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Fight or Flight is the third chapter in The Walking Dead Social Game and takes place during The Walking Dead: Season One and Season Two.

Part 1 of Chapter 3: Fight or Flight, was released February 10, 2013 with 16 new story missions that include encountering a few familiar faces from Season 2. Part 2 was shortly released on March 2 and included more new characters, 11 more missions, as well as updates to the system overall.

The chapter follows the hero and the group of survivors as they leave Atlanta and move south, away from the city. By the end of the chapter, the gang encounter a dangerous group of survivors whose charismatic leader leaves them with a taste for vengeance.


Get Bill's Plane

After the CDC explosion Bill quickly tells the group that the sound of the explosion will attract walkers from miles and that he has a plane at an airfield, he offers to fly everyone to Ossabaw Sound. Greg is not crushed by a single piece of debris, but rather the whole building; the group mourns the loss of Greg and the player sets up to go look for Bill's plane with Bill.

Max is confused by the explosion and asks if someone attacked it or it blew itself up. Max then tells the player to calm Kara down as her loud crying will attract more walkers, more earlier.

Max spots something in the car lot during the conversation and excuses himself to check it out.

Nathan is glad nobody else took shelter in the van, expressing his gratitude that no one else was hurt by the explosion. He also tells the hero that Max spotted an ambulance in the lot that could replace the minivan (possibly same one from Ed who was looking for meds.)

He asks after this whether Kara and Greg were together based on how much Kara is upset about his death, notes that he knew they were tight but he didn't know if she had feelings for him. Nathan exclaims that coming to the CDC was a "big, bad idea" and they should leave immediately. He makes the comparison of a gunshot attracting herds and tells the player to imagine the amount that would be attracted to the explosion.

During the conversation Max wave at the two and signals the ambulance works and they take it.

Ed is bummed out about the death of Greg, siting it as the most awful thing he's ever seen. Ed tells the player that the whole time they were camped next to a time bomb fit to blow. He is angered by this and yells "How could we have known the whole damn CDC was gonna explode?!"

Ed points out that Kara is taking this the hardest and notes that he knew that they were real close. He also tells the player that you, him and Kara are the only original camp members left. He reveals that the cruel irony in Greg's death was that Greg was getting better from the treatment and meds and that his fever was fading and he was getting better.

Kara is in disbelief at the event and is in denial of the situation and asks if there is a chance he survived. She screams why would it happen to him and that he was the most "straight-up" guy in the camp

She then tells herself that this is proof enough for her that there is no reason to the world and that things just happen and people die

Soon after the mourning, Bill and the player set off to retrieve his plane at the airfield, which seems to be out towards the country side; while there they collect some ammo.

After reaching the hanger where his plane is, he finds out that someone had looted the engine for parts and that a few things will need to be replaced before getting off the ground.

The two return and they bring the group to the new location, driven by Max in the newly customized ambulance.

Side Mission: Rescue Trucker

Shortly after arriving and touring the hangar, Trucker radios in to Max that he needs help. The hero finds him cornered by walkers and saves him in the nick of time. Trucker thanks the hero for saving his skin and reveals to the hero what he was out there for.

Side Mission: Provisions At Any Cost

Trucker informs the hero that he went out on his own to look for provisions and water for the group around the hangar before he got surrounded. He shrugs and tells the hero that they might as well continue looking for some while they're in the area. The hero ends up finding a little bit of both around the hangar.

Voices in The Woods

Marla complains that the ambulance ride was cramped, and also that Nathan kept kicking her in his sleep.

Marla tells the player if they heard Max blaming Kara for passing gas the whole ride. She then reveals that it was her passing gas and not to get onto her. After the explosion and losing Greg she had stomach troubles from nerves.

Bill expected the ride to be more comfortable but said that Marla got cramped with everyone in the back. He then exclaims that he is not complaining and that he is still grateful to you guys for finding him.

He then tells the player that he will be 100% Vegetarian after the experience in the dumpster and nearly starving to death.

Ed jokes that Max and him are ambulance buddies after the trip and that the two had to pile up in the back because of Marla. He then tells the hero that he likes Bill's idea of going to the Ossabaw islands. He is willing to go because, "I mean, we know walkers can't swim... so it seems solid to me", he explains.

He talks highly of Max and feels like he is one of the leaders in the group and that he's "cool headed under fire". He then jokingly tells the player that he doesn't like him homosexually and asks if they think its funny.

Kara mentions to the player that she has been hearing voices coming from the woods and feels as if someone is watching them, though is not sure.

The hero approaches Nathan, who is confused why they are camped out on an airstrip. He explains that he knows Bill is trying to get the plane to work, but he thinks its not the best idea and that the area is in the open and the visibility's for crap.

He also gets the feeling, like Kara, that someone is watching the group and that he hasn't seen, or smelled any walkers in the area.

He goes on to say that after Greg, he doesn't want to lose any more people.

Max tells the player that the ambulance is tougher than she looks and that the car got them through mile-long wrecks and broken down vehicles. He finds it humorous and ironic that an ambulance is keeping the group alive as transportation, but notes that everyone is packed in there like "a can of sardines".

He tells the hero that he still believes that Kara was the person farting the whole time riding to the hangar ride, when it was actually Marla.

Kara denies the whole thing and blames that the person farting was Nathan.

The hero player and Max set off into the woods to check out the source of the voices that Kara thought she heard.

They fight through the wooded area and find nothing, they continue on though just in case there is something.

As the duo search the nearby forested area, they discover a figure, Randall, standing on a dock near a small pond, several walkers bodies around the area.

The two approach him and he greets them casually, he then notes that it must've been tough going through the walkers, several are dead so mention he killed a few

The hero character yells at Randall, "Who are you? Are you spying on us? ANSWER ME!". Randall nervously tells them to calm down and introduces himself. The hero player asks if he is alone and that they hear other voices. Randall mentions that he is from another group and that they are on the other side of the woods.

He proposes that the two groups could work together and be "good neighbors. Help each other out, like."

The hero player and Max agree to this idea and says that they could use all the help they can get.

Randall notes that since they don't know each other, they meet on neutral ground to start agreements and proposes that the pond they are at could be the group's meeting place.

The hero player agrees to this idea and the group splits off on their separate ways, planning to see each other the next day.

Kara is nervous at finding out about the ordeal and working with people they don't know stating they could be friendly but they could also be nuts.

Side Mission: We're Not Alone

Nathan is happy to have found new survivors, explaining that it is like the human race isn't completely destroyed, sort of. Getting some of the other members opinion on the matter, Kara and Bill both are hesitant but do not have anything against the young survivor Randall or his group.

Side Mission: The Road to Hell

Bill has the hero examine the highways to make sure that they are able to quickly and safely leave on it if need to and to kill any walkers nearby so as to prevent any accidents from happening. The hero scouts the meeting spot and the Airline Junction to make sure both are safe for travel.

Search The Airplane Hangar

Bill approaches the player with a plan to check out one of the remaining hangars for engine parts and that he could use some help searching.

Marla says that she has checked the perimeter fence and that she sees no place walkers could get in. She jokes that she is learning survival techniques, she also jokes that though the camp is not as safe as the last camp, that one didn't have a plane.

Marla tells the hero that she is hopeful the new group will be nice and they will work together to see a brighter horizon.

She mentions that she would give anything and everything for just one normal day.

Kara notes that the kid Randall wasn't the one watching her and that it was a man, a "fat man." She tells the hero that she caught a glimpse of him when she went out to pee. She mentions that she thought he was originally a walker, but their eyes met and then he disappeared like a hunter.

She notes that this doesn't make her feel safe either.

Ed thinks that people watching the group sleep is creepy and insists on keeping a better watch around the hangar. He informs the hero that he, Max, and Nathan are going to start taking shifts and he will be keeping an eye on the ammo. He explains that since the group doesn't know what weapons they got, how they are and how many people there are. Citing that this could be nothing or something very serious.

Nathan approaches the hero and admits to hearing the voices and that Kara thought she was nuts when Randall showed up. He mentions that he thinks Randall is nice but Max is, "growling like a guard dog".

Nathan mentions Max was in Afghanistan and that this just may be his training kicking in.

Nathan tells the hero that, unlike Max, he tries to believe in people and give them a chance until they give him a reason not to.

Max is doing his best to keep the location secure and is all up to working with the other group but sites that he votes that they don't find the group's location at the hangar.

He points out that the plane's theirs and that space is limited and that they need to think of their group first, "take care of our own". He notes that it would be easy for a large group to take the plane and leave them for dead and that he will not let this happen.

Bill and the hero head off to search for parts and supplies for the plane shortly after. As the two travel to the other hangar they are met with a large group of walkers. In time they get inside and proceed to search for parts.

While in the hangar they find the devoured corpse of Samuel, Bill's flight instructor. Bill is horrified by this and is also saddened that he didn't survive the apocalypse calling him a good teacher and a good man.

The two return to camp with several part, Bill tells the player that he cant get the plane running yet. But he is optimistic and that they should keep looking for the rest of the parts.

Side Mission: Fuel for Flight

Meeting with Max, he tells the hero that since planes use tons of fuel to fly that the group might as well start collecting some for when the plane is fixed and, if it can not work, can be used for the vehicles.

Help Otis

Otis arrives at the camp and announces himself, he hopes that he didn't scare anyone earlier and that he means no harm. He explains that he was being chased by walkers and made it here and needs help getting back to where he belongs. He is initially met with open arms by the group who oblige and send the hero to help him back to his group.

Max thinks it was rough what happened to Bill's friend and thinks highly of the hero for taking care of him. He remarks that they should have checked out the hanger sooner. He is heavy on himself and says that it was a stupid mistake that could've cost them dearly and that they've got to do better searching.

Max tells the player that he is focused enough that he is almost a machine, a survival machine, and tells the player again that they could do better to survive the apocalypse.

Ed hears the rumor of Bill knowing a walker in the hangar and asks if it is true and remarks that it is a damn shame what happened to his friend.

He says that this may be for the best, prepare us for the future and that he wasn't expecting the Greg incident to happen and that he was one of the first people he met and he thought he was going to survive all this, and that is why he hung out with him.

Marla tells the player if Bill told you about his wife death. She notes that it is strange that he didn't tell you about it and that she thinks that he is hitting on her, but is unsure about this as he seems to still be grieving her loss. She calls death more of an enemy now than a final.

Bill tells the player that Sam was a good man and a patient teacher who didn't deserve to be killed like he did. He notes that maybe he was trying to take the plane and get away to safety before he was killed.

