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The following is a timeline for the companion series Fear The Walking Dead, explaining what happened each day.

Note: These events are happening within the same timeline of events chronicled on the TV Series Timeline. Additionally, the number of days, for the time being, are counted from day one of the show, as it is not yet known for certain exactly when the events take place in relation to the official global outbreak as declared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It can, however, be logically assumed that the beginnings of the pandemic as depicted in Fear the Walking Dead coincide with the outbreak globally. 

For the events of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, see World Beyond Timeline. For a complete timeline including all three media go here: Television Universe Timeline.

The Global Outbreak

Pre-Global Outbreak
  • In 1996, Jeremiah Otto promotes his video series on how to survive “TEOTWAWKI,” the survivalist jargon acronym for “The End Of The World As We Know It.” (TEOTWAWKI)
  • Madison Clark's husband dies in an intentional head-on car collision some time prior to the outbreak. (Grotesque)
  • Drug addict Nick Clark is in and out of rehab. (Pilot)
  • Madison and Travis Manawa are starting a new life together, while Travis has problems staying close with his estranged son Chris. (Pilot)
  • Alicia Clark plans to go to college at Berkeley. (Pilot)
  • Victor Strand prepares to depart for a business trip to Los Angeles. (Blood in the Streets)
  • Reports surface across five states of the breakout of a strange disease that inspires flu-like symptoms and causes people to attack others. Its exact biological classification is unknown, and most information is from internet gossip and conspiracy theories. (Pilot) (Promotional Material for Fear the Walking Dead)
  • Patrick Sutherland, a resident of Culver City, is shot and killed by officers of the Los Angeles Police Department while displaying strange and aggressive behavior, including devouring a cat and attempting to attack police officers. The incident was one of eleven cases of violent attacks across the country that week. (Promotional material for Fear the Walking Dead)
  • Nick and Gloria get high at an abandoned church serving as a crack house in east LA. Gloria overdoses during the night. (Grotesque)

Day 1-22

Season 1-2A
Day 1
  • Nick awakens to find his zombified girlfriend cannibalizing a man before and flees the church and is struck by a vehicle. Nick is taken to a nearby hospital where no one believes his story. (Pilot)
  • Travis talks to his ex-wife Liza Ortiz about their son Chris, who does not want to spend the weekend with his father. Travis concedes and allows Chris to stay with his mother. (Pilot)
  • Madison talks with Tobias, a student, whom was caught with a knife and he explains reports of a strange disease. (Pilot)
  • Travis investigates the church but initially finds nothing but a crazed addict living inside, who begs Travis not to kill him. Travis continues into the main room and finds a puddle of wet blood and gore. Startled, he heads home. (Pilot)
Day 2[1]
  • The World Health Organization publishes an "International Disaster Emergency Response" memorandum, instructing health officials on how to dispose of the remains of infected individuals. Advice includes the disregard of DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) patients and the removal of patients to a morgue if efforts to restore life are unsuccessful within 60 seconds. If signs of life resume thereafter, the remains are to be regarded as a biological hazard. (Promotional Material for Fear the Walking Dead)
  • Nick escapes the hospital in different clothes and contacts his dealer before hiding under a bridge. (Pilot)
  • Madison and Travis go to the house of Calvin Jasper, a friend of Nick's, whom they inform of Nick and politely offers his help in helping them. They head home and pass a scene that looks like a traffic jam. (Pilot)
Day 3[2]
  • Even fewer students arrive to school this day due to the mysterious illness that is spreading and the shooting the night before. (Pilot)
  • In class, Alicia and two friends also watch footage of the highway incident on their phones before school is cut short. (Pilot)
  • Nick meets Calvin, his dealer, to see if the drugs he gave were laced. They drive to the LA river where Calvin attempts to kill Nick but he is killed instead. Travis and Madison find him and find Calvin reanimated and unable to die. (Pilot)
  • Alicia visits her boyfriend's house, finding him very ill. She's forced to leave him behind when Madison arrives to take her home. (So Close, Yet So Far)
  • Madison goes to the school for supplies. She finds them, Tobias, and a zombified Art whom Madison is forced to kill by stabbing him in the head. She drops him off at his house before they part ways. (So Close, Yet So Far)
  • Travis looks for Liza and Chris whom they both find at a protest. In amidst the chaos, they take shelter in Daniel Salazar's barbershop where his wife Griselda and daughter Ofelia are hiding too. They flee the residence as a fire breaks out next door and Griselda is injured. They drive to Madison's house as power fails across the city. (So Close, Yet So Far, The Dog)
  • Much of the traffic in and around downtown LA has been brought to a standstill as roads become impassable due to police cordons, rioting, and the growing number of people attempting to leave the city. (Promotional material for Fear the Walking Dead)
  • Thomas Abigail tries to prevent Strand from heading to LA, citing nationwide rioting and the outbreak of the mysterious pathogen. Strand promises to return soon. (Blood in the Streets)
  • Elena Reyes is running a hotel in Tijuana, where a wedding reception is taking place. The parents of the bride make plans to leave as news reaches them of the imminent closing of the USA-Mexico border. When the father of the bride has a heart attack and reanimates as a walker, Elena and her nephew Hector lock the guests in the reception area and await rescue in the hotel. (Do Not Disturb)
  • Madison and her kids battle random Infected until Travis and his group arrive. The Salazars claim Daniel's cousin will pick them up in the morning. (The Dog)
  • Flight 462 makes its way to Phoenix but is forced to turn back to Los Angles as the city loses power too. Onboard, the passengers encounter an Infected. (Flight 462)
Day 4
  • The Governor of the State of California passes an executive order, declaring a state of emergency, and detailing the extent and effects of the outbreak, which extends across "several states". The paperwork explains that the contagion brought "exacerbated death tolls, a significant increase in violent crimes, an excess of bio-hazardous waste, and mass hysteria resulting in widespread power outages." The document mentions evacuation programs and reveals that the WHO has declared a public health emergency. (Promotional material for Fear the Walking Dead)
  • Flight 462 continues its flight to LA when a series of events cause it to crash along the coast. Nick looks on as it passes his house. (Flight 462, The Dog)
  • The Californian National Guard arrive. Travis and Daniel have different opinions on whether its really a good thing. (The Dog).
Day 5 / Day 12
  • The few survivors of Flight 462 float away in an emergency life raft. (Ouroboros)
  • The Californian National Guard fenced off the neighborhood around Madison's home, deploying equipment and resources to assist in day to day life. 12 fenced off "safe zones" are created within the greater Los Angeles area by the Guard. A curfew is implemented in the safe zone, and no one is allowed outside the fences. Basic amenities including limited electricity are partially restored, Madison's home is used as a makeshift hospital and refugee center. Information about the outside world is heavily restricted and rumors spread amongst the populace. Outside of the safe zones, the infected are culled and any civilians who have not fled the city are executed by patrolling squads of soldiers. Liza uses her nursing abilities to help the safe zone residents. (Not Fade Away)
Day 13
  • Chris records his account of the events of the past 9 days. During the recording, he spots a signal light in a damaged building outside the safe zone. (Not Fade Away)
  • During an announcement by the Guard, Andrew Adams meets Ofelia and tries to help her look for medicine for her mother. (Not Fade Away)
  • The announcer then tells Travis that Douglas Thompson won't do the screening and his wife Travis convinces Doug to cooperate only to later learn Doug was taken by the Guard. (Not Fade Away)
  • Nick siphons morphine from a patient's IV after Liza leaves his house. (Not Fade Away)
Day 14
  • Madison attempts to contact the people who communicated with the light signals with a flashlight. Outside the safe-zone, Madison finds the outside area dilapidated with trash, cars, and corpses littering the streets. (Not Fade Away)
  • The head of the Guard assures Travis that no one alive is outside the walls. (Not Fade Away)
  • Dr. Bethany Exner Bethany offers Liza a job as a nurse at her base outside the safe-zone while examining Griselda and Nick. (Not Fade Away)
  • Daniel tells Madison a story about how he found many bodies of people taken by his government, promised to return. He asks her look after Ofelia if something should happen to him. (Not Fade Away)
  • At night, Griselda and Nick are taken by the Guard and Liza goes with Bethany despite Chris' objections. (Not Fade Away)
  • Travis sees the light signals and hears gunshots and sees brighter flashes coming from the location, indicating that the soldiers executed the survivors inside. (Not Fade Away)
Day 15
  • Operation Cobalt is declared by "higher authority" in the military chain of command, and confidential documentation is produced to provide instructions on executing it. Military personnel are told to pack lightly and are given assurance of their safety. Specific steps are given to be followed, and soldiers are to avoid arousing suspicion in the civilian population in the safe zones. Instructions regarding the handling of civilians and quarantined patients will follow separately. (Promotional material for Fear the Walking Dead)
  • Strand, now detained, eyes on Nick and prevents him from getting taken by the guards in order to use him for his escape plan. (Cobalt)
  • Liza is busy helping the patients in a makeshift hospital when Bethany says that Griselda's foot had to be amputated. When Griselda dies from septic shock, she puts her down with air gun. (Cobalt)
  • Andrew is taken prisoner in a basement by Ofelia and Daniel and is interrogated by Daniel who eventually resorts to torture to get him to talk. Ofelia is upset wen she finds out about it Travis barges into the interrogation room and learns about Operation Cobalt, which includes the evacuation of all military personnel in the LA basin, and the "humane termination" of those in quarantine as well as where the detainees are. (Cobalt)
  • At night, Alicia and Chris see the Guard abandoning the safe zone the group decide to leave and let Andrew go despite Daniel's objections. (Cobalt, The Good Man)
  • Daniel frees the thousands of walkers trapped inside a coliseum and leads them toward the refugee camp where they provide a distraction for the others to look for Nick and Griselda. (The Good Man)
  • Nick and Strand make their escape as the facility is overwhelmed by the Infected. They find Liza who aids them in finding the group where informs them of Griselda's death. (The Good Man)
  • Three soldiers confront Chris and Alicia and commandeer their vehicle. (The Good Man)
  • Bethany euthanizes her remaining patients and stays behind, presumably to commit suicide. (The Good Man)
Day 16
  • They reunite with Chris and Alicia, but are then suddenly confronted by Andrew who points his gun at Daniel before shooting Ofelia instead, causing Travis to brutally beat him. (The Good Man)
  • They arrive at Strand's oceanfront mansion, where Strand reveals his plan to escape on his personal yacht, Abigail. Liza reveals to Madison that she has been bitten, and asks Madison to shoot her. Travis encounters the two on the beach, and eventually decides to shoot Liza himself. (The Good Man)
  • By night fall, Operation Cobalt is in full effect. The military bombs Los Angeles and its outlying suburbs. Strand's house is overrun by the infected and set on fire by the bombs. The group flees in a Zodiac boat and boards Strand's yacht, casting off into the Pacific Ocean as the city burns behind them. (Monster)
  • Portland, San Diego, Vancouver and all other major coastal cities are bombed in a last ditch effort by the military to contain the outbreak. The devastation from the epidemic extends inland at least as far as the Continental divide. (We All Fall Down)
Day 17
  • Via an emergency transmission, The U.S. Coast Guard announces that they are unable to provide any rescue or relief efforts to survivors by land, air, or sea. (Monster
  • The group passes a skiff with people on it and leave them to their fate. Alicia listens to the radio and converses with a guy named Jack. The group bury Liza at sea. Later, they see dead bodies floating all around — bodies of the skiff refugees. The skiff floats nearby, riddled with bullets. Nick retrieves the boat's log book. Strand looks at the radar and realizes that whoever shot up the skiff is coming back for them. (Monster)
  • The group heads to a cove where they meet George Geary and his family and decide to dock the boat for the night. Madison becomes friendly with Melissa Geary, and Travis learns from George that the military's bombing campaign has left none of the major coastal cities untouched how he lost contact with the other ranger stations. (We All Fall Down)
  • Luggage, mechanical parts, and other debris from Flight 462 wash up on the Californian coastline.
Day 18
  • Daniel discovers that Strand has a machine gun and maps to Mexico hid away on the boat. Strand makes a phone call to someone saying that he'll be "there." (We All Fall Down)
  • Melissa asks Madison and Travis to take her two younger children, Harry and Willa with them so they can have a chance at life. However, Willa ingests some of her father's stash of suicide pills and dies. When she turns, she kills Melissa. Before Harry leaves with the group, Seth, his older brother arrives with a rifle to take back Harry. As the Abigail departs, Seth shoots his zombified mother. (We All Fall Down)

