This article is about named characters in Fear The Walking Dead. You may be looking for the unnamed or unseen characters.
The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. They are grouped by family, locations or groups of survivors and are in order of first appearance.


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  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was either: injured; lost; unsecured; absent in later episodes or written out of the show.

El Sereno, California

Clark Family


Manawa Family

Season three travis manawa

Cruz Family

Joanna Crop
Gladys Crop

Dawson Family

Season one peter dawson

Tran Family

Susan Crop

Thompson Family

Maria Crop

Ramirez Family

Season one hector ramirez

Los Angeles, California

Season one lab coat
Matt Crop
Calvin Crop
Season one gloria

Paul R. Williams High School

Tobias Crop
Art Crop

Los Angeles Police Department

Finley Crop

Salazar Family

Season five daniel salazar
Season three ofelia salazar

National Guard Compound

Season five victor strand
Season one andrew adams
Cole 1x05 Crop
Season one guardswoman (1)
Season one sergeant castro
Scott Crop
Jones Crop
Season one guardsman (7)
Shih Crop
Melvin Crop
Season one lieutenant moyers

Pacific Ocean

Catrina Island, California

Season two seth geary
Season two harry geary
Season two george geary
Season two willa geary

TruWest Airlines Flight 462

Season two alex
Season one jake
Season two alan
Season two tom
Season two ian

Connor's Pirates

Season two jack kipling
Season two vida
Season two ben

Connor's Family

Season two connor
Season two reed

Mexican Navy

Season two miguel (2)

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

Abigail Estate

Season two sofia
Season two juan
Season two jorge

Flores Family

Season two luis flores
Season two celia flores
Season two thomas abigail

Rural Baja California

Season two gael

Javier's Family

Season two javier
Season two ramon

Magaña Family

Brandon's Group


Suarez Family

Season two elias suarez
Season two benito suarez
Season two sara suarez

Tijuana, Baja California

La Colonia

Season two alonso herrera

Francisco's Family

Season two ana
Season two laura

El Pelícano

Season two marco rodriguez
Season two ramiro

Gonzalez Dam

Season three lola guerrero
Season three dante esquivel
Season three othon
Season three jc

Rosarito, Baja California

Rosarito Beach Hotel

Season three ava

Reyes Family

Season three elena reyes
Hector (Wrath)

Diaz Family

Season two oscar diaz

Stowe Family

Season three ilene stowe

Rural California

Diana (Fear)
Season three steven

Broke Jaw Ranch

Season three bob
Season three blake sarno
Season three kerry
Season three stan
Season three gabe dille
Season three paul (fear)
Season three cooper
Season three jimmie
Season three joseph
Season three phil mccarthy
Season three willy

Otto Family

FTWD S3 Troy
Season three jake otto
Season three tracy otto

Daley Family

Season three pat daley
Season three dax daley

Brown Family

Season three martha brown

Trimbol Family

Season three vernon trimbol
Season three kathy trimbol
Season three mike trimbol

Twomey Family

Season three erin twomey

Black Hat Reservation

Season three crazy dog
Season three marta
Season three john hogan
Season three jose
Season three klah jackson

Mexicalí, Baja California

El Bazar

Season three maria lu
Season three johnny
Season three eddie

The Proctors

Season three proctor john
Season three proctor nine
Season three proctor eleven


Season five morgan jones
Season five dwight fear
Rick Grimes (Fear)
Carol Peletier (Fear)
Paul Rovia (Fear)

Rural Texas

John Dorie S4 Crop
Althea S4 Crop
June S4 Crop
Season four slim
Season four quinn

Leland's Group

Season four leland
Season four hardy
Season four bill

Ryan's Family

Season four ryan
Season four molly fear

Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium

Season four cole

Vivian's Family

Season four vivian

The Vultures

Season four edgar
Season four ingrid

Melvin's Family

Season four mel
Season four ennis

Rural Mississippi

Season 5 Sarah
Season four jim

Clayton's Group

Season four purvis
Season four stevie

Martha's Family

Season four martha
Season four hank

Unknown Location

Season five max
Season five dylan
Season five annie fear



Ellen (Just in Case)
Season three geoff

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