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Fear the Walking Dead: Dead in the Water is a webisode that tells the story of a submarine crew fighting for survival, cut off from the surface world just as the apocalypse hits, becoming a nuclear-fueled walker-filled death trap with no way out. This release was done to help promote the second half of the seventh season of Fear the Walking Dead.

The special aired exclusively on AMC+ on April 10, 2022.[1] It was written by Jacob Pinion[2] and directed by Kenneth Requa.[3]

The storyline predominately takes place during the events of Season 1 and serves as a prequel to Season 6.


Rewind to the eve of the apocalypse, where a conflicted officer and new father (Nick Stahl) fights for survival just as the apocalypse hits. Shipmates turn one-by-one with no explanation, and the USS Pennsylvania becomes a nuclear-fueled and walker-filled death trap with no way out.


After a crewmember suffering from appendicitis dies on board despite the medics' attempts to save him, he eventually turns and manages to bite several people. From there, things spiral out of control on the submarine as an outbreak quickly spreads, killing the majority of the crew within a day. Ultimately several surviving crewmembers were able to raise the submarine to the surface, allowing for eight people, including Riley, McGuire, and Walter, to escape from the submarine with their lives.


Title Writer(s) Director(s) Original Post Date
1. "Something Bad" Jacob Pinion Kenneth Requa April 10, 2022
2. "A Good Sailor" Jacob Pinion Kenneth Requa April 10, 2022
3. "Do What Needs Doing" Jacob Pinion Kenneth Requa April 10, 2022
4. "Incoming" Jacob Pinion Kenneth Requa April 10, 2022
5. "We Have Orders" Jacob Pinion Kenneth Requa April 10, 2022
6. "This Ain't It" Jacob Pinion Kenneth Requa April 10, 2022




  • Although Dead in the Water explains much of what happened on board the sub, some things are still left unexplained.
    • The four dead bodies found by Dwight and Sherry handcuffed to bunks are never explored.
    • No explanation is ever given for the source of the radiation encountered by Morgan Jones and Victor Strand.
  • Dead in the Water is currently the piece of television universe that uses the most f-bombs, with the word being used roughly six times during its runtime, primarily by Jason Riley.