Day 19

  • Close to sunrise, the Abigail is forced to a halt by an infected blocking the filtration system. Madison asks Travis to wait until sunrise. Travis insists the boat has to keep going. Travis is tasked with fixing the problem. (Ouroboros)
  • Nick, Chris, Alicia, and Daniel go ashore to investigate the remains of Flight 462. Chris mercy kills a crippled survivor, and Nick aids Daniel in finding medicine for Ofelia. They Alex who warns Daniel to flee as a massive horde follows behind. The group fight the horde off and return to the yacht with Alex and a badly-injured Jake Powell in tow. (Ouroboros)
  • The group debates whether or not to take Alex and Jake with them, and eventually find a compromise; they will tow them behind the Abigail on their raft. After deliberating over the decision, Strand silently cuts them adrift. (Ouroboros)
  • Fires from the military's bombing campaign sweep across the Yosemite and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges. (Story Sync)
Day 20
  • At night, The Abigail reaches the Mexican border. Nick, under Strand's orders, swims to shore to find Luis Flores. Upon reaching the shore, he discovers a recently abandoned refugee camp, and uses the blood of a zombie to disguise himself amongst the infected. (Blood in the Streets)
  • Jack and his group hijack the Abigail and take everyone hostage. (Blood in the Streets)
  • Strand abandons the ship, but his inflatable life raft is shot, leaving him in the ocean without a boat. (Blood in the Streets)
Day 21
  • Celia Flores poisons a church congregation as Thomas Abigail tries to reason with them not to leave. (Sicut Cervus)
  • Travis hot-wires the Abigail so that Reed doesn't shoot Chris. Connor, their leader, takes Travis and Alicia to their base, leaving the rest under the supervision of Reed and 2 others. (Blood in the Streets)
  • Nick finds Luis and they reach the Abigail in time to rescue everyone, killing the lookouts and Reed becomes the group's prisoner. (Blood in the Streets)
  • Strand, on the verge of drowning, is rescued by Madison. (Blood in the Streets)
  • At the pirate's base, Alicia is given a hot meal by Connor, and later, Jack teaches Alicia how to identify vessels appropriate for boarding, with the aim of choosing a large and fast target. (Captive)
  • Travis is confronted by an angry Alex. She reveals that she was forced to euthanize Jake, and was picked up by the pirates shortly thereafter. She asked them to bring her Travis, and accuses him of forcing her into her decision. Travis laments what the world has become, and when Alex leaves, they are on better terms. (Captive)
  • Madison makes contact with Connor via radio and they agree to a prisoner swap. However, Chris shoots Reed out of anger but the head undamaged so he is still used to trade regardless. (Captive)
  • The trade goes off and Connor is bitten while Travis and Alicia escape with the group. (Captive)
  • They make it to Mexico where Strand's and Luis bribe between two officers goes wrong which results in the officers' deaths and Luis who asks them not to stab his head despite Daniel's judgement. (Sicut Cervus)
  • Once on land, they find themselves at the church where Thomas Abigail met with the parishioners. Chris' mental problems are clear to Madison after he nearly let an Infected kill her. (Sicut Cervus)
  • The group arrives at the Abigail family estate and are welcomed by Celia. They have their weapons confiscated, and Strand discovers that Thomas was bitten and suffering from a severe fever.
  • Nick meets Celia and strikes up a friendship with her which Madison doesn't agree with. (Sicut Cervus)
  • Nearing death, Thomas says that he is unable to sleep, or indeed to let go of his life, because he doesn't want to leave Strand. Strand offers to die with him. (Sicut Cervus)
  • Daniel wanders the grounds of the estate and discovers Infected locked in the cellar. Celia defends this believing that they still alive. Nick comes to believe this philosophy. (Sicut Cervus)
Day 22
  • In the early hours of the morning, Thomas expires as Strand lays next to him. Strand decides not to commit suicide and shoots Thomas in the head. (Sicut Cervus)
  • Chris gets up and silently leaves his bedroom without alerting Travis, entering the room where Alicia and Madison are sleeping. An alarmed Alicia and Madison yell at Chris to get out. Travis goes after him. (Sicut Cervus)
  • Celia is furious and demands Strand and his people to leave by sundown. Later, Nick retrieve Celia's son Luis and she allows his family to stay though Madison has no desire to stay. (Shiva)
  • Clearly troubled and losing his grip on reality, Daniel begins furiously sharpening his barber blade, which he had concealed. He is locked inside the house after attacking one of Celia's men. (Shiva)
  • Travis tracks Chris to a small house where a man is living. Chris holds them both hostage until Travis disarms him. Nick finds them and Travis tell him Chris can't be around people for now and tell Nick to say he never found them. (Shiva)
  • Madison confronts Celia and tries to persuade her to let Strand stay. Through the course of the conversation, Madison sees that Celia is delusional. Madison pretends that she wants to "understand" the dead. Celia takes her to the cellar where the undead are being kept. When he unlocks the gate and walks in, Madison quietly locks her in and leaves. (Shiva)
  • Daniel hears the voice of his deceased wife Griselda and she later appears to him. He escapes his imprisonment and pours gasoline in the cellar before setting it on fire. (Shiva)
  • The entire house erupts in flames and everyone flees. Strand picks up Madison, Alicia, and a distraught Ofelia. When he sees what has happened, Nick refuses to join them as they drive away. (Shiva)
  • Daniel awakens from his trance and barely escapes the Abigail house with his life. Realizing the consequences of his actions, he despairs, believing he may have killed Ofelia. (100)

