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Some time ago, I fell in with a posse who thrived doing some downright unseemly acts on the reg. I looked the other way. I placed value on order and safety above all other things, but I soon realized that I wasn't the one swinging the bat, I nevertheless had blood on my hands. I knew what was happening. My inaction made me culpable and I hated myself for that. So, I did something. In my own little way, I changed the world. And I learned that one person can do that, and sometimes all it takes is one person to do that.
―Eugene's speech to the people of the Commonwealth.[src]

Eugene Hermann Porter is a main character and a former antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He and his traveling companions Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa were en route to Washington, D.C., before Eugene revealed that he had been lying about being a scientist due to being scared of surviving on his own.

Eugene is, however, an intelligent man whose skills in producing resources and intellect are much appreciated by Negan, but were not recognized by the members of Alexandria. He later joined the Saviors and eventually became a high-ranking member, serving as one of Negan's lieutenants and the Sanctuary's chief engineer.

Following a tense encounter with his former protector Rosita, Eugene reevaluated his decisions and saved the Militia by causing the Savior weapons to explode at a vital moment, earning his friends forgiveness and acceptance once more. Six years after Rick Grimes' assumed death, Eugene now serves as Alexandria's engineer, with people having a greater appreciation for his talents. After making contact with a woman named Stephanie on the radio, Eugene arranged a meeting with her, in hopes of finding new allies. Following the Whisperer War, he joins the Commonwealth where they assigned him a job as a teacher at the community's school. He also began writing a novel. After things go bad, Eugene plays a pivotal role in inspiring a revolution against the Commonwealth's corrupt government. A year later, Eugene has married Max and started a family with her.

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What was Eugene Porter's original destination in The Walking Dead? toggle section
In AMC's The Walking Dead, Eugene Porter, along with his companions Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa, were originally en route to Washington, D.C. Eugene later admitted to fabricating a story about being a scientist due to his fear of survival without the group.
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How did Eugene's skills benefit Negan in The Walking Dead? toggle section
Eugene Porter, in The Walking Dead, utilized his intellect to manufacture bullets for the survivors. When captured by Negan, he withheld crucial information. He also survived by convincingly lying about being a top scientist. His ingenuity was displayed when he suggested a solution to Negan to preserve his fence-line walkers, earning Negan's admiration.
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Why did Eugene lie about being a scientist in The Walking Dead? toggle section
In The Walking Dead, Eugene Porter fabricated a story about being a government scientist to secure his survival. Lacking fighting skills and courage, he manipulated others, particularly Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa, into safeguarding him by promising that he knew the origins of the zombie outbreak and that Washington, D.C. was a sanctuary. This deceit diverted attention from his intelligence and facilitated his survival with minimal exertion.
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Who were Eugene's traveling companions in The Walking Dead? toggle section
In The Walking Dead, Eugene Porter journeyed with various characters. Initially, he was accompanied by Daryl, Tara, Gabriel, and Harlan. Subsequently, he traveled with Sasha, Abraham, Rick, and Maggie. His interactions also extended to Michonne and Aaron, indicating a network of complex and conflicted relationships.
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What is the significance of Eugene Porter's character in The Walking Dead? toggle section
Eugene Porter, a character in The Walking Dead, initially survives by falsely claiming to be a scientist. His true value emerges through his intellect and ability to produce resources. Post-apocalypse, he serves in roles such as Alexandria Safe-Zone's engineer, Sanctuary's Chief Engineer, a Lieutenant of the Saviors, and the head of the Bullet Factory Outpost. He is responsible for the deaths of many zombies and unnamed individuals.
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Eugene is aloof, eccentric, and highly intelligent. While a detriment to the group while on the road due to his cowardice and clumsiness, being neither "combat ready or for that matter combat inclined," Eugene's value is evident in his ability to build helpful devices such as water filters and batteries out of common items. He's also extremely able to force locks. Due to some of his personality quirks, Eugene may have Asperger's Syndrome, a fact that producers have hinted at. He shows extremely poor social skills, poor coordination, peculiar habits of speech, and seems to have difficulty reading body language. He enjoys reading books and he is shown to be highly interested in video games. He sports a mullet, which he is very proud of. He is somewhat of a voyeur, who enjoys watching people having sex and eyeing up women. He very rarely smiles and speaks in a long winded, pedantic and clinical fashion. He has on occasion shown an ability in neologisms, evident when he saw a very unusual stuffed toy he took a liking to and named it a "grimbly gunk". He has a fondness for good food such as lobster, and also enjoys pickles.

Eugene prioritizes his survival over anything else, even allowing multiple people to sacrifice themselves to protect him under the false belief that he was an important scientist, although at the same time he was genuinely remorseful over this-he was always compassionate enough to care when others died and honestly showed regret over their sacrifices, but at the same time could not find the courage to put others before himself, something he was deeply ashamed of. After being kidnapped by the Saviors, he uses the same lie in order to impress Negan, and seemingly becomes one of his men in order to survive. Despite his manipulative abilities, he does possess a will to do good when he can, and as he continues to survive, he begins to put into perspective the importance of his conscience, going so far as to expose his lie for the well-being of his new friends.

Over the course of the second half of Season 5 and the entirety of Season 6, Eugene slowly begins to develop his skills as a survivor, and his courage, first when he saves Tara's life after being injured by a grenade. While this is slow at first, it is only when the survivors fight back against the herd in Alexandria that he truly shows he has developed the courage and skills needed to survive. This evolution continues after the time jump, and he shows his courage and newfound skills to survive when he is taken hostage by Dwight and the Saviors, and gives the other survivors the opportunity to fight back. Eugene even offers to put his life in danger to distract the Saviors from Rick and the group while they attempted to take a sick Maggie to the Hilltop Colony, showing how mature he'd become over the course of the series.

Eugene's newfound confidence, courage and selflessness however is severely retracted when he is captured along with his fellow survivors by the Saviors and is forced to witness the brutal executions of his close friends Abraham and Glenn within minutes of each other. Ever since that night, Eugene has reverted back to his cowardly state in order to continue surviving under Negan so he can never feel as afraid for his life as he did at that moment.

As the Sanctuary comes under siege, Eugene is shown to heavily question his decisions and his loyalties. As a result, Eugene has trouble sleeping and begins drinking heavily. Though Eugene discovers that Dwight has betrayed the Saviors, he chooses not to expose him, even after Dwight directly foils his plan to lead the walkers away. He is also conflicted with whether or not to help Gabriel escape with Harlan Carson to help Maggie and claims that the Survivors are now just his former traveling companions. Daryl and Tara leading the walker herd inside the Sanctuary appears to cause Eugene to let go of all ties to his former friends and to now state that anything he does will be for his own benefit. Despite this, Eugene still remains conflicted to the point that he aids Gabriel and Harlan in escaping to ease his conscience.

After being made the leader of his own outpost, Eugene begins to act more tyrannical and cruel, appearing to let his new power go to his head. He shows little care for Gabriel beyond keeping him from getting others sick (although this is most likely because he is angry about the death of Harlan, who was killed after Gabriel convinced Eugene to help them escape from the Sanctuary).

After an encounter with Rosita and the reminder of his betrayal of the only friends he ever had, Eugene has a change of heart and takes a stand by sabotaging the Savior weapons to allow the Militia to win. In doing so, Eugene acts selflessly as he would've been safe if he hadn't betrayed the Saviors and allowed them to slaughter his former friends. Eugene's act of bravery saves the lives of many people and earns him the forgiveness of the friends he had proclaimed to no longer care about. When discussing his choice with Rosita, Eugene makes it clear that it was her opinion of him and his actions that swayed him to do the right thing in the end. Years later, Eugene reveals that his time with the Saviors still haunts him, especially that he chose safety and order over doing the right thing. As such, Eugene holds himself as accountable for their actions as if he'd committed them himself.

Six years after Rick's supposed death, Eugene seems to have become a far braver, more competent, and more selfless individual, as he fearlessly took out several walkers, was willing to distract a large herd so that Rosita could get away, and encouraged Gabriel to stay with Rosita after she became pregnant with Siddiq's baby, despite his own feelings for her.

After moving to the Commonwealth, Eugene fails to realize that Shira is just manipulating and using him until its spelled out to him after she disappears. However, Eugene is the first to deduce the existence of the Commonwealth's rogue element led by Lance Hornsby who seeks to undermine the government in order to gain power for himself. In doing so, Eugene proves himself to be an extremely good amateur detective, although no one takes him seriously about it and Lance shames and manipulates Eugene into keeping quiet about his discoveries in the end.

After falling in love with Max Mercer, Eugene commits himself to her cause of taking down Pamela Milton. After their actions causes Sebastian's death, Eugene decides to take responsibility in order to protect Max rather than running. Although resigned to his likely execution, even acknowledging that someone like him should've been dead a long time ago, Eugene places his faith in his friends. Eugene's faith and determination helps to drive Yumiko to make a stand of her own rather than giving into hopelessness and many of the Commonwealth's people are shown to believe in Eugene and his innocence. Eugene's actions in the Commonwealth transform him from a former coward who lied to get the strong to protect him, into a leader in his own right who inspires others to stand up against a corrupt ruler, including some of her own men.


Addison, Texas[]

Eugene was born in Dallas, Texas in 1978 and grew up in Addison, Texas. His father is known to have been a mechanical engineer, which most likely inspired Eugene's knowledge and interest in mechanical engineering, among other scientific knowledge. He was likely diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which attributed to his personality quirks, obsessive knowledge, and rote memorization. At the age of six in 1984, Eugene and his family moved from Addison, Texas to Keller, Texas.

Keller, Texas[]

In his teenage years, he became deeply interested in trains and convinced his parents to take him to Strasburg, Pennsylvania in order to see the train museum there. While there he became hooked on ice cream from a local dairy bar. He also started the anti-drug and alcohol coalition in his high school. In mid-1996, when Eugene turned 18, he left Keller to attend an unknown university and graduated with his BA in 2000.

Dallas, Texas[]

In his adult life, he lived in Dallas, Texas. He was an avid fan of video games. Being well read and possessing a vast amount of knowledge in many different areas, Eugene became an educator. In his adult life, Eugene showed great difficulty in social situations and never had a girlfriend.


Eugene somehow survived the onset of the outbreak, and eventually came across Abraham Ford, who saved him from walkers. Seeing the opportunity of being protected, he lied to Abraham, pretending he was a scientist who knows what caused the epidemic, and that he was on a mission to go to the capital, where supposedly he could reverse the effects of the plague and restore order to the world. During their journey they encountered fellow survivor Althea, who interviewed them both before parting ways.

Eventually, they were joined by Rosita Espinosa and several other survivors, who traveled from Houston to northern Georgia, losing several members on the way.

TV Series[]

Season 4[]


After Glenn Rhee collapses from fighting off walkers, Tara Chambler uses the end of the latter's gun to kill the remaining walker. While she does so, they pull their truck up to her. After Tara sarcastically thanks them for their help, the trio exit their truck, to which Abraham tells her that she has "quite a mouth," then asks about what else she has.


Attempting to stop Glenn from leaving the convoy, Abraham reveals that Eugene knows what caused the outbreak and is escorting him to Washington, D.C., but does not give any additional information about the mission. A fight between Glenn and Abraham alerts walkers in a nearby cornfield, Eugene attempts to alert them about the danger, but is unsuccessful. Eugene gets an automatic firearm from the truck, and due to him being inexperienced with using firearms, he shoots a hole in the truck's gas tank. The rest of the group finish off the walkers, and due to the truck now being useless, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene leave with Glenn and Tara to look for another vehicle to complete their mission.


Eugene is seen with Rosita, Abraham, Glenn and Tara as he talks to Tara about video games as they walk down the railroad, and she hands him a metal object that he remarks can be used for a homemade battery. The group comes across a building where a walker is just about to fall on top of Eugene until Abraham shoves him out of the way, knocking Tara down in the process. Eugene is given Glenn's riot gear for protection as part of a deal to Abraham so that they can keep going forward towards Terminus in search of Maggie. As the group parts ways with Tara and Glenn at the train tunnel, Eugene tells Tara that he found her hot, even though he was aware of the fact she was a lesbian.

Eugene, Abraham and Rosita find an abandoned van on the street, with Abraham killing the walker inside. Eugene expresses concern for Glenn and Tara, although both Abraham and Rosita press on that Glenn and Tara are not their priority. As Abraham sleeps in the back, Eugene gives Rosita directions which ends up bringing them on top of the train tracks to the area where Glenn and Tara would exit according to his calculations. He reveals that the trio's origin point was Houston, Texas and that they spent a long time making their way across the country, eventually ending up in Northern Georgia. Their convoy was also bigger, and they had lost 8 people along the way.

Eugene spots Bob Stookey, Maggie Greene, and Sasha Williams while Rosita and Abraham argue over her stopping the van for Eugene. Together, the six of them are able to rescue Glenn and Tara from a herd of walkers. Eugene, Rosita, Abraham, Glenn, Tara, Bob, Sasha and Maggie find Terminus and are greeted by Mary, who offers them something to eat and welcomes them to Terminus.


Eugene appears in the train car at Terminus when Rick Grimes, his son Carl, Michonne Hawthorne, and Daryl Dixon enter.

Season 5[]

"No Sanctuary"

Eugene is seen to be trapped in the train car with the rest of the group, who are all making makeshift weapons. The group is then ordered by the Terminus residents to go to either side of the car. Expecting the residents to come through the side door, the group readies themselves to fight their way out, however, the Terminus residents open a top door and drop a flash-bang grenade into the car, disorienting the group and taking Rick, Bob, Daryl and Glenn to be butchered.

Later, the group left in the car hears the explosion set off by Carol Peletier, Eugene sets up a charge by the train car door in case no one is there to let them out.

Michonne then demands to know what the cure to the outbreak is. After continued attempts by Abraham and Rosita to deter her questions, Eugene admits that he was part of the Human Genome Project, and that he may know a way to reverse the outbreak in Washington, D.C.

Rick and the other three, having escaped the butchers, free the rest of the group and fight their way out of Terminus, jumping the fence. Eugene is not a good fighter so tries to stay away from conflict. When a walker tries to grab him he swerves and lets Sasha deal with it. Eugene, Abraham, and Rosita are seen leaving Terminus with the Survivors, after meeting up with Carol, Tyreese Williams, and Rick's infant daughter Judith.


Eugene is seen to be traveling with the Survivors, when they happen upon a man in distress in the woods, who reveals himself to be Father Gabriel Stokes. He and the group are lead to Gabriel's church, in which Abraham coaxes Rick and his group to travel to Washington, D.C. with them during dinner. Rick agrees.

"Four Walls and a Roof"

When Abraham and Rosita hear that they're being watched, they wanted to leave the Church, and continue their journey to Washington. Abraham tells Eugene to get up, however he refuses. Being told once more, Eugene finally gets up before walking towards the church doors, before Rick says they can't take the bus, in which Abraham and Rick begins an argument over. Abraham gets aggressive, and Rosita tries to stop him. When Tara, Maggie and Glenn tells them that they're going with them if they just wait 12 hours. Abraham agrees with the plan, and they stay.

When Rick and the others are on their way to slaughter the Hunters, Eugene stays at the church where he sits behind a desk. When Gareth and the Hunters get in the church, he mentions Eugene's name knowing he is there. Right before the Hunters break into the room they're staying in, Rick comes back and saves them and kills Gareth and the Hunters. The next day, Rosita, Abraham, Eugene, Maggie, Tara, and Glenn head to Washington, D.C.

"Self Help"

Eugene is first seen in the bus thinking about what Gabriel had been saying at the church. Tara tells Eugene that his hair is getting a little long in the back, and suggests he gets it cut. Then, she jokes, "Or is it your source of power?" Eugene responds, "I ain't slaying a lion anytime soon, and I wouldn't be putting any wagers on me dispatching 1,000 philistines with the jawbone of an ass." Tara asks Eugene what’s up, and he says he's thinking about what that preacher did.