He tells a funny story about how he used to fly to a tiny island out in Ossabaw Sound to get away from his wife and notes that the only way to the island is by boat or plane. He hopes that that is where the group can permanently stay.

Nathan approaches that player and tells that he heard about the death of Bill's friend, Sam, from Max. He tells the player that even still, nothing now is more important than getting the plane parts.

He imagines what it would be like to have an island all to themselves with no walkers in sight.

He excuses himself to go help Bill with the plane and to look in crates for parts that might already be around the camp.

Kara talks about her old job of being a barista and that she hated her job because of how people treated her there. She is reminded of this from a pot of old coffee in the hanger. The smell, as she puts it, was soaked into the walls. She surprisingly misses her job and that it seems to her like an impossible dream now; making coffee drinks for people all day long.

She humorously tells the hero that she can make a cappuccino with a panda bear in the foam.

The hero player leaves to help Otis back to his group where they tread their way through a nearby swamp. After killing the walkers in the area Otis says "Man, thank you folks for your help. You seem like a good group." He points out the farm from where he is from and says that if the group needs anything they'll be happy repay them for their kindness.

Upon returning, Marla hopes Otis made it back safely as he looked worn out she states, though that she is not happy about encountering more survivors, even still she wishes well for Otis. She warns that she doesn't like to be spied on and that, since she's been practicing shooting, she will "bust a cap in somebody's ass". She giggles at this and says she learned the phrase from Max.

Side Mission: Marla's Magna Otis

Nathan notices that Marla has been acting very worried for Otis and feels that she may have felt motherly towards him. She seems worried for him but understands he has to take care of his own people.

Side Mission: No Room for Provisionsies

Trucker sends the hero to collect whatever food is still around and comments that he no longer cares what they eat, he's just happy that something is in his stomach.

Check for Survivors

Nathan reveals that Max isn't too thrilled to work with Randall, though he says that he is more focused on getting the plane to run with Bill. He points out that Bill maybe the pilot, but he is no mechanic like him.

Nathan has respect for Bill for going through what he went through and not become darkened by the experience. He thinks that his idea of going to the islands is genius and can't wait for the plane to be finished up.

Max is stressed by how many survivors it seems are coming out of the woodwork and is questioning how is he suppose to keep the group safe from possible threats. He mentions that Nathan and Trucker have been helpful coordinating info. but warns that the group still needs to be cautious. He is still weary of Randall and Otis and his farm, stating, "All it takes is one bad choice and we're walker bait."

He is more influenced to leave and notes that the camp is not home and temporary, the overall plan now it seems is the islands.

Ed lets the player know of lowering water supplies and suggests looking through the planes to find some. He volunteers to siphoning it out on the next patrol.

He tells the player to let him know if there are any knuckleheads out there need taking care of and that he isn't afraid of them.

Bill is curious to how many people are actually in the woods, observing them and why. He hypothesis that they are possibly judging whether we can be trusted or not, "what our moral character is", he says.

He also proposes they may be planning on how to overtake the group. He asks "How could we possibly represent any more of a threat than a world full of walking dead."

The next day, the hero player and Nathan go out to visit Randall at the pond where they find him under a tree. Randall notes that a herd of walkers has got people trapped in their cars on the highway and asks if you and Nathan could lend a hand and that he'd make it worth their while for doing this.

The two set off to the Highway to investigate and search for survivors in the vehicles.

They find nobody but Nathan finds a purse; the driver's license belonging to Melissa Viscount. He admires the picture and comments on the girl's looks, saying that she looks beautiful.

After finding the purse, a good size group of walkers converge on the two's location, however, they manage to escape.

After returning Kara informs them that she met with Randall at the pond while the two investigated the highway incident and that Randall had given her a hand drawn map to a portable generator. Ed is skeptical about this, but plans to head out with the player to check it out.

Side Mission: More Survivors?

Bill is astounded that there may be more survivors around them and suggests that the group should check the area for survivors wherever they go. The hero ventures out to see if they can find any survivors wandering around the woods.

Get The Generator

Nathan tells the group about the purse and that he's going to hold onto it for her if they find her. The hero and Nathan talk about her and the player calls her a "hottie", Nathan takes offense to this and tells the player to "show some damn respect". Nathan develops a crush on her and calls her beautiful, not a hottie, but beautiful.

He goes to put the purse with his things so as not to lose it. He says that when they find her he'll give it to her. Nathan gets a look from the player and he brushes it off, he excuses himself to avoid the hero and goes help Bill install "a thing".

Max comments about finding no survivors but at least the group has new clean clothes and water. He jokes saying, "My boxer-briefs were practically rotting off my body." Max remarks about Nathan finding the picture and that he cant shut up about finding her.

He reveals that Nathan is a hopeless romantic and that he falls in love at a drop of a hat. He notes that serving in a co-ed platoon makes that dangerous. He is for sure that she won't be found and that he'll get over not finding her and move on.

Bill announces to the group that he has gone through and swept through all the major buildings around the airstrip and that all usable supplies have been taken. He notes that the remaining supplies is now precious as the camp is not permanent.

He notes that he has not seen anybody lately (other survivors) and asks the hero if the group have been killed or turned. He then says that maybe they "turned" to join Randall's group and blows off the comment saying he is just becoming paranoid.

Marla says that when she was found she was scared of everything and that she couldn't be alone or outside unexposed and after leaving Atlanta she feels stronger and different and that she now sleeps outdoors, though she does not care for the mosquitos, but that sleeping out makes her more aware if someone is coming.

Marla has since become a good shot thanks to the training from Jackson, Greg, Max, and Nathan.

Kara questions why they are helping Randall's group and that the reward for checking the highway was the map to a portable generator. She is upset about not going out for supplies or survivors but doing "missions" for him like he is a kid and that he is a kid that no one knows about.

She argues that the group should not have to split the findings with Randall's group because of a "hot tip". She says that a "hot tip" would be plane parts in her book. She also says about how she was at the islands that they are planned to go to and that she was there when she was little, describing it as quiet with just trees and surf.

Ed and the player set off to find the portable generator.

They follow the map and enter a empty, ransacked house where they are quickly attacked by the ever looking vicious walkers; the two wipe them out with ease. Afterwards Ed begins to notice the surroundings and notes that the house they are in was his cousin's and that the walkers were his cousin and his family. He is dumbfounded by this and is in disbelief, nearly breaking down. The hero however helps him push on to the basement.

The two go down to the basement and collect some fuel before checking out the "genny" as Ed refers it to. Ed looks at the generator and notes that it is almost brand new, and half-heartedly jokes, "Made in China and everything." They take the generator and fuel and return to camp.

Ed is still quite shaken by having to kill his cousin and family. He describes the feeling as being numb and that it is like all the light went out in the world.

Side Mission: Generating Some Scrap

Testing the generator, it appears not to be able to function properly. Trucker is upset by this and states that, to keep it working, they're gonna need a steady supply of scrap to fix the generator which ceases after a couple of hours. The hero volunteers for the ordeal and returns with enough scrap for the while. After this, the hero goes to talk with Marla who s interested in the progress Bill and Nathan are making with the plane and passes on a bit of information.

Clean Water Run

Marla tells the player what Nathan spotted, a bottled water truck on the highway. And since the camp is almost out of water, a problem constantly being faced, that you go get the clean water for the camp.

The group is grateful for the generator; Nathan is happy that he can now use power tools; Max is thrilled that he gets to use a fan, recharge the radio and search for signals, he notes that they should limit the usage for emergency's only and not for luxury. Kara is happy to be able to use her little pocket fan and that that's the happiest she's been in weeks.

Max teases that Kara using her hair dryer will easily draw the walkers attention.

He then asks the player whether it be alright to use a Game Boy SP and if it would draw too much power. He explains that he found it back at the CDC while searching... and it has TETRIS!!

Nathan feels that power tools are the mark of civilization and the pinnacle of man's culture. Plus they get work done faster With this he is hopeful that they can expect to be airborne sooner than expected.

Kara says that people thought ice was civilization, she points out that its really electricity, to her at least.

Kara notes that the generator was also Truckers families and asks what are the odds. She sincerely adds that if they were still alive she bake them cake. She jokingly adds though that if she could, she would bake every day... and then eat'em.

Bill does not know how to shoot and explains that Max has yet to bring him to shooting practice. When asked if he has been asking he says that has been asking and mentions that Marla seems more confident with a gun. Bill adds to this that he is a man of science and that he swore never to take another life, but walkers are an exception. He sums up wanting to learn to shoot so he can kill those "filthy things that ate our world".

Ed is depressed about seeing his cousin Tammy Lynne as a walker and remembers a time when she played with hand-me-down Barbies, cute as a button. He adds that seeing her and her kids all... chewed-on and rotting was just... He quickly changes topic and says that he is pleased as punch for the camp, but...wonders when all the trauma is going to end.

"Seems like every good thing that comes our way comes with a free kick in the nuts.", he explains. He adds that he is tired of hurting

The hero player and Nathan set out to get the clean bottled water from the abandoned delivery vehicle. The survivors make their way on the walker infested roadway and get the "pre-outbreak pure" water bottles and soon return to camp.

Upon returning, Marla is extremely thankful and blesses you for getting going out and getting the much needed water. Nathan considers extending a friendly hand towards Randall's group to show they are not a threat and advices that they should share some food with them to show that they are on good terms.

Side Mission: Big Score

Marla, weary that the group will no longer be able to go into another big city again. Decides that they might want to go ahead and find whatever they can in the area before the decide to leave.

Side Mission: Code Red

Max spots a herd heading in their direction and enlists the hero to take out the forming swarm of undead. The hero is successful in doing so and the herd disperses.

Find Provisions for Dave and Tony

With the new clothes acquired from the highway incident and the newly obtained generator, the group is able to freshen themselves up and relax for just a moment. Max jokes that it is seems almost like Christmas time and is relaxed and refreshed to be clean. Marla is overjoyed now that she is more refreshed and agrees that this day is the best in a while; noting that they, for now, don't have to worry about being dehydrated or filthy. Marla tells the hero that now the group can truly focus on the plane and getting airborne. Bill is also happy to finally be cleansed after several weeks.

He, possibly joking, says that he boiled his clothes too as they were growing three species of fungus. He goes on to note the comparison of the growth correlation between one type of fungus and viscera from a walker and that the fungus was absorbing whatever animates the flesh; saying though it is disgusting, it is also fascinating. Bill jokes saying that they used to have this type of dialogue at the CDC cafeteria.   