Day 23-64

Season 2B-3
Day 23
  • The next morning, Nick awakens in a house near the Abigail property. Sofia gives Nick food and water and points to a highway that would take him to Tijuana. (Grotesque)
  • After travelling for many miles, he finds shelter at what looks like an abandoned house, but he is chased out in the middle of the night by a woman with a bat and forced to leave his supplies behind. (Grotesque)
  • Daniel heads along the road same road as Nick, towards Tijuana. His injuries are severe, with major burns to his leg, hand and neck. Upon arriving in Tijuana, he searches in vain for water, and escapes from a Walker during his fight for survival. Later, after falling asleep, he is rescued by Efraín and receives medical treatment from Lola Guerrero. (100)
Day 24
  • Madison continues her search for Nick and Travis. Alongside Strand, Ofelia, and Alicia, she discovers upon returning to the coast that the military has stolen the Abigail, thereby leaving them stranded in Mexico. At Alicia's suggestion, the group takes shelter in a coastal hotel, which has been barricaded from the inside. (Los Muertos)
  • After making sure that the ground floor is clear, Alicia and Ofelia decide to explore the upper levels despite Madison's reservations. There, they discover that someone has locked the infected into the individual rooms, thus keeping the halls clear. Ofelia reveals that she thinks that they won't survive, but Alicia insists that they can and will, because they have to. (Los Muertos)
  • Madison and Strand open up to each other over some drinks. Madison reveals that her husband committed suicide by driving into oncoming traffic, but that she kept the truth from her children. She fears that the same darkness lurks within Nick, and laments her decisions to run from her past and have kids. In spite of Strand's attempts to reassure her, she breaks down and begins breaking glasses. The two of them continue to drink and get increasingly drunk. Strand begins to bang on the piano, creating a lot of noise and attracting the attention of a group of infected trapped nearby. (Los Muertos)
  • Alicia finishes showering and calls for Ofelia, but cannot find her. She hears the piano, and witnesses infected falling from balconies onto the floor, attracted by the sound. She yells, trying to get Madison's attention, and finds a stairway filled with infected. Meanwhile, Strand continues to bang the keys of the piano, until he notices the infected approaching from all sides. The two of them struggle to fight them off in their drunken state, and end up behind the bar, surrounded. (Los Muertos)
  • Travis and Chris find a car and use it. Before they leave Chris searches a diner for supplies and is attacked by zombies. A group led by Brandon Luke unintentionally rescue him and Chris makes off with their can of beans. (Do Not Disturb)
  • That night, Brandon find the duo and the two groups make an uneasy truce. Chris takes an immediate like to them but Travis knows they're dangerous and not to be trusted.
  • Alicia is rescued by Elena and helps her look for her nephew in exchange for the manager to help Alicia find her mother and Strand. The meet the survivors of the banquet hall who trade Hector for the keys to the hotel. The girls open the door full of walkers and chase the other group away. (Do Not Disturb)
  • Madison and Strand escape the bar and coat themselves in zombie blood to escape another horde. Eventually they take refuge in the spa area until they hear Alicia, Elena, and Hector yelling for help and rescue them. (Pablo & Jessica)
  • After failing Oscar's group to help them remove the walkers, they do it themselves and are followed by other residents. They succeed in luring the zombies on a pier and into the ocean. (Pablo & Jessica)
  • Nick escapes a group of bandits and tries to survive in the wilderness. He resorts to eating raw cactus and drinking his own urine when that fails. As the temperature plummets overnight, he finds shelter next to a wrecked vehicle and dreams of his time in rehab when he was told that his father had died. (Grotesque)
  • Travis and the guys stop at Elías Suarez's barn and attempt to steal chickens. The farmer threatens them with a rifle. Travis tries to diffuse the situation but James breaks a chicken's leg and is shot. Chris immediately shoots the farmer dead much to the shock of Travis. Chris reasons that it's how the world is now. "You kill or be killed." (Do Not Disturb, Date of Death)
  • Strand goes to Oscar's room and learns that the man's wife is a walker and offers to put her down since Oscar cannot bring himself to do so. (Pablo & Jessica)
Day 25
  • When he wakes up, Nick is attacked by two dogs which results in an injured leg. The Infected kill the dogs and Nick uses a belt as a tourniquet. Later, the bandits from the highway come back and Gael, one of the outlaws, spots Nick among the dead and becomes petrified which ends in his and another's demise. (Grotesque)
  • Luciana and two scouts spot Nick. While she decides to leave him, Francisco wants her to help him since he walked with "them." (Grotesque)
Day 26
  • Luciana finds Nick in a store and brings him to Alejandro for treatment of his bite wound. Nick then walks around their community, which is bustling with activity. (Grotesque)
Day 27
  • Nick witnesses someone being fed to walkers and later goes with Luciana to retrieve supplies from Marco Rodriguez and his gang. Nick nearly causes trouble by stealing a candy bar but promises to trade the drugs for more supplies. (Los Muertos)
Day 28
  • Nick redeems himself from his first trade by finding a new way of buying them more time, mixing the Oxy's powder with milk powder, so they can keep up with the trades. After this, Alejandro offers him a place to stay. (Pablo & Jessica)
  • That night Luciana visits Nick at his new home, while Nick is reading a Spanish-English dictionary. She falls asleep for a while and after waking Nick and Luciana make love. (Pablo & Jessica)
Day 31[3]
  • A week has gone by since arriving at the farm and the group (excluding Travis) has eaten all the chickens on the farm. Brandon gets everyone ready to leave the farm, but James is still too weak to travel. The boys decide to kill James and leave in the morning. Travis threatens them at gunpoint to stay away from James. (Date of Death)
Day 32
  • Travis is tricked by Chris into letting his guard down long enough for Brandon and Derek to pin him down and kill James. Chris leaves his father behind and Travis curses his son for doing so.(Date of Death)
Day 33 / 34
  • Chris volunteers to drive so Derek and Brandon can catch up on sleep, however, Chris nods off for a second and the truck rolls over. Chris is alive, but his leg is badly broken. He tries to crawl away but Brandon shoots him dead before he and Derek walk away. (Wrath)
Day 34[4]
  • Francisco leaves La Colonia with his wife and daughter but is captured by the gang. Alejandro loses faith on his followers and orders no one to try to leave. Nick, unbeknownst that Alejandro and Luciana plan on still making the trade, sees that the people desperately need supplies. (Pillar of Salt)
  • Ofelia stops at restaurant and reminisces her past before siphoning gas out of another car for her truck. At a crossroad, she decides to return to the U.S. (Pillar of Salt)
  • Strand is stabbed by Ilene Stowe and is in need of medical supplies that the hotel does not have.
  • Madison and Elena to Los Hermanos' supermarket hide out to get the supplies and Madison learns Nick is alive and nearby. Later that night, she turns on the hotel lights to signal Nick but Alicia helps her to realize it was a mistake and she turns them off again.
  • Nick steps away looks at the area surrounding La Colonia and sees two men looking at Colonia through binoculars, and realizes the Hermanos gang has found Colonia. (Pillar of Salt)
  • Travis, who's been wandering around for two days, sees the neon lights of the Rosarito Beach Hotel and heads towards it. (Pillar of Salt)
Day 35
  • As a result of Madison's actions, a swarm of refugees are at the gate of the hotel where Madison and the others attempt to send them off. Madison spots Travis in the crowd and lets him in. He relays his story of what happened to him and Chris after the fall of Celia's compound. (Date of Death)
  • That night, Brandon and Derek arrive at the hotel with other refugees.
  • Nick and Reynaldo take the drugs from Alejandro's cabinet to trade with the Hermanos. (Wrath)
