"First Blood" is the fifth chapter of The Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning.


Shane asks Don to move Gary to the interrogation room. As Don begins to open the jail cell, Lori texts Shane that she is going to see Rick at the hospital. Shane volunteers to go instead. Robb turns into a zombie, mortally biting Don. He then attacks Gary in the cell.

Shoot Robb

Shane shoots Robb several times with no effect, he then shoots him in the head, or directly shot him in the head.

Shoot Gary

Shane shoots Gary. Later, Robb devours Gary and Shane kills Robb.

Pull Them

Leon pulls them and Shane shoots Robb.

After that, Leon goes to get Patty. If Gary is alive, he explains that Robb was just like Paul and says to Shane "I trust you" or "I don't trust you".


Gary Taylor

  • You saved Gary! Keep it up, and maybe you'll both get out alive. (If Shane chooses to shoot Robb first or pull them away)
  • Gary didn't need to die. Be more careful next time. (If Shane chooses to shoot Gary first)


  • There was no way to save Don.

Robb Spanner

  • Robb was a walker all along--he was beyond help.




  • Last appearance of Robb Spanner.
  • Last appearance of Don. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Gary Taylor. (Determinant)
  • First (and determinately last) mention of Lori.
  • First (and determinately last) mention of Rick.
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