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"Hey! Hurry up everyone, they're coming. Eight down Independencia and a dozen up Morelos! Let's go!"
—Everardo shouting to his fellow survivors. (Translated from Spanish)[src]

Everardo is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. He is one of janitors at the Gonzalez Dam.



Little is known about Everardo's life prior to or as the outbreak began other than he lived somewhere in Mexico.


Season 3


Everardo is first seen with Pablito cleaning a drainage pipe when they find Daniel Salazar among the debris. Worried about being caught with Daniel as they think Dante's men will believe they are scheming to steal water, they alert Lola. Later, Everardo is in the cafeteria with Pablito, Daniel, and the others eating lunch. The next day, Everardo is taken into custody and framed as a thief stealing water, despite being innocent. He watches in horror as Dante Esquivel throws Pablito over the edge to his death and is horrified when Lola is brought to the edge. Fortunately, his life is saved when Daniel takes out Dante and his men, successfully freeing Everardo and his fellow captives.


Everardo accompanies Efrain, Lola, and Daniel as they distribute water to desperate survivors within Tijuana. He shouts out to his fellow survivors that groups of zombies are approaching from multiple streets, prompting everyone to flee the scene.

"La Serpiente"

As Efrain, Daniel, and Everardo drive back to the dam, they are shot at by angry survivors. It was revealed that Everardo was grazed by a bullet shot by one of the survivors after a riot broke out, but he is later treated by Efrain and Strand in the dam's infirmary.

"Sleigh Ride"

Though unseen, Everardo was one of the many dam workers to be rounded up by the Proctors and executed, as several bodies were seen in the water below the dam and more bodies were seen scattered throughout the dam, and surviving workers were brought to the top of the dam for execution. If Everardo was not killed yet, he was killed in the destruction of the dam as it exploded and collapsed.


Killed By

Either Everardo is shot to death by the Proctors or is killed in the explosion that destroyed the dam.


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