Maggie then asks him how long it'll take to stop the walkers, where he explains a number of factors contribute. He tells Glenn he likes his own hair and his old boss T. Brooks Ellis loved his hair. The bus then breaks down and flips over a car. Eugene is okay but walkers arrive at the bus. Everyone except Tara and Eugene jump out to kill walkers. Eugene is trapped inside by a walker but Tara kills it, tells him to 'get brave' and hands him a knife. They leave the bus and Eugene is petrified and doesn't help. But when he sees a walker about to kill Tara he stabs it and saves her. After the fight, Abraham is concerned about Eugene, but he tells him he is fine. Eugene suggests heading back to the church but Abraham insists on continuing. Before leaving, he spits on the walker that was going to kill Tara.

Eugene is next seen watching Abraham and Rosita have sex, where it is suggested he does it a lot. Tara comes up behind Eugene, and Eugene admits to watching Abraham and Rosita. Eugene says he enjoys the female form, and he considers it to be a victim-less crime which provides a distraction. Tara says that she was looking for Eugene to thank him for saving her life back at the bus. Eugene reveals that he sabotaged the bus to make it crash. Eugene says he put crushed glass in the fuel line back at the church and that the vehicle should have failed before it even got to the road. When Tara asks why he did that, Eugene says that he couldn't survive on his own. Eugene says that if he couldn't save the world that there is no way they would keep him around. Tara says they would because they're friends. Tara says that Eugene needs to keep secret what he did and not to do it again. Eugene goes, at Tara's urging and she takes a swift look at Rosita and Abraham before she goes as well.

The next day when the group is attacked, Eugene uses a fire hose on top of a fire truck to save everyone. The group continues down the road and Eugene is seen reading "The Shape of Things To Come". Maggie comes over and tells him she thinks he has the mullet so it's not like he is like everyone else. When Abraham insists they go through a herd of walkers, Eugene is dragged by him. The others try to stop Abraham until Eugene screams that he's not a scientist. Everyone is shocked. Eugene reveals that he lied about knowing a cure, and that he only wanted to get to Washington, D.C. in order to ensure his survival Rosita guilts him by telling him people died trying to get him here, including Bob. Eugene admits he is aware of that, but when he inadvertently comments that he is "smarter than you" an enraged Abraham punches Eugene repeatedly, badly injuring him and leaving him an unconscious bloody mess.


Eugene is unconscious throughout the episode as a result of Abraham's beating. At one point, Maggie uses a ladder and a blanket to shield Eugene from the sun. He regains consciousness at the end of the episode, as he is heard making moaning noises.


Eugene is seen unconscious in the back of the fire truck when Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Tara, Glenn and Maggie return back to Father Gabriel's church.

"What Happened and What's Going On"

Eugene appears when he listens to Rick explains the camp Noah was talking about, then in the end he watches the group burying Tyreese and Gabriel speaking.


Eugene is with the group on their long trek. When "a friend" leaves them water and the others don't want to risk it being poison, Eugene tries to drink some, but Abraham swats it away. He helps keep the barn doors closed when walkers attack.

"The Distance"

Eugene watches as the group deals with Aaron, a supposed recruiter for a community called the Alexandria Safe Zone. He then goes out to guard the perimeter. He rides the RV on both legs of the journey to Alexandria, playing cards on the table with the others.


Eugene enters Alexandria with the rest of his group and is interviewed by Deanna Monroe, leader of the Safe-Zone, where she assigns him to work on the solar arrays that help power the town[1]. He can be seen residing in the house with everyone during the first few nights of their stay in Alexandria. When Glenn and Deanna's son Aiden get into a brawl at the town gate, Eugene can be seen watching among the townspeople.


Eugene is tasked with helping Glenn, Tara, Noah, another supply runner Nicholas, and Aiden find components of a power grid in a nearby warehouse. Due to his acknowledged cowardly nature, Eugene becomes reluctant to take part in the assignment and even more reluctant to carry a gun, but he is forced to join them because he is the only person who can identify what the group is looking for.

While at the warehouse, Eugene finds the parts of the power generator with Tara, but the supply run goes awry when Aiden accidentally shoots a grenade on a walker, causing an explosion that frees all of the other walkers in the building. Although Eugene is unharmed, Tara is knocked unconscious and suffers massive head trauma. When a walker approaches them, Eugene tries to kill it, only to be attacked by another from behind, and saved by Noah. After the group brings Tara into an office to check her wounds, they discover Aiden, whom they presumed dead, is still alive. When Glenn states they will need at least three people to save him, Eugene offers to stay behind and look after Tara.

With the others gone, Eugene uses this opportunity to escape, although he manages to carry Tara out of the building and take down two walkers in the process. He ultimately winds up helping the group by using noise from the van to draw walkers away from them. Afterwards, Eugene waits in the vehicle for rest of the group, when he is confronted by Nicholas, who orders him to drive off now or he will be left behind. Eugene refuses to leave without the others, but is unable to stop Nicholas from commandeering the van. Nevertheless, Nicholas is stopped by Glenn, who savagely beats him. Eugene asks Glenn to know what happened to Noah, but Glenn refused to answer as they put Nicholas in the back of the van. On the drive back to Alexandria, Eugene is seen staring at the still-unconscious Tara.


Eugene appears sleeping by Tara as Abraham comes by to check on her. Abraham then notices Eugene sleeping and says that he'll be back to check on her later after he left, but before he can leave Rosita knocks over a nearby pan sleet on purpose to wake Eugene. After giving her a shocked and disapproving stare, Abraham turns back towards the now awake Eugene. The two begin a slow conversation, with Eugene mentioning that Tara saved his life multiple times before he did the same. He then goes on to apologize to Abraham for lying to him about Washington. After a brief moment Abraham does the same, mentioning that he almost killed Eugene. After the two make amends they continue to watch over Tara with Rosita.

Eugene is later present at Deanna's community meeting, regarding Rick, and witnesses everything that takes place.

Season 6[]

"First Time Again"

Eugene is first seen at Alexandria's infirmary where he visits Tara. A few seconds later, Glenn and Nicholas enter, wounded from their fight with each other in the woods but tell the people inside it was an accident relating to shrapnel. Eugene is later seen at one of the gates when an unknown man, who introduces himself as Heath, comes up, asking for entry. Eugene tells him that he is simply covering for another's shift and is unable to let him in due to lacking the proper authority. However, he eventually lets him in after Heath tells him that he lives in Alexandria. Heath asks him if any recent events had taken place, and Eugene tells him to speak with Deanna. Before he leaves, Eugene tells him that he appreciates him keeping up with the "hair game".

He is later seen at the meeting discussing Rick's plan relating to the large herd at the nearby quarry. Sometime after, he is seen in the food pantry gathering food for himself when he overhears one Alexandrian, Carter, trying to convince Deanna's son Spencer, Tobin, Francine, and Olivia to help kill Rick and take back Alexandria from Rick as he believes they are becoming dangerous and power-hungry. Eugene drops a glass jar which alerts Carter of his presences. Carter approaches Eugene and says that he heard the plan before aiming his gun at Eugene. Eugene states that he didn't hear anything. He is almost killed by Carter, but is saved as Rick, Michonne, and newcomer Morgan Jones walk in on them and disarm Carter.


Eugene and Tara head into the infirmary and meet Dr. Denise Cloyd who was a psychiatrist. She had wanted to help out Pete, the previous town doctor, but he didn't want her help. Now with Pete's death she is the Safe-Zone's new doctor. Eugene is not sure of of her but Denise asserts she can do it. Meanwhile during the Wolves attack, Aaron and Rosita bring Holly in after she got attacked. Eugene stays with Denise and Tara. When they were trying to help Holly, Eugene doesn't want Denise to be a coward. When Denise tries to preform surgery, Holly dies.


Eugene is briefly seen listening to Rick's speech to the Alexandrian's regarding the herd outside the walls.

"Always Accountable"

At the end of the episode, Eugene's voice is heard calling for help on the radio.

"Heads Up"

Eugene is seen attending Rosita's lesson on how to use a machete, but seems very distracted by the noise of the walkers outside. He admits that he's scared of dying; Rosita tells him that dying is easy and that watching friends die is much harder to bear. Eugene walks away while Rosita continues on with her lesson.

Eugene is later seen when Spencer shimmies over the wall along a rope he's attached to the watchtower with a grappling hook. Eugene and Tara notice that the rope is slackening, and Eugene goes to get help. As the grappling hook loses its grip, Spencer falls into the herd. Tara hangs off the wall, and begins shooting at walkers so he has a chance to escape. Soon after, Rick, Tobin and Morgan manage to pull Spencer up to safety.

"Start to Finish"

Eugene is rescued by Tara and Rosita from the herd of walkers, seconds after hearing Daryl on the radio and letting out a cry of help. The three seek refuge and get trapped in a nearby garage. Later, Eugene uses his lock-picking skills to escape the room. They stumble into the same room where Owen is holding Denise captive, with Carol and Morgan unconscious on the floor. He forces them to surrender their weapons and Eugene watches as the Wolf leaves the house, taking Denise with him.

"No Way Out"

During the final battle in Alexandria, Eugene informs Rosita that they will soon have to make a stand against the herd, but she tells him that "we will, not you", knowing he is unlikely to do anything. When Morgan, Carol, Tara and Rosita go out into battle, Eugene decides to join them, even after Rosita says he doesn't have to - he tells her "no one gets to clock out today. And hell, this is a story people are gonna tell." Eugene then proceeds to fight in the battle and helps to slaughter the herd throughout the night. The next day, he is seen with the other residents resting at the infirmary.

"The Next World"

Eugene opens the Alexandria gates for Rick and Daryl as they leave for a supply run. He gives Daryl a map of the area and discusses ways to track down sorghum in order to drastically improve their food stocks.

"Not Tomorrow Yet"

Eugene attends the meeting at the church concerning the plan of attack on the Saviors. He is later seen shortly after Rosita and Abraham break up, standing at their bedroom doorway while eating one of Carol's beet and acorn cookies and commenting on the cookie's soft texture, before Rosita slams the door in his face.

"Twice as Far"

Eugene is first seen taking over his daily shift on gate duty.

Eugene and Abraham leave Alexandria. Abraham comments on Eugene’s hair and his recent transformation. Eugene tells him he is a survivor, which Abraham dismisses.

They arrive at a building that Eugene plans to use for manufacturing bullets. Abraham is about to kill an approaching walker, but Eugene calls dibs. The strike from his machete bounces off the metal that has melted on to the walker’s head and he struggles with it, Abraham eventually stepping in and killing it. Eugene is furious and tells Abraham he no longer needs his protection and has outlived his usefulness to him. Abraham leaves and tells Eugene to find his own way home.

After Denise is killed by Dwight, it is revealed that he and his men have captured Eugene. Dwight demands that he, Daryl and Rosita take them back to Alexandria and if they do not oblige, he will kill them. Eugene spots Abraham hiding behind oil barrels nearby and insists that they should kill him first. Dwight orders Neil to investigate, and while he is distracted, Eugene turns and bites his crotch. Abraham uses the distraction to shoot two Saviors, including Neil, and Daryl and Rosita are able to retrieve their guns. Dwight manages to break free from Eugene, who is hit during the shootout. As Dwight and the remaining Saviors flee, Abraham, Rosita and Daryl carry Eugene back to Alexandria.

Back at the infirmary, Eugene has been patched up after he was grazed by a bullet. He tells Abraham that he was not trying to get him killed and was looking for their opportunity. Eugene asks him if he is apologizing for doubting his skills as a survivor, which he confirmed. "You know how to bite a dick, Eugene, and I mean that with the utmost respect," Abraham says in awe.

"Last Day on Earth"

Eugene insists on joining Rick and the others in escorting Maggie to Hilltop in the RV. When the group encounters the first blockade of Saviors, Eugene exits the vehicle with everyone else while Rick converses with one of the Saviors. Once back inside the RV, he and Sasha study a map and figure out an alternative route.

The group comes across a line of walkers chained together blocking the road. Eugene notes that such an elaborate roadblock took a lot of people to accomplish. When the Saviors start firing at them from the woods, Eugene retreats back into the RV as Rick clears a path for them to continue.

They encounter yet another roadblock, this time a giant wall of logs in the middle of the road. Eugene points out the tire marks and again comments that this took vast manpower and a lot of vehicles. The Saviors then hang their captive from a nearby overpass. The logs erupt in flames behind them, and the Savior remarks that it may be the last day on Earth for one of Rick's people. They return to the RV and drive off.

Inside the RV, Eugene points out that the Saviors are probably looking for the RV and might not expect them to travel by foot. After nightfall, Rick and Eugene go over the plan: Eugene will drive the empty RV to lure the Saviors. Eugene hands Rick a recipe for making bullets, in the event that he gets killed. Rick smiles and says that they're lucky to have Eugene with them. "You're a survivor," Abraham tells Eugene. They hug. Eugene then gets into the RV and drives away.

It is revealed Eugene was captured and beaten by the Saviors, and he is lined up with the others. Negan then exits the RV and tells the group that he is going to 'beat the holy hell' out of one of them as punishment for killing his men. He begins his game of Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe and as his bat crashes down on one of the survivors.

Season 7[]

"The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"

When Abraham is beating beaten by Lucille, Eugene can be seen visibly scared, and on the brink of tears after seeing his friend die. When Negan begins to kill Glenn's in the same manner, Eugene is horrified, and can be seen sobbing into his hands. He later helped Rosita and Sasha carry Abraham's body to the RV.


Eugene is by the gates as Rosita and Spencer drive up and ask him to open it. Spencer asks if he would like to help, but Eugene says he doesn't think he'd be up to that and he is repairing a portable audio system for when the Saviors arrive. He looks worried when Negan shows up and demands to be let in. Later, he is present during the meeting in the church to locate the missing guns. When no one speaks up, he looks around and notes that some people are absent from the meeting. That night, Rosita pays Eugene a visit and shows him an empty shell casing and asks him to make her a bullet.


Eugene is on lookout duty when he sees Tara approaching Alexandria. He meets her at the gate and starts tearing up, upset about Tara finding out that Denise, Glenn and Abraham were killed by the Saviors.

"Sing Me a Song"

Eugene and Rosita are about to leave when he realizes she has no intention of scavenging for Negan. After arguing with Spencer, Rosita leads Eugene out of Alexandria.

Eugene and Rosita arrive at the factory that he had previously taken Abraham to with the intent to manufacture bullets. She orders him to make her one using the shell casing she found in Alexandria. Eugene hesitates and says that a single bullet won't do it as the Saviors have the numbers and someone will pay the price for her actions. Rosita calls him a coward and says he is only alive because he lied and people feel sorry for him. She says she will pay the price and tells him to do something useful for once. Eugene quietly gets to work, deeply hurt and wounded by her words.

As they approach Alexandria, Rosita thanks Eugene for making a bullet and apologizes. He refuses to accept the apology and says that she meant what she said, now she just feels bad. Spencer drives up and reveals a bounty of supplies and weapons. He whistles towards the gate and a Savior opens it. They realize that Negan is in Alexandria.

"Hearts Still Beating"

As Spencer hands over his scavenged goods to the Saviors, Laura begins flirting with Spencer, in which Eugene watches from a short distance away. Laura catches him and orders him to walk away or else.

Later, Eugene gathers around with the other residents as Spencer and Negan play pool in the street. He watches in horror as Negan disembowels Spencer, and Rosita tries to kill Negan with the bullet he reluctantly made for her, but she hits Lucille instead. Negan recognizes the bullet is homemade and demands to know who made it. Rosita lies and insists it was her, and Eugene is horrified when Arat shoots Olivia in the face as punishment. Negan refuses to leave until he knows who made the bullet. Tara steps in and claims it was her, but Eugene interjects and confesses it was him. Rosita begs the Saviors to take her instead as Eugene is taken away.

