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Fongyuan Village is a major location in The Walking Dead: Typhoon. It is the childhood village of Chen Wenzhu and Ahui, as well as Meili and the other residents of the Grove.


Fongyuan is a small village next to the Yuanjiang River in the heart of Hunan province. It is described as "an ancient and beautiful place that held tightly to it's storied past and fought bitterly against the ravages of change." Lush mountains surround the village. The village is a collection of densely stacked old structures dating back to the Song dynasty, along with the occasional multistory twentieth-century apartment building, all capped by traditional curved roofs and flying corners. Several buildings on both sides of the river stand over the water on stilts.

Over the centuries, Fongyuan had withstood famine, foreign invaders, and civil unrest. It had fought against the Japanese during the Second World War and served as a stronghold to revolutionaries during the Chinese Civil War. Fongyuan had rebuilt itself dozens of times over a thousand years.

However, Fongyuan couldn't survive the dead rising from their graves.




  • Yuanjiang River
  • Chen Family Apartment
  • Garage