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"Exit Wounds" is the third episode of the second season of AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It is the thirteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on October 17, 2021, the same night as "The Beacon", the season premiere of the seventh season of Fear the Walking Dead. It was written by Rayna McClendon and directed by Aisha Tyler.


An attempted grift leads to a precarious situation. Huck is given an ultimatum as she readjusts to her old life.


A sister and brother kill empties in the woods. The girl cuts out the empty's eyes and places flowers in the eye sockets. "Let's begin," the boy says.

Elton and Percy search for the rest of their group on horseback and see a trail of smoke in the woods. They investigate and spot the sister and brother sitting by a campfire.

Huck and Dennis make love.

Hope jogs around the CRM facility and notices CRM soldiers patrolling the grounds. She has a flashback to Huck assuring her the facility was safe.

Hope practices combat with a fighting stick.

Huck and Dennis lay in bed after making love.

Later that morning, Dennis asks Huck if it was Elizabeth's decision to send Huck on a covert mission without telling him. Huck says that she had to take on the mission to rectify what he did. Dennis says getting pulled from active duty was enough punishment.

Huck asks Dennis about his decontamination crew. Dennis mentions he has a new recruit who was picked up on a resource run. He suggests they have dinner when he returns soon with a N998 body. Hope sees them talking.

Elton and Percy sneak closer to the campfire. Percy plots to steal all the food, but Elton insists they ask nicely.

Elton approaches the sister and brother and introduces himself. He says he has a companion. The boy, Dev, looks for Percy but is unable to find him. The girl, Asha, gives Elton some food. She and Dev spot Percy stealing food from their wagon. They chase Elton and Percy.

In a courtroom, a judge calls Huck's covert operation in Omaha a success and grants her full clemency. She allows Huck to resume active duty.

Dr. Bennett privately confronts Huck and accuses her of lying about Iris and Felix's whereabouts. He orders Huck to find them.

Asha and Dev chase Elton and Percy through the woods. A group of empties attacks.

Hope attends a class at the CRM facility, but gets distracted by flashbacks of fighting empties with Iris and Felix. Her teacher, Dr. Ellis, invites her to share her thoughts about empty decomposition. Hope proposes they use fermentation to accelerate decay. Mason debates her theory. Dr. Ellis encourages Hope to bring her idea to her father.

Mason invites Hope to a party in honor of Omaha. She turns down his invitation.

Asha and Dev rescue Elton and Percy after they get attacked by empties who'd been lying dormant in the ground. An empty bites Elton on the arm. Asha screams at Dev to hack off Elton's arm to stop the infection, but Elton tells them his corduroy suit is bite-proof.

Asha and Dev perform the flower ceremony on dead empties while Elton (stripped of his suit) and Percy watch with bound hands.

Dr. Bennett praises Hope for her fermentation theory and guesses she's trying to distract him from worrying about Iris. He says he talked to Huck and asks if Huck has been threatening Hope. Hope tells Dr. Bennett just to trust her.

Hope goes to Mason's party in a building basement. He shows her around "the bunker."

Asha and Dev transport Elton and Percy in a wagon, and they start to pass warning signs about toxic areas. They put on gas masks and place sacks over Elton and Percy's heads.

Mason tells Hope he's been at the facility for three years, and visits his family in the Civic Republic two weeks a year. He says they are building a better future at the facility. Hope proposes a game of giant Jenga.

Elton's group arrives in a village – it's called the Perimeter. Asha cuts his bonds.

Iris sees Elton and Percy in the street and embraces them. Asha says Indira is her mother, and that she and Dev had been searching for Elton and Percy.

Hope and Mason play Jenga while everyone cheers. The tower topples. Hope has a flashback about fighting empties with Iris.

Hope marches over to Huck's apartment and demands that she take her to see Iris and Felix that night. Huck proposes they leave the next day. Hope realizes that Huck is merely delaying because she has dinner plans, and insists they leave that night.

Elton reels from the news that Omaha is gone. He overhears Brody blaming Asha and Dev for putting the Perimeter in greater danger by bringing Elton and Percy. Asha expresses anger at the CRM for forcing the Perimeter to play by their rules.

Dennis makes dinner at Huck's apartment and reminisces about the old days.

Huck goes to get dressed for dinner, but instead puts on her CRM uniform. She asks Dennis for the keys to his truck and explains that she did some questionable things while she was on her covert mission. She explains that she's still figuring out her feelings about her actions, but says she can't be with him right now.

Huck drives up to a facility checkpoint and tells Corporal Pierce that she's leaving on classified business. Pierce tells Huck that she took over her responsibilities during Huck's covert mission, and that Elizabeth is an inspiration. She inspects the truck and waves Huck through. Hope hides in the back.

Elton apologizes to Asha for endangering her community. Asha says the problems were already there and reveals that they put up fake hazard signs to keep people away from the CRM facility.

Iris cleans Percy's gunshot wound and thanks him for setting up the "art museum" in his truck. Percy's mood darkens as he remembers the night that Huck killed his uncle. They hear chimes outside.

Iris, Elton, and Percy peer down the road. They see two Perimeter guards escort Hope and Huck into town. Percy grips his knife.

Other Cast[]




  • None


  • First appearance of Asha.
  • First appearance of Dev.
  • First appearance of Terry Ellis.
  • First appearance of Diane Pierce.
  • Only appearance of Teresa. (Unknown)
  • Only appearance of Betts. (Unknown)
  • Only appearance of Murrow. (Unknown)
  • Only appearance of Ian.
  • The title of the episode, "Exit Wounds", refers to Iris wanting to clean Percy's exit wound.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on October 10, 2021.
  • This episode is played directly after the season premiere of Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead.
  • The sculpture seen at the entrance of the Perimeter is called Verité. Asha informs Elton that the artist who created it died at the beginning of the outbreak and that the sculpture reminds them of everyone who has been lost to the apocalypse.

Episode Highlights[]

  • Huck reunites with her husband Dennis.
  • It's revealed that Dennis made a mistake that got people hurt and Dennis was pulled from active duty and sent to run the culling facility. Huck's efforts to "fix it" led to her mission in Omaha to pay for her own mistakes.
  • Huck's successful mission earns her a return to active duty, but she has trouble adjusting to life back in the CRM.
  • While she's trying to figure out how she feels about everything, Huck decides that she can't be with Dennis for now.
  • Hope settles into life at the research facility, attending classes and coming up with an idea to use yeast for accelerating empty decay. She also becomes closer friends with Mason.
  • With her father pressing hard to find Iris and Felix, Hope convinces Huck to take her to the Perimeter to see them.
  • Searching for their friends, Elton and Percy get into trouble when they try to rob siblings Asha and Dev.
  • Asha and Dev, who turn out to be Indira's children, take Elton and Percy to the Perimeter where they are reunited with Iris, who reveals the destruction of their home, possibly by the CRM.
  • Elton and Asha begin to grow closer while Iris and Percy reconnect as she treats his wounds.
  • Political strife between Indira and Brody over how the Perimeter is led deepens.
  • Hope and Huck arrive at the Perimeter, with Percy wanting revenge for Huck's murder of his uncle.