"Hostiles and Calamities"

Eugene arrives at The Sanctuary and shakes with fear as he is escorted through the building by Laura, who takes him to a private apartment and reveals Daryl has escaped. She asks Eugene if he has any leads to his whereabouts; Eugene tells her that he doesn't and assures her that he'd tell her if he did. Eugene is delighted to find the fridge stocked with food and Laura offers him something to eat. He asks for canned pasta in tomato sauce. He's disappointed to learn that they're out of pickles.

Laura shows Eugene around the factory floor and explains the Saviors' point system, which he's exempt from; he can take whatever he wants. She gifts him a jar of pickles. Outside, Eugene is brought before Negan. When asked for his name, Eugene responds with "Eugene." Negan then prompts the Saviors for their names and they respond in unison: "Negan." Negan grills Eugene about his credentials. Scared, Eugene falls back on an old lie and claims he has multiple PhDs and was part of the Human Genome Project. Negan asks Eugene for advice on how to prevent his fence-line walkers from deteriorating. Eugene impresses Negan with his proposed solution: covering them in a shell of liquefied metal that will make the walkers indestructible once it dries. As a reward for his ingenuity, Negan offers to send several of his wives to Eugene's apartment.

Eugene plays video games while three of Negan's wives watch. During conversation, Tanya jokingly asks if Eugene knows how to make a bomb. Eugene lists the ingredients he would need to make one.

Eugene walks outside with Amber, Tanya and Frankie. He mixes ingredients and ignites a bomb. The wives clap giddily.

Later, Tanya and Frankie visit Eugene, seeking his help; they explain that Amber wants to commit suicide and ask if he can make some pills for her. Eugene reluctantly agrees. He uses his position of power to cut in line in the marketplace and order cold capsules. He goes back to his apartment and makes the pills.

Laura escorts Eugene to the factory floor, where a crowd has gathered around the furnace. Negan enters and points Lucille directly at Eugene. "You are gonna wanna pay close attention to this," he says. Eugene tries to look away as Negan beats Dr Carson, but Laura forces him to watch as Negan throws Dr Carson head first into the furnace, burning him alive, and horrifying Eugene further.

Frankie and Tanya visit Eugene in his apartment. He correctly guesses that the pills are for Negan, not Amber, and refuses to hand them over. Tanya calls him a coward, to which Eugene responds "That's a correct assessment" They leave angrily.

Negan pays Eugene a visit. He tells Eugene that he doesn't make his invitation lightly and explains that he doesn't need to be scared anymore. Negan asks Eugene "Who are –" but before he finishes the question, Eugene seemingly betrays his former friends by responding "I'm Negan".

Eugene oversees workers at the Sanctuary fence-line as they execute his plan to fortify the walkers with molten metal. Dwight joins Eugene on the upper stairway. Dwight asks him if he's on board; Eugene assures him that he is. After a name exchange, Eugene ends his introduction with, "We are Negan." To this, Dwight reluctantly replies "...yeah."

"The Other Side"

While trying to assassinate Negan, Rosita and Sasha observe Eugene in the Savior's compound, apparently giving orders. They later hear a radio broadcast made by Eugene who is now the Saviors Chief Engineer. That night, while Eugene and another Savior go to examine the fence, Rosita and Sasha kill the other Savior and attempt to rescue Eugene. Tearfully, Eugene refuses, telling them that he didn't ask to be rescued nor does he want to be. Eugene tells the two to go as other Saviors must be en route before running back inside.

"Something They Need"

Eugene brings Sasha a blanket and pillow. He explains that he's never been as scared as he was that night in the RV in the woods; he joined Negan to ensure he never feels that way again. He recommends she do the same. Sasha orders him to leave.

Eugene stops by Sasha's cell and assures her she made the right choice in joining Negan. Sasha sobs, convinced that she made the wrong decision and she'll be used as a tool against the Survivors. She begs Eugene to bring her a weapon – a knife, gun or razor blade – so she can kill herself before Negan uses her against their friends. He agrees to consider her request.

Eugene knocks on Sasha's cell door and slips her the suicide pill that he made for Frankie and Tanya. He tells her he does not want her to go, but by the sounds of things she's already gone.

"The First Day of the Rest of Your Life"

Eugene helps Negan prepare to ambush Alexandria using Sasha as part of the plan. Before loading Sasha into a coffin, Eugene gives her an MP3 player to pass the time.

After arriving at Alexandria, Eugene calls for Rick to concede or die. Rick reluctantly signals Rosita to trigger the explosives in the moving van next to Eugene, but the Scavengers have betrayed Alexandria and the Survivors is captured. As Negan releases Sasha from the coffin, she emerges as a walker, having used Eugene's suicide pills. A firefight immediately breaks out, and Eugene flees back to the truck. He is later transported out of Alexandria when reinforcements from the Kingdom and the Hilltop force the Saviors and Scavengers to retreat.

Returning to the Sanctuary, the Saviors prepare for war. Negan questions Eugene on Sasha's death, but he lies that they wrapped the tarp too tight around the coffin and she suffocated.

Season 8[]


Eugene makes his first appearance during the Militia's attack on the Sanctuary. He exits the Sanctuary alongside Negan, Dwight, Simon, Regina and Gavin. Eugene tries to talk but Rick shuts him down. Rick offers everyone a chance to survive if they surrender.

Eugene and the others refuse to surrender, and once the Militia opens fire on them, he and the others proceed to flee back inside the Sanctuary.

"The Big Scary U"

Eugene is present for the meeting with Gregory, Negan and his other lieutenants (Simon, Dwight, Regina, and Gavin) at the Sanctuary. They discuss the joint rebellion of Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom. The meeting is interrupted when shots are fired by the militia, and Regina and the others exit to face the intruders. The events of "Mercy" then take place.

Following the herd and the loss of Negan, the lieutenants inside the Sanctuary debate what to do in their current predicament. Regina is the first to suggest that they must assume Negan is dead. Simon disagrees and questions if Regina is really Negan; she states that she is. She then proposes that they send a crew of forty workers outside to clear a path in the herd, but Eugene argues that the workers would be overcome in minutes. Regina explains that the workers would be a distraction while a small team snuck past the herd to warn the outposts. Eugene points out flaws in that plan as well, claiming it would cause unrest among the workers. They continue to disagree until Dwight becomes a voice of reason. Dwight takes Eugene's side. Gavin turns his attention to who the Savior mole has to be. Dwight turns the conversation to everyone needing to get out. Simon agrees with Dwight and promises they will kill whoever the mole is, slowly over a few days, with everyone looking at Eugene.

Eugene enters Dwight's room with his jar of cucumbers. He expresses thanks for Dwight's support in the meeting. He tells Dwight they will get out of this "pickle" together. Eugene sits at a chess set and touches a piece but Dwight tells him to be careful and wait because they're still wet. he made them himself. Eugene leaves, thanking Dwight once gain. Eugene plays video games at the Sanctuary until the power suddenly goes out.

Later, Simon makes a decision to turn off Sanctuary's power since they cannot access the fuel reserves. The workers, suffering from the heat, move up onto the second floor, against their normal orders, knowing something is wrong and they demand to see Negan. Eugene and the lieutenants try to vouch for him when suddenly they hear Negan's whistling, and they all fall onto their knees. Negan and Gabriel, who escaped the trailer by covering themselves in the viscera of the walkers, have made it safely here. Negan reaffirms his power, and the workers quickly agree to return to work. Negan orders Gabriel to be kept in a cell.

Later, Eugene, his fellow lieutenants and Negan are being debriefed on a weapons bag from worker who tried to assassinate Simon earlier. The group concludes that a worker from the sanctuary could not have acquired anything from the armory and deduces it must've been given to them by the traitor. Eugene observes the bag and sees a spot of paint on it, the same color as that on his finger from touching Dwight's chess set. Keeping the discovery to himself while he looks at Dwight. Privately, Negan tells Eugene he will reward him handsomely if he can figure out the mole within the Saviors. Eugene later goes to see Gabriel and finds him suffering, and calls for medical attention. Eugene orders him to Harlan Carson, but Gabriel insists they have to get to the doctor for Maggie.

"Time for After"

Eugene sits in his room, attempting to brainstorm a list of facts he knows about the current situation. He then confronts Dwight in his room and makes it known that he is aware of his involvement in Rick's plan. He attempts to talk Dwight down from any further opposition in exchange for keeping his involvement a secret, but Dwight insists that, with all that is occurring, the Saviors are sure to face defeat. Eugene refuses to defy Negan and walks out, warning Dwight not to try anything else that would result in any harm to the Sanctuary's inhabitants. Eugene observes the front doors of the compound, still swarmed with walkers. He asks Laura how long the barricades will hold, she theorizes at least one or two days.

Eugene is called to the infirmary by Harlan Carson, who is tending to Gabriel's worsening condition. Carson speculates several infections, and that Gabriel does not have long before his situation grows dire. While he shows concern due to not having the right medicine, Eugene condemns Gabriel's actions as a member of Rick's militia, deeming it partially his fault for his current condition.

Carson leaves Eugene in charge of watching Gabriel while he ventures to the marketplace to search for the appropriate medicine. Gabriel awakens, asking if Eugene is willing to help him break Carson out of the compound. Eugene reminds him that the area is overrun and that he is someone who only looks out for himself. They share a talk about the principle of doing the "right thing", Eugene is adamant that doing the right thing for one could mean trouble for another, while Gabriel argues that doing the right thing requires faith in one's self and believing that God has a plan for everyone. When Eugene deems Gabriel's beliefs as absurd, he retorts that as a man of science, Eugene would have initially doubted the concept of walking corpses, showing that the unbelievable is still possible. With this concept, Gabriel expresses hope that Eugene will eventually know when to do the right thing when the time comes. Eugene ponders his words, looking down at the dry red paint on his thumb.

Eugene is visited in his room by Tanya, who inquires about a broken radio that Eugene was tasked with repairing a week prior. He explains that he was unable to complete the task due to the current situation, and expresses concern that Tanya does not seem troubled; she recounts that she's already felt trapped while serving under Negan. Tanya give Eugene one more day to fix her radio, but he asks for the second bottle of wine that she is holding before she leaves, explaining that it'll help him sleep. Tanya explains that she also has trouble sleeping, due to the stress of not being able to rid the Saviors of Negan and the unsuccessful attempt of enlisting Eugene's help with the task. She condemns his choices before handing him the bottle and leaving. Laura then walks in, informing Eugene that Negan sent for him.

Eugene meets with Negan in the conference room. Negan expresses an increasing worry for the safety of his community, while praising Eugene and his efforts in the compound. He shakes his hand, explaining that not many people receive the same privilege of mutual respect. Eugene accepts this, declaring that there is work that needs to be done before leaving the room.

Getting to work on the radio, Eugene extracts one of the speakers, inspecting it. Gaining a fresh idea, he searches one of the storage rooms for materials. He comes across the coffin used to transport Sasha, having vivid and disturbing flashbacks to her shocking reveal as a walker. He opens it, discovering her discarded iPod still resting at the foot of the coffin. On one of the Sanctuary's balconies, Eugene sets his new contraption, a makeshift drone fitted with a speaker and an iPod, on a ramp leading out and above the walker herd, in hopes that the herd will follow the blaring music when it goes airborne. He records an audio log of his observations, but as he prepares to activate it, he is called out to and held at gunpoint by Dwight.

Dwight orders Eugene to step away from the drone. Eugene relays his plan to Dwight, insisting that he'll be saving the lives of the Savior workers and soldiers, but Dwight argues that his actions will also lead to the deaths of Rick and his men, people who Eugene now considers former travelling companions. He informs him that the plan will save the lives of both the Saviors and the Militia, and that taking out Negan is the number one priority and goal. Eugene remains firm that Negan will prevail, causing Dwight to threaten him further. Despite the gun to his head, Eugene proceeds to activate the drone and pilot it over the herd. As Eugene flies the drone, Dwight turns his gun's aim towards it and fires several times, destroying it. Eugene looks down and sees Daryl's truck heading toward the building. Several Saviors perched at the window are fired upon by Tara, Morgan and the lookouts as Daryl crashes the truck into the Sanctuary, breaching the walls and allowing the herd to pour in.

Eugene arrives in time to witness the brunt of the assault. Shock and horror slowly turns to rage and fury as he observes the dead feasting on several innocent workers. Storming into the infirmary, a fuming Eugene angrily rejects Gabriel's philosophies, blaming his and Sasha's downfalls on their choices of doing the "right thing" and refusing to help with Carson's escape, instead choosing to remain faithful to Negan and ensuring that Carson stays within the walls of the compound for his own sake. Gabriel says nothing as he storms back out.

Eugene proposes an escape plan to Negan, who comments that it will take much of their ammunition. Eugene concurs Negan's statement, while affirming that he will be able to restock The Saviors' munitions supplies given he has access to the proper manufacturing equipment. As he is about to reveal a solution regarding another emergency, Regina and Dwight enters the room reporting that they have secured the stairways while the walkers are contained to the ground floor. Eugene stares intently at Dwight, then informs Negan that he intends to repair the intercom system, giving them an advantage in communications with the rest of the community. Negan is underwhelmed, to which Eugene responds that it is merely something of personal pride.

Eugene sits in his room, the sound of gunfire outside ringing in his ears. Stress overwhelms him, and he hobbles toward his wine bottle, taking a shot before taking several swigs from the bottle.

"How It's Gotta Be"

Its revealed that Eugene successfully managed to figure out a way to clear the walkers from the inside of the Sanctuary, allowing Simon's men to lead the rest of the herd away.

Eugene continues to be unable to sleep and drinks heavily. Finally, Eugene awakens Gabriel and Harlan, stating that he has decided to help them escape. Though Eugene acknowledges that Gabriel likely won't survive the trip to the Hilltop, he is willing to fulfill his old friend's wishes to ease his conscience and though he doesn't believe so, Gabriel insists that he Eugene is doing the right thing. Eugene uses a massive dose of laxative to disable the guard at the North Gate and prepares a vehicle for the two, the keys to which he "accidentally" drops as he leaves Gabriel's room. Though Gabriel promises that Eugene will be welcomed back if he comes with them, Eugene refuses and remains with the Saviors.

In the flashes at the end of the episode, Eugene is shown to still be unable to sleep.


In Carl's envisioned future, Eugene is tending the gardens in Alexandria and offers Judith a green apple.

"Dead or Alive Or"

Eugene is questioned by Negan, disappointed that Eugene's efforts have not completely alleviated the issues at hand and that his two captives have somehow escaped undetected, unaware that Eugene was responsible. Negan affirms to that once Carson and Gabriel are caught and brought back to the Sanctuary, he will find out about their escapades. A nervous Eugene inquires about the events that occurred at Alexandria, Negan questions his inquiry, asking if he cares despite Alexandria's actions against him since his defection.

Negan then places Eugene in charge of his own outpost, a small team in charge of crafting munitions for the Saviors. Eugene shows concern, as Negan claims to view people as a valuable resource. Negan explains that the bullets are a last resort, should the Survivors refuse to come to terms with the Saviors. After Negan explains Eugene's security detail, Eugene asks if there will be a wine supply, he confirms this.

Eugene works with his team on crafting bullets. Frankie approaches him with the intent of helping around the workshop. Eugene instead treats her poorly, seeing her as a form of maid service. Eugene orders some food for his men. He designates a room as the cafeteria. Negan suddenly bursts into the room, followed by two Saviors bringing in a recaptured Gabriel, but not Carson, who was killed by the Saviors.

Negan claims to have a story from Gabriel on the circumstances of his and Carson's escape. To Eugene's relief, Gabriel does not hold Eugene responsible for the planning of their escape, but rather Carson. Negan then leaves Gabriel in charge of arranging Eugene's bullet casings.

