.


Negan and Eugene have a poor relationship. During All Out War, Eugene is captured by Negan who threatens to cut off Eugene's testicles if he doesn't make bullets for him. Eugene refuses, expressing his loyalty to Rick. This annoys Negan, who makes further threats, but Eugene never obliges.


"I trust you, even if you don't trust me. I just wanted you to know that."
—Eugene to Stephanie[src]
Eugene and Stephanie seem to have a good relationship. Eugene first spoke to Stephanie through the radio he fixed. The two began their relationship slowly, not revealing many details about themselves or their location. However, over time, the two begin to trust each other more and more. Eugene tells Stephanie about their current situation with the Whisperers the tensions in Alexandria. After learning that Eugene's wife was killed by the Whisperers, Stephanie reveals her name to him, showing her growing trust.

Later, Eugene reveals the group's location to Stephanie. She tells him that he shouldn't have done that, but he replies by saying that he trusts Stephanie.


"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. It was.. It was all my fault."
—Eugene blaming himself for Andrea's death.[src]
Andrea and Eugene have a stable relationship. They aren't seen interacting much prior to the two year time-skip, however their relationship is explored in more detail later on. Andrea and Eugene have lunch together and Eugene tells her some of his worries about his relationship with Rosita, Andrea tries to comfort him and give him advice. Later Andrea is seen comforting Eugene about Rosita's death. He is furious at the Whisperers, and agrees with Andrea and Rick that they must take action. He implies they could use Lydia to their advantage. Andrea and Rick shut the idea down, and Andrea asks Eugene to leave. He storms out of the house. furious with Andrea and Rick.

The pair later mend their relationship, with Eugene saying he didn't know what came over him. They continue to have a good relationship.

The strength of their relationship is proved when Eugene surrounded by walkers is saved by Andrea who risks her life (and gets bitten in the process) despite Eugene's pleas for her to leave him to die.

Eugene was utterly devastated by the fact that Andrea got bitten saving him and felt tremendously guilty- feeling culpable for her impending death. He apologized and had a very tearful goodbye with Andrea. Andrea however did not feel any animosity towards Eugene and believed that she herself was careless and was happy saving Eugene who she believed had helped and saved many in the community with his methods.


Heath and Eugene seem to have a healthy friendship. During the aftermath of the Whisperer war in which Alexandria is overrun by Zombies the two bond while trying to solve the problem. They both express satisfaction at being useful and valued members of the community. Heath also admires Eugene's intelligence.

It is revealed that Eugene made Heath's crutch.


After Stephanie revealed to Eugene that Siddiq had talked through the radio to her (when he was hiding in Eugene's house), Eugene told her that Siddiq was a good man and instantly knew that he was only in his house seeking refuge from the hoard.

Eugene and Siddiq are later both part of the expedition to Ohio, during the early stages of the journey Eugene saves Siddiq's life when he was attacked by a few roamers. Following this Siddiq felt immense guilt and eventually revealed to Eugene in Pittsburgh that he was the one who was having an affair with Rosita.

Eugene is momentarily enraged by this but the two talk it out and he calms down. Siddiq really believes that Rosita did love him and would leave Eugene but Rosita before her death revealed the relationship to Eugene and told him she would end the relationship and that they were never in love. Eugene decides to withold this information because he knows that Siddiq is also hurting over the death of Rosita allowing Siddiq to continue to believe that Rosita was in love

Michonne Hawthorne

Michonne and Eugene appear to respect each other. They accompanied each other on their journey to the commonwealth. When Michonne decides to remain with her daughter Elodie, Eugene completely understands her choice but also states that she's always needed back at Alexandria. As Eugene is leaving Michonne to return to Alexandria she entrusts him with her Katana and tells him to give it to Rick to convey the message that the Commonwealth is safe.

Carl Grimes

Eugene rarely interacted with Carl throughout the series, with their most prominent interaction being in the final issue. During the 20-25 year timeskip, Carl and Eugene seem to have developed a familial bond as they greet each other with a hug and compliment each other's skills in their respective occupations. Eugene tells Carl how he believes he won't live for much longer due to his sickness, to which Carl tries to reassure him he's as healthy as a horse. Despite reassuring Eugene, Carl still gives a worried look to Lydia and the two discuss Eugene's health afterwards, implying Carl may actually be concerned about Eugene.


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  • It is stated in the Letter Hacks that Eugene is on the autism spectrum, though in Eugene's case its likely that he has Asperger’s syndrome, due to his high intelligence and personality quirks.
  • It is stated in the Letter Hacks that Eugene is a very complex and conflicted character, and more of his character will be explored in the upcoming issues.
  • With the death of Rosita, Eugene is now the last surviving member of Abraham's group.
    • He is also the last post-prison survivor after the death of Gabriel Stokes.
  • Eugene holds the most appearances in the comic book out of any character introduced in the second compendium.
  • Eugene is currently the longest living male character in the Comic Series, who is not a member of the original group.
    • Also Eugene is the second longest living male character in the Comic Series, behind Carl.
  • Robert Kirkman answered the question whether naming characters the same name, Billy, Chris, Jim, Eugene, Eric, and Bruce was an oversight, "It's not oversight at all. It's completely unrealistic for a group of people to meet at random and never encounter the same names."[2]


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