Kara jokes that true happiness is clean underwear, and later a cotton hoodie and a new pair of socks. She compares the smell to the walkers and how the blood and gore gets soaked into the clothes and that detergents never counted on walkers as a laundry challenge. She says that if she could just trade up some fresh clothing she'd burn the dirtied, "walker caked" clothing she has. 

Ed informs the player that he went ahead and refilled the groups water bottles with the water retrieved and that they now have extras. He mentions that this will be helpful not to get parched while out on patrol. He exclaims that good habits should be picked up and be prepared since the "Spector of death" is staring down on them and he still doesn't feel safe at the hangar or anywhere anymore.

The hero player goes out with Nathan to give Randall's group some food and water.

The two arrive at the pond and find two different people waiting for them; Dave and Tony. Dave greets the two and explains that Randall said that he would find you here. He tells the survivors that their group's food supply is getting very low. He pokes fun at Tony's weight and exclaims that he may look well-fed but they are starving; he asks if they could go get food for them. Nathan and the hero oblige and they soon arrive at a small town and go to the grocery store.

They fight the walkers near, in, and around the place and collect some food. Nathan remarks that if they need more they can get it themselves. He also complains that Dave and Tony seemed like capable fighters and could find their own food. He adds that he is a soldier and not an errand boy.

Side Mission: Power Trip

The faulty generator begins to trip up and is due for some repairs by Nathan and the hero. The goes into town and later returns with some fuel for the generator. After being refueled, the generator begins to work properly.

Search for Sophia

Kara tells the group that she was woken up by people calling out for "Sophia" and asks the hero to come with her to check it out.

Ed compliments the food that was recently scavenged declaring it some good stuff but says that Dave and Tony were "as creepy as two fellas in the woods can get.

He complains that next thing they'll be asking for is what kind of women are at the camp. He proclaims that what are they going to do Hand Kara and Marla over like Thanksgiving turkeys. He jokes that maybe Marla and that she'd show them everything but good, saying that be hilarious.

Nathan tells the player that Dave and Tony are funny "Get us some food!" Those guys crack me up." He says.

Nathan eyes the player and asks why they are taking comment personally, the group is all in it together. The player compliments that some of the group may not be able to work which Nathan explains "Well, I don't see it that way. I think everybody's got some good to do." He tells the player that next time he wants to hear someone's cynical, negative perspective, he'll come to you and leaves to sit by the campfire and eat.

Marla does not know who Dave and Tony are but exclaims that the situation feels funny to her and that she is not just being a suspicious goat and two men came out of the woods and we go risk our lives to get them food why?

After the hero tells her that they shared what was brought to them, she exclaims, sarcastically, that that's fine and barely polite. She wishes to meet them but knows that they would not come to the camp.

Max sarcastically proclaims Dave and Tony the groups new friends.

He jokes asking "How about them apples, and then calling the duo the new apples in town. He explains why he is talking about apples and says that when he sees a bad one, he bites it open. The player tells him to be cool and he defends himself saying that he is being cool for the whole group. He pushes the hero stating that while they've been out making friends he's been staying at the camp remaining a soldier in control of the situation.

Bill replies to the player that of course people start coming out of the woods and begin making demands. He asks if he is the only one who sees what type of behavior this is, he says that it is Alpha Male dominance behavior and that they are intimidating the group to get them to perform for them. The player says to give them a chance and Bill asks "How can you not see it."

Kara and the player leave the group to search for the person named "Sophia" along the interstate.

Upon searching the interstate they come across a vehicle with supplies along and on top of the car with the words "Sophia stay here, we will come every day" written on the windshield. Kara says that though they didn't find her they should still keep an eye out for her and they proceed back to the camp.

Upon returning to the camp, she says that it is sad that Sophia was separated from her people, but she says it is good to know they are not the only decent folk out there.

Side Mission: We Have to Find Her

Trucker upon hearing the news, begins to go out and search for the missing girl. The hero approaches him about it who reveals that he won't let this happen again, nor to someone else after what happened to Summer. The hero helps him search for the missing girl but with no luck.

Get Medication for Sean


Max notifies the player that they need to meet up with Randall at the pond and asks if you think that Dave and Tony will be there.

Bill wanders who Sophia is and if she is still alive and notes that at least there are other civilized people out there besides them. He says that this could be a small first step towards restoring some hope; he adds that finding more parts for the plane would add to that. The hero smiles at this comment in agreement and Bill notices this. He mentions that he has not seen the hero smile since he first met them at the CDC.

Marla notes that she has been awake since dawn, and says that she used to sleep a lot longer, now she does not want to. She theorizes that it may be all the tension but she believes that it is the fresh air. She points out a nice spot along the airfield where you can watch the sun rise over the forest, explains the scene as being gorgeous. She jokes that she was never used to this as her husbands idea of camping was a hotel without cable. She reveals that even though everyone says that the group is in danger, she feels very much alive.

Kara is saddened by not finding Sophia and that someone cares very much for her to have left at the highway like that and wanders if they are checking back regularly. She notes, like Bill, that at least there are other people out there like them. She points out that seeing the teddy bear "just broke my heart in two".

Ed wanders about the group looking for Sophia and also what happened to her in the end. He tells the hero that Death is swooping in and eventually he will get all of us. When the hero tries to cheer him up he explains that he is glad that everyone is feeling "all hopeful and sunshine and cheerios", but every time he closes his eyes he just cant stop seeing his cousin Tammy Lynne and her kids. He says that ever since then he just doesn't see any happy endings on the way.

The player leaves him and approaches Nathan who tells the player that the cup he had had a hole in it and the beans spilled all on his new shirt and that it is now stained. He tells the player that he does not want Melissa showing up and seeing him as a slob and that he is from a proper family and that even though the world's a mess, there are still good people in it and that he is one of them. He wishes he had an extra shirt for special occasions like this.

Max and the hero head out to meet Randall.

Instead of finding Randall, or Dave and Tony at the meeting place, they instead find a different person; Sean.

As the hero and Max approach him, he asks if they are the ones who brought the food to Dave and Tony. The player asks where is Randall to which he replies that he got sick from the spoiled food you gave them and that everyone at the camp is as sick as dogs.

He tells Max and the player that they need to score some medication from the pharmacy as they leave and head that way.

After fighting their way to the pharmacy they finally arrive and go inside. Inside they find a bloody scene with many bodies with walkers roaming the isles of the pharmacy, they dispatch the undead one by one and collect the meds before heading back to the pond to give to Randall's group.

The survivors give the group some meds and head back to their own camp. Max notes that he does feel a little bad but it would not have happened if they had gone looking for the food themselves.

Rescue The Girl On The Highway

Marla tells the player that usually out in the south, like they are, they can spot some farmland. She finds it weird that there was none spotted on the way down to the hangar, but clarifies that doesn't mean there are none close by. Marla tells the player that she would like some fresh food, some good southern vegetables.

Nathan tells the player that Bill and him are making good progress with the plane and notes that he is slowly but surely figuring out how to work the plane thanks to the group bringing them parts and Bill teaching him. He jokes that it is a good thing for Bill to have a second pair of eyes, a second pair of eyes with military training.

The player asks about constructing an ETD to which he has no clue, he says to ask Bill since he may know a lot more about it than him.

Max refuses to go on another run, saying that it is not their responsibility and that there responsibility is to keep the group alive and fix the plane and that flying to the islands is the only thing that matters. He says that he is only focused on that goal and will only expend energy towards that goal. When asked about what will Dave and Tony's group think he replies that the other group can "Kiss his grits" since all they've ever done is ask things from them.

He adds that they've been watching the group but he has also been watching them.

Ed tells the player that Max was telling him that Sean mentioned a safe zone in Nebraska and there is a colony of normal folk collecting there. He wishes to go but asks if it is supposed to get "damn cold" in the wintertime. The hero replies that it may Ed adds that he isn't sure what to believe or who to trust. He goes on to say that if the world was still intact that he be at Teddy's Bar trying to clear this "stench of death" off his mind. He goes on to add that Sean is not to be trusted, when asked why, he explains that he had the "stench of death on him".

Kara is not surprised that the other group got sick from the food, she adds that you'd have to put her at gunpoint to get her to eat anything they touched. She says that they make her skin crawl and that if anything crazy happens you're going to find them at the center of it.

She explains that she knew people like them before and that people always get hurt bad when people like them do things. She adds that she saw the "Dave and Tony" of her street kill a nursing mama dog with a cinder block.

Bill arrives quickly and tells them that there is a teenage girl on the highway, he says that he tried calling out to her but she ran away. He tells them that they need to go get her before something bad happens,

Nathan and the player quickly set off to find the teenage girl.

The two search along the interstate, near the same area as "Sophia's car", for the girl and, after killing a good amount of the undead, they find a young teenage girl cornered between two cars, the two approach her and she remains quiet. Nathan asks her "Is that you... Melissa?" To which she replies "What? N-no... I'm Kimmie. Who are you?"

Nathan, slightly disappointed it is not Melissa, reassures her that they are here to help and that they would like to bring her back to their camp where it is safe, she comes with the two back to camp. Nathan reveals to the hero, upon returning to camp, that he is happy that they helped Kimmie but he was secretly hoping they would find Melissa.

Side Mission: All Tools on Deck

The group tell Kimmie about the plane to which she tells the hero to just grab every part and tool they can find and start fixing it.

Tony's Accident

Nathan tells the player he is happy that they found Kimmie and that she is nice and all, but he was hoping they find Melissa and still has hope finding her. The hero messes with him about it but he defends himself saying "Yeah, I did think it would've been Melissa! Shut up, man! It's not a joke, you idiot!" When asked how he thought it was her Nathan replies that he thought it was her because from behind they had the same hair.

Max warns to leave Nathan alone for a little while.

Max is not happy about Kimmie's arrival and sarcastically says "Yes, it's great we rescued some idiot girl who nearly got herself killed in hostile territory full of crazy people and flesh-eating zombies. Bravo, team. We done good."

Max goes back to mentioning that Nathan thought it was really going to be that Melissa girl and mentions that one night, he thought he was sleeping and that he caught him singing to the driver's license photo by the fire.

"This dark world is making lunatics and dreamers out of all of us.", he proclaims.

Ed is not thrilled by Kimmie's arrival and calls her a "Crazy girl" and says the she is lucky not to be chewed to pieces by walkers or, jokingly, by Dave and Tony. He goes on to say how dumb does a teenage girl have to be to try and strike out on her own in the middle of all that is going on.

He questions whether her folks beat on her or worse to make her leave. He does praise her though for traveling the highway without a weapon and that that would scare the "dickens" out of him.