Eugene reports that while his munitions have been of great quality, the quantity of supplies is running low. He suggests the possibility of launching walker viscera at the opposing forces in a last-resort effort to dissuade them from fighting. Gaining a new set of ideas from this otherwise-ludicrous scenario, Negan leaves, satisfied. Eugene approaches Gabriel, who is still traumatized by Carson's death. He laments that he believed he had found his purpose. Eugene brushes this off and shoves a tray toward Gabriel, demanding he begin sorting casings.

"Still Gotta Mean Something"

Outside the Bullet Factory Outpost, Eugene is observed by Rosita and Daryl receiving a shipment of hundreds of bullet casings to make into new bullets. Rosita decides that instead of taking out the machines, they will take out the man, implying she intends to kill Eugene, something that Daryl agrees with.


At the Bullet Factory Outpost, Eugene chastises Gabriel for making faulty bullets because he doesn't want to see his friends killed and suspends him from the assembly line. Eugene is captured by Rosita and Daryl while heading outside to test the homemade bullets.

Eugene defends his loyalty to Negan, saying he did it to survive. but Rosita blames everyone's deaths on him for helping the Saviors escape the besieged Sanctuary. Eugene argues that Rick is the real cause of the war, which causes Rosita to pull a gun on him and angrily insults Eugene, calling him a coward and traitor, and while they will let him live, he will be forced to work for them and lock him up. After seeing a herd of walkers, while Daryl fights them, Eugene forces himself to vomit on Rosita in order to escape. Eugene then hides under ashes as the pair pursue him.

Eugene returns to the Bullet Factory in a furious mood. Regina informs him that Negan is back and needs bullets by morning in order to spring a trap on the Survivors. Eugene orders everyone to finish in time so they can destroy them.


Eugene returns to the Sanctuary with his bullet order and gives a gun to Negan to demonstrate their effectiveness. Eugene learns that Dwight has been exposed as a traitor, but doesn't reveal his own knowledge of this fact. Instead, Eugene suggests that the Saviors use one massive firing line to overwhelm and kill the Militia at once, an idea that is accepted.

Eugene rides with Negan, Laura and Gabriel to Negan's ambush of the Militia, listening to Negan describe his plans in detail to Gabriel. When Gabriel tries to escape, Eugene chases after him with Laura and recaptures Gabriel. Holding Gabriel at gunpoint, Eugene berates Gabriel for his lack of faith before Negan interrupts.

During the Militia ambush, Eugene watches silently from beside Negan. When the Saviors open fire, their guns suddenly explode, killing many Saviors. Negan turns on Eugene in anger, but he is attacked by Gabriel and then Dwight, causing Negan to run. In the resulting battle, Regina and a few other Saviors go after Eugene who is unable to defend himself in time. However, Eugene's life is saved by Rosita who shoots down the Saviors. Following the surrender of the Saviors and the defeat of Negan, Eugene joins everyone else in listening to Rick's speech.

With the war over, Rosita asks if Eugene was responsible for the exploding Savior weapons. Eugene admits that he was, inspired by Gabriel's attempted sabotage and some of the things Rosita said to him while she held him captive. Rosita punches Eugene in the face for vomiting on her, but otherwise appears to forgive him.

Season 9[]

"A New Beginning"

During the year and a half that passed since the end of the war, Eugene moved to the Sanctuary to help Daryl and Rosita look after it's residents.

At the Sanctuary, Rosita helps Eugene with an experiment while Laura reports something to Daryl. Later, Eugene radios Tara while she is scouting to inform her that Daryl will be meeting the rest of the group so they can go to Washington, D.C. to search for farming materials.

When Rick and the group arrive at the Sanctuary to deliver supplies, Eugene tries to give Daryl a list of important materials they need but is told it isn't necessary the moment. Suddenly, Michonne points out graffiti that proclaims, "We are still Negan". Eugene tells Daryl that he doesn't know who painted that.

"The Bridge"

At a camp, which the communities have set up in the woods, Eugene talks to Rick about the deserted Saviors and a plan that will serve to distract an oncoming herd. When he notices a Savior with their hand missing, he stops and looks on in shock, feeling guilty. Later, when Rick arrives at the bridge to stop Daryl and Justin from fighting, Eugene helps controlling the Saviors. In the camp, at night, as everyone laughs and talks, Eugene is seen sharing a moment with Rosita, Tara and others.

"The Obliged"

At the camp, Eugene updates Rick on the status of the rising river in relation to their bridge construction. He apologizes for the bad news but Rick reminds him how valuable he is to them, making him smile.

"What Comes After"

On the bridge, as Rick limps away before collapsing, he hallucinates as Eugene and the others rush past him to kill the walkers. Michonne stops and sees Rick's wound. She reminds him she fell in love with him because he's a fighter. After killing the walkers, everyone stops to watch them. Michonne tells Rick how much she loves him and he tells her, "This isn't real." Michonne tells him to wake up and he does, now alone on the bridge.

The walkers approach as Rick hobbles away. He makes it across the bridge and turns around hoping to see the walkers fall through, to no avail. A walker makes its way inches away from Rick before getting shot in the head by a crossbow bolt. Rick watches as Eugene and the rest arrive nearby.

Maggie and Michonne hatch a plan to divert the walkers but Rick won't allow it. He notices the dynamite on the bridge, takes aim, and says to himself "I found them," before shooting and igniting the dynamite. The bridge ignites and explodes as Eugene and the rest can only watch in horror, assuming Rick to be dead.

"Who Are You Now?"

Six years later, Eugene along with Rosita, Aaron and Laura find Judith in the woods helping Magna's group. A few walkers get close to the group and Eugene easily dispatches of them. Wanting to take them in, Judith declares she won't go return to Alexandria until they accept them. Eugene and the others reluctantly agree.

In Alexandria, Magna's group arrives at the gates and Judith assures them they'll be safe. They get escorted inside, where Gracie runs over to Aaron. Rosita updates Siddiq on Yumiko's condition and he escorts her to the infirmary. Magna tries to tag along but is stopped by D.J.

Michonne arrives on horseback and doesn't look pleased to see the new arrivals. She frisks Magna and asks Eugene why they're here. Aaron claims it was his call but Michonne reminds him it's not his call to make. "I decided," Judith tells her. Michonne scolds her but Aaron says they're here now and they should decide their fate together, while Gabriel suggests they vote tomorrow. Michonne agrees and instructs her people to put them in holding. She leaves as her sheriff figurine falls out of her pocket and Judith picks it up.

Later, on the way to set up the amplifier, Eugene questions Rosita about her fling with Gabe and reminds her some men prefer facts over fairy tales, implying he has feelings for her. Suddenly, they notice fresh footprints on the mud of a nearby herd that head on a different direction, relieving them.

On top of a water tower, Eugene places the amplifier and begins to climb down before seeing a walker herd head toward them. Rosita screams for him to climb down as his pack falls and the horses get spooked. Part of the ladder falls so Eugene jumps down, injuring his knee. Rosita runs over with a makeshift crutch and the two run off into the woods.

In the woods, Eugene slows down as he and Rosita keep running from the walkers. He suggests he stay behind to distract them and reveals he has something to tell her. She tells him not to make it weird and forces him to keep going.

After a while, Eugene and Rosita slide down a ditch and cover themselves in mud as the walkers get closer. They stay still but get shocked and horrified as the walkers pass by and whisper to each other: "Where are they? ... They must be close... Don't let them get away."


At night, Daryl, Jesus and Aaron locate Eugene hiding in a barn cellar. A terrified Eugene warns them a herd of walkers is looking for him and they need to leave immediately. "This wasn't a normal herd... They were whispering to each other," he tells them. They look at him confused, when suddenly Dog barks, warning them of the nearby herd.

In the foggy woods, Eugene suggests to the group that the walkers are evolving. Daryl calls bullshit when Aaron notices they're drawing closer. Jesus demands they split up but Daryl says that instead, he will guide the herd away while he and Aaron take Eugene to the horses.

A while later, Eugene, Aaron and Jesus end up at a foggy cemetery. They quickly get trapped by a locked gate, forcing Aaron and Jesus to go kill the walkers, while they hear whispers around. Suddenly, Daryl, Michonne, Magna and Yumiko arrive to help them unlock the gate.

Jesus tells Aaron and Eugene to get out while he finishes the walkers and starts taking out several with his sword. He goes to kill the last one but as he attacks it, the walker dodges and stabs him from behind through his chest, shocking everyone. "You are where you do not belong", the walker whispers to a shocked Jesus before throwing him on the ground.

Daryl shoots it in the head as several more Whisperers arrive and the rest of the group run in to finish them off. As Aaron goes over to Jesus' body, Daryl notices something on the back of the walker's head and cuts into it, revealing a mask. Before they can process the situation, whispers around them get louder and the group circles up preparing for a fight.


In the cemetery, Eugene watches as the rest proceed to kill the Whisperers and walkers around them. When more arrive they're forced to carry Jesus' body away and lock the gates. As they leave, a whisperer opens the lock.

On the road, Eugene blames himself for Jesus' death, but Aaron claims it was his decision to go look for him. Suddenly, the group notices a small group of walkers nearby. Daryl corners them on a bridge and uses his crossbow to see who are whisperers. He hits one in the leg and the man falls down screaming in pain, attracting walkers to him. The rest try slowly escaping to the other side, where Michonne is waiting for them. They draw their knives and attack, but Michonne and the rest kill them with ease as the final Whisperer gets on her knees to surrender. Daryl rips off her mask, to reveal a girl begging for her life. Michonne angrily questions her but when more walkers show up, Daryl decides to take her with them.

Later, Eugene and the group arrive at Hilltop with Jesus' body and the captive girl, causing the whole community to react in disbelief.

In the infirmary, Siddiq relocates Eugene's knee and leaves to grab a bandage. Eugene tells Rosita he was scared she was dead and tries confessing his love, but she runs outside saying "I can't." Rosita vomits and Siddiq follows to ask if she's ok, but she reveals she's pregnant with his baby. Eugene looks horrified as he listens from inside.

A while later, a funeral is held for Jesus and everyone take turns hammering the nails in his coffin. Eugene looks in sadness and then proceeds to leave with the rest of the group to Alexandria.


In Alexandria, Eugene shows Gabriel his risk/reward calculations if he should stay with Rosita or not. Gabriel brushes it off, but Eugene warns him he'd be a fool to let her go. Eugene briefly reminisces on their time with the Saviors, and how Gabriel believed in him even when he himself didn't. He then offers him new sweatpants to give Rosita as a peace offering.

Later, as Gabriel visits Rosita to talk with her, Eugene watches and smiles, proud of his choice.


In a flashback, Eugene, Michonne, Gabriel, Rosita, and Aaron follow Winnie to a factory where they find several kids hiding out. Later, at night, Eugene enjoys a bonfire in Alexandria alongside Jocelyn's kid group and the community kids.

The next day, Eugene watches as Michonne and Daryl return to Alexandria with the missing kids. He immediately orders the gates to be closed and goes over to help an injured Michonne.

"The Calm Before"

In the Kingdom, Eugene watches from the crowd as Ezekiel declares they've finally accomplished Rick, Carl, and Jesus' dreams of reuniting the communities. "Let the fair of a new beginning begin" Ezekiel says as everyone celebrates and applauds. At the fair, Eugene plays with Judith and the kids in a dunk booth. Afterwards, he manages to trade some goods for some radio parts to make it easier for the communities to communicate with each other.

Later that day, Eugene is tinkering with the radio as Rosita arrives at his room and talks with him. She then tells him that despite her pregnancy, things don't need to change between them and they are still friends. Sometime later, Eugene walks around the fair asking for Frankie's whereabouts to Nabila and being asked by Gabriel to find Tara.

The next day, Eugene listens from the crowd as Siddiq delivers the tragic news regarding the fate of the missing residents from the fair, tells them how brave everyone was in their final moments and how he was intentionally kept alive to tell this very story. He encourages everyone to remember the fallen as brave heroes and to honor them.

"The Storm"

Several months after the fair massacre, at Alexandria, Eugene arrives at Gabriel and Rosita's house and interrupts them to report on the storm. Gabriel concocts a plan to group up next to large fireplaces in the church and realizes they'll have free Negan from his cell so he doesn't freeze.

In the church, Eugene is working on some things and listens in amusement as Negan jokes about Rosita's love quadrangle and taunts Gabriel by calling him "father…not the father". Suddenly, the group smells something and Eugene pulls Siddiq and Gabriel away from the fireplace before it explodes. He says the chimney makes it unsafe to light anything else on fire, so Gabriel decides they're moving to Aaron's house. They all tie a rope around themselves and head out into the blizzard.

The next day, after the storm is over, Eugene moves back to his house.

Season 10[]

"Lines We Cross"

Sometime after the blizzard, Eugene managed to establish communications between the communities with the radios. Months later, Eugene helps Rosita take care of her daughter, Coco. He also has been keeping charts of the baby's growth and reveals his findings to Siddiq. Suddenly, Gabriel enters the room with a worried look and proceeds to inform them of the Whisperer mask found at the Oceanside beach.

Eugene then accompanies the council as they enter the meeting house to discuss the recent discovery. After the meeting is over, Eugene witness the satellite fall from the sky. He rushes into his house and radios at Oceanside, demanding to speak with Michonne.

The next day, Eugene is among the Alexandrians that arrive at the crash site to help put out the fire and take out the walker threat. Later, the fire is put out and everyone recovers. Eugene asks Michonne if he can scrap the satellite for valuable parts and she grudgingly agrees, making everyone help out. Luke discourages him because of radiation but Eugene insists they are already surrounded by radiation which turns them into walkers when they die.


Eugene and the rest of the Alexandria residents face against waves of walkers pouring onto the community gates over the next 49 hours. After prevailing from the exhausting battle, the community discovers that a new herd of walkers is approaching from multiple directions. In the morning, Eugene warns that it will be an hour until the next wave hits. Under Michonne's plan, Eugene is assigned to kill the walkers at the main gate. At night, Rosita jokingly suggests to Eugene that he could go back inside and rest for the rest of the night but he claims he can continue.

At dawn, Eugene and Rosita enter her house to rest. When Eugene keeps insisting on seeing Coco and admits he was part of the team on the gates to protect her, Rosita angrily yells that he isn't Coco's father and they will never be together. Eugene confesses he thinks their whole friendship was based on his beliefs that he could've changed her mind one day and leaves heartbroken. Outside, Eugene looks at Siddiq with resentment and ignores him.

"Silence the Whisperers"

Eugene is among the Alexandrian convoy to visit the Hilltop to help out the community after a tree has fallen down. On the way, Michonne spots Ezekiel riding on his own and tells Eugene and the group to continue while she investigates. Later that day, the group catches up and they continue their travel to Hilltop.

That night, Eugene and the convoy arrive to help the Hilltop residents fight off the invading walkers. The following morning, Eugene attends the council meeting where Michonne announces she will be delivering supplies to Oceanside after receiving reports of potential Whisperer activity. He then informs that he will stay to help fix the fallen wall.

"What It Always Is"

Eugene supervises as the Hilltop residents salvage the remains of the fallen tree after coming up with a plan to help clean up the area and rebuild the fallen wall around the community.


Eugene finishes improving the radio set up with the parts of the fallen satellite while Nabila brings him supplies. He then tests it and is contacted by Rosita back from Alexandria. They catch up and she admits to missing talking to him. Suddenly, a part of the radio malfunctions and they agree to talk later.

Later that day, Eugene tries to contact Rosita again to no avail and then decides to radio open channels to find anybody. Sometime later, a woman responds to his shock and he is left speechless.

Eugene asks about her community and she says she's not comfortable sharing that information yet but agrees on talking about their pasts. Eugene says he grew up in Dallas, Texas while she grew up in Strasburg, Pennsylvania. He admits to having visited the town for a train fair and to have gone to an ice cream shop. She joyfully reveals to be a big fan of the shop too. They eventually keep talking for the remainder of the day.

That night, the woman admits she doesn't know if they should keep talking because they could be a treat for each other. Eugene says he trusts her enough to share his full name and suggests they continue their conversations. She agrees but wants to keep them a secret between them and if she hears anyone else she will stop answering. Eugene accepts her conditions and they sign off.

