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"You get overwhelmed by life, Little Missy, you make a list. It's always a good first step, and even if you don't get a single thing done on it, it'll make you feel better."
—Lilly thinking what her father used to tell her if she couldn't sleep.[src]

Everett Ray Caul is a character first mentioned in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. He is the father of Lilly Caul. At the onset of the outbreak, he died sacrificing himself to save his daughter. He is described as "a kind, deferential man".


Marietta, Georgia

Little is known about Everett's life prior to or as the outbreak began except he was a retired maths teacher who was married and had a daughter named Lilly. After his wife's slow death from breast cancer in the midnineties, Everett took it upon himself to raise his only daughter with a tender touch. He knew she wanted more out of life, but he also knew she needed unconditional love, a family, and a home. He used to tell Lilly spook stories on their porch usually on autumn nights, telling the tales of vanishing hitchhikers, disappearing cabinets and mysterious seagoing vessels doomed to eternally circle the ocean.


Cobb County, Georgia

At the beginning of the outbreak, the first wave of walkers hit the north side where Everett and Lilly lived hard. They came from blue-collar areas such as the industrial parks north of Kennesaw woods and creeped into the population initially unnoticed. Everett decided to pack Lilly up and flee in their beat-up VW wagon. The pair got as far as U.S. 4, before the wreckage on the roads slowed them down. They found a rogue city bus a mile south travelling up and down the back streets, picking up survivors in need and tried to make it on board as they were surrounded by walkers. Knowing that they wouldn't both make it, Everett made an attempt to ensure Lilly's survival. He slammed the bus' folding accordion door behind her at the last possible instant, as three zombies latched onto him and slid to the pavement. His blood washed up across the glass as the bus sped out of there. As a result of his death, Lilly went into a kind of catatonic state and curled into a fetal position on a bench seat, staring at the blood-smeared door all the way to Atlanta.

The Road to Woodbury



Killed By

After being grabbed by three zombies, Everett saved Lilly's life by pushing her into a rescue bus and slamming the doors behind her as he was devoured by the swarm. Lilly witnessed these horrific events which stuck with her long afterwards.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Everett has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of zombies.


Novel Series

The Road to Woodbury

The Fall of the Governor

  • TBA