Fear #2 is a Roadmap mission featured in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. The events take place right after Fear #1.


Act 1

Dwight tells Eugene that he's sorry about Abraham, and that this isn't how they usually do a "buiness arrangement". However, Dwight gets angry when the Alexandrians start shooting at him. Dwight yells to the Alexandrians that they really think that the Saviors wouldn't fight back after they killed Dwight's partners. Eugene is panicing. Negan's Lackey tells Dwight that Eugene is no way in kind of position of power, and that he's just bait. Dwight agrees, and he suggest going to the gates of Alexandria, because he wants to have a "little chat". He shouts at the Alexandrians, demanding they wake up. Rick comes near the gate, as he says that he takes it that Negan didn't take the message last time. Dwight demands entrance, or else he will shoot Eugene in the head, then he will come inside and take everything and whoever they want.

Act 2

Dwight demands the Saviors to shoot. Rick shouts that the Alexandrians need to take cover, and that they need to pin them down as quickly as possible. Andrea puts up some snipers on the wall. She wonders why the Saviors are attacking them, but Rick says that they are attacking them for the same reason as anyone else. He asks for cover as he's reloading. Andrea sees that they've got the Savior's pinned down. Rick shouts that the Alexandrians need to keep shooting.

Dwight demands the Saviors to fall back, as they're cutting their losses. Rick plans on going after them, before they regroup and attack again. He grabs some guns and he heads out, along with some others. Andrea alerts Rick of Saviors behind him. Michonne tells the group that the fighting drew the attention of walkers. Rick tells them to not waste ammunition. Andrea mentions that they have to fall back, but Rick says otherwise; he tells them that they first need to fight through the walkers before they can shoot down the Saviors. Andrea and Glenn agree. Rick, saddened, asks for someone to bring Abraham's corpse back inside of the Safe-Zone, because he's worthy of a proper burial.


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  • A few members of the Saviors.


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