"The World Before"

Eugene returns to Alexandria to pick up his belongings, having decided to move at the Hilltop to continue his secret conversations with the woman over the radio. He also attends the funeral service for Siddiq and listens to Gabriel's religious remarks. When Rosita falls to the ground as Siddiq is buried, Eugene leaves in silent.

Shortly after the ceremony ends, Eugene helps Rosita take out a walker with a helmet on as she is fighting walkers outside the community. He then offers his deepest condolences to her and wishes he could offer more, but says he is unable to at the moment because he is relocating. They say goodbye to each other and he leaves.

"Morning Star"

At the Hilltop, Eugene is searching for a music record while Stephanie discusses comets, noting that she spotted three last night. Eugene is frustrated that he cannot find the record, so Stephanie encourages him to sing the song himself. Eugene doesn't believe himself capable of the feat. Stephanie then asks how many comets Eugene spotted, to which he replies four. Stephanie is slightly peeved that Eugene is in the lead, and warns that he "better not be counting satellites", revealing that she saw one falling recently. Eugene realizes that the satellite she observed is the same one that crashed near Oceanside at roughly the same time, leading Stephanie conclude that their groups are located relatively close to each other. Excited to learn this fact, Eugene reveals that his group is located in Virginia and proposes a face-to-face meeting, allowing Stephanie to choose the time and location. Stephanie reluctantly agrees to talk to her people, but asks Eugene not to do the same. Eugene promises to keep quiet.

Searching for Eugene, Rosita climbs up to the attic, where she hears Stephanie on the radio attempting to contact Eugene. Puzzled by the mysterious voice, Rosita answers the call and asks for Stephanie's identity as Eugene scrambles to climb down from the upper floor and stop Rosita from replying. Furious that Rosita made him break his promise to Stephanie, Eugene tells her to leave.

Outside the Hilltop, Eugene is calibrating the electric fence when he is greeted by Rosita. She informs him that she talked to Gabriel and that Coco is fine. Eugene asks if she told him about the horde, but she reveals that she didn't. Rosita says that she thought Eugene would be working on the radio, but he reveals that there have been no new transmissions. Rosita supposes that Eugene likes the girl on the radio, but he believes that she won't talk to him again after the earlier debacle. Rosita assures him that the girl likes him, before suddenly inviting Eugene to kiss her. He leans in, but is ultimately unable to go through with it. Eugene notes how peculiar it is to want to kiss someone he has never met, while Rosita finds this endearing. She encourages him to attempt to win Stephanie back.

As everyone equips their weapons and armor, Eugene tries to get Stephanie to respond by singing "When The Wild Wind Blows" by Iron Maiden over the radio. After a while, Stephanie joins in, much to Eugene's joy. Stephanie apologizes for disappearing, explaining that she got spooked when she heard someone else respond, although Eugene claims it was his fault. Stephanie asks who the girl who responded was, and concludes that Eugene must be fond of her when the latter explains. Eugene describes Rosita as his "BFF", and says that he hopes Stephanie gets to meet her some day. He goes on to say that the last few days of talking with Stephanie have been incredible. Stephanie abruptly blurts out the location of her group (Charleston, West Virginia), and sets up the location and time of their future meeting, which Eugene accepts. Right after this, Rosita comes to fetch him for the battle, and Eugene confidently follows her, stating that he has a "date".

As everyone is gathered on the front lines, Kelly puts her palms on the ground and confirms that the horde is close. Indeed, the horde soon emerges from the bushes and approaches the Hilltop. While they are momentarily halted by the electric fence, the walkers soon break through it and approach the second line of defense. Aaron orders the survivors to split ranks. The shield-wielding survivors reinforce the makeshift barbed wire fence, while the melee weapon-wielding survivors start taking out the walkers. The archers, meanwhile, stay in the back and rain arrows on the herd. Behind the herd, Beta commands the Whisperers to launch the sap they collected earlier using makeshift catapults into the front lines, drenching most of the defenders as well as the Hilltop's walls. This is followed by the Whisperers launching fire-arrows into the front lines, setting one unfortunate Hilltop resident ablaze. With no choice, Eugene and the defenders begin to retreat towards the Hilltop, but are trapped when the Whisperers launch another volley of fire-arrows into the Hilltop's walls, setting the community ablaze.

"Walk With Us"

While fighting walkers, Eugene notices the fire is about to reach the house's attic, so he frantically rushes inside to save the radio equipment while Rosita chases after him. Despite successfully slowing down the herd, the survivors are overwhelmed and are forced to retreat after the defensive wall falls, letting the horde past the Coalition's defenses.

Meanwhile, Eugene, Carol, Yumiko and Magna are resting in the woods. As Eugene is desperately looking over the little equipment he was able to salvage, a traumatized Magna recounts her experiences to Yumiko, explaining that she and Connie searched the cave for a way out, but got separated after running into the horde. Magna was unable to find Connie afterwards and doesn't know if she survived or not. Carol turns to leave, but is stopped by Yumiko, who angrily yells at her and even punches her in the mouth for her seeming indifference to Magna's plight. Eugene watches as Carol walks away. As Carol sits alone, a walker slowly emerges from the ground and tries to grab her. Carol just watches it at first, but eventually stabs the walker.

It is then that she notices Eugene standing next to her, who wanted to offer his companionship after Carol and Yumiko's altercation. Carol asks Eugene if he knows what it feels like to want something so badly that you put all your efforts towards obtaining it, resulting in anger towards you, maybe even getting people killed, only to still have nothing to show for it. Eugene, indeed, confirms that he does. He explains that he arranged a meeting with Stephanie, which he describes as the biggest of his life, but he will now be unable to attend. Carol encourages him to go anyway, to which Eugene smiles and tells Carol he hopes she gets what she wants and leaves.

"What We Become"

Eugene appears in Michonne's hallucination during the line-up where Michonne chooses who she will kill with Lucille.

"Look at the Flowers"

Eugene inspects Rosita's wounds and offers to fetch Alex, but Rosita thinks someone else can do that, and encourages Eugene to tell the others about Stephanie and his meeting. When he does so, the others bombard Eugene with questions, clearly uncomfortable about Eugene communicating with an outsider. Ezekiel jumps in and vouches for Eugene's instincts, inviting the others to at least hear him out. Continuing, Eugene delivers an emotional speech where he explains that he moved to Hilltop for a fresh start. Although he struggled for a while, his hard work paid off when he befriended Stephanie. While he acknowledges believing in future friends might be foolish, he exclaims that, after everything they've lost, he is willing to be the fool, and simply asks for others not to deride him, as he believes this potential alliance is worth the risk. Ezekiel nods in approval.

Eugene, Yumiko and Ezekiel make the trip to travel to Stephanie's location. Eugene wonders if the Stephanie's group has candy, reminiscing about his mother, who used to buy him chocolate bunnies on Easter. Yumiko hopes that Eugene didn't take them on a journey so they can find chocolate bunnies, but the latter claims their journey is for the future hope of mankind, although candy would be nice. Eugene notes Ezekiel is in a foul mood, so offers to cheer him up, but the latter declines. The trio stumble upon a couple of caged walkers. Yumiko wonders if the Whisperers did this, but Eugene points out it's not their modus operandi. Yumiko suggests they take a few moments to investigate, in case the walkers are a warning. Ezekiel rides out into a clearing, where he dismounts to put down three walkers. He quickly tires out after killing the first two, however, and barely manages to kill the third one. He takes a moment to rest, before Yumiko calls him back.

Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko camp out under an overpass, when Ezekiel's horse suddenly collapses. Ezekiel rushes over to see what's wrong, and discovers a bite wound that his horse had sustained while Ezekiel was fighting walkers earlier. Ezekiel mournfully comforts it, before putting the unfortunate animal down.

Eugene, Ezekiel and Yumiko arrive to the outskirts of an abandoned city. As they ride through the empty city, Yumiko wonders how improbable it is that the city is so deserted. They start seeing walkers in various outfits tied to furniture and vehicles, in a way that makes it seem like the walkers are doing everyday activities they might have been doing before the outbreak. When Ezekiel sees a walker handcuffed to a steering wheel in a vehicle, and a police officer walker chained to the hood of said vehicle, he starts laughing hysterically. When the trio enter an alley, they are confronted by a flamboyantly dressed, machine gun-wielding survivor, who enthusiastically greets them.

"The Tower"

Startled by the stranger they've just encountered, Yumiko asks for her name and what she wants. Offended at her tone, the stranger points out that Yumiko and her group were the ones making noise, and that she thought they needed help, and goes on to lament how the first people she's seen in over a year turned out to be "meanies". Ezekiel tells the survivor she just startled them, and they didn't know if she was attacking. Bemused, she tells the group that, if she wanted to attack them, she would point the gun at them, but claims she was just saying "hello". The stranger, however, proceeds to hold the group at gunpoint, unsure of their intentions. Ezekiel defuses the situation, claiming they don't want to hurt her and were simply admiring her "displays". The stranger quickly lightens up and reveals that she tied up the walkers to make the city feel more alive. She is ecstatic that she met actual people again, but then wonders if the survivors are actually hallucinations. Still, she is exited at the prospect of talking to potentially real people, and introduces herself as Juanita Sanchez, but adds that she prefers the moniker of "Princess", since she never liked her first name and "Queen" makes her sound old and pretentious". After Ezekiel introduces himself and his friends, Juanita offers to show them around the city, but Eugene informs her that they can't stay, as they are on an important mission. Slightly peeved, Juanita still offers to act as their guide through the city, but Yumiko declines, as the survivors don't know her. Juanita protests that they do, and demonstrates how "helpful" she can be by mowing down a few approaching walkers with her machine gun. Unfortunately, the gunfire startles the group's two remaining horses, and they run away. Juanita apologizes, as the survivors angrily glare at her.

Later, the group discusses what to do next. Ezekiel is confident they can find the horses tomorrow, but Eugene doesn't think they have enough time, and that their chances of making it to the meeting on schedule are slim even if they start walking now. Ezekiel proposes that they enlist Princess' help, but Yumiko opposes the idea, believing Princess to be too selfish and mentally unstable from being on her own for so long. Ezekiel doesn't want to follow Princess blindly, but points out that she might know where to find transportation. Yumiko, however, is skeptical, and believes Princess would have already left the city if she had means to do so. Eugene interjects that, while Princess might be crazy and it is unlikely that she has access to working vehicles, it might be the only chance they have, so he sides with Ezekiel. With that, Ezekiel summons Juanita, much to her joy. Princess apologizes again, and confirms that she knows where to find transportation and can take the there. Yumiko insists that Princess surrender her gun, but the latter is hesitant, as she doesn't fully trust the survivors either. She ultimately relents, however, and hands the machine gun over to Eugene. With that, they commence their journey, as Yumiko quietly reiterates to Ezekiel that Juanita is selfish and crazy.

Princess leads the survivors to an empty field, and warns them to stay close to her and watch their step. Continuing further, Princess counts her steps, as Yumiko continues to express her doubts about Princess, with even Ezekiel slowly starting to share her feelings. The survivors soon stumble upon the remains of one of their escaped horses. Yumiko wonders if it was devoured by walkers, but Princess casually reveals that it's more likely the horse stepped on a mine. Naturally, the survivors are aghast that Princess would bring them into a minefield and keep it from them, but the latter tries to reassure them that she walks through it all the time and can lead them out safely. Unfortunately, Princess lost count when she stopped, so needs a minute to think. Yumiko threatens to kill her if she doesn't lead them to safety, which Princess considers fair. With that, she takes out her water canteen and tosses it forward to check if the way is clear. Unfortunately, the canteen detonates a mine, setting them back to square one.

Still stuck in the minefield, Juanita attempts to orient herself while Yumiko complains that they never should have followed her. Eugene warns that they are running out of time on multiple fronts, pointing to a walker approaching through a hole in the fence. Beside the fence's integrity, Eugene also worries that the mine placement could lead to a cascade. When Yumiko asks him what a "cascade" is, the approaching walker trips one of the mines, which also detonates another mine right next to it. Eugene cites this as an example of a cascade, cautioning that they don't want to be stuck in the field in case of a chain reaction. Ezekiel thinks that he can help, and goes over to Juanita to talk to her. Princess thinks that she is blowing it with them, and while Ezekiel acknowledges this, he also tells her that leading them to safety could go a long way. Juanita once again apologizes to the group, and goes on to chose the route based on a game of eenie-meenie-miney-mo. She then risks her life by taking a few steps on the chosen route. Satisfied that she is still alive after this, she invites the survivors to follow her.

Finally out of the minefield, Yumiko berates Juanita for putting their lives in danger when Eugene spots a street sign identifying the road they're on as Fleetwood Drive. He angrily confronts Juanita about this, as he remembers that they already passed Fleetwood Drive. Juanita claims that there are several streets in the city named "Fleetwood", but Eugene is certain it was, in fact, Fleetwood Drive. As Princess tries to make excuses, Yumiko draws her bow and points it at Princess. Juanita finally confesses that she wanted to take the scenic route to keep the fun going. Yumiko furiously points out that she led them into a minefield, but Juanita pleads that she never thought it would be a problem, as she'd traversed it countless times before. Juanita goes on to explain that she wanted more time to befriend the survivors, so they might decide to stay with her, but realizes now that she screwed up. She also recounts how, when she first arrived to the city, she figured someone would show up eventually, but as the months went by, Juanita realized the loneliness she was feeling wasn't too different from how she felt even before the apocalypse. She laments how someone once told her she is difficult to love, so acknowledges that the problem might be with her, and that a little voice inside her kept telling her this. Juanita knows she should have told them the truth, but didn't want the little voice to be right. She apologizes to the survivors once more. Feeling sorry for Princess, Yumiko relents, and Eugene comforts Juanita by identifying with her, explaining that he also made poor decisions and lied to people so he would be left alone. He then asks if she does, indeed, have access to the wheels she mentioned earlier.

Princess and her companions have finally reached the garage, where it is revealed that the "wheels" Juanita was talking about were actually bicycles. Eugene points out that 15 mph is still faster than walking, while Ezekiel observes that Juanita wasn't actually lying about the garage. Yumiko then approaches Juanita, but before she can get a word out, the latter states that she is not a bad person, and realizes how difficult it is to trust people, so is sorry that she blew it. Yumiko, conversely, reveals that she was actually coming over to ask if Juanita wanted to join them. Princess ecstatically accepts.

"A Certain Doom"

As Eugene, Yumiko, Ezekiel and Juanita travels, Eugene crashes his bike. The group tries to fix it, but Eugene tells them not to, because it will take long time and they won't be in time to meet Stephanie. Yumiko tries to reassure him, but he says that the time was set in stone and if they are too late Stephanie won't be there. Ezekiel steps up and tells that after all they've been through, they won't turn back and will go till the end. He tells how Eugene helped him in his moments of doubt and now is offering the same thing back. Eugene is still in doubt, but Ezekiel tells that they must end the journey for the sake of everyone. Eugene points out that he wants to end the journey too, but Stephanie isn't going to be there after tomorrows sundown. Juanita says, that she has never told that and Yumiko adds, that they will deal with these problems the next day.

The group arrives at the location, where they are supposed to meet Stephanie, but finds out nobody is there. Eugene yells out to Stephanie, that he has arrived, but gets no answer. He is unhappy about this, but the group supports him. After that he tells they are not turning back and states that there are people out there and Stephanie as well around the trainyard. Eugene says that they are going to track these people down and look for them. As Eugene and group shares a little laugh, searchlights turns on and unknown armed people runs out telling everyone to put the weapons down. Eugene is seen very scared.


Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess surrender to soldiers at the rendezvous point that Eugene had arranged with Stephanie. In the morning, Princess calls Yumiko's name and gets no answer. She notices a large board nailed to the wall. She pries off the board and finds a hole in the wall. She sneaks out through the hole and spots Eugene in the adjacent car. Eugene urges her to return to her car and guesses that the soldiers are treating Yumiko's wounds. He says they must earn the soldiers' trust if they want the soldiers to help his community. Princess returns to her train car and puts the board back over the hole.

Princess hears soldiers open the door to Eugene's train car. She sneaks out and sees that Eugene's train car is now empty. She later realizes that Ezekiel, Eugene and Yumiko were all in her head, and that she was hallucinating them the entire time. The real Eugene is seen with Yumiko and Ezekiel lined up outside with hoods on their heads, guarded by soldiers. The soldier inside the train car throws a hood over Princess.

Season 11[]

"Acheron: Part I"

Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess are transported into a compound guarded by paramilitary troopers. Inside an interrogation room, a man and woman introduce themselves to Eugene as auditors for the Commonwealth. They question him for hours, as well as Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess. Ezekiel interrupts his interrogation, and correctly guesses that a trooper who's quietly been watching is actually the person in charge. He coughs uncontrollably. The trooper, Mercer, passes him a glass of water.

Eugene's group eats together in a detention center. Princess, Yumiko, and Ezekiel agree that they must try and escape, but Eugene argues that the Commonwealth might be able to help Alexandria. Princess asks some fellow prisoners how long they've been there. One of the prisoners says he can't remember on account of the "reprocessing," then trails off. Troopers haul away a prisoner to take him in for reprocessing. Eugene changes his mind and agrees they need to escape.

Eugene's group discusses an escape plan. Princess watches their guards with amusement, and describes details about the troopers that no one else has noticed. She reveals that two of the troopers routinely disappear for half an hour to have sex. They hatch a plan to escape during this window of time. Eugene and Yumiko wear trooper uniforms and escort Princess and Ezekiel down a hallway. A trooper demands to know where they're going. Yumiko says they're taking the prisoners to reprocessing. The trooper lets them go.

They escape the building and pass by a wall papered with photos of prisoners. Princess recognizes Yumiko in one of the photos. Yumiko sees that the photo is accompanied by a note from her brother, asking if anyone has seen Yumiko. She realizes her brother is at the compound and decides she must stay and find him.

"Acheron: Part II"

At the Commonwealth interrogation center, Eugene arrives and informs Yumiko and Princess that Ezekiel is gone, with the guards having taken him somewhere, apparently. Eugene starts to panic, believing that the guards know they tried to escape, and suggests they come clean about who they really are. Yumiko firmly tells him to not talk to the Commonwealth's law enforcement, or stick to the story if he has to. When Princess asks what they should do, Yumiko gets up and demands to know where Ezekiel was taken, and then to speak to the person in charge.

Outside the interrogation room, Eugene asks Princess to stop fidgeting, as she is making him more nervous than he already is. Princess replies that she can't help it, as she needs to pee. Finally, she decides to ask for a bathroom, but Eugene protests the idea of her splitting off. Princess assures him that, since Mercer walked into the interrogation room with a coffee, things must be going well with Yumiko. She then asks a nearby trooper for the bathroom in Spanish, and is excited that they have working toilets and even toilet paper.

Outside the interrogation room, Eugene fidgets nervously. He decides to ask the guard when Yumiko will be done. To Eugene's bewilderment, the guard informs him that no one is in the room. Puzzled, Eugene asks about Juanita instead, but the guard claims to have no idea who he is talking about, before ordering Eugene to leave. Inside his cell, Eugene sharpens a piece of wood into a stake, and hides it in his sleeve just before the guards arrive. He is taken to an interrogation room, where Evans and Mercer await him. Eugene inquires about his companions, but Mercer simply replies that they're being processed. Mercer asks if Eugene likes feeling nervous, and goes on to state that the only time his heart is racing is when he is fighting against the dead. He offers Eugene a tissue to wipe himself off, but goes on to observe that Eugene can't lie for shit, so warns him against it. Eugene claims he wasn't going to lie, which Mercer is pleased to hear. Mercer states that he knows Eugene is holding back, and orders him to truthfully answer two questions. If he does that, Mercer claims, he'll get to see his friends again.

Mercer then asks Eugene where his settlement is, and why he was at the train station. Before Eugene can answer, Mercer again warns him against lying, as he will know if he does. Eugene admits to holding something back, and claims he wanted to speak up sooner, but was afraid of what his friends might think. He says that, during their travels, he found a radio, and would speak into the void hoping for an answer. Then, one night, a woman answered. The two bonded over certain topics and eventually decided they wanted to meet. Under the guise of asking for help, he talked his friends into coming with him, because he knew they wouldn't go otherwise. In truth, however, all Eugene was thinking about was Stephanie. Thus, Eugene confesses to lying to his friends for fear of losing them, and lying to Stephanie about being from a large settlement for fear of her not being who she said she was. He also admits to having difficulties with relationships, and to being a virgin. He was hoping Stephanie was his "one true love," and is afraid that if she finds out he wasn't honest with her she might reject him.

With a bag over his head, Eugene is taken to a train car where he is overjoyed to be reunited with his friends. He asks Ezekiel where the soldiers took him, but the latter says it was to the infirmary, where they gave him a syrup for his cough. Their conversation is cut short when Mercer strides into the room. He formally admits them into the Commonwealth, and sarcastically comments that they'll be escorted by a "beat cop." Before walking away, he indignantly informs Ezekiel he went to West Point. Mercer then knocks twice on the door. When it opens, a woman steps in who introduces herself as Stephanie.

"Out of the Ashes"

Eugene, Ezekiel, Princess and Yumiko watch an introductory video on VHS and are given their job assignments and housing information. Eugene says they weren't planning to stay in the Commonwealth, but the clerk tells them to take it up with their case supervisor. Eugene gets familiar with the Commonwealth while walking around with the woman introduced to him as Stephanie.

Eugene and Stephanie get ice cream at an ice cream truck. A clerk puts in a special order for Governor Milton. Eugene asks Stephanie for advice on how to leave the Commonwealth. She offers to help him radio his people but says it could take a couple of weeks to get him access. Ezekiel and Princess inform Eugene that they won't be able to speak to the case supervisor for five weeks. Eugene asks Stephanie if she can get him unofficial access to the radio. Mercer suspiciously watches them from afar.

Stephanie brings Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess to the train station, which now serves as headquarters for various Commonwealth agencies. She sneaks Eugene up to the radio room. Eugene radios Rosita in Alexandria and tells her that they're safe. Rosita updates Eugene on the fate of the Whisperers but says that Alexandria is in ruins. They lose contact, as Mercer and some troopers busts in on Eugene and Stephanie and arrests them.

A supervisor informs Eugene, Ezekiel, and Princess that they've been charged with several crimes and will be banished if found guilty. Stephanie and Hornsby enter the room. Hornsby orders the supervisor to release Eugene's group. Stephanie tells them that Hornsby can protect them from banishment but that they'll still have to pay for their crimes.

"Promises Broken"

Eugene and Stephanie clear walkers in an abandoned building as part of their punishment for breaking the law. Eugene asks Stephanie if Lance is trustworthy. Stephanie assures Eugene that Hornsby can help them. Ezekiel rejoins Eugene and Princess feeling rejuvenated from his medical treatment. Hornsby assigns Eugene and Stephanie to a new location, then tells Ezekiel and Princess to come with him.

Eugene and Stephanie see walkers approaching the well-groomed man and woman they saw earlier with Mercer; they're busy making out in a gazebo. Eugene and Stephanie kill the walkers. The man, Sebastian, is ungrateful and accuses them of ruining his date. Eugene argues with Sebastian as a walker approaches and nearly bites Kayla; Stephanie kills it, splattering blood on Kayla. Sebastian screams at her for splattering walker blood on his girlfriend. The argument escalates and Eugene punches Sebastian for his lack of gratitude. Lance and Mercer race over as troopers surround Eugene, with the former reprimanding him for punching Sebastian.

Lance visits Eugene in a cell and explains that the only way Eugene can get out of jail and help his friends is to reveal the name and location of his community. He starts to leave. Eugene tells him to wait.

"No Other Way"

Eugene arrives at Alexandria with the Commonwealth Army, Lance and supplies for the struggling community. Eugene introduces Lance to the community. Lance addresses the residents of Alexandria and admits that he's impressed with what they've built both in Alexandria and the other communities of the Coalition. Looking around at the devastation, Lance notes that they've fallen on hard times and he offers the Commonwealth's help in rebuilding Alexandria. However, Lance has "another, potentially more interesting choice" for any who are interested in it.

"Rogue Element"

Eugene wakes up in bed with Stephanie. He officially gives her a key to his apartment and says that he loves her. Stephanie says she loves him, too. Eugene leaves Stephanie's apartment building and sees her waving from the balcony. Eugene tells Princess that he professed his love to Stephanie and that she reciprocated. He worries about the next step, but Princess tells him to relax. Eugene waits at the ice cream truck for a date with Stephanie, but she never shows up.

Eugene buzzes Stephanie's apartment and gets no answer. A man exits the building. Eugene slips inside before the door closes. Eugene knocks on Stephanie's door. No one answers. Eugene investigates Stephanie's disappearance and heads to the Communications Department in Union Station. He learns from the radio room monitor that Stephanie called in sick at work. Rosita informs Eugene that Stephanie isn't at her apartment. She offers to help Eugene fill out a missing person report at the station.

Princess visits Eugene at home and finds his wall papered with clues about Stephanie's disappearance. Eugene explains that he almost gave up on his investigation, until a chance encounter renewed his hope. In a flashback, Eugene runs into the man who had left Stephanie's building the night he was looking for her. He asks the man if he remembers anything about that evening. The man gruffly explains he had simply gone to the building to fix a clogged sink and doesn't remember seeing Stephanie.

Eugene tells Princess he followed the man, whose name is Roman Calhoun. He declares that Roman is not a plumber. In another flashback, Eugene stakes out a warehouse, disguised as a plumber's shop, that Roman frequents at night. Eugene tells Princess that the same four people enter and exit the warehouse at odd hours, and occasionally a fifth person who is likely the mastermind of the group that took Stephanie. He says one of the people, the man dubbed as the "Beanie Hat Man", moved all of Stephanie's belongings out of her apartment. He vows to expose the group.

Eugene and Princess stake out Roman's apartment building. They break into Roman's apartment while Roman is out for a jog. Eugene and Princess search Roman's apartment and find a suitcase stocked with knives and guns. They hide when they see Roman coming back. Eugene and Princess try to sneak out but are caught by a neighbor who called police after seeing them break into the building. Both intruders are arrested and sent to jail.

Lance visits Eugene and Princess in jail and assures them that Roman is a plumber who had been sent to Stephanie's building to fix a sink. He says Roman agreed not to press charges, but that they must promise to leave him alone. Eugene tells Princess that the conspiracy runs deeper than he thought. Princess begs him to give up his investigation and insists that Stephanie simply broke up with him.

Eugene sneaks into the secret warehouse and hears voices upstairs. To his surprise, he runs into Stephanie. Lance appears and tells Stephanie he'll handle it. Eugene is in shock and denial as he realizes "Stephanie" was a plant named Shira and that she used him to get information about his community. Lance apologizes for the deception, but points out that Eugene's group is now thriving at the Commonwealth.

Eugene burns the evidence from his investigation in a bonfire. A woman walks up behind him and says she needs to talk. She uses nicknames that only he and Stephanie had used with each other over the radio. Eugene turns around: The woman is Max, who reveals herself to be the woman he was in contact with over the radio.

"The Lucky Ones"

Eugene listens as Max explains that she met him on a radio that she built with spare parts. She says Mercer, who is her brother, discovered her illicit communications and warned her that Lance was investigating a communications breach. Max tells Eugene that she didn't meet him at the rendezvous point because Lance might have discovered her. She says she kept quiet when she saw Eugene with "Stephanie" because they seemed happy together. Max tells Eugene that Lance had been buzzing about Alexandria to Pamela but that she is unsure what they're planning. Still processing Stephanie's betrayal, Eugene bursts into tears and runs off.

Rosita joins Eugene, who is sitting alone on a bench. She consoles him when he tells her that Stephanie broke up with him. Eugene visits Max and apologizes for running away when she revealed her true identity to him. Max asks how he could possibly have been fooled into thinking that the other woman was "Stephanie." Eugene says he wanted it to be real because he's been rejected so many times. They start talking about Eugene's novel. They laugh and reconnect as Max makes suggestions.


Eugene is met with Connie, Kelly and Rosita at his apartment. Rosita tells Connie that Sebastian has been sending civilians on deadly missions to get him cash. Connie shows them a list of names that an anonymous source left at her door. They spot the name of April, the woman who was trapped in the safe room where they got Sebastian's cash. Connie says they need access to Pamela's files in order to unearth more evidence. Eugene says he might know someone.

Eugene pays Max an urgent visit at the Commonwealth headquarters. Max pulls him aside, worried that they'll be seen together. Inside an empty office, Eugene tells Max about Sebastian and asks her to steal files from Pamela's office. A janitor walks in on them. Max pretends she's collecting groceries from Eugene and leaves the office. Max later visits Eugene and agrees to steal the files. Eugene vows to stand by her side. They kiss.

"Acts of God"

At the Commonwealth, Max is reading a book, thinking Eugene is still asleep. He says "good morning", which startles her. Eugene compliments her saying she's the most remarkable human he's ever met before they proceed to kiss. Max goes to get ready for work. Eugene notices Max is having hesitations about his request, though she states she will do it, she's afraid about what happens after.

Later, Connie, Kelly, Magna, Eugene, and Max are in a room seeing the files Max had retrieved from the office. They try to figure what is truly going on behind the scenes and plan to have Connie write an article exposing the Miltons. Connie plans on writing about Sebastian's heist and pin it on Pamela. Someone knocks at the door and everyone frantically begins to put the papers away, but Magna stops them and reveals it's just Ezekiel who had come to help. Everyone looks at each other and agree they have to do this for the good of everyone.


Eugene will appear in this episode.

"A New Deal"

At the Commonwealth, Pamela makes a speech to the citizens that thanks to their friends and allies, they were able to catch Lance Hornsby and promises to bring him to justice. The citizens applaud, though some are shown to not be buying it. Max comments to Eugene about how she cleared it perfectly. Pamela then talks about Founders Day tomorrow, saying it is an opportunity to come together and celebrate what truly matters, the people. Pamela declares, "We are the Commonwealth!" prompting more applause. Eugene sees that Max is troubled about the current events and tells her there's nothing more they can do. She sadly says that Eugene's people are leaving, but Eugene says he is still standing there, which she is grateful for. Eugene offers Max to come visit his community, which she says she might some day. From above, she sees Sebastian watching, pleased that his accusations have been lifted. Max looks at him with contempt and says that she can't leave yet.

Meanwhile, Max and Eugene are at the Commonwealth jail to meet with Hornsby. Eugene doesn't think it's the best idea, but Max feels she has to since she may have not known what exactly was going but she did know Sebastian was bad news and did nothing. Eugene understands the guilt she feels. Max says it felt good to drive for something better and that they could actually change things, but now things are being erased. Eugene is reluctant but says if she truly believes Hornsby can help, he'll go along with it.

Hornsby is lying in bed in his cell as Eugene appears at the prison door, whom Hornsby states he thought would be gone by now. Eugene slips in a bag with a candy apple, which Hornsby accepts while saying he tries not to take things personally. Eugene asks if he could offer any assistance, but Hornsby says if he wants something, he should just ask. Eugene asks if he has anything incriminating about Pamela and Sebastian. Lance is shocked and admits it's a tough one. He admits that the irony is that Pamela is probably the only reason he is still alive. Hornsby tells Eugene that if he goes after the Miltons, they'll crush him. He marvels at how a few days ago they were wanting her son's head and now they are celebrating the Milton legacy like nothing happened. He advises to make nice with the Miltons before lying down. He tells Eugene to tell Max that she is good at hiding in plain sight and he would hate to see Eugene or her ending up in a cell like his. Eugene walks away with Max, who has been listening to the whole thing.

