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This fishing cabin is a source of food for the survivors at Ericson's Boarding School.


Nothing is known about the fishing cabin prior to or as the outbreak began, except that it was used to store fishing equipment.


When the apocalypse began, this cabin is using by the school survivors.

Season 4

"Done Running"

This cabin is appeared if Clementine goes fishing with Violet and Brody. Clementine can hunt fish for eating.

"Take Us Back"

AJ and Rosie went this cabin in this episode. AJ hunts a few fishes and comes back to school. If Tennessee was devoured by zombies, he will be appear as a zombie in this cabin. AJ can shoot him or drive him away depending on player's choice.


Two collectibles can be found in the fishing cabin.

  • Cat Skull: This can be found in two different places, depending on if Clementine goes hunting with Louis and Aasim or goes fishing with Brody and Violet. If Clementine goes fishing with Brody and Violet, the skull can be found on top of the fire place in the shed. If Clementine goes hunting with Louis and Aasim, in the scene where you have to decide whether to help Louis or Aasim the skull can be found going backwards, on the ground.
  • Skull Fragment: This can be found by AJ next to an oven in "Take Us Back".


  • Tennessee - Shot in the head by Alvin Jr. near the shack (Zombified, Determinant)
  • Numerous counts of fish


Video Game

Season 4


  • This Cabin was first seen in a exclusive clip from Pax East, where Clementine finds and kills a walker with a brick near the same car that Brody wished worked. Moments later a gunshot can be heard, startling Clem.
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