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This farm is a location seen in Season 6 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Before the apocalypse, this location was a farm in rural Virginia.


Season 6


Rick and Morgan encounter an armored man at a farm, fighting off walkers. Rick orders the man to drop his weapon, but he says he's only looking for his horse and flees. Rick fires at the man, but Morgan intervenes. Rick guesses the man was a Savior based on his weapon, but Morgan insists they had no way of knowing who he was.

Morgan confesses to Rick he kept a Wolf captive during the attack on Alexandria. Rick seethes, but Morgan relates how the Wolf later saved Denise from walkers — and Denise then saved Carl. "It's all a circle," he says. "Everything gets a return." Morgan vows to find Carol on his own, and tells Rick not to come looking if he doesn't return. Rick hands Morgan a gun.


  • Many unnamed people


  • Many unnamed people (Alive and Zombified)


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