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"Listen man, my car broke down not far from here and I'm as good as dead unless I can get it fixed. You got anyone who can help me?"
—Felipe asking for help.[src]

Felipe is a survivor of the zombie outbreak, and a character and mission giver in The Walking Dead Social Game.


Atlanta, Georgia

Little is known about Felipe's life before the outbreak except that he was working at a nursing home in Atlanta.


"City Limits"

Felipe is a mission giver and had a malfunctioning car. Marla became very upset and racist to Felipe, and believed him to be a scavenger, to which he attempted to convince her otherwise.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Felipe has killed:

  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people


Marla Wilkinson

"Lady, I don't know what you're yelling about. I used to work at a rest home with old folks, like you."
—Felipe at Marla[src]

Felipe and Marla never saw eye to eye when they met each other. Marla, as soon as Felipe arrived at the Military camp, became hostile towards his arrival and disagreed with him being allowed to stay. He first tried blowing her off and defended his quality as a person, mentioning he works at a rest home. But soon he became tired of the frequent bashing and defended himself from her rants. The two were broke up by Jackson and his men as they began to have an altercation with each other. They since stopped talking about one another and never mentioned each other after this encounter.


Social Game


  • Chapter 2 Mission 8: Make a New Ally.
  • Chapter 2 Mission 11: Fuel Run.
  • Chapter 2 Mission 13: Felipe's Escape Help Felipe Get Fuel.


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