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This article is about named characters in Fear The Walking Dead. You may be looking for the unnamed or unseen characters.

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. They are grouped by family, locations or groups of survivors and are in order of first appearance.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was either: injured; lost; unsecured; absent in later episodes or written out of the show.


El Sereno, California

Clark Family

Alicia Clark (Fear)

Manawa Family

Travis Manawa (Fear)

Cruz Family

Joanna Cruz (Fear)
Gladys Cruz (Fear)

Dawson Family

Peter Dawson (Fear)

Tran Family

Susan Tran (Fear)

Ramirez Family

Hector Ramirez (Fear)

Thompson Family

Maria Thompson (Fear)

Posada Family

Los Angeles, California

Victor Strand (Fear)
Adam Gould (Fear)
T.J. (Fear)
Calvin Jasper (Fear)
Gloria (Fear)

Paul R. Williams High School

Tobias (Fear)
Art Costa (Fear)
Matt Sale (Fear)

Los Angeles Police Department

Lane (Fear)
Finley (Fear)

Salazar Family

Daniel Salazar (Fear)
Ofelia Salazar (Fear)

California Army National Guard

Grace Phillips (Fear)
French (Fear)
Andrew Adams (Fear)
Scott (Fear)
Cole (Season 1)
Castro (Fear)
Hodges (Fear)
Mason (Fear)
Jones (Fear)
Shih (Fear)
Kuchen (Fear)
Melvin Allen (Fear)
Moyers (Fear)

Pacific Ocean

Catrina Island, California

Geary Family

Harry Geary (Fear)
George Geary (Fear)
Seth Geary (Fear)
Willa Geary (Fear)

TruWest Airlines Flight 462

Alex (Fear)
Alan (Fear)
Tom (Season 2)
Ian (Fear)
Jake Powell (Fear)

The Pirates

Jack Kipling (Fear)
Vida (Fear)
Ben (Season 2)

Connor's Family

Connor (Fear)
Reed (Fear)

Mexican Navy

Galvan (Fear)
Tintos (Fear)
Miguel (Fear)

Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

Abigail Estate

Sofia (Fear)
Juan (Fear)
Jorge (Fear)

Flores Family

Luis Flores (Fear)
Celia Flores (Fear)
Thomas Abigail (Fear)

Rural Baja California

Javier's Family

Javier (Fear)
Ramon (Fear)

La Manas

Gael (Fear)

Magaña Family

Brandon's Group

Derek (Season 2)
James McCallister (Fear)

Suarez Family

Elías Suarez (Fear)
Benito Suarez (Fear)
Sara Suarez (Fear)

Tijuana, Baja California

La Colonia

Alonso Herrera (Fear)

Francisco's Family

Ana (Fear)
Laura (Fear)

El Pelícano

Marco Rodriguez (Fear)
Ramiro (Fear)

Gonzalez Dam

Lola Guerrero (Fear)
Dante Esquivel (Fear)
Othón (Fear)
J.C. (Fear)

Rosarito, Baja California

Rosarito Beach Hotel

Ava (Fear)

Reyes Family

Elena Reyes (Fear)
Hector Reyes (Fear)

Diaz Family

Oscar Diaz (Fear)

Stowe Family

Ilene Stowe (Fear)

Rural California

Diana (Fear)
Steven (Fear)

Broke Jaw Ranch

Bob (Fear)
Blake Sarno (Fear)
Kerry (Fear)
Stan (Fear)
Gabe Dille (Fear)
Paul (Fear)
Cooper (Fear)
Joseph (Fear)
Jimmie (Fear)
Phil McCarthy (Fear)
Willy (Fear)

Otto Family

Troy Otto (Fear)
Jeremiah Otto Jr. (Fear)
Tracy Otto (Fear)

Daley Family

Pat Daley (Fear)
Dax Daley (Fear)

Brown Family

Martha Brown (Fear)

Trimbol Family

Vernon Trimbol (Fear)
Kathy Trimbol (Fear)
Mike Trimbol (Fear)

Twomey Family

Erin Twomey (Fear)