Kara notes that Kimmie is in shock and doesn't question it. She wonders if she ever realized how much danger she was in with all the "creepy animals out there". She says that she hasn't talked much and that Marla made her some soup.

She jokes that walkers seem better that parents at sixteen. She theorizes that she just might be crazy with a combo of hormones and cabin fever and that she does not envy her at her age at this time.

Bill emphasizes Kimmie and asks the hero if there is a possibility of a connection between Sophia and Kimmie but is not sure about it. He says that he is just bored and thinks that this is a mystery begging to be solved. He notes that she is pretty but tells the player after a look that that would be inappropriate and that it was just a compliment.

Marla approaches the group and says that she learned that Kimmie's family lives nearby after talking to her.

She also says that her father was a doomsday "prepper" and was preparing for the "end of days" long before the outbreak. She tells them that Kimmie was stuck inside and went out for some air when some walkers attacked. They had cornered her and she ran towards the highway where Nathan and the hero found her.

She explains the Kimmie never meant to run away but things just got out of control.

Days pass and one day Kimmie returns to the camp and informs the player that there is someone at the pond asking for them and that it is an emergency. The hero has her lead the way and gives her a hatchet to defend herself.

At the meeting place they meet up with the ever illusive Randall for the first time in a long time. He asks for the two's and informs them that Tony wrecked his car and that he is stuck in it and that the place is being swarmed with walkers. The hero and Kimmie quickly set out to help the man.

They find Sean by a car, when asked about Tony he informs them, "He'll be alright. Looks like that belly of his took a lot of the impact."

The two set out to save Tony, who is lying down near a crashed car, the walkers blocked off by cars so as not to get to him. Kimmie and the hero dispatch the undead surrounding Tony and help him out of his predicament.

He comments on Kimmie's appearance, saying "Did I up and die? Cause I'm seeing a beautiful angel before my very eyes..." To which Kimmie responds with "Eww...", grossed out by the heavy set man flirting with her.

The duo leave, finding him alright, and return to camp. Kimmie comments to the hero upon returning, "Gross! When you save someone's life, you'd think they could wait five minutes before hitting on you. We should've left his ass for the walkers!"

Side Mission: Better Safe Than Sorry

Marla has the hero go out for some medicine even though she does not feel ill. She tells the hero that you'll never know when you'll need some.

Replace Wrecked Vehicle

Days past and Kara approaches the group, explaining that a mysterious stranger is at the meeting place asking for the leaders of the group.

Bill comments on the promise of more food saying that he doesn't buy it and the group shouldn't either and not to be fooled; he proclaims Sean a liar. He notes that when Sean told them this his pupils constricted hinting at a lie and a biological thing, a threat response.

Bill proposes that they find food elsewhere and move on.

Trucker states that the next time they meet Randall he'd better have some answers to questions and that the group cant afford to feed his boys anymore. "There's just not enough food to go around", He complains and believes that they have a stash someplace. "I don't believe a word comes out of that boy's face."

He asks if Bill's plane is ready to run yet.

Nathan tells the player that he and Max have been talking things over and says that remember how the group was finding ways about killing walkers and now it seems that their lives revolve around keeping the plane a secret. He reveals that he asked Bill that he had wished they had some bombs to blow up all the walkers so that regular people can live again.

Marla is upset about Randall's promise of food isn't being delivered. She warns that things might get ugly around here and that everyone one is a little on edge. She worries that he wont show and that we will have to go forage again this time hungry and weak. She mentions that if we had a plot of land we could grow our own food, and that this is her wish and that she hopes to be able to see the island.

Max asks if you mentioned the plane to Randall the hero denies it and he likens this and tells the hero that it is a good route to sabotage if they knew of the plane.

Max is suspicious of what they are planning and is called paranoid by the player. He denies it and says that he just has a finely-tuned danger sense that came from military training. He gets up in the hero's face and says "Say that to me again. I dare you." After a heated period Max finally says "Yeah, that's what I thought" and walks away.

The hero and Trucker leave to visit the stranger at the meeting place and find a man named Harlan; who greets them "Well, hello there! We finally meet; the name's Harlan!". He tells the duo that he has a care package for the group but he was hoping that he could swap you all their food in exchange for Kimmie. "I have a care package for your group, but I was hoping maybe I could swap you all this food in exchange for being... introduced... to the angel you're hosting in your camp. I believe her name is Kimmie."

The player denies the deal and that there is no way that is ever going to happen. Harlan says that that is too bad for the group; "no Kimmie, no foodie". He strikes a deal telling the hero and to find a new set of wheels to replace the ones Tony totaled in exchange for a small sum of food.

The two leave to do so, albeit steamed. They go down a road and look at stranded cars along a road, taking out nearby walkers that get in the way. The two end up picking a filthy, badly damaged but running van for Harlan and his group.

Ed jokes that it even smells like Harlan and the two hitch along inside and deliver it to him. After this Ed leaves the player and hero returns home alone.

After returning to camp, Kara gets wind of Ed's departure and approaches the hero. "Wait, trucker LEFT? Just like that, off into the sunset...?", she asks the player.

Kimmie, after hearing what Harlan said about her, tells the group that she thinks she made a huge mistake leaving home and would like to be brought back to her family.

Side Mission: Kara's Gone Now

Marla informs the hero that she witnessed Trucker storming off in a huff and that Kara went off after him. She says that she hasn't seen either since then prompting the hero to go out and search for both.

Side Mission: Fear the Worst

The hero runs into Max in town while searching for Kara. He tells the hero that he hasn't spotted her and that he will let the hero know if he sees her.

The hero ventures further to the center of town and spots Kara. She is stunned to hear what Harlan had to say about Kimmie.

Take Kimmie Home

Meanwhile, Bill is shocked but not surprised by Harlan's threat of sexual violence and tells the player that if he ever sees him near the camp, he will shoot first and ask questions later.

When asked if he could do that he tells the player he can and that he has been practicing with Max, whom says, "That Harlan is a piece of trash to even say what he said out loud!"

He adds that and with Trucker's departure the whole scenario is getting tenser and tenser and that they are now a good man short now with hostiles in the woods and asks the hero what they think they should do. He emphasizes that they've got to keep the plane a secret and that that is the key to surviving. 

He plans that as soon as it is ready for take off they are going to make sure they get everyone and get out ASAP, "And when I say ASAP, I mean like thirty seconds after Bill gives us the thumbs-up!"

Kara asks if Harlan really thought they'd turn over one of their own to get food supplies. She adds "I want to kill him. I seriously want to kill him" She says that any man who talks about a woman like she was a piece of steak doesn't deserve to live. She contemplates catching him in the woods and stabbing him in the chest with her pocketknife, killing him before he hurts anyone.

The hero warns about them retaliating and she replies that she knows, saying that they have no idea what they do or how many of them there are.

Marla says "When you look up "thug" in the dictionary, it's got that Harlan's picture next to it!"

She compares him to a disgusting, big dirty old bear in motorcycle pants.

She is stunned he'd say that about Kimmie, even as a joke, and remarks that the fact that when he said it, it was serious that he is a real threat to Kimmie and the group and that they are in terrible danger.

She asks how many does his group have and if his followers are aiming to rape and pillage.

Nathan remarks that Harlan is a jerk, a total stinking jerk. "I can't believe he said what he said. Kimmie's not a reward, she's a person!" He goes on to tell the hero that he was raised to respect, and even worship, women by his momma.

He theorizes that with that comment he has made the whole camp against him. He says that lets see how far he makes it now that everyone knows how much of a jerk he really is.

The hero escorts Kimmie home and gives her a shotgun to protect herself. After going through town, and searching a nearby neighborhood, they find a wandering man outside a two story luxury home searching for Kimmie; Mauricio, her dad. The hero and Kimmie approach him and h e is glad she is back and safe. Kimmie tells her father that she is sorry for what she did and is forgiven.

Mauricio thanks the player for returning Kimmie home, "I cannot thank you enough for bringing my Kimmie home. Please, bring everyone from your group over to our house for dinner."

He says that his wife Clara would love to cook for their group and that, to show their gratitiude, they are happy to also share some food, water, supplies and ammo.

Later, after returning from Mauricio's home, Kara is pleased that Mauricio offered them supplies and that the look on his face when they brought Kimmie was priceless, she is also glad that the group now has more supplies and their best meal since the outbreak.

Marla proclaims meeting Kimmie's family was a delightful experience and that she can't stop smiling. She also credits Clara, her mom, with the tasty meal saying she is the best cook she's seen since her own mother. She mentions that Clara told her she got her ingredients are from Cuba and goes on to say that another thing that comes from Cuba are cigars and that they are stinky.

Side Mission: Pot Luck Dinner

Kara notifies the hero that they have been invited for dinner over at Kimmie's house again. This time, the group brings supplies of their own to add to the home cooked meal.

Where's Randall?

Kara says that it was a good thing the group did, bringing Kimmie back to her home and credits Clara as a great cook. She asks if she is Latino, based on her cooking methods, and worries about "our friends in the woods" going after them and wonders if there is a way to protect them.

Max is glad that they brought Kimmie back to her home, but is still baffled why she ran away. He goes on to say, "This is no place for a young girl like Kimmie."

He begins to talk about Clara and remarks that she can sure cook and that, during the meal they had, he thought he was in heaven. He tells the player that he would love to find an excuse to go back

Bill tells the player that before the apocalypse he would have seen Kimmie's family as survivalists crackpots, but he now sees them as the most level-headed on earth, with an amazing cook. He comments on Mauricios survival skills and adds that they did a good thing preparing, mentioning that Kimmie should not be out on her own with sociopaths on the prowl, taking a jab at Harlan's group.

Nathan arrives at the camp and informs the hero that Harlan is looking for them and asks if they'd like to come along to see whats what.

Nathan and the player meet up with Harlan at the pond where he mentions that they will no longer see Randall anymore. The player asks why is that and if he did something to him.

Harlan tells the player to cool it and explains that while they went into town, they ran into some outsiders. He continues that Dave, Tony, and Sean were shot while Randall fell off a roof and got his leg impaled on a fence and that they were forced to leave him behind.

The duo set out into town to look for Randall where they come across the fence where Randall fell. They find no trace of him but see no signs of walkers getting to him and theorize that he may have gotten away. They find shelter at the bar where Rick, Glenn and Hershel were; "The Carriage Bar", next to a hardware store, "Shrugg's Hardware".

Inside they take out the walkers and find the shot up bodies of Dave and Tony. While inspecting them, Nathan comments on over Tony's corpse that "I don't know why they shot Tony but I bet the big ol' bastard deserved it."

The two silently leave the bar and head back to the airfield.

