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America is an infant. But here, we survived many apocalypses. We will survive this one, too.
―Fallou to Daryl Dixon.[src]

Fallou Boukar is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. He is the leader of the Montmartre Rooftop Community.


Fallou is a brave and caring man who is a righteous leader of his community. He helps Daryl's group enter Demimonde by fighting and taking out the guards, and later saves Daryl and Quinn from being executed by Power of the Living by taking out one of the Guerriers. When he and Daryl's group part ways, Daryl tells a saddened Sylvie that Fallou will not let anything happen to her boyfriend Emile.



Not much is known about Fallou's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was an artist.


At some point following the outbreak, Fallou became the leader of a community that's part of the Union of Hope resistance network.

Season 1[]

"Paris Sera Toujours Paris"[]

Daryl's group spots three bodies in the process of being buried and are confronted by the survivors burying them. Isabelle tells Fallou Boukar, the man in charge, that truth is hope and that Père Jean had sent them. Fallou realizes who Laurent is and asks after Père Jean, but Isabelle admits that he isn't with them. Noticing Fallou's suspicious look at Daryl, Isabelle identifies Daryl as a friend who had helped them to get there and who only speaks English. Fallou introduces himself and his companions, telling Laurent that they've been waiting a long time to meet him.

Fallou leads the group to his community living on a greenhouse roof where Daryl asks for a radio that he can use. Fallou explains that they take turns at the daily tasks and had welcomed their 64th member a few months before who is a baby girl that was born. As Fallou shows them around, Emile asks Sylvie if she had always wanted to be a nun, and she admits that she's never imagined anything else. Emile comments that Sylvie has never been to Paris before and it's a good place to imagine. In the garden, the group observes the Eiffel Tower in the distance with Laurent telling Daryl how many rivets were used to build it and Daryl noticing that the famous landmark got the tip knocked off of it. Fallou explains that a military helicopter had crashed into it at the start of the outbreak and Laurent muses that "it must be magical, to stand under it and look up at the sky."

At Daryl's prompting, Fallou leads Daryl and Isabelle to Antoine who is in charge of the community's homing pigeon method of communication, leaving Daryl incredulous. Antoine sends a message written by Isabelle out, but admits that it could be anywhere from a few days to a month to get a response factoring in bad weather. After confirming with Isabelle that the Nest will take her the rest of the way for the last part of the trip, Daryl declares that his part of the job is done as a pigeon can't help him and without a radio, they can't help him. Fallou tells Daryl that there are people trading all kinds of things in Paris and he can take Daryl to them. However, they will need currency as even information is a commodity. Daryl is willing to steal something if that's what it takes, but Isabelle thinks that she knows where to find something, and they'll go there in the morning. The three observe people presenting Laurent with gifts and Daryl is worried that it's a lot to put on a kid, but Isabelle feels that God chooses our burdens. Laurent approaches Sonia whose husband had died a few days before and has refused any food or comfort since. While Sonia has been inconsolable to everyone else, she accepts a hug from the boy, causing Fallou to declare that Père Jean was right about him.

Waiting for the others to join them, Daryl expresses his condolences to Isabelle about Aimée and Isabelle sadly admits that she had left Aimée behind when the outbreak started. Sylvie, Laurent, Fallou and Emile join them, and Isabelle gives her nephew the picture of his mother which Laurent shares with Daryl. Fallou leads the group to the Paris Catacombs where the guard lets them in in exchange for the group putting their weapons in the freezer. Fallou explains to Daryl that the catacombs are where the 6 million people who died in the Black Death are buried. "America is an infant. But here, we survived many apocalypses. We will survive this one too," states Fallou.

The group reaches the Demimonde nightclub where Fallou tells Daryl that people find all sorts of things there and since Daryl helped the Union of Hope they will help him in return. Fallou goes looking for some friends who might be able to tell something, while Isabelle explains to Laurent that it's a nightclub and that they used to have a lot of them. Fallou calls Daryl and Isabelle over to Bernard where they explain that Daryl wants to go to America and, since Daryl came by sea, there must be ships sailing.

"La Dame de Fer"[]

Fallou will appear in this episode.

"Deux Amours"[]

Isabelle and Quinn arrive at Maison Mère where numerous people are gathering for Genet's celebration. In the crowd, Isabelle notices Emile, Sylvie and Fallou who discreetly nod at her as Isabelle passes by her friends

"Coming Home"[]

While Daryl and Quinn fight walkers on the ship, Fallou is seen In the gallery. Fallou orders Sylvie and Emile to go around while Fallou stays in his current position and Isabelle notices her friends moving through the crowd.

Excited by the victory, the crowd turns from chanting "Pouvoir" to chanting "Dixon," cheering Daryl on. Furious, Genet reminds Dr. Lafleur that the whole point of the fight was to win these people over their cause, and he admits that there's still some work to be done. Holding the zombified head up to the cheering crowd, Daryl tosses it at Genet, landing near the feet of her chair, although Genet quickly moves out of the way of any danger. As men enter the pit to remove the bodies, Genet orders Capo to get this over with. Capo signals one of his men to kill Daryl and Quinn, but Fallou shoots him in the head before the Guerrier can open fire. The crowd panics and flees while Genet, Isabelle and Laurent are escorted out by the Guerriers. Seeing that the fleeing men in the pit had left the door open, Daryl and Quinn grab their weapons and make their escape.

Having escaped from Maison Mère, Laurent sits in the back of the group's stolen truck looking at Azlan's pocket watch while Emile tells Sylvie that he and Fallou must go where they are most needed, and he hopes that she will join them one day. Emile and Sylvie kiss while Laurent reassures Fallou that they know where the Nest is. Fallou wishes them good luck and he leaves with Emile who briefly stops to exchange one last smile with Sylvie. Daryl hangs the pocket watch on the rearview mirror and the group - reunited at last - drives off to finish their long journey to the Nest. Daryl tries to reassure a worried Sylvie that Fallou won't let anything happen to Emile, but he doesn't respond to her question if Daryl has ever been in love.

Season 2[]

Fallou will appear in this season.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Fallou has killed:





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