Black Hat Reservation

Lee (Season 3)
Marta (Fear)
John Hogan (Fear)
José (Fear)
Klah Jackson (Fear)

Mexicalí, Baja California

El Bazar

Maria Lu (Fear)
Johnny (Fear)
Eddie (Fear)

The Proctors

Proctor John (Fear)
Proctor Nine (Fear)
Proctor Eleven (Fear)


June Dorie (Fear)
Wes (Fear)
Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki (Fear)
Slim (Fear)
Will (Fear)
Eli (Fear)
Ed (Fear)
Serena (Fear)
Quinn (Fear)
Cindy Hawkins (Fear)

Dorie Family

John Dorie (Fear)

Leland's Group

Leland (Fear)
Hardy (Fear)
Bill (Fear)

Ryan's Family

Ryan (Fear)
Molly (Fear)

Dwight's Family

Dwight (Fear)
Sherry (Fear)

Tess' Family

Tess (Fear)
Ben (Season 5)

LaRoux Family

Josiah LaRoux (Fear)
Emile LaRoux (Fear)

The Outcasts

Oswald (Fear)

Larson Family

Briga Larson (Fear)
Kim Larson (Fear)
Kevin Larson (Fear)

Fred's Family

Bea (Fear)
Fred (Fear)
Emma (Fear)


Morgan Jones (Fear)
Paul Rovia (TV Series)
Carol Peletier (TV Series)
Rick Grimes (TV Series)

Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium

Cole (Season 4)

Vivian's Family

Vivian (Fear)

The Vultures

Edgar (Fear)
Ingrid (Fear)

Melvin's Family

Melvin (Fear)
Ennis (Fear)


Sarah Rabinowitz (Fear)
Jim Brauer (Fear)

C&L Freight Services

Rollie (Fear)
Doris (Fear)
Logan (Fear)
Purvis (Fear)
Stevie (Fear)

Martha's Family

Martha (Fear)
Hank (Fear)

Annie's Family

Dylan (Fear)
Max (Fear)
Annie (Fear)

Civic Republic Military

Lonestar Power & Light

Grace Mukherjee (Fear)
Robert Deeley (Fear)

The Caravan

Pete (Fear)
Dom (Fear)

Temple B'nai Israel

Jacob Kessner (Fear)

The Pioneers

James (Fear)
Ellen (Season 5)
Cleve (Fear)
Reg (Fear)
Hill (Fear)
Marcus (Fear)
Terry (Fear)
Sanjay (Fear)
Ben (Season 6)
Jeb (Fear)

Janis' Family

Janis (Fear)
Tom (Season 5)

Virginia's Family

Dakota (Fear)

USS Pennsylvania

Nelson (Fear)
Rogers (Fear)
Brown (Fear)
Power (Fear)
Green (Fear)
Waters (Fear)
Farley (Fear)
Wright (Fear)
Garza (Fear)
Walter (Fear)

Valley Town

John (Fear)
Tina (Fear)
Athena Mukherjee (Fear)

Isaac's Family

Morgan (Fear)
Rachel (Fear)
Isaac (Fear)

Creative Visionaries Agency

Nora (Fear)
Lee (Season 6)
Mark Smith (Fear)

Doomsday Cult

Mike (Fear)
Riley (Fear)
Harvey (Fear)
Derek (Season 5)
Paige (Fear)

Galveston County Jail

Hayes (Fear)
George (Fear)

The Tower

Howard (Fear)
Toby (Fear)

Mickey's Family

Mickey (Fear)
Cliff (Fear)

The Stalkers

Arnold (Fear)
Sage (Fear)

Miscellaneous Survivors

Beta (TV Series)


Dog (Fear)
Rufus (Fear)


Shelby (Fear)
Ada Johnson (Fear)
Ellen (Season 4)
Geoff (Fear)
Dargah (Fear)
Elias Vazquez (Fear)

Fear The Walking Dead Survival

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in Las Vegas's Fear The Walking Dead Survival.

Gibb (Fear)
Larkin (Fear)
Maria (Fear)
Jacob (Fear)