Upon returning to base camp Nathan mentions that Harlan is not anybody to mess around with and that he wouldn't be surprised if he killed Randall himself. He votes on moving to a safer place to camp to get away from Harlan.

Side Mission: Just Plane Broken

Bill is becoming frustrated with the plane as it is still messing a plethora of parts. He has the hero go out and search for replacement parts as he continues on fixing the stripped plane.

Brother Willie

Later, Harlan returns to the pond and tells Nathan that he is looking for somebody who is in charge. Nathan informs Max who invites the player to come with him.

Kara is sickened to say that she is glad that Randall is gone as well as Dave, Tony, and Sean; mentioning that they made her nervous and were bad people. Kara then asks if they know anyone else on their side now beside Harlan. When the hero replies that Harlan is the only person they know left she replies that that is not good and she has a bad feeling in her stomach, she then excuses herself to go check out the weapons.

Nathan comes up to the player and tells them that everyone's crazy now that Harlan's the other groups new leader. He mentions that Max and Kara want to kill him and explains that he just wants the plane to run and for the hero to get the parts ASAP. He is worried the group wont hold out without some progress.

Marla is none to thrilled about Harlan's promotion to leader. She notes that she is going to take some extra bullets from the ammunition supply. She notes that if she sees him near the camp again she will shoot him. She remarks that Harlan has the eyes of a bad dog that can't be changed and that he needs to be put down. She says that she'll shoot him and anyone else to protect the group, her family.

Bill questions that no one found a trace of Randall but bloody scraps of his pant leg. He then says that that does not bode well and that power abhors a vacuum and so Harlan is stepping into Randall's "dirty boots".

He says that he does not like this at all and the whole situation feels volatile. He makes the comment "Again, for the thousandth time: we have to fix the plane!"

The player and Max head out to meet Harlan at the pond once again. Upon meeting Harlan at the pond, Harlan exclaims that he needs help from the hero and "soldier boy", Max is not surprised by the request and becomes sarcastic to him.

Harlan sarcastically laughs in return and says that his request is serious "G.I. Joe" and that Sean's brother Willie went out looking for whoever killed Sean and never came back. He asks if they can go look and find him

Max changes his behavior and says that everybody goes nuts when they lose a brother and that in the service they are all brothers. He looks over at the hero and tells the player that they should help them out. The two go back into town to search for Willie.

While searching they come across a body near a tractor with similar features to Sean. Max says that it could be Willie and that he kinda looks like Sean, he makes the comment that Willie must have never gotten to avenge his brother and the two leave town.

Upon returning Max says "Harlan's group has lost folks just like we have. Walkers will eat the bad ones just the same as the good."

Ed is seen back at camp, whom approaches the player, saying that he won't stay long and that he is leaving and out of the whole situation. He mentions that the whole deal's too dark for him and that there's death everywhere in the woods now.

The player tries to talk him into to staying but he asserts his decision saying that he wants to live and that nobody's gonna make that a priority but him, so he's out.

He tells the player good luck and to take care of everybody before finally leaving.

The Salvage Yard

After the departure of Trucker, Kara and the hero discuss living in the apocalyptic world and fighting other human beings to survive. During the conversation, Kara tells the player that the new world is a nut full of walking corpses and humans fighting humans, summing it all up as not making any since. She tells the player "When we were all holed up in the basement in Atlanta... I would've gone over the edge without Greg. I miss his dumb jokes."

She remembers him telling her "You get through life by putting one foot in front of the other, just make sure your shoelaces are tied." She reveals to the player that she told herself this when he died and that she ties her laces tight every morning.

Max remembers meeting Nathan at the outpost when the outbreak first hit they were guarding a supply jeep in a depot before they got swarmed by walkers.

He says that he knows Nathan went "koo-koo" after Atlanta was bombed but he is a real good egg. He jokes saying that "Nathan doesn't know jack about the ladies, though. He definitely was asleep in class that day."

He thinks that maybe back in "normal life" the two wouldn't have been friends. Nathan is surprised by Willie's death; saying that he didn't stand much of a chance anyways against somebody who could take out "Dave AND Tony AND Sean". "Harlan. That guy's name makes my spine go chilly", he says while he questions what if they (Harlan's group) go after them next. He theorizes that what if Harlan is lying to the group while sliding himself into the leader position of both groups. He says that he does not trust him and that he has lttle beady snake eyes.

Marla gives her two cents on the event saying that it is sickening the way the whole thing turned out. Saying that Willie got killed on his own account. She says that revenge doesn't do the deed any good and it is a selfish thing really.

She reveals that her husband had several affairs and that she wanted revenge but instead forgave him before divorcing him.

"Forgiveness is an end to the pain; revenge is a fire that doesn't go out until it consumes everything", she says while noting that forgiveness though doesn't work well with walkers and that they are just mindless husks and there's nothing left in there to forgive.

Bill returns from meeting with Mauricio and tells the player that Mauricio mentioned a salvage yard a little ways from them with possible plane parts dumped from local private airports. With this knowledge, Bill and the player head out to look for parts at the salvage yard.

The two arrive and begin to search for replacement parts. They manage to find a damaged coolant system while taking out the nearby undead. After a while scavenging through the salvage yard, they manage to find some of the parts they were looking for before heading right back to camp to work on the plane.

Nathan announces to the group that the plane is close to being finished and suggests that everyone gather whatever they want to take with them and be ready to go soon.

Side Mission: No Starving Tonight

Close to running out of food and water, Nathan sends the hero to scavenge for more provisions.

Harlan's Raid

Marla admits that she gets nervous thinking about being in the air in the tiny plane. She mentions that she was in a plane once before and that was on her honeymoon which turned out to be a disaster. She remarks that she hasn't thought about it in forever and then goes to say that things that seem important then just seem to fade away. Another thing that stands out is a memory of hers picking spring strawberries with her grandma.

Max tells the player that he thought Max was just another egghead and asks if he has told you any of his conspiracy theories; one being that the world is controlled by aliens disguised as humans, and that the whole walker mess was a result of their tests on humans. He goes to say that still if he were to tell him that the dead would rise and eat his flesh he would have thought he was just as crazy. He adds that maybe extraterrestrial aliens arent so far fetched anymore.

Bill tells the player that he is working as fast as he can and that he is a scientist not a damned aircraft mechanic. He tells the player that he started flying planes on weekends to unplug from researching at the CDC. He includes that he misses being up in the clouds and that he looked forward to the weekends; being away from the wife and from work. He credits the diseased Samuel teaching him more than he realized.

The player asks whats the esimate on the plane being finished and he lashes out "An ESTIMATE? My estimate gets shorter the longer you get the heck out of here and let me work!!"

After a while Harlan comes back to the meeting spot, Nathan goes over with the player to see whats what.

Harlan, upon arriving at the pond greets them and tells them a plan that may serve both groups and mentions that there is a family holed up at the edge of the woods; Kimmie's family. He mentions that they have been watching them and that the family are fully-stocked with weapons, food and everything else. He offers to split the goods fifty-fifty if they help.

The player responds by asking if they are just going to steal from the family like that, to which Harlan explains that they won't be trouble and that they'll just take out the old man and son and the women will keep quiet enough and that's how things usually go, hinting his group has done things similar to this before.

They decline and the duo leave Harlan, as the two leave, Nathan tells the player that he is talking about Mauricio's family and that they need to warn them before Harlan can get to them. The player agrees and they set off through town to get there. They arrive at Mauricio's house and find him and his son, Arturo, fighting invading walkers. The group take out the small group of invading walkers and meet up with the father and son.

They tell them the plot and Mauricio thanks them for warning them and that they are prepared for these types of encounters. Arturo then tells the trio they should find a hiding spot and wait for "that jerk" Harlan to arrive.

They all hide and soon enough Harlan and his men step out of the woodwork.

Mauricio yells at Harlan as he comes out of the brush, "Just walk away, Harlan...! You think you're a wolf but you're surrounded by killer sheep with superior firepower!"

Harlan is surprised at first by this and soon gathers how they were warned. He looks towards the hero and Nathan and says that he shoulda known it be them.

The player stares at Harlan and tells him not to mess with the family and that the group of survivors stand by the family. Harlan collectively remarks "Alright. You have no idea what kinda hornet's nest you folks just kicked." Before retreating with his group.

Fearing for their safety, the Mauricio family gathers their supplies and moves to the hangar with the hero and Nathan.

Upon arriving at the camp, Mauricio thanks the group for letting them in and says "You put your lives on the line to protect us. Of course Harlan will be back... but now we can fight him as one group. As one family."

Side Mission: Kimmie's Kitchen Show

Clara tells the hero that Kimmie is going to cook for the group that night and will need some supplies in doing so. The hero gladly heads off to Kimmie's house and collects some leftover provisions for the larger group of survivors and for Kimmie's cooking.

The Farm

Max brings the player with him and tells'em that staying at the hangar is not safe and Harlan's group can show up anytime and attack the hangar. He suggests checking out the Farm Otis told them about.

Kimmie thanks the player, "So, I guess this is the second time you've saved my life. Thanks." She says as the hero walks to her.

She explains that her parents are excited on moving next to the sea. She thinks that it is more than likely overrun but she hasn't seen her parents excited like this in a long time She states that she keeps reminding them they're not moving to Cuba and that the islands are still part of Georgia

Arturo pulls the player aside and asks about Kara, to which the player replies that they know little about her and responds with agreement when told that she is a mystery. Arturo thinks that she's kind of mysterious like that and that the more he asks about her, the more questions he gets. He then asks if she is "with" any of the people in the group.

Upon approaching Mauricio, he states that if the group sticks together then he is not as worried. He states also that if they are to keep the plane a secret they need to move out of the airfield. He then adds "My family truly owes you our lives. I want to repay you by keeping your people safe while we're here." He also states that he and his son are excellent marksmen and will always have the groups back.

When asked about her cooking for the group by the player, Clara accepts the job as the group's cook and notes that she'll make sure everyone eats well as long as the food supplies last. Additionally, she states that they also brought a lot of food from their house, but figures it probably wont last long considering how many people are in the group.

She credits Marla as a good cook as well "It's nice to have someone like Marla around who can help me cook, even if she puts butter in everything."

The hero meets up with Nathan, who credits Harlan as a bully and that the, now larger, group can handle him "Harlan is just another bully. We can handle him." He says with confidence.

He tells the player of an ordeal he endured in the fourth grade, fighting a bully. He says that in the 4th grade there was a bully named Kenny and that one day he chose him to beat on. He blackened both his eyes but not before he (Nathan) found a big stick in the playground.