Day 36
  • Ofelia's truck breaks down and she continues on foot to the U.S. border. She slips through a hole in a chain-link fence. Later, she is shot at by Jeremiah Otto. After cornering her, he sarcastically welcomes her to America before telling her to go back the way she came. (Wrath, Children of Wrath)
  • Ofelia is near death when Qaletqa Walker finds her, take her back to his home and heals her. (Children of Wrath)
  • Madison meets Brandon and Derek. When she realizes they're the boys from Travis' story, she attempts to send them off only to be discovered by Travis. They tell Travis what happened to Chris and confess that they killed him instead of helping him. Travis snaps and beats the boys to death while injuring Oscar in the process. (Wrath)
  • Nick and Reynaldo arrive at El Pelícano and offer the drugs to Marco, but Marco no longer wants the drugs and warns them that the Hermanos will invade the Colonia. He shows them Francisco and his family's bodies to prove what will happen to the residents if they are still there when they arrive. (Wrath)
  • When Nick returns, a walker attacks Alejandro and two others but Nick kills it. He sees Alejandro afraid of his bite wound. He realizes that he is not immune and is infected. Luciana is devastated when she learns the truth. Nick attempts to convince her to leave but she refuses to leave the people to their fate. (Wrath)
  • Travis is put in isolation and Madison promises that Travis will leave and so will her and Alicia. Elena gives her till sunrise. (North)
  • Andres tries to save his brother, but the damage to his brain is too bad so he is put down. He, Hector, and two others go up to Travis' room to kill him. Alicia kills Andres before he can shoot Travis and Strand chases the other three out of the room at gunpoint. (North)
  • Strand stays behind at the hotel as Travis, Madison, and Alicia crash through the gate with their truck. (North)
  • After the trio escape the hotel, the make their way to the Hermanos supermarket lair to find out where Nick is staying. (North)
  • Nick leaves the Colonia and while on the run, he spots a helicopter leaving a camp just near the U.S./Mexican border. He returns to the Colonia to convince Alejandro to let the people leave before the Hermanos arrive. Alejandro agrees. (North)
Day 37
  • Miguel and his gang arrive at the Colonia and find it abandoned. Alejandro, who stayed behind, removes the truck from The Wall and the walkers invade the Colonia killing the majority of Los Hermanos. (North)
  • Madison, Travis, and Alicia make to the Colonia only to find zombified Hermanos and a dying Alejandro who tells them where Nick and rest of the people have gone. After he passes, Madison puts him down to prevent reanimation. (North)
  • Nick and Luciana lead the people from the Colonia to the border but are attacked by men with guns. Reynaldo and some others die or escape. Nick and Luciana are captured by the men. (North)
Day 38
  • Travis, Madison and Alicia arrive at the border and are captured by the militiamen and separated. Travis is in a room with Nick and Luciana and other captives while the girls are in an office (Eye of the Beholder)
  • Madison and Alicia meet Troy Otto who is vague as to Travis or Nick's whereabouts. (Eye of the Beholder)
  • Another captive, Steven, forms a plan with the trio to escape the compound. After killing one of the men and injuring another, the three escape the building and enter the courtyard. There, Travis stays behind to give them time, and Steven is killed while Nick and Luciana escape to the sewers. (Eye of the Beholder)
  • Madison attacks Troy and holds him hostage until his brother, Jake, diffuses the situation. (Eye of the Beholder)
  • Travis is sent to "the pit" and singlehandedly kills dozens of walkers within it. Exhausted, he is eventually brought out and reunites with the Clarks and Luciana.(Eye of the Beholder)
  • As the group leaves, walkers swarm the compound and Travis, Alicia, Jake, and Charlene take an injured Luciana by helicopter to Broke Jaw Ranch while the rest travel by trucks. (Eye of the Beholder)
  • That night, Gunshots are fired at the helicopter and Travis is critically injured and willingly falls out of the plane when Alicia notices the severity of his wounds. (The New Frontier)
  • Back at the hotel, Strand rescues Elena and Hector from a mob when he convinces them he's a doctor and lets the people in despite Hector and Elena's reservations. (The New Frontier)
  • Recovering well from his injuries, Daniel accompanies Efrain on his daily hunt for walkers. Back in the hideout, he confesses his crimes to Efrain and reveals his guilt over hiding his true nature from Ofelia, and endangering her at the Abigail home. At night, he leaves Efrain's home in the middle of a storm, and is confronted by a large zombie. Without any weapons, he kneels and prays. Before the walker can attack him, it is struck by lightning and killed, while Daniel is knocked unconscious and washed away in the fast flowing river. (100)
Day 39
  • The helicopter survivors begin to make the rest of the way on foot. (The New Frontier)
  • Nick and Madison arrive at the ranch and are forced to wait outside while Troy and Jake inform the residents of the recent events. They met Jeremiah Otto and begin to explore their new surroundings. Nick is anxious to leave as soon as possible, but Madison is more receptive to the idea of staying, and she tells him she is prepared to defend them if necessary. (The New Frontier)
  • That night, as Alicia, Charlene and Jake continue on foot, Charlene is killed by Walkers, and Alicia and Jake bond over their shared losses. (The New Frontier)
  • At the hotel, Strand delivers a baby and is later told by Elena to leave in order to save face. Hector has him convince Ilene to eat before departing. (The New Frontier)
  • A despairing Ilene gives car keys to Strand before jumping out of her apartment balcony to her death. (The New Frontier)
  • Daniel is rescued by janitors and reunites with Lola who takes him to the Gonzales Dam to work undercover as a janitor. There, he gets into a violent altercation with one of Dante's men. Dante recognizes his Salvadorian background, and correctly deduces that he is a proficient killer, a former member of the Sombra Negra death squads, and received training from the CIA. He becomes one of Dante's enforcers. (100)
Day 40
  • Strand finds the car and departs from the hotel. (The New Frontier)
  • Jake and Alicia, with Luciana, make it to the ranch and after a tense standoff, Jeremiah allows an unconscious Luciana to enter and receive medical treatment. (The New Frontier)
  • Madison learns of Travis' death and grieves bitterly. She talks with her children and reveals her plan to take over the ranch if they have to, and when the time is right. She asks Alicia how Travis died. (The New Frontier)
  • Daniel is tasked by Dante with finding out who is "stealing" water from the dam. Upon realizing those responsible are Lola and Efrain, he conceals the existence of the water pump but aides in the capture of Efrain. (100)
Day 41
  • Strand arrives at the Gonzales Dam and is greeted by Dante Esquivel, a former business associate of his, who denounces him as untrustworthy and after Strand convinces him not kill him, he decides to keep him as a slave. (TEOTWAWKI) Daniel is witness to his arrival (100)
  • Madison sees Jeremiah's bunker with supplies and artillery. (TEOTWAWKI)
  • Nick goes on a night hunt with Troy where Nick has an opportunity to shoot him but spares him.
  • Alicia goes to a "bible group" where they smoke pot, drink, and talk to a disembodied head named Geoff. (TEOTWAWKI)
  • Jeremiah and Jake try to figure out who shot down the helicopter. (TEOTWAWKI)
  • Luciana begins to recover from her gunshot wound. (TEOTWAWKI)
  • Strand reunites with Daniel and attempts to bargain his way out, but Daniel easily determines that he is lying, and concludes that Ofelia is dead. He leaves Strand in the holding cell. (TEOTWAWKI, 100)
  • Dante tortures Efrain for information. He summons Daniel, and gleefully tells him to proceed with further torture. Daniel quietly offers to give Efrain a quick death, but Lola intervenes, revealing herself to be responsible for the water smuggling. Subsequently, Dante attempts to have her executed alongside her conspirators, but Daniel refuses at the last second. He turns the tables and swiftly kills Dante and his guards. He kneels before Lola and gives her his gun, asking her forgiveness but ready to accept her revenge. She offers him her hand. (100)