Later, Eugene is in charge of playing the recording in place of William Milton's speech at the fair, and Max goes over to give him the recording of Sebastian. Eugene asks if she is alright and tells him she'll be fine.

After Sebastian gives a speech discussing his remorse and hope to get back on the Commonwealth's good side, he invites the people attending the fair to listen to wise words from William Milton. However, on Max's signal, Eugene instead plays on a loop Max's recording of Sebastian's cynical and entitled view of the Commonwealth and its people and his disgust for the poor. Sebastian completely loses it and runs off the stage after Max who runs away. The crowd turns on the Miltons and begin throwing things and trying to get onto the stage. The Commonwealth soldiers hold soldiers back, even having to resort to physical violence. Mercer tries to deescalate the situation and makes sure no one fires their weapon. Sebastian barges through the crowd going after Max as the chaos ensues.

Sebastian finally catches Max after a brief chase, and says she is nothing. He notices a walker approaching, pushes Max into it, and watches sadistically as she struggles with it. Eugene sees this and runs over to save Max, pushing the walker off her and into Sebastian. Sebastian falls to the ground with the walker on top of him, and frantically pleads for help. A crowd surrounds him as he continues to beg for his life. However, in a mix of fear and anger, nobody moves and everyone merely watches him struggle. Sebastian pushes the walker off and tries to escape, but it grabs him from behind. It bites him on the neck twice, with blood spewing out of Sebastian's mouth. Judith puts the walker down by shooting it in the head, as Sebastian chokes on his own blood before dying.


In the immediate aftermath of Sebastian's death during the Founders Day celebration, Eugene and Max are separated from one another amongst a crowd of panicked Commonwealth citizens, with troopers closing in to contain the hysteria. As Eugene tries to find her, he mistakes another woman from behind for being Max, who begins to call him out as the one who killed Sebastian. Eugene panics, and is guided along by Daryl from the oncoming soldiers. Eugene insists that he needs to find Max, but Daryl, determined to save his friend from the situation he's gotten himself into, pulls him into a nearby store to hide.

Pamela later orders Mercer to find and arrest Eugene, intending to put him on trial for Sebastian's murder and to have him stand as an example to all of the Commonwealth. Under her orders, Mercer has his Commonwealth soldiers take in any associates of Eugene for questioning, including Rosita, Ezekiel, and Princess.

Daryl is sharpening his knife at the church when someone knocks. He readies himself in case it's an intruder, but it's just Rosita. Rosita asks if he's talked to the others and he answers that they'll all be leaving at dawn. Eugene emerges from the back and Rosita asks how he's doing. He answers that he's better than he deserves and asks if they have seen Max, which she answers they haven't. Eugene apologizes for putting the group in danger for his actions, but Daryl tells him not to be since Sebastian had it coming. Rosita says they need to get Eugene out of there and Daryl says he knows when the guards change shifts so they can slip out while they switch. Eugene looks conflicted and Rosita asks what's up. Eugene answers that he needs to go after Max, but Daryl says they can't since all the guards are looking for him. Eugene refuses to leave without Max. Rosita says she will go find her and try to get them both out. Just as she's about to leave, an announcement from Pamela is heard that anyone who has information about the whereabouts of Eugene or his accomplices will be rewarded.

At the church, Eugene looks out the window to see trooper activity to help Rosita find Max. Daryl asks if he's trying to get himself caught but Eugene is tired of sitting around. Eugene tries to leave but Daryl stands in his way. Eugene tries to act tough and challenges Daryl to a fist fight. Daryl does nothing and seems amused by this. Daryl tells Eugene he can go ahead, but when he tries to leave Eugene questions why he isn't stopping him. Daryl knows that Eugene isn't going to go and Eugene realizes he is right and sits back down. Eugene calls himself a coward but Daryl just says he's smart. Eugene then calls himself a liability and knows he always has been and the only reason he's alive is because of his deceitfulness. Eugene asks if people are born brave or they become it, and Daryl answers "both" before patting him on the back and going out to watch for more guards.

Eugene is still waiting inside of the church when Daryl and Rosita return. Rosita informs Eugene that Max has been taken into custody, and Daryl points out the troopers' shift rotation is about to occur, meaning they need to leave soon. Eugene says that he is not leaving. Daryl leaves to go check on the others before their departure, and Rosita stay to speak with Eugene. She insists that he cannot help Max at this point, which Eugene agrees is a possibility, but he asks what kind of man he would be if he were to abandon the situation. "One that's alive," Rosita passionately argues, pointing out that he will be killed if he stays in the Commonwealth. Eugene tells her he knows that his decision isn't "logical", but that if he were to flee in order to save his own life, he would not want to live with himself anyway. He says that being with Max has turned him into a better person, and he does not want to go on without her; if he lets her suffer by herself, he's still the same scared, selfish person he was at the beginning of the outbreak. He reminds Rosita about how she once told him his special someone was out there waiting for him, and that he trusted her when she told him that because he always does. She was right, as Max is the love of Eugene's life, and he needs Rosita to trust him to do what needs to be done. Eugene assures a crying Rosita that she will be okay, and that he needs to be left behind. He gives her a gift to hand down to Coco: his bolo tie. Rosita accepts it, and the two hug.

Later, Eugene walks into the Commonwealth police station to turn himself in. He complies when ordered to get down on the ground, and is detained by troopers as Mercer walks up to him. Eugene stats his intention to confess the following: he secretly recorded Sebastian's rant about the Commonwealth and its true nature, he unintentionally caused Sebastian's death in the ensuing chaos, and he acted alone; Max was not involved in any of her charges. Mercer silently looks at Eugene before ordering he be taken into custody.

"What's Been Lost"

Yumiko informs Eugene of the disappearance of their friends, Pamela's demands that she prosecutes him, and her failure to follow Connie's attacker which she feels guilty about. Yumiko now thinks that she doesn't have a choice but to do what Pamela's asking of her, which Eugene tearfully assures her is a fate that he's freely accepted if it comes down to that. Eugene knows that she doesn't want to do it, but Eugene has made his choices and is willing to face the consequences for them if he has to. However, the central dilemma of their kidnapped friends remains in either case. Eugene wonders what if the worst happens while the trial plays out and what if Pamela reneges on her promise to set them free. They need to do something, but Eugene doesn't have any more idea than Yumiko about what that could be as it appears that Pamela has all of the leverage here. However, Eugene has to believe that there's still something that they can do because, if their friends are truly gone, then Eugene can't live with it for whatever little time he likely has left. Yumiko reassures Eugene that this isn't his fault, and he reassures her in turn that Yumiko being made by Connie's attacker isn't hers either. "One thing we can do... is return the unwavering faith our absconded friends have always shown for us and trust that no matter how bleak things look in this moment, that this is not the end. Now that may not mean much... coming from a soon-to-be convicted felon... but maybe it's something," encourages Eugene. Yumiko silently takes her friend's hand through the bars of his cell window.

Subsequently, after learning of the escape of Daryl and Carol with Lance Hornsby, Yumiko decides to return the faith of her and Eugene's friends in them by publicly announcing that Eugene has been unjustly accused and persecuted by Pamela Milton and the Commonwealth. Instead of acting as Eugene's prosecutor, Yumiko announces that she will serve as his defense attorney, completely turning the tables on Pamela.


In the Commonwealth, Pamela testifies at Eugene's trial about Sebastian's death and the impact that it had on her. Over Yumiko's objections, Pamela calls Eugene a murderer that needs to pay, but her objections are overruled by the judge. Eugene worries about how nothing seems to be getting through to the judge, but Yumiko tells him that it's not the judge that they need to get through, but the people of the Commonwealth who are observing the trial, many of whom appear to be displeased with the proceedings and the treatment of Eugene. As Eugene looks around at the crowd, Max gives him a reassuring look.

Yumiko questions Pamela about the lottery and Pamela tells her that it's about opportunity and hope for a better future, drawing angry murmurings from the watching crowd. Yumiko calls Pamela out on this as Sebastian had said that the lottery was a lie and rigged by the Governor herself. Despite the prosecutor's objections and orders to desist from the judge, Yumiko presses for an answer, reminding everyone that they all heard Sebastian on tape calling the lottery a lie. Pamela lies that it wasn't her son on the tape and that the tape was altered, causing the crowd to grow even angrier, not believing Pamela's claims. Yumiko demands to know if Pamela really wants them to believe that someone altered Sebastian's voice on the tape and Pamela places the blame on Eugene, calling him an enemy of the state who had admitted to playing the tape and causing chaos on Founder's Day, but no one in the crowd believes the governor's lies with one woman even calling for Eugene to be freed as Yumiko looks to Mercer before staring at Pamela incredulously.

In his cell, an elated Eugene listens as an angry crowd outside calls for his freedom. However, while Eugene and Max are pleased that Yumiko had succeeded in getting through to the people of the Commonwealth, Yumiko is more subdued as there are still soldiers out there holding the line and doing Pamela's bidding. If the soldiers aren't on their side, it doesn't matter how fast they inspire an uprising, it might not be fast enough. Max realizes that Yumiko is saying that they're going to lose the case and that the people outside can't stop what's going to happen next. Eugene sadly suggests that it might be time to accept the situation that he's in. Eugene knew that this could and probably would come so now he needs to prepare. When the judge declares him guilty, Eugene will allow himself to be escorted to his execution and both Eugene and Max break down crying at the thought of it. Yumiko suggests that since Mercer commands respect in the Commonwealth, if they can get him to admit that Pamela is corrupt on the witness stand, they might stand a chance. However, Max is convinced that her brother won't speak out against Pamela and that Mercer would've done it when Princess was taken if he was going to do it. Yumiko suggests that Mercer might not know with the way that Pamela runs things, and although Max knows that Mercer's men won't let her anywhere near his office, Yumiko thinks that Mercer might talk to her instead.

At the trial, the prosecution rests its case and Yumiko prepares to as well after glancing at Mercer. However, Eugene asks for permission to address the court on his own behalf over Yumiko's objections. "The way I see it, I've been living on borrowed time for well past a decade now. And by all rights, someone like me should've met my maker on the very first day that things started to fall apart. But the thing is, I would've, were it not for the aid of friends. Friends who have not only changed me, but changed the hearts and minds of so many others. I am beyond certain that my fate will not discourage them from keeping that going, from helping others to find the courage to do what's right. I was not always a good man. Some time ago, I fell in with a posse who thrived doing some downright unseemly acts on the reg. I looked the other way. I placed value on order and safety above all other things, but I soon realized that I wasn't the one swinging the bat, I nevertheless had blood on my hands. I knew what was happening. My inaction made me culpable and I hated myself for that. So, I did something. In my own little way, I changed the world. And I learned that one person can do that, and sometimes all it takes is one person to do that," states Eugene with most of the court looking affected by his words. Yumiko rests her case and Eugene is found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to public execution in one hour, leading to outcry from the crowd watching the trial. As the soldiers and the judge struggle to restore order, Pamela leaves with a victorious smirk on her face. Eugene is led out as Max exchanges a look with her brother and Yumiko lowers her head in grief.

A hooded Eugene is led from his cell by a few soldiers, presumably to face his execution. However, Eugene is brought before Mercer and released from his handcuffs. "Time to fuck shit up," Mercer declares, siding with the growing rebellion against Pamela's rule over the Commonwealth.


Yumiko and Max sit in an empty apartment when a knock sounds at the door. Much to their surprise and relief, Mercer is on the other side with Eugene. Eugene hugs Max, explaining that he's alright thanks to Mercer. Mercer explains that he didn't tell them his plans as it was safer for everyone. Eugene notes that Mercer has joined a long line of people who have saved Eugene's life through the years, and he promises to never forget it. Yumiko asks about their next move and if it's for them to try to leave. However, Mercer orders them to lay low instead and Max and Yumiko insist that they can help. Although they lost in court, they were heard, and the people are angry. They just need to push the Commonwealth residents past the tipping point to get them rise up against Pamela's corrupt regime. Mercer acknowledges this, stating that first he needs to gather enough troops willing to make a move on Pamela, but if Yumiko and Max can keep the public fired up, it may give them enough cover to put things in place. Eugene asks how he can help, but Mercer orders Eugene to stay in the apartment out of sight. As radio calls go out looking for Mercer, Lieutenant Rose knocks on the door with the warning that they are out of time. Rose blatantly lies over the radio that he doesn't see Mercer who is currently taking a statement from a potential witness, promising to send Mercer their way as soon as he comes back. With a reminder to Eugene to stay out of sight, Mercer leaves with Yumiko and Max to "get this dog and pony show started." Once they leave, Eugene locks the door behind them.

As Eugene paces the abandoned apartment, Trooper Brooks bangs on the door as part of a mandatory search on Pamela's orders. As Brooks threatens to force his way in, Eugene unlocks the door and hides behind it as Brooks enters. Ambushing the trooper, Eugene tackles Brooks to the ground, removes Brooks' helmet and bashes his head in with a flashlight, killing Brooks. As Eugene stares in shock at the man that he just killed, another trooper calls over the radio asking where Brooks is.

In Union Square, Yumiko and Max observe the heavily guarded doors to Union Station from across the street. Hearing twigs snapping, Yumiko spots a hooded Eugene sneaking around a train car, armed with Brooks' rifle and she tells Max that they are going to go around. Inside, under cover of the smokescreen, Daryl and the others manage to break the chains sealing a side door. As a trooper approaches the doors, Eugene ambushes him and knocks the man out with the butt of his rifle. Magna finally breaks through the doors, and everyone is reunited with Eugene, Yumiko and Max before quickly making their escape.

The Coalition races through the streets towards the hospital with Daryl carrying the unconscious Judith Grimes. Commonwealth vehicles drive up and block their path in multiple directions, forcing them to fall back. Carol realizes that the soldiers aren't following them as they begin to erect barricades in the streets. Loudly yelling and firing their guns in the air, Commonwealth soldiers lead the herd in their direction before closing the barricades, penning the herd and the Coalition in. Spotting a walker climbing over something, a shocked Negan asks "what the fuck?" As walkers close in from multiple directions, Luke and Jules emerge from the herd, causing Kelly to nearly shoot them before Connie stops her sister. Fleeing down a side street, Carol spots an alley near part of the herd and everyone attacks the walkers, clearing a path for Daryl to flee down the alley towards the hospital with Judith. Waking up for a moment, Judith calls out "daddy?" and witnesses her friends and loved ones struggling to hold back the herd before passing out again.

"Rest in Peace"

In the streets, the Coalition desperately fights off the herd as they try to escape from the walkers swarming around them, those armed with guns shooting the undead while the rest stab at them with knives, including Max. However, Jules misses the head of one walker, instead stabbing it in the shoulder. The walker bites Jules in the arm and Luke rushes to his girlfriend's aid, stabbing the walker in the head and yelling for help as he supports Jules. However, walkers swarm the couple from behind with one tackling Luke to the ground and biting him in the leg as Jules is dragged down and devoured. Seeing Luke's predicament, Connie shoots the walker in the head and Luke is dragged to safety by Kelly and Yumiko, yelling in desperation for his girlfriend as Jules is devoured, beyond the ability of any of her friends to try to save her. Shooting at a smaller group of walkers coming down an alleyway, Carol orders her friends to follow her down it and everyone flees as the herd overruns the streets.

At the Commonwealth Children's Home, walkers devour a couple of corpses while two more corpses lie in the hallways. Rosita, Eugene and Gabriel enter and Rosita is frantic for her daughter's safety upon seeing the corpses. Hearing the sound of crying, Rosita runs off while Eugene and Gabriel use the bayonets on their AR-15s to dispatch the walkers eating the bodies. In the nursery, Coco, Mariam and Adam are protected by an upside-down crib that has been placed over them while three walkers try to get at the children. Rushing in, Rosita is grabbed by a walker that surprises her, but she manages to break free and put all three down, saving the children. Rosita embraces her daughter as Eugene and Gabriel rush in, relieved to find the children alright and Eugene soothes Mariam while Gabriel joins Rosita with Coco. Ezekiel radios in that they've got Mercer and asks for any updates on the kids. Gabriel reports the good news and Ezekiel promises to see them at the hospital.