He ends his story saying that they both wound up in the principal's office but Kenny left him alone after that. He jokingly adds, we got to find that stick to whoop Harlan with.

Marla is glad that you have returned from the previous mission, thinking Harlan might have gotten you too. She states that she couldn't bear to lose another friend. She adds that having more people in the camp is wonderful; feels almost like a family.

Bill theorizes that it was Harlan's plan all along to use the group to gain access to Mauricio's supplies and credits the hero with doing the right thing and warning Mauricio about the raid. He adds that they still don't know how many people are in Harlan's group officially and that if they attack at night they could easily outnumber the group and they should still keep an eye out. He also admits that they need to abandon the airfield and find a safer place.

Max and the player set off to find Otis's farm.

They soon discover the farm, dead walkers everywhere and many roaming the area, the player comments "Sweet Jesus... whoever was staying here practically tore this place apart defending it from walkers... I bet it was nice once." The duo take out some roamers and search through tents set up by the previous habitants and gather supplies left over.

Max states that they have whatever's usable still around the area and notes they should leave before another herd shows up, prompting the duo to leave with haste.

Upon returning Arturo rushes to them and informs them of the recent raid made by Harlan. He tells the two that Harlan and his goons arrived at camp, guns drawn, and fired at the group; nearly missing him and Kara. He then says that he took off with a sack full of the groups food and that Nathan went after them about twenty minutes ago.

After the Food Thieves

Max and the hero make sure everyone's ok before heading out to help Nathan with the chase.

Kara is shaken by the ordeal and tells the player that a bullet flew right by her face but says that Arturo saved her and pulled her down and began firing back at them, shooting "that fat one" in the ass. The player asks if she could move and she says no. She explains that they're so used to fighting walkers, and that the dead cant move like the living who want your food.

Kimmie is also shaken from the event, she confirms Harlan did this and that she saw him The player attempts to calm her and she retracts saying "No! Why are you still talking to me? Go find him!"

She apologizes and says that she is just stressed out and explains also that when she get stressed she listened to hardcore music such as Black Flag. But she left her hand crank charger for her iPod at home.

Max tells the player that Harlan made a mistake attacking "this battalion" with just three dudes and think that Nathan's probably taken them down already and that they should check up on him in case something happened, "Not that three thugs even stand a chance against a trained soldier."

Marla is terrified for Nathan's well-being as he is outnumbered and is also distraught by the amount of food they took. "Whether Nathan comes back with our food or Harlan's head, I'm going to give him a real hero's welcome!" She says.

Bill explains the scene that Harlan and his men came out of the woods with Harlan pointing his gun right at Nathan's back. He called out to him and he hit the dirt. He quickly got up after it was over and went after the group back towards their camp.

When asked if there were more by the player Bill replies that it was just Harlan and three others. He adds that maybe their fear about their numbers were a bit overblown.

Clara is glad that you came and insists that a few things around the camp need to change; 1. Everyone sleeps too long and that more can be done if we all woke at 8AM and  2. She's noticed that a few men don't wash their clothes very often and warns that that could lead to disease.

Mauricio is ecstatic by this experience "Those bastards came in so cocky; they had no idea we would be prepared for them. He laughs at the thought of their faces when he shot one of the men, he explains it was intended to be a lesson and not murder.

He mentions though that he is saddened by the group not being honest, then they would have shared with them. He is also surprised by how they grabbed food even after getting shot, showing how desperate they are.

Arturo prepares himself to go with you and Max decides to hang back and make sure the group is safe from another possible attack.

Arturo and the hero set off quickly to catch up to the thieves and to Nathan.

The men search for Harlan where they come across a scene of a struggle in a wooded area. Arturo points out a dragging leg sign in the dirt leading off up ahead but they are soon attacked by walkers, whom they dispatch. After the fight they come across a multilated body tied to a tree; Nathan.

The player is distraught by this, noting there is no gunshot and that they just tied him and left him for the walkers.

Arturo is furious and calls them animals, at the same time more of the undead appear, forcing them to leave the body of their deceased friend. The two escape and return back to camp with the terrible news.

After hearing the news, Max screams, "What do you mean, N-Nathan's gone?!? Harlan WHAT? Ohhhhhh... that man is dead now, by my own hand. None of you are allowed to touch Harlan! That son of a bitch dies by MY HAND ALONE."

Move Camp

Trucker returns after the dreadful event, having unable to fight the feeling of leaving his friends behind, he suggests the group move to a safe place.

Max is glad to hear a little bit of good news; Trucker's return, but is still saddened by Nathans death and notes that that's all he sees when he closes his eyes. He becomes agitated and tells the player to get out of his face, he doesn't want to talk to anybody right now.

Kimmie is also excited about Trucker's return, "I know I'm, like, young for him, but he's kinda hot. Kinda." She says. She notes that Nathan seemed lonely but was always nice to her, she asks if he was the soldier who found her at the expressway and recalls being called "Melissa" when they found her. She asks if he was looking for someone else. She says that it doesn't matter now, and that he's gone and everything is all going away.

Arturo talks to the player and says "I didn't really know Nathan, but please accept my help to get this Harlan guy. Only an animal would do what he did to another person." He mentions to the hero that Kara is in a state over Nathan, saying that she is going to take Harlan down. He then asks if she's ever killed anybody before.

Arturo then asks who is this "Trucker" guy who just showed up. The player explains who he is and he is relieved, thinking he was actually one of Harlan's men.

Kara tells the player that she was told what happened by Arturo and cant even imagine what happened. When asked if she cried, she replies that she didn't and instead, got cold. She then states coldly, "I'm going to kill Harlan." She then recognizes Trucker

Marla is asked if she is alright and she replies "No, it's awful. An absolutely nightmarish death... and it reminds us that it could happen to any of us." She also states that he was only 29, "I bet he fought them tooth and nail right up to the end. Rest in peace, Nathan."

Marla then notices Trucker and asks when did he show up.

Bill notes "Good lord, I'm... without words about Nathan." He says that his death was a grisly one and not even an animal deserves that kind of death. He says that what is worse is that without him, it will take him longer to get the plane ready to fly.

He notes that he was a quick learner and a smart man before shedding a tear.

Clara is sorry for the groups lose and tells the hero what her mother told her "losing a friend can feel like losing yourself." She explains that she lost her father during the dictatorship in Cuba, she says she also died with him, a more innocent part of her. "I know this pain, and I will do anything to protect my own family.", she comments about Nathan's death. Just then, Mauricio screams to get out of the way so he'll take him out. He is about to take down Ed before he is stopped and calmed by the hero. The hero tells them that Ed is a friend, he apologizes and explains he thought he was one of Harlan's men.

He notes that he may need to stop drinking Clara's coffee and he is becoming too on edge He explains that you also cant blame him with crazy men coming out of the woods all the time.

The Hero and Trucker set off to find a new, safer place to camp.

They enter a small town and scout out a pharmacy. Trucker notes that it only has one exit and proclaims it a deathtrap. They leave to investigate the Bar where they found Dave and Tony. Trucker admits its not bad but pints out some of the structures weaknessess, such as weak doors and advices checking out a nearby warehouse.

They decide the building is perfect and head inside to clear it of walkers. One by one they take out the roamers inside. After finishing up the job, Trucker announces that they now have a lil' fortress all to themselves. The duo leave to bring the group to their safer temporary camp.

Find More Provisions

After setting up the new base inside the warehouse Trucker tells the player "Man, I show up back in camp and Nathan's just... gone?! I knew that Harlan dude was trouble, but I never thought..." When asked why he came back he exclaimed "Yeah, I came back cause I'd rather die for y'all than die out there on my own. Sounds selfish but it's the truth." He supposes Nathan felt the same way. He tells assures the player that he is here for good this time.

Marla, outside of a tent, tells the player that she might get her first good nights sleep here in the warehouse since they left Atlanta. She tells the hero she's been having nightmares, even as to call them "dark visions".

She tells the hero one of her dreams; that she was dead and turned, but was still in there somehow trying to tell the group it was still her while her body was attacking you.

Clara suggests that the new base be called "Camp Nathan", in honor of their fallen friend, but suggests that everyone helps cleaning up the place so they can live like humans. She tells how helpful Marla has been and the compliments that she has gotten Marla has said that she is learning from a master

Clara is humble and says she doesn't know about "master" but she knows how to cook platanos maduros.

Mauricio is glad of the movement and is sure that no one knows their location but them, he also suggests that the warehouse is a better stronghold than their farmhouse. Mauricio tells the hero he knew the man who owned the building and says the only thing he has to say about him was that he was a stubborn ass and that's all he has to say in his memory.

Mauricio proclaims, before all the mess started, you could tell who had the smarts to survive and that he raised his family to be survivors.

Bill is happy with the new name for the camp, "Camp Nathan". But asks when he will be able to work on the plane again. He explains that if Harlan finds the plane then that could ground them and leave the group vulnerable to be attacked or take the plane for themselves. He then theorizes that unless that this is what their group wanted all along and that the group is playing into their hands like characters in a Robert Ludlum novel.

Max is silent and says nothing when approached by the player, the hero leaves him be.

Arturo pulls the hero aside and explains that Kara is the second girl he has been with; his first was in high school and it went on for a long time till she broke up with him when she went to college. The player asks if there has been anybody since then and the player assures'em that he has not been with anyone else. He points out that his family is pretty tight, and not so trusting of others.

Kara suggests that the two go out for food to make up for the ones taken by Harlan; the two ready themselves and head off.

They go across the street to a grocery store where Kara is hoping to find food; not wanting to go back hungry and empty handed. They enter and gather what food they can find and take out the walkers inside.

With all they can find, Kara is happy with the amount, saying that it certainly helps but it's not exactly Thanksgiving. The two then return to camp with the newly stocked food.

Later, after the two return Kara informs the player that while they were out Arturo went hunting and bagged a wild turkey and Clara is cooking it up, "We're gonna have Thanksgiving after all!"

Side Mission: No Headroom for Max

An irritated Max tells the hero to go help out Trucker who had radioed in 5 minutes earlier. Max complains he can't seem to have a moment to himself to think and plan ahead.

Side Mission: Truck with Caution

Trucker is glad to have someone with him as roamers from all around begin to converge on him, surrounding him. The hero makes a path for him and they both reconvene back at the warehouse.

Clear Out Farmhouse

Days past and Maurico, after the food supplies dwindle, tells the player that they simply can't feed everyone and that the food won't last with this much people. He suggests going back to his farmhouse to see if Harlan left anything behind.