Day 42
  • Madison volunteers to go on a run with a group to find the culprits who shot down the helicopter. (TEOTWAWKI)
  • Martha and Russell Brown die during the night and their house burns down. (Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame)
Day 43
Day 44
Day 45
  • Vernon Trimbol and his family leave the ranch. (Red Dirt)
  • Troy lock up the guns in the bunker before making a speech to his men and later goes out to confront the Trimbols. (Red Dirt)
  • Jeremiah begins to drink again. (Red Dirt)
  • Jake prepares to confront Walker to negotiate. (Red Dirt)
Day 46
  • Madison Nick, and Jeremiah discover the carnage left behind by Troy but cover it up say Walker's men did it. (Red Dirt)
  • Alicia follows Jake. (Red Dirt)
Day 47
  • Alicia and Jake make it to the Black Hat Reservation where Walker refuses to back down but eventually agrees to a parley; Alicia stays at their base while Jake goes to back to the ranch with Ofelia to relay the terms to Jeremiah. (The Unveiling)
  • Nick and other learn how to shoot. (The Unveiling)
  • Alicia finds Ofelia. (The Unveiling)
Day 48
  • Jake and Ofelia make it back to the ranch. Jeremiah doesn't want to comply. (The Unveiling)
  • Madison, Troy, Nick and others infiltrate Black Hat and get back Alicia while killing some of Walker's men. (The Unveiling)
Day 49
  • Jake returns Ofelia to Walker but Walker refuses further negotiation and promises to kill him and the rest of his family. (The Unveiling)
  • Ofelia is beaten and returned to the ranch as Walker wants Alicia. Ofelia is put to work in the kitchen. (The Unveiling)
  • Troy sets up a perimeter patrol. (The Unveiling)
  • Ofelia poisons the patrol with anthrax and runs during the an attack from the undead. Madison follows her and stops her. (The Unveiling, Children of Wrath)
Day 50
  • Nick is in the medical tent. (Children of Wrath)
  • Madison returns Ofelia to Walker who respects her enough to give her a choice to take her family and leave or die along with the Ottos. (Children of Wrath)
  • Strand find the Abigail shipwrecked and clears it of zombies. (Children of Wrath)
  • Madison and Troy steal a trailer from Walker's base. (Children of Wrath)
  • Nick finds out about Jeremiah. Vernon, Phil, and Russell killing Walker's family members. Children of Wrath)
Day 51
  • Nick reveals what Jeremiah did to his mother and sister. (Children of Wrath)
  • Strand gets a radio signal from the Abigail's radio from a cosmonaut in space. That night, he sets fire to the yacht an leaves. (Children of Wrath)
  • Walker and his men arrive at the ranch. Madison attempts to return relics to appease him but claims it's not enough. They all must leave the ranch or die. (Children of Wrath)
  • Madison reveals her past about her father's drinking problems and her mother suffering for it and shot her father dead. (Children of Wrath)
  • Madison attempts to have Jeremiah kill himself to bring peace between the feuding families, but Nick kills him while he taunts his mother. (Children of Wrath)
Day 52
Day 53
  • The Black Hat Nation move into the ranch much to the chagrin of the ranch inhabitants. (Minotaur)
  • The remnants of the militia take on a small group of Infected. (Minotaur)
  • At a wake, Jake and Walker make speeches about a hopeful peace between the two different groups. (Minotaur)
  • Lola is advised by Daniel and Efrain to be careful when giving out the water from the dam now that she is in Dante's position. (Minotaur)
Day 54
  • Terrance Shafford shoots one of Walker's men, with influence from Troy, and Crazy Dog breaks his trachea. This leads to Walker's people taking full charge of the armory and they round up the remaining weapons. (Minotaur)
  • Troy attempts a shootout but is stopped by Nick who reveals that he killed Jeremiah. (Minotaur)
  • Madison discovers Jeremiah's file on the current state of the well. (Minotaur)
  • Daniel confides to Lola about his hopes for Ofelia being alive. (Minotaur)
Day 55
  • Lola is attacked by an irate citizen and Daniel takes her back to the dam. (Minotaur)
  • Troy is exiled from the ranch. (Minotaur)
  • Nick spends time in a heat shed for being involved with Troy's plight. (Minotaur, The Diviner)
Day 56
  • Madison and Walker discover that the water supply is low and confide in Alicia, Jake, and Ofelia in the situation.
  • Nick is released from his punishment and later the militia take him as their leader after he stood up to Troy. (The Diviner)
Day 57
  • Tensions begin to build as the two groups begin to ration their water. (The Diviner)
  • Madison and Walker reach "El Bazar" where they meet a vendor for water while also running into Victor who is in debt with another person. (The Diviner)
  • Troy makes it to the McCarthy's outpost and searches for supplies and finds a grenade launcher and buries the old man's body. (Brother's Keeper)
Day 58
  • Strand is taken to the wall where he's forced to fight Infected in order to pay off a debt. (The Diviner)
  • During an altercation, Alicia reveals the water crisis to both groups which escalates the situation. (The Diviner)
  • The militia plan to ambush the nation to get their guns back. (The Diviner)
  • Troy begins drawing the infected to the ranch.(Brother's Keeper)[5]
Day 59
  • Strand is freed thanks to Walker's trade on the condition he takes him and Madison to Gonzales Dam. (The Diviner)
  • Alicia helps members of the nation dig for a well in hopes for more water. Nick joins them after calling off militia's attack. (The Diviner)
  • Stand leads Madison and Walker through then sewers to the dam where they meet Daniel and Lola where they are refused water. (La Serpiente)
Day 60
  • Lola confronts Daniel on his tactics towards the people. (La Serpiente)
  • Strand blows up the dam's water truck which convinces Lola to trade water for guns and ammunition from the ranch. (La Serpiente)
  • Troy encounters Nick at the ranch and warns him of "the reckoning" that's heading toward the ranch. (Brother's Keeper)
Day 61
  • Jake and Nick find Troy and attempt to stop him but it results in Jake being bitten, amputated, and bleeding to death. Nick encourages a broken Troy to put his brother down. (Brother's Keeper)
  • The mass hoard of dead reach the ranch. Despite attempt to block the perimeter, the Dead break through which results in deaths and the survivors to the pantry. (Brother's Keeper)
  • Ofelia and Lee go through the vents to reach the outside while Alicia remain with the group and puts down those who are bitten or succumb to lack of oxygen until Madison, Strand, and Walker arrive. (This Land Is Your Land)
  • As everyone leaves for the dam, Alicia decides to live on her own. Madison has Nick and Troy follow her. (This Land Is Your Land)
  • That night, Nick and Troy catch up to Alicia. (El Matadero)
Day 62
  • Nick and Troy leave Alicia to find Madison and high on anything they can find at El Bazar.
  • Madison discovers Ofelia was bit and attempts to keep her alive to say goodbye to her father. She gets her supplies at "El Bazar". (El Matadero)
  • Alicia looks for supplies and encounters Diana. (El Matadero)
  • Daniel meets Madison and finds Ofelia dead. He threatens Madison before preventing Ofelia from turning. (El Matadero)
Day 63
  • Daniel and Madison reconcile. She, Walker, Crazy Dog, and Strand leave for the dame while Nick an Troy stay behind. (El Matadero)
  • Alicia helps Diana kill Infected for teeth and fingers. (El Matadero)
Day 64
  • Nick and Troy learn about the Proctors attack on the dam and head. (Things Bad Begun)
  • Alicia and Diana are nearly robbed and come across The Proctors who use Alicia as a nurse and joins them on their trip to the dam. (Things Bad Begun)
  • Walker and Lee head north to find more of their people. (Things Bad Begun, Sleigh Ride)
  • As the dam preps for The Proctors arrival, Troy is killed after Madison learns the truth, Stand shoots Daniel, and The Proctors arrive which leads to the death of Efrain, Lola, and others. (Things Bad Begun)
  • Strand tries to leave with Madison and Nick but is caught and prepares to execute them along with Alicia whose guilty by association. (Sleigh Ride)
  • Nick blows up the dam with help from Walker Lee and Daniel while his family, Strand and Proctor John escape. (Sleigh Ride)
  • Madison, separated from the others, washes up on a concrete riverbank where people are gathering water.(Sleigh Ride)