At the hospital, as Daryl tries to wake Judith up, Rosita calls in with the news that her group is in the alley behind the hospital, but they wrecked their ambulance going through the herd which is now surrounded by walkers. Rosita, Eugene and Gabriel burst out of the ambulance, each carrying a child in slings, but find themselves surrounded on all sides by walkers. Fighting back-to-back and saving each other when they fall into danger from walkers, Rosita orders everyone up a nearby drainage pipe to a window. However, while Eugene and Gabriel make it safely, but the walkers drag Rosita backwards and she falls into the herd with Coco. As Eugene and Gabriel mourn for her apparent loss, Rosita suddenly breaks free, slicing a walker's head in two, getting back to her feet and taking out several walkers as they all try to swarm her. Rosita manages to climb on top of the ambulance, followed by two climbers, and successfully makes a jump to the drainpipe where she climbs into the window.

At night, outside of a loading dock, Mercer observes a crowd of desperate Commonwealth residents demanding to be let into the Estates. Mercer reassures Maggie that they will be able to move soon while Aaron tells Ezekiel that he saw people on the higher floors and rooftops begging for help, but he wanted to make sure that Lydia was safe first. Ezekiel reassures his friend that he did the right thing. Hearing screams in the distance, both men are determined to do more, but they need to take care of Judith first. Lieutenant Rose arrives in another truck and reports to Mercer that they're all set: everyone is in the back and there's no one to check. The doctors have set up a safe house, but they have to hurry. Mercer calls for everyone to go, stating that they need to get Judith to Tomi. Everyone boards the truck with Princess, Max and Dianne pushing Judith's stretcher.

At the safe house in the Estates, Eugene sits next to a sleeping Max, but he gets up after noticing how upset Rosita looks as she plays with Coco nearby. Eugene offers to take Coco off of Rosita's hands for a bit so that she can get some rest, but Rosita kindly refuses his offer. Eugene brings up plans for the future, such as teaching Coco how to swim at Oceanside, but Rosita doesn't respond. Eugene begins to go into a scientific explanation as to why teaching Coco to swim as an infant is a good idea, but Rosita continues to fail to respond to him. Rosita wipes away a tear as Eugene asks her if she can't wait for summer and Eugene realizes that something is horribly wrong. Rosita shows Eugene a bite mark on the back of her left shoulder, having been bitten by a walker when she fell. Eugene breaks down in tears, knowing that there's nothing that can be done to save Rosita. Accepting of her fate, Rosita orders Eugene to pull himself together as she doesn't want the others to know yet and she's still there and Eugene will be fine. Eugene admits that he loves Rosita deeply, a sentiment which she returns. Working to compose himself, Eugene returns to Max where he hides the truth, complying with Rosita's wishes.

Suddenly, there's shouts outside and two gunshots. Looking outside, Mercer sees a man trying to climb the wall, only to be shot by Commonwealth soldiers on Pamela's orders. Mercer tells the others that the soldiers are shooting anyone that climbs the gates and grabs a gun, unwilling to just stand by as people are dying. Mercer informs the Coalition members that the truck is gassed up with enough reserves in the rear to get them home. Mercer and his men can sneak them out the back as Mercer believes that this isn't their fight or their people. "Yes, they are. And so are you," states Ezekiel. Addressing the others, Ezekiel tells them that "you may not think this place is worth saving, and I get that, given how they treated us. But it's worth it to me. The people are worth it, and I'm not gonna allow them to fall without a fight. Not today. I'm with you. Who else?" Aaron immediately agrees, stating that they can do more than just save themselves and they need to. Following Ezekiel's lead, everyone agrees to fight to save the Commonwealth.

At the gates of the Estates, the crowd desperately begs Pamela to be let in, amongst them Mr. Martens, Mrs. Martens and Mei. On a balcony, Maggie lines up her shot on Pamela, but Negan tells her to hold on as Mercer and his loyalist forces move in, ordering Colonel Vickers and her men to lower their weapons. Pamela orders Vickers to arrest them, but the Coalition forces join Mercer's troops from another angle, creating a standoff. Pamela accuses Mercer of being a traitor, but Mercer states that she's the true traitor and lists Pamela's crimes: disappearing hundreds of citizens, leading the dead to their doorstep, shooting a child and now leaving thousands to die.

The banging on the gates grows more frantic as the herd begins to approach the Estates, meaning that the people will die if they're not let inside. Gabriel moves towards the gates despite Vickers orders to stop. Gabriel announces that they're opening the gate and letting everyone inside, threatening to kill anyone who tries to stop him. Vickers threatens to shoot him, but Carol warns her that they will fire back if she does. Pamela orders her men to shoot Gabriel as he reaches the gates and one of them points a gun at his head. Suddenly, Daryl yells for them to stop. "What the hell you doing?" Daryl demands. "We all deserve better than this. You built this place to be like the old world. That was the fuckin' problem." Pamela states that if she opens the gates, the dead will get in too, not just the living. Daryl tells her that if she doesn't, Pamela will lose everything anyway. "We got one enemy. We ain't the walking dead."

Realizing that Daryl is right, Vickers orders everyone to lower their weapons and give Gabriel the key to the gates. Everyone stands down and Vickers defers to Mercer's command who places Pamela under arrest for high crimes against the people of the Commonwealth. As everyone rushes to help let the people in, Maggie informs Negan that Pamela is getting arrested and Negan tells her that prison is a fate worse than death for someone like Pamela, causing Maggie to relent in shooting her.

The crowd rushes in just in the nick of time, amongst them Jerry and Elijah, before the gates are closed, keeping out the herd. Elijah reunites with a relieved Lydia while Jerry desperately looks for his family before Ezekiel reassures his friend that they're safe back in Alexandria and that they will get back out there to help the people that still need their help. Approaching the gates, Pamela notices a zombified Lance Hornsby, Carol's arrow still in his neck, at the front of the herd, reaching through the gates. Pamela approaches Lance, baring her neck and intending to have Lance bite her as a form of suicide. Judith begs Pamela not to go through with it as it's never too late and they have to help everyone still out there. Before Lance can bite Pamela, Maggie shoots him in the head with her sniper rife, putting Lance down. Maggie states that it's time to take the Commonwealth back.

With the variants being too dangerous to just lead away, Mercer outlines a new plan as everyone rushes to carry out his orders. As they need to get a vehicle out of the Estates, a mixture of Coalition forces, Commonwealth soldiers and Commonwealth residents, led by Aaron, rush out of the Estates, armed with melee weapons and riot shields with the aim of drawing the herd away and clearing a path, although Mercer warns them not to engage the walkers more than absolutely necessary. Working together, the group holds the line against the herd while Mercer calls in that the vehicle is out of the back gate and on its way to the town square, asking them to let him know when they're clear. Magna reports that they've diverted the walkers and its clear as it's going to get, ordering them to move out. As the combined group continues to fight the walkers, the truck by through the cleared path to the fuel depot where Vickers, Ezekiel, Jerry, Dianne and several Commonwealth soldiers collect the fuel. Max reports in that they've got fuses running to the private sewers under the Estates and they'll finish wiring the rest once they get the fuel back while Princess goes to start the PA system to draw all of the walkers to the Estates.

Using Pamela's record player, the song "Cult of Personality" is blasted throughout the Commonwealth from the Estates, drawing all of the walkers overrunning the Commonwealth towards it. Elijah helps set up speakers throughout the Estates as Jerry, Ezekiel and Lydia pour fuel down into the sewers and the walkers fighting the forces outside of the Estates begin moving towards it as well. Mercer brings out some dynamite which Eugene and Yumiko help to wire up to drums of fuel placed throughout the Estates and Connie helps to wire up more speakers, unharmed by the loud music due to her deafness. As Max helps to coordinate the efforts, Mercer calls in that they're prepared to open the gates and to let him know when they're ready. Max calls in that they're good to go before she joins the others in retreating to the rendezvous point, the two women acknowledging that they're dead if this plan fails. The gates are opened and the herd floods into the Estates. Once the song ends, the fuses connected to explosives inside of Pamela's house are ignited, detonating the fuel in a chain reaction that obliterates the Estates and the entire herd, saving the Commonwealth.

In Alexandria, everyone enjoys a celebration and feast, joined by Mercer, Max and Tomi. Judith gives Dog some of her food and Yumiko raises a toast to Luke. Looking out the window, Daryl sees Negan walking away and the two men exchange a smile and a nod, parting on good terms. Yumiko turns to Magna, telling her "same" and Magna kisses her, the two women resuming their romantic relationship. Sitting down, Rosita smiles as she watches the celebration before becoming somber. Noticing Rosita's somber mood, Gabriel joins her, and Rosita tells him that she just wants to remember this perfect moment. In a whisper, Rosita reveals her bite and impending death to Gabriel. Noticing Rosita's behavior and crying, Judith realizes that something's wrong with her and becomes upset, apparently deducing the truth.

Weak and near death, Rosita is led to bed by Maggie and Carol where Coco is laying. With everyone now aware that Rosita's dying, a tearful Maggie gives her a hug and kiss goodbye and Carol hugs her before the two women leave. As Daryl watches from the doorway, a barely composed Gabriel performs Last Rites over Rosita. Rosita kisses Coco for a final time and Gabriel promises that they will see her again someday. Gabriel carries Coco out as Eugene takes a seat next to Rosita's bed. Eugene tearfully tells Rosita that he wouldn't be the man that he is today if he hadn't met her. Taking Eugene's hand, Rosita tells him that she's glad that it was him in the end who will be there to make sure that she won't reanimate after she's gone. Rosita peacefully passes away with her oldest living friend at her side and Eugene breaks down completely.

A year later, Eugene visits a memorial plaque for those lost in the walker invasion bearing Luke, Jules, Rosita, and Marissa Berot's names and lays down flowers for his lost friends before pressing a kiss to Rosita's name. Eugene joins Max, who is now his wife, and takes their daughter Rosie from her and puts Rosie in her stroller. Ezekiel, now the governor of the Commonwealth with Mercer as his deputy governor, gives a speech attended by Eugene, Max, Princess, Daryl Judith, Kelly, Connie, Magna and Yumiko amongst many others, the latter two now happily married to each other. When Ezekiel introduces Mercer as his deputy governor, Princess loudly cheers for her boyfriend, much to the amusement of Ezekiel, Mercer and the crowd.

The Ones Who Live[]

Season 1[]


In a flashback, Gabriel tells Anne that he had searched for her using Eugene's ham radio with the help of Eugene and Rosita.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Eugene has killed:


For a more in-depth look at Eugene's relationships, read here: Eugene Porter (TV Series)/Relationships




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For more images of Eugene Porter, please visit Eugene Porter (TV Series)/Gallery.


  • The casting call for this character used the name Wayne Kessey.
    • Eugene was described as "Early 30s. He is very smart and an experienced liar."
  • In an interview with Access Hollywood, Josh McDermitt described Eugene as someone who lived "in a dark apartment, by himself, maybe with his mom, and not so much a hoarder of everything, but just a hoarder of just like weird items that mean something to him that would mean absolutely nothing to someone else."[2]
  • In the comics, Eugene was a high school science teacher before the fall. While never confirmed in the television series, Eugene is assigned high school teacher upon immigrating to The Commonwealth. Ezekiel surmises that they were assigned jobs based on their professions before the fall, indicating Eugene was an educator of some kind.
  • Eugene has been captured eight times and is in the lead for being captured the most amount of times in TV series alongside Daryl.
    • He has been captured by Gareth at Terminus in Season 4. In Season 6, he was captured twice by the Saviors: once was by Dwight after he and Abraham parted ways and the other was from trying to set up a diversion at the roadblocks which failed and led to him being captured and added into the lineup to meet Negan. He was captured again in the mid-season finale of Season 7 after revealing that he was the one that made Rosita a bullet to try and assassinate Negan. He was later captured by Rosita and Daryl in Season 8 after defecting to the Saviors but was able to escape. He was captured again, years later, by the Commonwealth Army alongside Yumiko, Ezekiel and their newfound companion "Princess". He was later captured by the Commonwealth Army for punching Sebastian and finally he was captured by the Commonwealth Army for causing death of Sebastian, by turn himself in.
  • Talking with Access Hollywood, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd revealed that she believed Eugene to have Asperger's Syndrome.
    • Josh McDermitt refused to officially confirm the claim, but suggested its validity, saying "I don't want to address that. That's something for me, whether he has it or not."[3]
  • Eugene appears to be an atheist, as suggested by his response of "It's absurd" to Gabriel explaining his religious beliefs in "Time for After".
  • Eugene is the fourth main character to be part of Rick's Group and later become an antagonist, the first being Shane Walsh, the second being Merle Dixon and the third being Spencer Monroe.
  • In the Fear the Walking Dead episode "No One's Gone", one of Althea's tapes labeled "Abe/Doctor" is seen. On Talking Dead, it was confirmed to be an interview of Eugene and Abraham, revealing that they encountered Althea before meeting Rick's Group.
  • In the script for "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be", there were 3 alternative death scenes, one of them where Negan would have killed Aaron and Eugene instead of Abraham and Glenn.[4]
  • In "Bonds", Eugene reveals his middle name to be "Hermann" to Stephanie.
  • Eugene is eighth most-appearing character on the TV Series, having appeared in 84 episodes, 85 is one counts archive footage.
  • Eugene has the second-most kills, indirect or direct, for a single character in the TV Series, with at least 186 victims. Negan is first with at least 230 victims.
    • Ironically, of these, Eugene only has two direct victims, giving him one of the lowest victim counts for direct kills.
  • Eugene is the fourth main character to later become an antagonist. The first being Shane Walsh, the second being Dwight, the third being Spencer Monroe, the fifth being Anne, the sixth being Gregory, the seventh being Leah Shaw, the eighth being Lance Hornsby, and the ninth being Pamela Milton.
  • Unlike his comic counterpart, Eugene has a daughter who is named Rosie.
  • Eugene is one of four antagonists to survive the TV Series, the others being Negan Smith, Pamela Milton, and Vickers.
  • Eugene is one of twelve characters to survive the TV Series who also survive in the Comic Series, the others being Maggie Rhee, Michonne Grimes, Aaron, Hershel Rhee, Negan Smith, Magna, Yumiko Okumura, Lydia, Juanita Sanchez, Michael Mercer, and Pamela Milton.
  • Eugene is the only named character introduced in Season 4 to not die in the TV Series.
    • He is also one of only three named former Saviors confirmed to be alive, the others being Negan Smith and Gracie.
  • Eugene is the last main character to kill another main character in the TV Series, that being his best friend, Rosita Espinosa.
  • In the loading screens of The Walking Dead: Onslaught, Eugene is referred as "The Wheel man". This is a reference to how he is driving you around throught the missions.

International Dubbers[]

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Czech Jiří Krejčí (4)
Marek Holý (5-10A; 10C-Present)
Petr Burian (10B)
Jiří Krejčí:
Wendell Rabinowitz
Marek Holý:
Rollie (6)
Petr Burian:
Pete Dolgen
Aiden Monroe
Nicholas (6)
Melvin Allen
Jason Riley
French Ludovic Baugin N/A
German Bernhard Völger
Stefan Gossler ("Acheron: Part I" - "Hunted")
Bernhard Völger:
Pete Dolgen
Stefan Gossler:
Hungarian Hamvas Dániel N/A
Italian David Chevalier N/A
Japanese Tsuguo Mogami Morgan Jones
Edwin Jenner
Portuguese Silas Borges N/A
Spanish (Latin America) Gustavo Dardés Edwin Jenner
Spanish (Spain) Pablo Del Hoyo Jim