Marla tells the player that she has been hungry for the last few days, and states that she thought her stomach was keeping people up at night. She compliments the turkey saying she hasn't eaten a great cooked turkey since her daughter became a mother, she adds that they both moved out of Georgia. She hopes they are still alive.

She says that she never thought she would taste turkey again and that the meal brought her back to spending Thanksgiving with her family. She thanks the player once for helping getting food.

Trucker compliments the turkey dinner from the night before and gives to kudos to Kara and Arturo, who helped make the meal.

He says that the best thing about coming back is Clara's cooking, and that he could keel over the next day and die happy. He takes back the dying comment under the circumstances.

The hero asks Kimmie if she had some of the turkey and she refutes, explaining that she is a vegetarian.

When asked why she says "Because meat is murder? Like The Smiths said? If we kill animals and eat them, how are we so different than the walkers?" The hero asks if she is serious and she gets mad yelling "Of course I'm serious, you Neanderthal! Use your brain for a minute!"

Clara asks the player if they have ever heard of "Pavo Asado a lo Rican", the player says no and she exclaims that they are going to love it.

She talks about how she made sure Arturo could cook when he was young. She then explains that the Pavo Asado dish was one of her mother's favorite recipes and says that it was the first turkey recipe she ever taught her

She is glad that she did not live to see the world turn like this and adds that she also taught Arturo the recipe.

The hero asks Bill if it is safe to eat the turkeys and he explains that it is and that humans are the ones who are infected.

When asked how does he know he is shocked and exclaims that they rescued him at the CDC, and that he worked at the CDC. He then calls the hero an ignoramus.

He goes on to say, though, that it may be a bit morbid but if it was his last meal, he was glad to have shared it with a finer group.

The player approaches Max to see if he's cooled off enough, all Max can say is that he will kill Harlan and that he swears on it. He says that he won't leave in the plane until Harlan is dead, to which he refers to him as a scumbag. The player tries to calm him down and to listen to reason, but Max is infuriated at this and says "You mean "reason" like tying my best friend to a tree to get ripped apart by walkers.

"Harlan is a dead man." he finishes saying.

Kara is glad that everyone enjoyed the meal she had helped made and explains that she was nervous cooking with a random batch of ingredients.. She talks about how Arturo seasoned the turkey and had brought with him a bag of "family recipe" spices he saved from Clara's kitchen, she says that that is cute.

She explains that she doesn't expect the hero to get this but finding a good-looking heterosexual man in the middle of the zombie apocalypse... who can cook is hard and that he is practically a unicorn.

Arturo jokes that the turkey wanted to get shot and that it stood still staring at him like it was volunteering for dinner. He says that it's gonna sound ridiculous, but he felt the same way the turkey did when he first met Kara. Just standing there blinking at her. He adds that his dad wants him to be more macho with her but he would do anything she asked him to as long as they stay together

Mauricio and the player head off to the overrun farmhouse to scavenge for possible leftover food. Mauricio warns the hero to be careful as they head inside the abandoned farm house for supplies.

They find the food upstairs rotten but check out the basement for preserved food. There they kill the roamers inside and gather some preserved goods left over and begin heading back to the group.

Mauricio informs the hero that the food should last the group until the plane is ready, if Bill is on schedule. He mentions that they know there is not enough room on the plane for everyone and are discussing other options.

Side Mission: Marla's Last Gas

Kara informs the hero that Marla has gone missing and to go look for her. She adds that she hopes that she is alright and does not want to lose another friend this soon. Luckily, after searching through the small town, the hero manages to spot Marla.

Pray For Marla

Marla wishes to pray at a nearby Church and asks a favor from the hero.

Kara hears about what happened to the farm and tells the hero how it reminds her about their old highway camp, she wonders if Joe ever found Summer. She asks the player if they should have stayed behind and helped him find her, the hero doesn't think so and Kara agrees half-heartedly.

She notes that it was supposed to be this way or else she would have never met her papi chulo.

Arturo tells the player "Kara told me bout your buddy Greg. That's a horrible thing to witness." He goes on to say that the worst thing he's seen since the outbreak was when he walked in on his best friend Lola devouring her boyfriends guts.

He adds to this, "The crazy thing was: before all this, her nickname at school was "the man-eater"...

Trucker says that it is a shame what happened to the farm and he wonders if "Big" Otis made it out okay. He notes that a big guy like that would feed a lot of walkers. Trucker then asks if Kara and Arturo are a thing.

Kimmie tells the player that she is sick of the country and has always wanted to live in the city. She adds, "There must be some cool city left somewhere that isn't crawling with zombies. And idiots." "Zombies and idiots always ruin everything." She then says.

Bill tells the player of the good news, that he is almost done with the plane, but, he is missing two coupling hoses and an ignition... "thingie".

He tells the hero that he is planning on spending all day scavenging and tells the hero to make sure everyone is alive and safe and to prepare to leave. Bill tells the player that the plane right now can get off the ground as it is, but cant promise you it will stay there though.

Max is still holding the death of Nathan against Harlan, he notes that he is mentally equipped to deal with death around him and that if Nathan was killed by a walker, that is part of the fight they are in and he could accept that. He adds though, "But I cannot accept a redneck tying a soldier to a tree and letting those unholy abominations eat him alive."

"Even in this world there are higher truths than survival. Mine is retribution."

Mauricio notes that the farmhouse looked like it had been past down through generations. He says that he bought his house on the internet and originally had big dreams for their house, adding modifications such as a dry storage cellar and radiation-proofing. But he did not expect the world to end because of the walking dead.

Clara has caught on to Arturo and Kara's relationship and notes that she knows he is in love, she can tell it in his eyes.

She thinks Kara is nice but she is too old for her son. "She's a nice girl, but I think she's a little old for mi hijo." She explain. She notes that she does want her son to be happy and at least she is not a zombie.

The hero then takes Marla to a church to pray.

Marla is happy being in the church, even though wrecked and bodies lying around. She mentions that even still it makes her feel at peace for the first time in a long time, ever since she saw her grandson Toby turn into on the undead shes never known much peace. The player tries to comfort her but just then a group of walkers storm in, the player protects her and takes out the undead invaders.

The player goes out into the graveyard to take care of more of the invading undead, leaving Marla in the church. While the player fights off the good sized group of dead outside, Marla is attacked inside the church and screams for help, the player rushes inside.

The player attacks the unsuspecting, hungry biters and recues her and asks if she is okay.

Marla assures the hero she is and states that they just don't quit do they. Marla supposes that not everything raised from the dead is a miracle and the two leave.

"You have a good heart, sweetie. Thank you for helping this old woman find a few moments of quiet and solace for her soul." She says as the hero escorts her back to "Camp Nathan".

Side Mission: Marla Needs a Miracle

Later, Clara notices Marla as she is near death in her tent. She calls out for help as everyone scrambles to help her. Clara sends the hero out to get some extra medication. Marla is nursed back to health somewhat and is laid down to rest as she is cared for.

The Last Engine Part

Bill announces he is missing one final, crucial piece and states that there is a mechanics shop in town crawling with walkers and that he needs the hero to watch his back while he "shops".

Trucker mentions he has nothing against religion but one thing he cant stand is folks pushing their book on him. He reveals that his family was Lutheran but he has since found his own religion. When asked that he did and what does he believe, he replies, "Yessir, I believe heaven lies in beautiful women and cold beer... that's the closest I got to divinity."

Marla asks if the hero could sing to her, the hero obliges and sings a part of Amazing Grace with her.

Kimmie finds it funny that you brought an old lady to pray and she almost died. She quickly apologizes for her comment and says that she sometimes says bitchy things without meaning them. "I totally like Marla. I just can't handle losing anyone else."

Clara says that the hero did a good thing taking Marla to pray and that she feels like the whole camp is being watched over now. She asks if the hero feels it too and that she can tell things are going to be okay now.

Mauricio mentions he had a small church similar to the one Marla and the player went to in Cuba. He describes it as a humble place to sing and worship, but it was burned down during the dictatorship. He reveals that Clara used to sing in the choir at the church and it was where he first noticed her before he left for college.

Max reveals that he is Christian but he doesn't like to go to church and that he doesn't see the point of going if God is all around us. He tells the player that he has a bible his father gave him in his rucksack. When asked if he prays he tells the hero that he does every morning while everyone is asleep.

Kara asks if Marla is okay after going to the church and also reveals that she gave her her striped cardigan while they were gathering firewood and wouldn't take no for an answer. She tells the player that she felt like she was trying to say goodbye or something and worries about her.

Arturo tells the hero that his family have decided that once the hero's group takes off on the plane that they are going down to Florida. He hopes that perhaps there is a nice condo on the beach with a safe top floor. Or they could live on a boat and finally have their guard down and relax for at least a moment.

The hero and Bill leave to gather the final piece for the plane.

They enter town and make it to the hardware store to shop. Before going in, Bill tells the hero that he has a list of things needed and that they need to get in, get what is needed and get out.The hero agrees to this and they enter the store.

They gather what they need inside as they take care of the roamers inside and head off to the hangar to finish the plane.

Bill tells the hero as they head back to the camp that now its all a matter of putting things together and turning it on. Arriving, they find that the plane had been sabotaged, possibly by Harlan.

Back To Airfield

Bill tells the hero that they must get back to the hangar and get the plane running, he estimates that it may take 10– 20 minutes before they're ready.

Everyone gets ready to leave, Trucker mentions that he has only flown once and that was when he went out to Texas for his father's funeral. He supposes that he associates planes and dying now because the whole airplane escape feels like it wont end landing in "sunflowers, rainbows, unicorns, or whatever."

Marla asks if she has ever told the hero about her son Joseph, she describes him as having sandy-blonde hair and clear blue eyes like the morning sky. She continues that he grew up into a good man working in the "new media" in Chicago. She then says that his father had problems with his lifestyle and they didn't speak for a long time until he got sick and passed.

Marla then says that she can't wait to see "Joe-Joe's" face again, worrying the hero.

Kimmie is bummed out that the plane cant hold everybody. She asks if Bill can come back for her and her family, except now that Kara will be there too.

Clara tells the player that if the plane isn't ready that she is going to fix the group some meals to take with you as you leave. She explains that it is the least she can do to say thanks and that by this you'll remember them.

She goes on to say that Arturo wants to stay with Kara, to which she calls ridiculous, and that if he tries to leave his own family like his sister she'll kill him.

Mauricio tells the hero that his family understand the seating situation and understand that there is no room for them. He goes on to say that it is the hero's group's plan and they don't expect anything to be done for them. He understands that they can't cram everybody inside and that if the plane is too heavy it will never get off the ground

He explains to the hero, "My family are survivors; we always find a way." Max informs the hero that Kara and Arturo are now a thing now. He admits that he was hoping that Kara and him could've had a thing going and that he tried talking to her a few times on watch but it never clicked.