Day +64-794

Season 3 / 4 Interim
Day +64 / Day +794
  • Morgan leaves the Junkyard in Virginia and heads west to escape people. (What's Your Story?)
  • Madison, Alicia, Nick and Strand hold out in a cave until all of them are healed from the events at the Gonzales Dam, but Nick leaves early to find Luciana. (Just in Case)
  • Daniel separates himself from the group and eventually meets Althea and makes residence in Texas at a warehouse filled with vehicles. (The Hurt That Will Happen)
  • Over the course of eight days, John and Laura (June) survive together and fall in love, but the girl leaves and John decides to go look for her which last for over a year. (Laura, Still Standing)
  • "A couple of weeks ago back El Paso", Madison is separated from her group. (No One's Gone)
  • A disheveled Madison encounters Althea and is enlightened to save people and not destroy life. The next morning, she finds her family and stumble upon Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium and begin a community. (No One's Gone)
  • One year after finding the stadium; Madison, Luciana, Alicia, and Strand go out to find Charlie's (who has been there for two weeks) group only to find June (alias Naomi) who demands their car and ends up being save from Walkers. That night, The Vultures, Charlie's group arrives to harass and claim the Stadium's resources and warn them to give them up or they'll just wait for them to die; especially when their crops are ruined by weevils. (Another Day in the Diamond)
    • The next day, Madison continues her daily routine despite The Vultures waiting outside. (Another Day in the Diamond)
    • The following day, Nick and Madison go on a supply-run only to be thwarted by Ennis and Charlie. (Good Out Here)
    • A couple of weeks later[6], the stadium food supplies begin to dwindle, Madison reluctantly sends three pairs of her people to find more. (Buried)
    • A week later; June, Strand, and Madison go out to find seeds with June's information and stop at a motel for the night. (Just in Case)
    • The next day June leaves only to be surrounded by the Dead in an abandoned building where her daughter and another group died. The three return and The Vultures appear to leave in defeat, but Madison has Alicia prepare a getaway car just in case. (Just in Case)
    • The next day, Charlie returns and asks them to help Mel after they've had an accident. After patching him up, Madison sends him away but not before he warns her of Ennis' intentions. Walkers are released at the Stadium surrounded by fire. Cole and the others flee. Madison sacrifices herself to save Alicia, Nick, Strand, and Luciana by leading the herd into the stadium and burns it along with her. Charlie and Mel escape in the getaway car. June runs until she is taken in by the Vultures. (The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now, No One's Gone)
  • Alicia and the group prepare a cache of weapons to use to go after the Vultures for revenge. (Buried)
  • Cole and the others are ambushed a week after the fire and become bandits. (Mother)
  • Martha and her husband Hank crash their car and she waits in vain for help. Hank dies from his injuries and she loses her mind. When truckers begin leaving stuff to help people, she goes on a murderous rampage. (MM 54)
  • Grace's Power Plant falls after a reactor fails leaving her group dead or exposed to radiation. [7]

Day +794-834

Season 4
Day +794[8]
  • Morgan Jones encounters John Dorie and after running into a group of hostile survivors, they are saved by Althea. (What's Your Story?)
Day +795
  • After attempting to separate himself from John and Althea, the hostile group return and Morgan is wounded while trying to fight them off. (What's Your Story?)
  • On the road once more, the three survivors encounter Alicia, Nick, Strand, and Luciana who hold them at gunpoint and question them about The Vulture's flag they recovered[9]. (What's Your Story?, Another Day in the Diamond)
  • After the SWAT truck crashes, the group separates to fix things. (Good Out Here)
  • Despite Morgan's objections, Nick kills Ennis after tracking him down only to be shot and killed by Charlie. (Good Out Here)
  • Luciana stabs Nick in the head before reanimation. (Buried)
  • Althea listens to the trios story as they prepare to bury Nick and John learn that Naomi is the girl he remembers as "Laura" and decides to go looking for her. Morgan joins him. (Buried)
Day +796
  • John and Morgan continue their journey to find June (Laura). (Laura)
Day +797
  • Morgan and John run into Edgar who has ties to the Vultures. (Just in Case)
  • The two groups reunite at the Stadium where June (Laura) is revealed to be alive and with the Vultures. Alicia in a rage tries to shoot her but John gets in the way. (Just in Case)
  • Alicia and her group kill the remaining Vultures, including Melvin, before turning their eyes on Morgan's group for harboring June and Charlie. (The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now)
  • Morgan's group make it to the stadium and crashes in the Walker infested ball field. (The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now)
  • Morgan and June retrieve the medical supplies to save John where she reveals her real name. Alicia is convinced to let go of her need for vengeance after watching Al's video of Madison and words from Morgan. The two groups then sit around a campfire with ramen noodles. (No One's Gone)
Day +827
  • About a month later, Morgan decides to return to Alexandria with Althea as his driver and invites the people he met to come along but they decline.
  • Alicia has become distant from her group who have lost a sense of purpose while living in an abandoned mansion. She comes across Walkers with the word "Help" on them and decides to find out why only to find a dead end.
  • June helps John recover from his wound while Charlie stays with them until she runs off and John asks Strand for help.
  • Althea and June investigate walkers traveling up a river only to be find a hurricane is coming and everyone is caught up in it.
  • Alicia is forced to take shelter in a house with Charlie until the storm passes. They bond as the night wares on. (Close Your Eyes)
  • Morgan takes shelter in the back of a semi. (The Code)
  • Strand and John get caught up in a flash flood and are stranded on high ground with water covering the roads. (Blackjack)
Day +828
  • Alicia and Charlie find their respective shelters in ruin and find none of their companions. They move on from the area. (Close Your Eyes)
  • Morgan finds himself in Mississippi and meets Wendell and Sarah who appear to be helpful. (The Code)
  • Martha learns of Morgan's presence from Purvis' radio as he is killed by a Walker. (The Code, MM 54)
  • Morgan rescues Jim Brauer and learns that the truckers kidnapped and later leave Morgan to Walkers after being stuck on the road getting to Morgan's camp in Virginia. Morgan survives and decides to head back to Texas for Alicia's group. (The Code)
Day +829
  • June and Althea wait for a signal from John. (Weak)
  • Morgan runs into the trio again who call his bluff and Morgan urges them to help him find his friends in Texas and return the stolen boxes from the trucker Sarah and Wendall stole from while Martha listens in. (The Code)
Day +830
  • June finds a signal on the walkie-talkie and goes to get Althea help after they lose the S.W.A.T. van to a man named Quinn. (Weak)
  • Morgan arrives in Texas where June and Althea meet up with him. (Weak)
  • Quinn offers to drive the SWAT van to June's location only to be killed by Martha who takes the van. (Weak)
  • The group is made aware of the woman's presence and kill her former Walker companion. (Blackjack)
Day +831
  • Luciana helps Clayton with a last request before joining up with Morgan's group. (Blackjack)
  • Strand and John attempt to escape the makeshift island and an alligator but fail.(Blackjack)
  • Morgan is pressed by Martha to stop helping people but Morgan refuses and she shoots up the truck with Al's S.W.A.T. car. The truck catches fire and Martha escapes. They reach a hospital and become trapped. Jim is bit. (Blackjack, MM 54, I Lose People...)
  • Althea escapes the hospital and holds down in a post office for the night. (... I Lose Myself)
  • Alicia and Charlie manage to contact Morgan. The duo reach a water bed and find John and Strand before heading to save Morgan and the group on the S.W.A.T. and capture Martha but she escapes and takes the now Walker Jim. (Blackjack, MM 54, I Lose People...)
Day +832
  • Althea finds a news van and arms herself only to be knocked out by Martha and found by the group. (... I Lose Myself)
  • That night, Morgan leaves to confront Martha. (... I Lose Myself)
Day +833
  • The group arrive in Mississippi at the truck stop and discuss what to do next and fall ill from Martha's tampering with the supplies with antifreeze while being surrounded by Walkers outside. (... I Lose Myself)
  • Morgan finds Jim and puts him down. Taking Martha they drive back only for her to cause the car to crash and reveals she is bit. Morgan handcuffs her to the car before leaving. (... I Lose Myself
  • The group clear a path to get ethanol to stop the poisoning only to lose it. Morgan arrives with Jim's beer truck and they survive. (... I Lose Myself)
Day +834
  • Morgan puts down Martha after she turns and decides he and his group are going to help people so no one like her happens again, setting up base at a denim factory. (... I Lose Myself)

