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Fear The Walking Dead Survival is an immersive attraction that allows guests to experience the events of "The Good Man" at Raynard Community College. Employees are dressed up as National Guardsmen, medical staff, and zombies, and add to the overall experience of the attraction as guests attempt to escape the overrun facility. Additionally, a number of video clips are played throughout the attraction that feature actors portraying various characters including National Guardsmen, medical staff, and quarantined citizens.[1]


  • Kate McIninch as Nurse Larkin
  • Jean Bernard as Officer Gibb
  • Lydia Zadel as Maria
  • Kareem Tristan Alleyne as Jacob
  • Dave Campbell as Military Officer
  • Jacob Reardon as Officer Maloney (Does Not Appear)
  • Trevor Hayes as Officer Richards (Does Not Appear)
  • Adam LeBlanc as Officer Adams (Does Not Appear)
  • Caroline Gauthier as Kate (Does Not Appear)
  • Christian Jadah as Aiden (Does Not Appear)


  • Some of the National Guard costumes shared among employees who work shifts at the immersive attraction feature nametags on the uniforms, including O'Rourke, Johnson, and Buckles. However, these costumes are not always used in each run, as it depends on what employees are working that day and what costumes they wear during their shifts. Many of the costumes employees wear do not feature nametags at all.
    • Additionally, several of the props representing injured soldiers are shown with nametags, such as Faumuina.