"I thought for a while we could've had a thing together. Tried talking to her a few times on watch but we never clicked." He says somewhat depressed by this missed chance at love, but comes back saying that he wouldn't mind meeting someone else and that it be nice having something to live for besides staying alive.

Kara can't believe the plane is almost ready to go and says that it seems wrong that they are leaving without Nathan. Kara mentions that she was terrified about taking off in the plane but Arturo told her they be fine and that he'd hold her hand if there's any turbulence. She jokes that if the plane crashed, and he died, she'd eat his body to sustain herself.

The player replies that that doesn't sound so romantic and she laughs saying yeah, but it sounded way more at the time.

When approached by the player Arturo initially denies wanting to talk. When asked why he explains it is because Kimmie is having him choose between family and Kara. He understands that Kara is family to the hero's group but he doesn't know what he is supposed to do.

The player and Bill head out to finish the plane once and for all.

The hangar, since the groups move, has been overrun with zombies once again, the two, though, manage to make it inside.

They take out the walkers inside around the plane and gather Bill's supplies. Bill informs the hero that he well need a few minutes to assemble and test the plane, he additionally informs the hero to take out the walkers approaching while he works.

Just after the siege of zombies cease, Bill manages to, at last, get the engine running. Bill scream, "It's running!! IT'S RUNNING! That engine is the most beautiful music I've ever heard! Let's get everyone ready." They quickly leave to get the others so they can finally head for the islands.

As everyone prepares at the warehouse to pack, Bill tells the player that he is so nervous about flying; flight checks, equipment checks, supply checks. "We've got just one shot at this... and everyone is depending on my expertise." The player comforts him though and tells him not to worry.

Fly Like An Eagle

Mauricio tells the hero that his family understands that there is very little space on the plane for everyone to go and understands that people will have to be left behind. He vows that his family will help the hero's group make it to the hangar safely after all they've done for his family, notably saving them from Harlan.

Max approaches the player and asks if they are getting on the plane as well or if they are staying back with him, Marla, and Trucker.

When asked why he isn't going to leave, he notes that he'd love to get far away from here but first Harlan's got to die. He asks if you are gonna help him take Harlan down, and that it really be appreciated.

Marla is happy for Kimmie's family and for Kara and Artruro leaving on the plane, she says they deserve nothing but the best; someplace gorgeous by the sea. She goes on, "A better place... We all deserve a better place..." She notes that it is a beautiful day to fly. The hero tells her to shush and that Trucker will go get her some medicine for her cold and let her go with Mauricio and his family. She declines to go however, revealing that she was bitten the day they went to the church and that the plane has a future that she has no part in. She is laid down to rest as Trucker and the hero go out to protect and escort the family as they take off with Bill and Kara.

Trucker feels that the whole situation about taking off and leaving Mauricios family behind is wrong and states that the hero and him stand a better chance out here without the others as well as Max. He suggests that they stay behind and give their spots on the plane to Kimmie's family.

When asked if he'll miss Kara, he replies, "Of course I'll miss Kara... but you can't split up true love, dog."

Kara tells the player that Arturo told her that they can either leave together or stay together and that the two of them are now linked forever. She jokingly asks "Where was this man when I was in high school??" Kara then reveals that the two of them married the night before. When asked literally by the player she replies literally.

When asked why there is no ring she messes with the hero stating that "Of course there is no ring, idiot. What would they make it out of, walker bones?" She says that if someone else doesn't decide to stay behind that the two of them will have to stay at the camp.

The hero approaches Arturo and informs him that Trucker and the player are giving up their seats for his family. Arturo is in shock, and can't believe that the hero, Marla, Max, and Trucker are going to stay behind for his family to escape, he thanks them all for giving his family this opportunity. Arturo notes that Kara and him kind of have to stay together. He says that he doesn't know if shes told you yet but they have married since the night before, clarifing their status as a married couple.

Clara is very grateful that the hero's group came to help her family and thanks you again for giving them your space in the plane. She states that she has never seen her son so happy before; he's woken up as a different person with Kara next to him.

"We will never forget you. Never!" She says to the hero. Kimmie approaches the hero and expresses her gratitude. She tells the group, "Thank you for giving up your spots, you guys. I'm like, crying wth gratitude, see?"

She looks at the hero, "Thank you... for everything." She says. "Give me a hug and go away... I hope we totally see each other again out there!" She lets out as she hugs the hero, shortly before her and her family set off to live on the islands.

Before taking off, Trucker and the hero clear the runway of the swarm of undead. Upon returning, the plane since taken off and heading to Ossabaw Sound, they are greeted with heartbreaking news; Marla has passed away.


Cutscene: Leaving the CDC, you head south hopeful to find safety.

  • Mission 1: Get Bill's Plane - Given by Bill. (Player and Bill)
  • Mission 2: Voices in The Woods - Given by Kara. (Player and Max)
  • Mission 3: Search The Airplane Hangar - Given by Bill. (Player and Bill)
  • Mission 4: Help Otis - Given by Otis. (Player and Otis)
  • Mission 5: Check for Survivors - Given by Kara. (Player and Nathan)
  • Mission 6: Get The Generator - Given by Ed. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 7: Clean Water Run - Given by Marla. (Player and Nathan)
  • Mission 8: Find Food for Dave and Tony - Given by Nathan. (Player and Nathan)
  • Mission 9: Search for Sophia - Given by Kara. (Player and Kara)
  • Mission 10: Get Medication for Sean - Given by Max. (Player and Max)
  • Mission 11: Rescue The Girl On The Highway - Given by Nathan. (Player and Nathan)
  • Mission 12: Tony's Accident - Given by Kimmie. (Player and Kimmie)
  • Mission 13: Replace Wrecked Vehicle for Harlan - Given by Kara. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 14: Take Kimmie Home - Given by Kimmie. (Player and Kimmie)
  • Mission 15: Where's Randall? - Given by Nathan. (Player and Nathan)
  • Mission 16: Brother Willie - Given by Max. (Player and Max)
  • Mission 17: The Salvage Yard - Given by Bill. (Player and Bill)
  • Mission 18: Harlans Raid - Given by Nathan. (Player and Nathan)
  • Mission 19: The Farm - Given by Max. (Player and Max)
  • Mission 20: After the Food Thieves - Given by Arturo. (Player and Arturo)
  • Mission 21: Move Camp - Given by Ed. (Player and Ed)
  • Mission 22: Find More Food - Given by Kara. (Player and Kara)
  • Mission 23: Clear Out Farmhouse - Given by Mauricio. (Player and Mauricio)
  • Mission 24: Pray For Marla - Given by Marla.
  • Mission 25: The Last Engine Part - Given by Bill. (Player and Bill)
  • Mission 26: Back To Airfield - Given by Bill. (Player and Bill)
  • Mission 27: Fly Like An Eagle - Given by Mauricio. (Player and Ed)

Side Missions

  • Side Mission 1: Rescue Trucker - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 2: Provisions at Any Cost - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 3: We're Not Alone - Given by Nathan.
  • Side Mission 4: The Road to Hell - Given by Bill.
  • Side Mission 5: Fuel for Flight - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 6: Marla's Magna Otis - Given by Nathan.
  • Side Mission 7: No Room for Provisions - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 8: More Survivors? - Given by Bill.
  • Side Mission 9: Generating Some Scrap - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 10: Big Score - Given by Marla.
  • Side Mission 11: Code Red - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 12: Power Trip - Given by Nathan.
  • Side Mission 13: We Have to Find Her - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 14: All Tools on Deck - Given by Kimmie.
  • Side Mission 15: Better Safe Than Sorry - Given by Marla.
  • Side Mission 16: Kara's Gone Now - Given by Marla.
  • Side Mission 17: Fear The Worst - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 18: Pot Luck Dinner - Given by Kara,
  • Side Mission 19: Just Plane Broken - Given by Bill.
  • Side Mission 20: No Starving Tonight - Given by Nathan.
  • Side Mission 21: Kimmie's Kitchen Show - Given by Clara.
  • Side Mission 22: No Headroom for Max - Given by Max.
  • Side Mission 23: Truck with Caution - Given by Trucker.
  • Side Mission 24: Marla's Last Gas - Given by Kara.
  • Side Mission 25: Marla Needs a Miracle - Given by Clara.


At the camp are:

  • Ed - A man in the group who served in Iraq and was a truck driver.
  • Kara - A woman in the group who was great friends with Greg.
  • Marla - An elder woman discovered in a warehouse along with other survivors
  • Max - A military officer separated from his squad
  • Nathan - A military mechanic separated from his squad
  • Bill - A scientist who worked for the CDC shortly before the outbreak
  • Hero Player - A new member of the group discovered by Shane traveling along the highway

Several other survivors will come and go, gathering supplies and resting, before departing the camp for good. These survivors include:

  • None

Along the way you will encounter several other survivors who are in need of help. After saving them from the attacking zombies, they will thank you and will leave. These survivors include:

  • None

Several survivors appear after being rescued or arrive at the camp after a certain amount of missions. These survivors include:

  • Otis - A farm hand lost while hunting
  • Kimmie - Daughter of Mauricio and Clara, sister of Arturo
  • Mauricio - Father of Arturo and Kimme, Clara's husband
  • Clara - Mother of Arturo and Kimmie, Mauricio's wife
  • Arturo - Son of Mauricio and Clara, brother of Kimmie

In the game several characters from different factions are encountered, these survivors are categorized by their groups and are roughly in order of appearance. These survivors include:

The Living

  • Randall Culver - A teenage member of a group of scavengers
  • Dave - Seemingly the leader of the group of scavengers
  • Tony - Right hand man of Dave's and member of a group of scavengers
  • Sean - A member of a group of scavengers
  • Harlan - A calculative and manipulative member of a group of scavengers
  • Willie - Brother of Sean's and a member of a group of scavengers



  • On each promo for the chapters, a character from the TV Series, who is also encountered in the game, is on the cover. In Chapter 1; Shane, Lori, Carl, Chapter 2; Daryl, Chapter 3; Andrea, and Chapter 4; Michonne.
    • Andrea, though featured on the promo of Chapter 3, was not encountered in the game; though Otis was instead.
  • Clara is the only character in Chapter 3: Fight or Flight to not give or participate in a mission.
  • This is the first chapter to not incorporate an ending cutscene.
  • This chapter and City Limits have the most missions in a chapter to date with 28 missions each.
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