Day +834-954

Season 4 / 5 Interim
Day +834 / Day +954

Day +954-1,001

Season 5
Day +954[10]
  • Morgan and some of the group crash a plane where they find Max, Dylan, and Annie who eventually abandon the group. Luciana is greatly injured. (Here to Help)
  • Logan and his group make to the denim factory takes control from the group claiming it was his before Clayton's Group. (Here to Help)
  • Victor discovers on one of her tapes that Daniel is alive. (Here to Help)
  • Althea discovers a strange symbol on a walker and is knocked unconscious by Isabelle. She fails to escapes but gets her video of the Civic Republic Military tape from her. (Here to Help, The End of Everything)
Day +955
  • Strand makes contact with Daniel since the dam. He makes contact with Luciana until the antenna breaks. Daniel refuses to help. (The Hurt That Will Happen)
  • Morgan and his crew search for Althea while he conflicts with Alicia. They meet Grace who tries to contain a radiation problem. (The Hurt That Will Happen)
  • John and June search for the kids come across contaminated dead. (The Hurt That Will Happen)
  • Althea helps Isabelle on a fuel run in exchange for the tape and make camp in a tree. (The End of Everything)
Day +956
  • After finding more Walkers as road blocks, the group realize they form a perimeter. (Humbug's Gulch)
  • John and June run into Dwight at Humbug's Gulch who promise to help him find Sherry.[11] Morgan finds them and is surprised Dwight is with them. (Humbug's Gulch)
  • Alicia and Luciana manage to radio Annie and her brothers who, unknown to them, are the ones making Walker road blocks. (Humbug's Gulch)
  • Strand, Charlie, Sarah, and Wendell attempt take Daniel plane but Charlie ends up in his car. (Skidmark)
  • Althea and Isabelle scale a mountain cliff to reach the meet spot for the fuel drop. (The End of Everything)
Day +957
  • Daniel and Charlie bond while Strand tries to find the planes instruments. Daniel has them and he allows Charlie to take them to her friends who instead rescue him. (Skidmark)
  • Dylan eventually confesses to the Walker guards after bonding with Luciana and helps her fix the antenna. (Skidmark)
  • Annie and Max see Civic Republic Military members killing Walkers and scavenging. They ae on the run until they are rescued by Morgan and Alicia who reveal their group is hiding from the helicopter people. (Skidmark)
  • Isabelle leaves in the helicopter and Althea is reunited with Morgan and Alicia. (The End of Everything)
Day +958
  • Morgan's group and Alice's group work together in an attempt to fix the crashed plane. (The Little Prince)
  • Strand, Charlie, and Sarah look another way to contact the group and more plane parts with Jim's hot air balloon but crash fight of radiated Walkers until Morgan rescues them. (The Little Prince, Still Standing)
  • Grace discovers another potential meltdown and ask Morgan for a portable generator but it doesn't work. Morgan helps her through her mental crisis and they head back to the plane. (The Little Prince, Still Standing)
  • John and Dwight continue to find Sherry and find a road and John finds a letter to Dwight from Sherry to stop looking for her. He is reluctant to give the letter to Dwight but does much to Dwight's distress but is content knowing she's alive. (The Little Prince, Still Standing)
  • Annie group flees and Alicia follows them and saves them from Walkers but is sprayed with blood from a radiated Walker. Annie's group head back to the plane. (The Little Prince, Still Standing)
  • Althea and June go to the Civic Republic Military fuel drop site to get fuel for the plane. (Still Standing)
  • The warning siren begins to go off at the plant. (Still Standing)
Day +959
Day +994[12]
  • Morgan and the crew participate in a documentary where a montage of all that happened in the last several weeks which is watched by Wes who is harassed by Logan's crew.(Channel 4)
Day +995
  • Morgan, Dwight and Grace receive a distress call at an abandoned Mall where Grace's radiation sickness starts to kick in. They find the Chuck and help carry out his request. (210 Words Per Minute)
  • Daniel leads the caravan to Morgan. (210 Words Per Minute)
  • Dwight is captured by one of Logan's men but turns the tables on him. He spares him before leaving. (210 Words Per Minute)
Day +996
  • Daniel and the caravan arrive to get supplies from the mall before leaving. Morgan goes on a with Al. (210 Words Per Minute)
  • Alicia and Strand find Wes. They chase a man who stole from him which results in Wes killing him before leaving the two. (You're Still Here)
  • Morgan and Al run in with Logan's crew before finding Alicia and Strand. (You're Still Here)
  • Charlie finds Jacob Kessner while sleeping in a car after being separated from the Caravan. (Ner Tamid)
  • The Caravan arrive in a field at night. (Ner Tamid)
Day +997[13]
  • The Caravan attempts to out run Logan's crew until the tanker truck runs out of gas. Logan's crew leaves when the S.W.A.T. van arrives. (Ner Tamid)
  • John and June find Charlie at Jacob's synagogue and are forced to leave after its defenses fail. (Ner Tamid)
  • Logan and Doris find the oil field which is named "Tank Town" by the Caravan. They take it over it. (Ner Tamid, Leave What You Don't)
  • The Caravan captures Rollie and the crew that chased them before. Sarah and Dwight arrive at the oil fields that get overrun with Walkers. Sarah saves Logan after his crew abandon him. (Leave What You Don't)
  • Alicia and Strand hear a distress call, but manages to get there in time before it's too late. (Leave What You Don't)
Day +998
  • Alicia and Strand meet up with Wes and the girl. (Leave What You Don't)
  • Virginia's group shows up and eliminates Logan and his crew. She offers a partnership with the Caravan but they refuse. Luciana offers to stay and help them make gas if she'll let the rest of them go. (Leave What You Don't)
  • Morgan and Althea find Tom and help him find his sister and are discovered by the Pioneers.(Today and Tomorrow)
  • Daniel and Grace scavenge. (Today and Tomorrow)
Day +999[14]
  • Virginia interrogates the two and lets them leave and learn Grace's condition is worsening. (Today and Tomorrow)
  • Morgan and Althea find a video promo for Virginia's Pioneers and decide to update their own tape. (Channel 5)
  • Later, they discover they are not far from a "Humbug's Gulch" and Grace is nursed back to health. (Channel 5)
Day +1000
  • The group loses the tanker and their cars on a decrepit bridge along with Tom. (Channel 5)
Day +1001
  • As they mourn, they go on foot to Humbug's Gulch where Walkers infest it and ultimately ask for Virginia's help. She refuses to help clear the Walkers out of the Gulch so the group does it on their own. (Channel 5, End of the Line)
  • Dwight leaves the group and makes it back to the vehicles. He hears Sherry's voice on the walkie, finds horses, and heads back to the group. (Channel 5, End of the Line)
  • After clearing the Gulch, they decide to force Virginia's hand in their favor only to find Luciana with them and call it off aside from Strand warning them in advance. (End of the Line)
  • Althea discovers that the settlement was massacred by Virginia's Pioneers. (End of the Line)
  • John and June are married by Rabbi Jacob. (End of the Line)
  • After some negotiating, Virginia separates the group. Later, she shoots Morgan and leaves while both learn that Grace is pregnant. Morgan contacts the walkie to tell others to live. He passes out but is saved from Walkers and stitched up by an unknown person (End of the Line, The End Is the Beginning)

