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"This is a big step you're talking about. You sure you're weighted the pros and cons? I kind of agree with Burt."
—Eve to Lilly.

Eve Betts is a character in The Walking Dead: Return to Woodbury. She is one of the Sixteenth Street survivors, described to be a dark skinned, Jersey accent having woman with raven-black hair perpetually done up in a bun.


Location Unknown

Almost nothing is known about Eve's life prior to or as the outbreak began. She was however a receptionist at a dentist office.


"Return to Woodbury"

Eve was part of the Sixteenth Street Ikea survivors. Sometime after discovering the place, she started dating Boone. Later on, she joins Lilly's journey to Woodbury.


Killed By

Eve and Boone trip over with their vehicle, which makes Eve to slam hard on the side of the flatcar. She then loses consicouness, and soon is hit by Sally Dryden's Kenworth. It is unknown whether she died before or after Sally hits their crash site.


Novel Series

Return to Woodbury

Welcome to the Terrordome