Firesign Stadium is a location in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. It is the main evacuation point and refugee center in Atlanta, and the final location of the game.


Atlanta, Georgia

Firesign Stadium was a sporting location in Atlanta, Georgia before the outbreak began. It was home to the Sherwood Bevercats football team.


Evacuation Procedures

When the outbreak began, the military ordered people into the stadium for protection. When things got worse the Military began preparing for evacuation. However, it all went wrong when the stadium was overrun by walkers. The evacuation's still went on and helicopters began flying off with people.

Daryl Dixon and anyone else that travelled with him along thd way later arrive at the stadium only to find it overrun with walkers and that all the Military personal have been killed. The evacuation is still in process and it is announced over the stadium's loudspeaker that the last evacuation helicopters will be landing in a few minutes. Daryl arrives at the helipad after fighting his way through the camp. He helps defend the last evacuation helicopter as it prepares for take off, Merle Dixon arrives to aid him in a Humvee. Daryl is about to board the helicopter but Merle pulls him off at the last second, stating the pilot has been bitten and that he was the only one Daryl could ever trust. They both leave the camp in the Humvee, as walkers close in and completely overrun the stadium.




  • Many unnamed military soldiers and survivors.


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