Day +1,042-1,132

Season 6
Day +1,042
Day +1,043 [15]
  • Morgan is severely weak as he is pursued by Pioneers. He is rescued by Isaac who saw the promo video. He takes him to an abandoned dam where his wife, Rachel, and his unborn child stay. Emile soon tracks them down but Morgan is able to kill him. He discovers Isaac is bit and lets him meet his new born child. (The End Is the Beginning)
Day +1.044
  • Morgan and Rachel bury Isaac. He delivers Emile's head to Virginia and the two make threats with each other through the walkie before leaving. (The End Is the Beginning)
  • In Galveston, Two men look for a key that Walter had around his neck. (The End Is the Beginning)
Day +1,045
  • A ranger is killed at a storage complex while prisoners try to clear it. Only Sanjay survives. (Welcome to the Club)
Day +1,046
  • Daniel, pretending to be amnesiac, does not recognize Strand, Charlie, and Alicia. He encounters Morgan in as he leaves for Paradise Ridge. (Welcome to the Club)
  • Alicia and Strand are moved to the storage complex where Charlie and Janis are revealed to be there as well. They clear out the the Walkers with Sanjay being used as bait. Virginia promotes Strand as a Ranger for their success, and he assigns Alicia and Charlie somewhere far away from him. (Welcome to the Club)
Day +1,068[16]
  • Morgan gives supplies to Rachel, combines his staff with his new weapon and decides to look for Grace. (Alaska)
  • Day four of their mission, Dwight and Al tape and explore a location for Virginia and Al listens in on Isabelle's communications. They find a group led by Nora infected with bubonic plague for a week. Al warns the helicopter not to land and Isabelle offers her beer in a box with antibiotics inside. (Alaska)
Day +1,069
  • Dwight hears Sherry on the walkie and the two reunite. (Alaska)
Day +1,070
  • John writes a letter to June about his current life in Lawton as a cop where he remarks that it hasn't had a murder in 246 days. (The Key)
Day +1,071
  • John continues his routine and receives a letter back from June. (The Key)
Day +1,072
  • John investigates possible murder of Cameron, a ranger, and meets Strand again since the capture. (The Key)
  • Morgan takes Rufus for a search for Grace after Daniel leaves a shirt she wore with his hidden stash. (The Key)
Day +1,073
  • After Cameron's funeral, Janis is arrested for the murder. He digs up the grave to find more clues. (The Key)
Day +1,074
  • He shows the evidence to Strand but Janis falsely confesses to the murder and tells John how and where to find a way out of The Pioneers. John finds Janis' body outside the gate. (The Key)
Day +1,075
  • John buries Janis, punches Strand for setting up the confession, and is promoted to Councilman. (The Key)
Day +1,076
  • June is transferred to Lawton and stays with John. (The Key)
  • Morgan kills the two men searching for Walter's key. (The Key)
Day +1,077
  • Dwight is kidnapped by The Outcasts, Sherry's current group, during the night. (Honey)
Day +1,078[17]
  • Dwight and Al join them in a raid to get her SWAT van back. Morgan finds them and doesn't it's time to strike and offer to show them his hideaway. (Honey)
Day +1,079
  • Dwight interrogates the SWAT driver but Morgan stops it. Dwight radios back to get Virginia to come to them. (Honey)
  • Al and Morgan conflict with Dwight over how to handle Virginia and the two are imprisoned, but Sherry imprisons him too out of fear of him turning into a killer again. He escapes and prevents a bloodbath. (Honey)
  • Dwight and Al leave with Morgan after finding two Walker lookalikes so Virginia can believe they're dead. (Honey)
Day +1,080
  • Al and Dwight help Nora's group to Morgan's hideaway and leaves a symbol for Sherry if she ever follows him. (Honey)
Day +1,081
  • Virginia questions Paige over "The End is the Beginning" sign but Paige kills herself before she can reveal anything. (Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg)
  • June, John and Sarah arrive at Tank Town where an explosion caused by "The End Is The Beginning" people occurred. June, Luciana and Virginia go in to help Wes and the remaining workers trapped in the quarry. June cuts off Virginia's hand after she gets bit. (Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg)
  • Despite June securing a hospital for saving Virginia, John leaves in another direction. (Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg)
Day +1,088[18]
  • Alicia and Charlie get a call from Strand after six weeks. He asks for their help after Dakota disappears after a convoy led by Strand is killed off. The girls encounter an unhinged Ed. Alicia radios Virginia to guarantee hers and Charlie's freedom. Ed is injured after a scuffle but sacrifices himself to save the girls. Morgan arrives to assist. (Damage From the Inside)
Day +1,089
  • The girls bury Ed and Morgan reveals he attacked the convoy. Alicia convinces him to bring Dakota with them. (Damage From the Inside)
  • They encounter Strand who reluctantly lets them go. He informs Virginia about Dakota whereabouts and later on, she reveals Grace who has been held captive and orders him to round up all the members of his previous group. (Damage From the Inside)
Day +1,090
  • John finds Morgan and Dakota. Virginia reveals she has Grace and the rest of the crew and Morgan reveals the location of John's cabin to prevent him from committing suicide. (The Door)
  • John learns that Dakota killed Cameron and she shoots him. Morgan finds out and she reveals she saved Morgan so that he could kill Virginia. (The Door)
  • June and John, now a walker, and puts him down and then buries him near his cabin. (The Door, Things Left to Do)
  • Morgan radios Dwight to prepare for a fight and ask Sherry's group for help. (The Door)
  • Virginia has Morgan's crew lined up for execution, but Morgan shows up and shares the truth about Dakota. Victor double crosses her with other turncoats and a shootout begins. Virginia is captured by Morgan, but one her men takes Grace and Daniel. (Things Left to Do)
Day +1,091
  • Morgan get Virginia to his settlement and learns Dakota is actually her daughter, not her sister. (Things Left to Do)
  • Victor and the Rangers along with the Outcasts arrive demanding Virginia's death. Morgan decides not to. Victor leaves. (Things Left to Do)
  • Sherry stays with the Outcasts to find herself. (Things Left to Do)
Day +1,092
  • Morgan agrees to let Virginia and Dakoda leave but June kills Virginia before walking away. (Things Left to Do)
Day +1,123[19]
  • The Rangers, The Outcasts, and Morgan's group convene to find answers about the Doomsday Group. When an explosion occurs, chaos nearly descends. Morgan, with June's help, learns that Daniel is suffering memory loss caused from a psychological issue, and Daniel decides to leave. Victor invites him to stay at Lawton. (Handle With Care)
Day +1,124
  • Alicia, Wes, Al, and Luciana arrive at The Holding, greeted by Riley where Wes finds his brother, alive, and learns he and others attacked Tank Town regardless of knowing Wes was there. Wes kills him before the group escapes except for Alicia who remains behind and kills embalmed Walkers and Harvey before being confronted by Teddy, the leader. (The Holding)
Day +1,125
  • The group tells Morgan of their findings. (The Holding)
  • Althea discovers the Doomsday group has CRM documents and decides to warn Isabelle. (The Holding)
Day +1,126
  • Grace and Morgan are ambushed by Riley and other cults. Grace hallucinates while Morgan takes them down with Riley escaping with the key. However, Grace loses her baby girl in the process. (In Dreams)
Day +1,128[20]
  • June follows a lead to finding the Doomsday group and finds John father whose been trailing Teddy's group for years. They make their way to John's cabin where Hill is living and John Sr. learns of his son's demise. Hill shoots John Sr. but June kills him and saves the old man and reads John last letter to him. (J.D.)
  • Dwight and Sherry accompany June and Sherry reveals her plan to return to Alexandria to kill Negan. They reunite with June after getting separated. After realizing what obsession did to John Sr., she decides stay. (J.D.)
Day +1,129
  • June takes John Sr. to Valley Town where they begin to plan their next move against the Doomsday Cult. (J.D.)
Day +1,130
  • Alicia is imprisoned in a room listening to a recording of Teddy's messages. (Mother)
Day +1,131
  • Alicia continues to deny Teddy as she learns of Dakota's connection to the cult and Cole survival along with other stadium residents. She id forced to kill them after they attempt to harm her and Teddy. She warns Strand of Teddy's plan to use a nuclear submarine to kill everyone and is taken to an abandoned hotel with a bunker where Teddy plans to have her lead his group after the bomb goes off. (Mother)
Day +1,132
  • Morgan group abandons Valley Town. (USS Pennsylvania)
  • The group attempts stop Teddy's planes, but they are too late to stop the launch of the missiles due to Victor's attempt to stop them his own way. (USS Pennsylvania)
  • Everyone scatters, looking for an escape: (The Beginning)
    • June and Dorie follow Teddy and Dakota to a observation point where Dorie reveals a bunker Teddy had intended to use. He and June get in while Dakota stays behind and kills Teddy before being incinerated by the bomb.
    • Dwight and Sherry save a family from remaining cultists and the group bunker down in their storm cellar.
    • Strand rides off on hi own and encounters Howard. They watch the bomb drop and survive.
    • Daniel, Wes, Charlie, Luciana, Jacob, Sarah, and Rollie; with Riley as a captive, search for Alicia only to be going in the wrong direction. Learning Rollie betrayed them, Daniel kills him and Charlie shoots Riley who bleeds to death. Later, a CRM helicopter set by Al picks them up and they leave the area just as the bomb drops.
    • Rachel attempts to fix a tire only to break her leg. She hobbles along the road with her baby but decides to end her life.
    • Morgan and Grace monitor the path of the warheads, accepting that they might die. Later, they find Rachel, now a Walker, and put her down and save her baby and flee the bomb's shockwave.

Day +1,179-TBA

Season 7
Day +1,179
Day +1,180
  • Will people scavenging outside his tent and arms himself. (The Beacon)
Day 1,181
  • After continuing another Will is encountered by men who take him by force. (The Beacon)
Day 1,182[21]
  • Will encounters Strand who learns he has a link to Alicia. They go to the Franklin Hotel where Alicia was trapped and Will reveals he was locked in there too and left after a disagreement. They find the hotel abandoned and most of the inhabitants dead or missing. Alicia leaves a note for Will with only the word "PADRE." They take a lighthouse beacon back to the tower. Later, Strand kills Will to give Alicia a reason to not have anything to do with him. (The Beacon)


Real-life time period

  • The episode "Date of Death" confirms the year of the outbreak as being 2010, which was the year the main series was released.
    • Given that a sign in So Close, Yet So Far sets a date for a library event in mid-August 2010, and the beginning of late fall, early winter at the end of Season 2 of The Walking Dead, the outbreak began in August of 2010.
  • The episode "Skidmark" reveals it is October 14th by the end of the episode.


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